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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 26, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> a warm welcome to the "journal" here on dw. >> these are the headlines this hour -- deadly clashes in egypt as rival groups take to the streets in their tens of thousands. >> two days after the fatal train crash in spain, police take the driver into custody. >> germany bakes with temperatures set to end up towards a 40 degrees -- a sweltering 40 degrees celsius this weekend. the latest developments in cairo
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were stoking tensions. the state news agency reports that authorities have formally detained as the president mohamed morsi and charged him with the deaths of 80 militants connected to hamas. >> there are rallies across the country by both supporters and opponents of the nation's first democratically elected leader, and they have warned of the potential for bloodshed. >> sure enough, there have already been deaths. at least two dead in the city of alexandria, and several people have been injured in clashes there and in cairo. >> we will get more from our correspondent there in a moment. first, this. >> fireworks over tahrir square, a gesture of support for egypt hoss and drum government. opponents of president mohamed morsi have been streaming into tahrir in their tens of thousands. they are heeding the call to give the army and mandate to take on the muslim brotherhood
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>> the muslim brotherhood will take us back years and years and years. this is not democracy. this is a revolution. >> the military has taken up missions outside the square to protect demonstrators against morsi supporters, despite the increased security, violent clashes have open out. -- broken out. allies of the muslim brotherhood are demonstrating in the neighboring town, demanding morsi's release. morsi is behind bars, charged with inciting violence against the police two years ago. officials also say morsi organized a prison revolt with the help of the radical islamist organization hamas. the army has set an ultimatum for the muslim brotherhood. the islamist group has until saturday to join the interim government and work towards new democratic elections.
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>> bring us up-to-date on these clashes, first of all. >> there's reports of this confrontation between supporters and opponents of morsi in the city of alexandria, as you mentioned, and there was also clashes in central cairo. apparently, again, supporters and opponents of morsi, some armed with guns firing buckshot involved in a melee. at least 10 people dead. mostly, though, it has been pretty peaceful, remarkably so given the hundreds of thousands of people who are out on the street today. >> tell us more about the charges morsi is facing. >> they all stem from the january 2011 break from prison that he did. he was rounded up in the initial days of the 2011 uprising against hosni mubarak and put in prison without any charges.
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and he escaped from prison. what the complainant is alleging is that he collaborated with palestinian group hamas to bust out of prison and in the process, killed police officers, killed army soldiers, and damaged police equipment. he has been charged with espionage and premeditated murder, at least as far as the complaint goes, under egypt's legal system, the prosecutor still has to formally charge him at some point. >> reflate tell us about a saturday deadline for the military to join its roadmap. >> i'm not sure how serious this is. this was sort of a whispered comment made by anonymous military officials to some of the local leaders here. the media is desperate to end the stalemate that has crippled the country. they want the brotherhood or parts of the brotherhood to come out and endorsed the political process, say that they will take part in some way, and they are trying to put pressure on them.
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that is one of the reasons why they have called supporters out on the street today and one of the reasons why they may have issued this veil threat against the brotherhood. >> thank you very much for the update. we will have to leave it there. tunisia is where the arab spring began, and it is also facing more political turmoil. on thursday, gunmen killed a leading opposition figure. >> that assassination took place outside his home. the government blames islamist radicals. the people have taken to the streets, and the unions have called for general strike. here is more more. >> forensic experts collected evidence outside of the home where he was shot dead in his car. the assailants reportedly used the weapon that had been used in february to kill another leading opposition leader. his wife blames the government for inciting violence. >> the perpetrators and those behind the attack -- those that
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planned it, stand accused before god. >> he was an outspoken critic of the governing islamist. in particular, he fought against the content of the new constitution. the interior minister blamed the attack on muslim extremist. the first elements of the investigation suggest the implication of a selloff is to extremist. he is among the most dangerous terrorists who is being hunted internationally. protesters poured onto the streets to voice their anger. they say the death buttons democracy in the country. the union had called a general strike, and much of the country ground to a halt. >> a double suicide attack in pakistan has left more than 40 people dead. it's the latest in a series of attacks to hit the country during the islamic holy month of ramadan. >> bombs have ripped through a
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marketplace. the explosions went off while the market was filled with people shopping for their evening meal. officials say more than 150 people are being treated for injuries. >> we move back to europe and stay, and police say they have arrested the driver that flew off the tracks in spain. >> they questioned him over reckless driving. 78 people died when the carriages were spun off the cement wall and left scattered across the line. >> this is the man investigators respect -- suspects of the tragedy. he is in the hospital and not yet fit for questioning. reports say he already admitted he had been traveling too fast.
