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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 25, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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. >> supporters of ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi as the interim prime minister prepares to address the nation. >> hello and welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. also on this program, spain declares three days of official mourning after 78 people die in a train crash. australia's immigration minister arrived in papua, new guinea as allegations of rape and torture emerge in recession camps.
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and bo xilai will stand trial on corruption and abuse of power charges. >> we begin in egypt where security forces say they are planning reinforcements ahead of expected rallies on friday. the army chief called on egyptians to join demonstrations in support of the military. protesters backing deposed president mohamed morsi are still on the streets in defiance of the military's plans. a few hours ago this was the scene in a district in cairo where they've been camping out for weeks now. military protests have been flying over the camp in nasr after a date of alert was declared. supports of morrissey protests are taking place in the capital and the city south the cairo. let's go to our kobe bryant now
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nadim baba at a rally of supporters of the ousted president taking place outside of the mosque in cairo. that's going on there? broke up y, the rally a while ago. it was attended by a few hundred supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi and were criticizing the grand ahmed el-tayeb and said he remained silent and by doing that he's playing into the hands of the people, that they are denouncing daily in their protests, the interim adership under president mansour. nd the general elsisi called
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for protests friday. prime re expecting the minister to speak soon. what are we expecting? >> the interim prime minister is probably going to try and justify why there was a call from the defense chief on wednesday for people to turn out because there's been a lot of discussion about the language and the reasons. a, why was he saying that if people turn out in large numbers that will give the authorities a mandate to tackle violence and terrorism what exactly did he mean by that? there have been a lot of violent incidents and some of them have been around marches in cairo and other cities but also violence incidents in the north of sinai with attacks on police targets and civilians. but not everyone's clear that there should be a link made between those two phenomenon. also, people are wondering
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exactly what -- why he called people out and why it was him that made the first step. i think all of the other politicians around this roadmap for egypt now, the interim authorities are keen to say it's in everyone's interest that the other side of the story is told. and i think that we're already hearing that now at a press conference by one of the groups who actually were instrumental in pushing for morrissey's over-- morsi's overthrow, the rebelian group, holding a press conference, announcing all the places they'll be marching friday, at the same time that the morsi supporters will be taking to the streets. >> all right, new york yankees you, da -- nadim baba, joining us from cairo. egypt. back to to other news now as spain's prime minister declared three days of mourning for the 78
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people killed in one of europe's worst rail disasters. investigators are trying to determine what caused the train to go off its tracks near the northern city of santiago. it was traveling from the capital of madrid to ferrol. part of the carriages mangled by the force of the crash were taken off the tracks. the search is for bodies and survivors. more than 220 people, many of them pilgrims and holidaymakers were onboard the eight carriage high speed train when it derailed in santiago de compostela. witnesses saw the carriages flip and fold up. >> i heard an explosion and when i arrived, one of the carriages was already over the road that comes out from there. the neighbors all come over but we begin to get scared because one of the firemen said it might explode so we retreated but then it was ok so we went
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back. >> during the night, dozens of bodies were brought to a makeshift mortuary where family members of those missing gathered for news. >> we heard about the accident and they are neither on the list of injured nor dead so we're just waiting. >> it's my niece, the daughter of my sister and brother-in-law, were broken, as you can imagine. >> the government says the crash was an accident rather than sabotage and attack. spanish media said the train was traveling twice as fast as it should have been on the bend. the rail operator has launched an investigation into the crash but says the train passed a technical inspection earlier in the day. >> over the last 20 years or so, it's invested a lot of money, the european union invested a lot of money in the rail network which is the envy of other european countries. you can travel very quickly around spain, very easily and comfortably around spain. the fast rail network, never seen an accident like this. the crash happened near the
