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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 26, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> egypt's deposed president faces a new criminal investigation as rival protests begin. i am veronica pedrosa with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead -- >> we cannot let people smuggling to become stronger and stronger. >> australia response to criticism from the u.n. over its plans to send asylum-seekers to papua new guinea. pacifist japan calls for a stronger military on the same
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day a proposal -- of proposed talks with rival china. hairy line between fact and fiction. what false findings in mice tell us about our own shortcomings. egypt deposed president is facing more allegations about his time in office. within the past few hours, prosecutors have announced that mohamed morsy is going to be detained for 15 days and he has to answer a new series of accusations including claims that he has conspired with the armed group hamas. the military has called for as many people to protest in favor of its takeover of power. here are the locations in more detail. tahrir square is where the main protests are expected in cairo. palace in one suburb,
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they are also expected in other various parts of the capital. here are live pictures of tahrir square in the center of cairo. that is where the army supporters are gathering. in a moment, we will speak to our correspondent with morsi supporters in cairo, but first, let's go to our cairo studio. what is the mood like at the moment? upbeats actually fairly around the square. i just walked down to have a look at the numbers of people and the security presence. pictures, in those there are small numbers in the square itself, but it is early relatively speaking. the several marches which are headed for the square are not expected to arrive until much later on friday. there are other marches towards the presidential palace, but
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this is the main focus of the anti-mohamed morsi activists, answering a call by the defense toister abdel fattah el sisi turn out in large numbers to show their support for a military crackdown on violence, as he puts it. there are scores of people selling images, posters of abdel fattah el sisi, selling egyptian flags. they are not doing much business right now, but later on they will. people walking through on foot, but there are many armored personnel carriers blocking the road. as you go towards the square, you have your id checked. there are obvious concerns about security on this side of the march. i think what everybody is wondering whether there will actually be any contact with the pro-morsi camp. elsewhere in cairo, that could be a possibility. >> what about these allegations
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am a new allegations that have been brought against the ousted president morsi from before he was president? it is interesting because the isge has now said morsi being detained for 15 days, pending investigations into allegations that he was part of operations by hamas, the palestinian group, during the uprising which overthrew hose me mubarak in early 2011 -- hosni mubarak, in early 2011, specifically attacking lee stations. there were kidnapping allegations as well. allegations of organizing prison break-ins. one of those break-ins freed morsi himself did these allegations have been rejected by muslim brotherhood out right. one week ago, on monday, there were reports in the state run newspaper that there had been
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such an investigation started. that was denied, and their editor-in-chief was detained for publishing false information. now we are hearing the same things, exactly the same length of time, 15 days detention. we cannot tell you exactly the timeframe when that starts and when that will end and what will happen at the of those 15 days. >> we will have to leave it there for now. thank you very much indeed for the time being. what about those rallies in cairo backing the ousted president mohamed morsi? in the cityected and in front of cairo university in the suburb of giza. here are some live pictures were those people backing morsi have been camped out for weeks. more people are joining them to rally. cairoe the latest in could what has been the reaction there to the allegations we have just heard?
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>> it has been a mixture of anger to essentially brushing it off as another maneuver or attempt by the military coup leaders to demonize the ousted president and to try to find some sort of reasoning or justification for what they considered to be the kidnapping of egypt's one and only democratically elected president. it is important to note that the judiciary and egypt does not work on fridays. -- in egypt does not work on fridays. that is leading a lot of people to question why this came out today. it is important to note that the charges that are being pressed against mohamed morsi are being done so without morsi having a lawyer or without him being able to see any rights organizations. that is something that is
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raising a lot of concern among not only the anti-coup protesters, but also human rights organizations. the supporters of the ousted president and opponents of this coup has been gathered for 29 days. this is further proof that the intendedcoup was less -- ratherown on those than the coup being interested in siding with one faction over the other. -- theounds like the car crowd is beginning to wrap up. we will have to leave it there for now. we will get back to you as the day moves on. thank you for the time being. we will bring you more updates as necessary. the united nations has issued a scathing assessment of australia's new policy on asylum seekers. the government plans to sell all
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drivers to papua new guinea for processing. if they are found to be genuine refugees, they will be resettled there could andrew thomas explains. >> after seeking asylum in astralia, he was sent to detention center in neighboring pat quinn new guinea. he spent months there, much of it alone as the only detainee. was just likeon jails you see in the movies. may, breakingrol me down physically and emotionally. >> the camp was closed shortly after he left. having been accepted as a refugee, he now lives in melbourne. as asylum seeker numbers have risen, sending those who arrive by boat to cap when new guinea is australian policy again, and as of last friday, though sent there will never get back to australia. even those confirmed as refugees have no chance of being resettled in australia. united nations refugee agency is concerned.