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>> we are investigating him as a suspect. >> investigators are analyzing the train's black ox is. people are asking how it was possible for the train to be traveling at what may have been more than twice the permitted speed in the curve where it jumped the tracks. the unions point out there was no automatic speed limiter in place. all of spain has been moved by the plight of the victims. the region observed a moment of silence for the dead is morning. 87 people remained in hospital. 32 are in critical condition. the municipality is making a building available where the families of victims and survivors can seek psychological counseling. >> we can bring in our correspondent. there have been some details coming out about this train driver. what more do we know about him so far? >> this driver, age 52, is at
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the center of the investigation. the police tried to question him around an hour ago, but he used his right not to say anything. however, spanish courts will question him in the coming days, where he will not have a choice. he will have to say his version of the event. he knew very well the route, but the authorities -- there is also a knowledge that he should have slowed down for columbus before he reached that point. >> how are the people doing? what is the mood there? >> the mood is a mood of tragedy, of pain, of sadness.
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however, we have seen some encouraging stories. there is a pope helping prepare the psychological damage. i talked to a fire woman -- a fireman, who left his colleagues and left everything and went there. he spent, like, 6, 7 hours working there. there are some stories of hope. hundreds of citizens going there massively. the mood is of tragedy. sadness, grief, but there are some stories of hope, about helping. >> thank you very much. we have to leave it there. thanks for joining us. >> thanks.
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>> in germany, the latest opinion polls show that the scandal surrounding american souping on german citizens has made no difference to the popularity of chancellor angela merkel. >> merkel says she knew nothing about the surveillance programs, a claim that many people find hard to believe. whatever doubts those voters might have about how honest the chancellor is being, she is still the country's most popular politician by a wide margin. >> the media interest is huge. the u.s. data snooping scandal is dominating headlines in germany. angela merkel's chief of staff faced a grilling by lawmakers. the accusation -- the government knew about american and british activities long before edward snowden's revelations. that is a view held by the opposition and a majority of the general public, but the attempt to turn the scandal into a campaign issue has so far failed to sway voters. with two months to go until the election, a new opinion poll suggests a slight rise in
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support for angela merkel's conservatives. social democrats move down to just 25%. the greens are up to 14%. the left stay on numeral seven percent. chancellor merkel's free democrats coalition partners stay under the five percent threshold needed to enter parliament, and the outrage over the snooping scandal has not helped a pro-transparency pirate party, either. their support remains unchanged. with her poll numbers holding up, angela merkel has one less thing to worry about as she leaves on vacation. >> over to our political correspondent. can the chancellor breathe easy going into those holidays? >> the opinion poll suggests smooth sailing for the chancellor this summer. her conservatives have between a 15% and 17% lead, but in the polls, that has been holding strong now for several months. her personal popularity is even greater. she far out shines her closest
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rival of the social democrats, but as they say, the is not over until the votes are counted. they're still a couple of months before the election. even if the numbers hold, the chancellor will probably not be able to form a government with her current coalition partner, which is looking very weak in the polls, so she might have to look for a new partner, and that should give the chancellor something to think about while she is resting on the beach or hiking the trails. >> very happy holiday to her. thank you very much. europeans were hanging out for a decent summer this year, but this is more than they bargained for. >> it has not rained -- i cannot remember the last time it rained. britain has been baking under its longest heatwave in seven years, and in britain, -- here in berlin, even the lawn in front of the reichstag has turned brown. >> europe is in the grip of a heat wave, and berlin has not been spared.