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prime minister's home city and visitted the site and spoke to members of the emergency services. >> i'd like to say at this moment two investigations are taking place, obviously coordinated, one of them being the judicial investigation, the other, that of the commission of railway accidents. the objective being as quickly as possible and of course taking into account the diagnostics and try and find out exactly what the reasons were for this terrible accident. >> the region was to have celebrated its main religious festival on thursday. those celebrations have been canceled. instead, santiago de compostela is now a city, and spain is now a nation in mourning. al jazeera. >> now, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is expected to meet with the newly elected leader of the syrian opposition at the united nations on thursday. meanwhile, inside syria,
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activists say government forces are shelling parts of the center city. the mosque has been under ttack for the fourth week. these pictures reportedly show the shelling in the northeast uburb of the capital damascus. at least two police officers have been killed in their convoy in iraq. the blast happened in care kirk -- in kirkik as they passed a bus station. 16 people were wounded. and 14 drivers have been killed by gunmen who set up a fake checkpoint north of the capital and were stopped on a main high connecting baghdad with kirkuk. jane has more. >> iraqi security forces are still trying to secure the road between baghdad and kirkuk
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after an attack late wednesday night which killed at least 14 iraqis. according to the interior ministry sources and residents of the town, gunmen set up a ke checkpoint 150 kilometers north of baghdad and stopped drivers and killed 14 of them, shooting them dead. the interior ministry sources say they appeared to have checked their identification cards first and killed those they believed were shi'ia. others say they killed people indiscriminately. they then moved on to the real iraqi army checkpoint and a gunfight erupted. fighting was still going on several hours later, according to town residents. this attack, even against the backdrop of continuing violence in iraq is particularly worrying. it's on a main highway and it has one of those sectarian elements that could be the trigger many people fear to plunge the country back into civil war. >> seven people have been
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killed and more than 40 injured in an attack on pakistan's spy agency. gunmen burst into the intelligence complex wednesday night. four car bombs were also detonated. we now have a report. >> in an unprecedented attack in sakr. they rushed to carry the wounded to hospitals as many tried to get ahold of their relatives who worked there. >> my brother is a telephone operator in the commissioner's house. he told me terrorists have entered the place, please tell someone to come. >> local police say more than 10 gunmen attacked the heavily fortified barrage colony which houses offices of the top intelligence agency, the i.s.i. and other security forces. according to investigators, the attackers detonated a car laden with explosives in front of the gates and then a suicide bomber
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blew himself up. the blasts were followed by heavy gunfire, leaving several people dead. it's unclear who carried out the attack, but since the new sharif, was r, sworn in last month, there's been attacks blamed on an armed group which frequently targeted the i.s.i. >> the prime minister condemned the attack but it raises questions about the government's aim of starting talks with the pakistani taliban. in the run-up to the elections, he pledged negotiations and recent affiliation with it and other armed groups. but since taking office, the violence has only increased. and the government has yet to present a viable security strategy. al jazeera, islamabad. >> still to come on al jazeera, trying to show he's a man of the people, pope francis gets
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up and personal with brazil's catholics. > please don't wake me up. >> in the trenches. we'll tell you how this cleaner struck it rich. it's good to have you with us. these are the main stories on al jazeera. the main brotherhood urged egyptians to peacefully make a stand dense the depp position of mohamed morsi. they say they are planning of rallies in support of the movement on friday. spain's prime minister declared three days of mourning for the 78 people killed in one of europe's worst rail disasters. the train was traveling from adrid and ferrol when it derailed at santiago de compostela. three have been killed as a car bomb targeted their convoy in kirkuk. in it a straight attack, at least 14 drivers were killed by
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gunmen who set up a fake checkpoint north of baghdad. now, bo xilai, once considered a rising star in the chinese communist party has been charged with corruption. the disgraced politician was the party chief and has been on trial for abusing his position and bribery. we have a report on china's biggest political scandals in decades. >> bo xilai was at the top of his game, the charismatic party chief was being prepared as a future chinese leader but all ended when he was accused of corruption, illicit sexual affairs and covering up the murder of english businessman neil haywood of which his wife was convicted. the announcement of his indictment was made by state media. the accused bo xilai took advantage of his position to seek profits for others, illegally accepted an extremely large amount of money and