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worded statement, the unhcr says it is troubled by the absence of adequate protection standards for refugees in papua new guinea, described significant shortcomings in pat quinn new guinea's legal framework for asylum seekers, and says facilities have poor physical conditions. says there agency are serious unanswered questions. challenges of processing people transferred to the pacific island states raises a number of important difficulties for us. not only does it raise complex legal issues about compliance with these national prevent -- providinggencies, but protection to people in these remote pacific island nations. >> in the face of more than 20,000 asylum seekers who have come by boat in the last year, australia's time to persuade others not to make the same dangerous trip. >> you've got to break this new model of people smuggling. otherwise, you will occupy more and more of the immigration
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intake in australia. we cannot privatize our immigration program to people smugglers could we cannot allow that to happen. the u.n. has made modernizations. as a proud party to the convention on refugees that we cannot allow people smuggling to figure more and more and to become stronger and stronger. >> politics is at play. an election is due before the end of the year in australia, and how to stop the boat is a hot topic. >> it is rare for the unhcr to be this critical and public. such criticism can please australia's government. its leaders are trying to out- opponents,litical and being told they are verging on cruelty can win them votes. andrew thomas, sydney. it will allowys
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afghan refugees living within its borders to stay until 2015. islam about had earlier asked them to leave by the end of june . an estimated 1.6 million afghans live in pakistan after being driven not by decades of unrest and violence in their country. the move is being seen as pakistan's attempt to improve relations with its neighbor. you.developing news for the driver of that train that crashed in spain on wednesday killing at least 80 people has been detained. the news comes as thousands of people held a minute of silence for the victims. they were killed when the train's eight carriages smashed into a security wall near santiago. jonah hull joins us live from the crash site in northwest spain. what more can you tell us about the driver, jonah? driver hadthat the
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been placed under formal investigation. that was announced on wednesday. he was under police guard in his hospital room, recovering from injuries could what we now understand from media reports quoting the chief of police in the region is that at 8:00 p.m. local time on thursday night, the driver was formally accused of crimes related to the accident. that is the line that we have. since it was reported that he had been placed under investigation, the spanish media have been looking very closely into his background. the press and newspapers here on friday are absolutely chock-full of information about this individual. the state rail company, his employer, gave his name out to the media. old with 30-year- years experience on the
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railways, including 10 years as a driver, and had been traveling that route as a driver for one year. he had a fairly taken over the controls of the train from a second driver about 100 kilometers short of the station. the crash happened just a few kilometers short of that. of anl now be the focus investigation, which is more and more looking into excessive speed as having played a critical part in what happened. >> apart from the focus on the striper, what else is under scrutiny in the investigation? do train said something like a black box that has been talked about when airplanes have crashes? >> well, i think that is very much the point. if you listen to railway analysts and experts, the warning seems to be that while it may look like human error has
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played a part, while it may look like this train was most certainly going above the speed limit, it is not entirely clear that it was just down to human error because these train systems, these train and railway systems, are equipped with safety systems that are supposed to be failsafe. are supposed to do just that. they're supposed to monitor excessive speed. they're supposed to make sure that the train speed comes down when it exceeds the speed limit. at thestem was operating point of the crash was appointed the speed. there are two systems create one gives way to the other roughly at the point of the crash. it is more and more likely now, according to what we understand, that this crash, like so many others, is the result of a combination of factors, perhaps including driver error, perhaps including some sort of technical breakdown is low. >> thank you very much indeed, jonah hull on the line from spain. there is lots more to come on the program, including
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colombia's government makes a first-time confession about the country's 15 years of conflict. we will be back in a moment. >> hello, and welcome back. as we take a look at the weather across europe, it still looks like high pressure is dominating . you can see the cloud area behind me. that is a cluster of thunderstorms that will push up across france and into the low countries. the high-pressure, very much controlling the weather across our southern portions. mediterranean,e looking fine. across italy, heat wave conditions good the temperature in rome reaching about 36 degrees over the course of the weekend. theire people filling water bottles, trying to stay cool when they can. those temperatures really are about five or six degrees above
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what we should see this time of year normally. no sign of any breakdown at the moment. looking very warm for offense. those storms over parts of france and into the low country could cause some problems. rain pushing out to southern portions of the uk. temperatures coming down in madrid 26 degrees. -- in madrid, 26 degrees. here we are looking that fine conditions. fairly warm, in the high 30s. still that breeze coming off the mediterranean for benghazi. a high of 37 degrees in cairo. again.o a recap of the top stories on al jazeera. egyptian prosecutors are saying that the former president mohamed morsi is being detained for 15 days. he is being investigated for allegations of spying for hamas. meanwhile, egypt is holding its breath for the possibility of a showdown in the coming hours
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between supporters of the army and mohamed morsi's muslim brotherhood. you are looking at live pictures from both sides of that political divide. millions are expected to fill on friday, some in support of the army chief abdel fattah el sisi, some in support of the muslim brotherhood. news, the u.n.'s refugee agency says australia's new policy on asylum seekers raises serious questions about safety and protection. under a new law, refugees who arrived by boat in australia are to be processed and recycled in pat quinn new guinea. apua new guinea. we have just heard that the driver of the train that crashed in spain on wednesday, killing at least 80 people, has been detained. the news comes as thousands of people held a minutes silence
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for the victims. they were killed with the train eightn the train's carriages smashed into a security wall near its destination. news fromw to tunisia, there is a general strike their after a leading opposition member was assassinated on thursday. mohamed brahmi had been an outspoken critic of the ruling party. while the country is observing a day of mourning following the murder, which sparked widespread protests, it is the second political assassination this year. our correspondent joins us from the capital, to miss. what has been the government's response to the assassination? >> now the government is going to hold a press conference very how far theynounce are with regard to the investigation.