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for days, the german capital has been baking, and some are struggling to deal the conditions. >> it is too hot and humid for me. >> how do people cope? >> we are drinking lots of water. >> it would be cooler tonight, and i will go swimming. >> drinking water and iced coffee. >> forecasters say the weather will get even hotter over the weekend. the mercury could rise as high as 40 degrees celsius on sunday. heat waves like this are often followed by storms, and meteorologists are not ruling out the possibility of tornadoes hitting central europe, but even if it rains, they say there will not be a let-up from the heat. >> we are going to take a short break now, but we will be right back with all the latest business news for you. >> we will also have a report from cambodia ahead of weekend elections. we will be looking at government projects to build dams on major rivers.
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>> all of that in one minutes time. don't go away. >> welcome back. greece has enacted legislation demanded by international lenders to unlock it for the tranche of financial aid. >> the country's conservative coalition mustered enough votes in yesterday special session of parliament to pass a new tax code as well as a controversial scheme that will mean big public sector job losses. the eurozone and the imf will now release almost 6 billion euros of bailout funds. greece's problems have certainly not gone away, but remember, 12 months ago, things certainly look a lot was -- a lot worse. the european central bank had a lot to do with this according to
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our markets correspondent. >> exactly one year ago, the president of the european central bank thomas to do everything to preserve the euro. now the price of one euro is much higher than a year ago. druggie -- draghi's promise caused a lot of confidence among investors. on this last day of the trading week, investors were a bit reluctant. a disappointing earnings report and rumors around a steelmaker dragged down the stock prices of these companies, and this also weighed on the general market here in frankfurt. >> well, we have market numbers for you now. the dax index in frankfurt was down by .65%. euro stoxx 50 slightly up, 2741 it's close. in new york, the dow jones industrial average trading at 0.15% down.
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the euro down a bit against the dollar, $1.3275. >> incorporate electronic news, samsung has posted another record profit in the second quarter thanks to robust shipments of its flagship galaxy smartphone range. the south korean firm warns that delayed economic recovery in europe and fierce competition and the phones market could slow growth. margins are shrinking. handsets are becoming cheaper, and overall demand for high-end smartphones is set to flag. still to come here on the "journal," why no one in moscow wants to get on a bike and what the city is trying to do to change that. >> first, we are going to take a look at some other stories making news around the world. a court in russia has denied parole to a member of the punk band pussy riot. she was told she must serve her full two-year sentence handed
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down over a church protest against president putin. the 23-year-old said she would not repent and would continue to fight her sentence. >> the former head of the international monetary fund, dominique strauss conn, will stand trial for pandering. he is accused of involvement in a prostitution ring that supplied women for sex parties. >> cambodia's political parties have been hitting the streets and a final push for votes ahead of sunday's general election. the prime minister is looking to extend his 28 years in office. his cambodian people's party is widely expected to retain power. rights groups have dismissed the vote as a charade. >> he may well be set to extend his grip on power in cambodia, but that does not mean everyone in the country is happy with his rule. >> one issue that has stoked anger is government moves to
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build dams on a number of rivers, as we mentioned, with the help of chinese investors. the dams are damaging the livelihoods of millions of people as well as the environment. >> our correspondent traveled to the cézanne river in the north of the country and send huss this report. -- sent us this report. >> he has been a fisherman all his life here in the north of cambodia. but now, he fears his livelihood could be destroyed. further upstream, the government and a chinese power company want to build a huge dam. >> i'm very concerned that i will not be able to catch enough-ish for me and my family once the dam is built. we depend on this river. we cannot live off our ducks and chickens. we need something to eat everyday.