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properties, embezz willled huge ounts of -- embezzled huge moments of money which resulted in losses to the people. on the street the indictment was received as good news. >> although i'm hold it affects my life. if they don't resolve the corruption problem, what is the future for china? the country will die of corruption. they must stop it. it's a good thing to bring bo xilai to trial. >> i hope he can get the next trial and authorities can release more information to the public about his trial. >> bo is expected to be charged for accepting bribes of more than $3 million and embezzling more than $800,000, relatively minor offenses considering the allegations made against him. analysts say his biggest crime was his ambition for the top job and that he challenged the party's ideology. >> corruption at the very top has been tremendous, and there is a lot of cynicism about
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these court cases, the fact they're only relatively small sums have been mentioned. and the fact that these accused leaders usually get a very light sentence. >> a date for the trial has not yet been set but it's expected to begin in august. al jazeera, hong kong. >> australia's immigration minister visited papua, new guinea after allegations of asylum seekers are being abused. tony burke followed a report that people were raped and tortured. the victims have yet to be identified. the scandal comes days after australia announced it will send all asylum seekers arriving by boat to detention camps in papua and nodu, new guinea. >> we have a new arrangele and takes away the product the smugglers are selling and
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implementing it. the opposition leader says the opposition will challenge the deal with australia in court. >> the asylum seekers have been kept against their will. they're not coming publicly to seek refugee status or asylum seeker status. they are destined for australia and australia should bear the responsibility. i do not believe the notion that the prime minister is saying that this will benefit papua, new guinea. we do not need money from asylum seekers to improve our education, our health, and our infrastructure in the country. we have enough money coming from our oil and gas from our forestry, from our fisheries. hat we need in paua, new
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guinea is prudent management of our finance, transparent leadership, good governance and transparency. >> the european union is due to formally adopt the resolution to put hezbollah's armed wing on its terrific blacklist. the e.u. ambassadors to lebanon will be meeting the groups ahead of relations in the coming hours. and it's been said the e.u. decision is worthless. >> the aim of this decision is clear, the aim is to subject us to control to oblige us to retreat, to make us reluctant, to make us panic and terrify us. i can tell them that you will not achieve anything through this decision other than failure and disappointment. this decision will not achieve any of its goals and we're calling on the e.u. to retreat from this mistake. >> the ruler went to the hezbollah strong hold in southern lebanon to find out how its supporters are reacting
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to the e.u. decision. >> thousands of peacekeepers roamed the narrow allies of southern lebanon and villages and hundreds are european and groups from the same e.u. nations who have designated hezbollah's military wing as a terrorist organization and this is hezbollah's strong hold even if its fighters are not visible. we are all hezbollah, says this 37-year-old maria. hezbollah is not a terrorist group but a group that defends its people, defended me and my son and my neighbor and husband. it's hezbollah that allowed us to liberate our land. she lives in the capital of resistance as people call it. seven years ago some of the fiercest battles with israel took place here. and for many people here, hezbollah is a fighting force against israel. calls or of bintage bale it a positive resistance
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movement. >> hezbollah are the people we see on our street, those who want to defend its people and land. >> throughout southern lebanon, hezbollah is deeply weaved into the social fabric of the shiite community here. most of the houses and families have at least one member, a son, a brother or father who is connected to hezbollah one way or another. theoretically, many of these young men walking these streets are potential terrorists according to the e.u., since many of them are fighters in hezbollah's military wing or can turn into one overnight. the u.n.'s interim force was deployed here years ago. a lot of effort was put to build our relationship with the community here and its leaders, including hezbollah officials. but it's a tricky situation now. in the nearby village, these men tell me the e.u. resolution is unfair.
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they all have sons affiliated with hezbollah. when i remind them only the military wing has been put on the list -- >> there's no such thing as military. all people are military. >> like most people here, they are outraged by the e.u. decision but remain defiant. >> what can i do? they want to go after all the people. let's be frank, 99.9% of people here are with hezbollah, the resistance, any harm to them means harm to us. >> tell the world we will not be rattled or affected by any of their resolutions. >> the european union has not yet detailed how it will differentiate between those in the military or political wing of hezbollah. so far, the u.n. has not changed its rules of engagement. but everyone here appears to be on alert. how will this resolution affect the relationship between the community here and its work?