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they will announce what happened with chokri belaid and the investigation they have been doing over six months, and they will announce what they found already in the case of the assassination of mohamed brahmi yesterday. think is they responsible? >> there is a lot of speculation. we do not know who did this ,xactly, but some parties another leader came out yesterday to announce that there are foreign powers involved in that they want to destabilize the country. the president announced that these people want to destabilize the country and paint the tunisian government as a failed state. >> this is the second high- profile assassination that we have seen in tunisia. more aboutk about
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the threat that this might have for the continuation of the government in tunisia? puts the country in a political crisis. in the sense that opposition , for there coming out moment, individually, asking for -- to dissolve the constitutional assembly. however, no political party expressed clearly how they want the political process to move forward. on the side of the government and the political parties ruling tunisian now, they want to continue with the process already in place. they want to finalize the constitution of tunisia. they want to set an election date, which would be the second election after the fall of the dictatorship. evolvesill see how this
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and the negotiations that will happen between the ruling parties and the opposition. >> thanks very much indeed. tunis. us from let's get more on our top story. just to remind you of what is going on, today is a day when millions of egyptians are holding their breath for what might be the next development in their political crisis. as you can see, on one side of cairo, we have millions of protesters expected to turn out morsipport the anti- movement. this is the movement that ousted the president from the muslim brotherhood, mohamed morsi. they have been called out by the military chief, general abdel fattah el sisi. mandate" toanted "a pursue an agenda of crackdown on violence and terrorism. but on the right, you see
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demonstrations that have been going on for weeks ever since mohamed morsi was deposed. these were called by the muslim brotherhood. they want morsi to be reinstated. it is a country deeply divided it -- divided. an egyptian judge and constitutional scholar joins me from cairo. i wanted to ask you about the accusations that have apparently been brought by egyptian prosecutors against the former president morsi. there was a point being made, isn't it rather unusual for prosecutors to be working on a friday? yes, let me say it first that this is not an egyptian public prosecutor office. this is called on investigative judgment investigative judges, that givestem critical cases in order to be
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away from the public prosecutor's office. about partiality -- impartiality. factat do you make of the -- this is the first official word that has come out about former president morsi. what do you make of the fact that the judiciary appears to be focusing its investigation on the mohamed morsi's time before the presidency began? i'm sorry, can you repeat the question? factat do you make of the that egypt's judiciary is focusing on allegations before morsi became president? morsi --rse, president
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i agree focusing on president morsi now is because of his special situation as an ousted president and most of the media are looking for him. frankly, --y i'm a say, frankly, that this is not expressing the impartiality of the judicial system. more than 11,000 people escaped from that prison during the 2011 uprising.ould -- this is because of the important position of president morsi himself. the special situation of president morsi makes himself in this situation. also for the military to give a reason for international players that president morsi -- we have a reason for putting mr. morsi under detention now because since he was ousted in july -- on july 3, no clear reason, just
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for his personal security. >> i want to ask you something before we run out of time. a lot of people see egypt's judiciary as a branch of what the failed state. it senior members were appointed during the mubarak regime. allegations are coming from -- where allegations are coming from? >> this is a big debate in egypt. what i can say now is that the egyptian judiciary, its credibility was undermined about two and a half years after the 2011 uprising. -- nowot classified classified and one of the two camps in egypt. this has to be said without any doubt -- unfortunately the egyptian judiciary, the reaction of the judiciary itself put itself as being classified as one of the two groups against
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president morsi good i think that is also what president morsi supporters will look for the decision, just as a political decision, not the judicial chip -- decision. >> we are going to have to leave it there could really interesting insights. there will be a lot of tension. you can tell there is a lot at stake could think you very much indeed. live from cairo. we are going to move onto other news. one of the biggest and most successful hedge funds on wall street has been charged with insider trading. federal prosecutors and the fbi have taken the unusual step of letting criminal charges against sac capital. the fund is estimated to be worth about $14 billion. u.s. energy company halliburton has agreed to plead guilty to destroying evidence related to
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the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. halliburton has been ordered to pay the maximum possible fine. a blowout on the deepwater horizon rig led to the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. 11 people died in the explosion. colombia's president defended a law that has paved the way for ongoing peace talks with rebels. president santos has testified in the constitutional court hearing on challenges to the legislation. critics say the measure offers a backdoor amnesty for war crimes. the court can declare the framework legal, unconstitutional, or seek changes to the text.
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