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al jazeera, southern lebanon. >> the united states and europe are urging dialogue between political leaders after the president dismissed his entire cabinet on wednesday. the move follows an apparent power struggle. they're concerned the dismissals could threaten the country's stability. france has delivered a strong message against legalizing drugs. the speech was made at a rio hospital that streets substance abusers. some latin american leaders have been suggesting some drugs should be decriminalized or legalized. the head of the roman catholic church, though, wants nations to address the underlying easons for drug abuse. gabriel reports. >> rain and usually frigid weather in sunny rio was not enough to keep thousands of well-wishers to get a glimpse
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of pope francis. they waited for hours to see him, ending a long day to a visit to a naugrauted drug rehab center might seem an odd move for some but not this pope who did just that. he listened to recovering drug addicts speak directly to him. >> for a pope who is not afraid to get close to people and also not afraid to speak politics in his home region. >> a reduction in the spread and influence of drug addiction will not be achieved by a liberalization of drug use, as is currently being proposed in various parts of latin america. rather, it is necessary to confront the problems underlying the use of these drugs by promoting greater justice and educating young people in the values that build up life in society. >> it's all part of his efforts to be an example of what he hope is a catholic church that will do more to reach out to the most needy, something many
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people the church has strayed from in recent years. it's an advancement for society because it shows how the catholic church wants to help society as a whole. drug addicts, the poor. it shows how this new pope is open to see the problems of the world. >> as he arrived, pope francis walked to the crowd to touch as many people as he could. he's quickly becoming sort of a humble rock star. hysterectomy first papal trip abroad. earlier in the day a more traditional setting, at a shrine, brazil's patron saint where roman catholics come to ask for miracles and here pope francis chose to hold the first public mass of his visit, a fitting place given the high expectations he has awakened for reform of the church. on thursday, the pope will visit a rio shantytown, one that up until last year was completely controlled by drug traffickers. the visit is part of his continued outreach to the poor, something he's making a centerpiece of this trip to brazil.
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the heavy downpour in rio so far not dampening the enthusiasm for this pope, at least for the people braving it all to see him up close. al jazeera, in rio. >> it's almost a year since london hosted the 2012 olympic games. for many, the glory has truly one off. the british government promised a lasting national sporting legacy but not all communities are reaping the benefits. lawrence lee explains. >> a year since the london games and euphoria has given way to planning. the place is full of trucks and diggers turning the entire site into a play ground for londoners. the pool will be open until next spring, the indoor arenas as well to be shared by the elites and ordinary. all this takes lots of political boxes. it's very multicultural and bridges social divides and it's healthy and what the legacy people promised all along. >> the stadium with athletics coming up this weekend and the north of the park becomes a
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public park from this weekend as well, a place for people to come and stroll and have a picnic, walk the dog. >> the top-class athletes love this place for training and elite event. for amateurs, to be able to do the sport alongside the best will be like a tennis player going for a knock at wimbledon. the longer the time has gone on, the more jubilant the authorities have sounded about london's legacy. for one thing, it looks like the taxpayer might see a return on investments london could end up making rather than costing britain money. but the really compelling thing is the idea that in the future, local communities here, children especially, could end up sharing the same first-class facilities as elite athletes and that would directly echo the theme of the olympics which was about inspiring the future. yet, if london is doing what it promised, there are greater questions about legacy elsewhere. they painted the post box gold in recognition of jessica ennis in 2012. it wasn't only the pa
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ntathletes. the country she is from would have been 12th if it had been a country. the stadium she trained is shortly to be demolished because the local authority can't afford to zidse -- subsidize it. it means the charitable trust that runs the facilities here have to getting young people into activity without the safety net of any legacy olympic funding. >> i think it will be more difficult now because the talented athletes, the training has been stopped by the government so there's no bridge now from that game into the elite. so the parents will actually have to put a lot into the youth to take part. >> there's been much talk republicansly -- recently about the two-speed britain with london's economy starting to boom again while much of the rest of the country is left behind. for all the apparent success of the olympic village, no doubt some will see the legacy of the games as a mirror of that trend. lawrence lee, al jazeera in london.
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>> now it was not just another day at work for a new york cleaner sent to clear the home of a deceased artist. but at the end of the day, darryl kelly saved some boxes of artwork from the trash. seven years later, 30 of the pieces bihari shunk have sold at auction for more than a 1/4 of a million dollars. >> i thank the lord. if this is a dream, do me a favor, please don't wake me up. >> our website at al has the rest of the day's news. much more on the developments in egypt. as you can see there, news, analysis, on
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