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>> fish is the main source of protein for cambodia's 14 million people. the dam would not just impact the lives of the local fishermen. this is where the dam would be built. just a short distance downstream, the river flows into the mekong river, which is considered to be the lifeline of southeast asia. if fish can no longer pass this point, there will be consequences for millions of people downstream. experts fear the planned dam could diminish fish stocks by as much as 10%. a visit to the capital phnom penh 500 kilometers away reveals why the government wants the dam. the city is booming. cambodia needs new sources of energy to power its growth. power shortages are common here. cambodia also has some of the
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highest electricity prices in the world. over the last few years, the government has ordered the construction of the dams, all of them with the involvement of chinese power companies. this opposition leader has his doubts about the government's motives. >> it was nothing to do with getting electricity and providing a better living for the people. they do not care about that. bribery and corruption does not play a major part on any decision in this country, and it will destroy everything. >> few understand the environmental impact of dam building better than the villages who live our up the river. they have been directly affected by the construction of another dam further upstream beyond the border in vietnam. >> there used to be all sorts of trees, mushrooms, and wildlife here.
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tigers, elephants, cattle, crocodiles, turtles, and lots of it. they have become very rare. the dan made the water dirty, and a lot of the forest was chopped down. then the wildlife disappeared. >> much more forest would have to be destroyed for the new dam, and the people will have to find a new home. their village would be completely submerged. >> in other news now, pope francis continues his weeklong visit to brazil. he is in rio de janeiro to celebrate world you, a gathering of young catholics catholics. >> thousands of followers gathered in the city to listen to the pope hold prayers. he singled out the elderly for a special mention, praising them for passing down wisdom as well as religious and family values.
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if you were watching yesterday, you might have seen our report about a bicycle made of cardboard. >> that is a bike you almost certainly would not want to get onto in moscow. the russian capital is notorious for its dangerous roads. there are some 12,000 traffic deaths in the city every year. >> with a distance like that, it is no surprise that muscovites are getting wary about getting a bicycle -- with statistics like that. dean's sabr and encourage cycling. >> it may look like a washout, but finally, they have the run of the road. 5000 cyclists have joined this nighttime ride through moscow. unthinkable during the day, and a unique experience for fans of two wheels. >> a lot has changed on the streets of moscow. things are being done, and that's great. >> i hope it will get even
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better. at the moment, it is just about ok. >> the authorities have set up dirty bike rental stations. the first half-hour is free of charge, and there are new stands for locking up hikes, although many remain unused. this is the man behind the revolution. it is his job to come up with a new cycling strategy for moscow. >> i got fed up of driving through all the traffic. in a way, my work benefits me personally. if there is something i do not like, i try to change it, like with the infrastructure. >> wide boulevards clogged with automobiles are a familiar part of daily life in moscow. cyclists are still few and far between. they have to contend with a lack of eye claims. and underpasses. slow progress can make moscow
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even more challenging to navigate on two wheels. little wonder that uptake is poor for the new bike rental service, even though it has been designed for convenience. after registering online, users simply picked up a bike when they need one. >> these bikes are limited to a specific area, but i can go anywhere i want our car. that's the problem. >> people here have an erratic style of driving. that's a big danger to us cyclists. >> alexi has been advocating cyclists rights for years, and it is his job to convince more muscovites to ditch therefore wheels for two. >> by 2016, we want 0.1% of all journeys made in moscow to be by bicycle. today, it is .000 -- something percent. >> it is an ambitious goal, but he hopes that soon more moscow
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cyclists will be heading in the right direction. >> and export of a different kind, football news. >> and last night's semifinals, norway and denmark ended their 90 minute clash with a1-all draw . the final score, 4-2, norway. they now face germany in the final. >> that's all we've got for you on this edition of the "journal ." >> we will see you soon. for more information on the "journal" or any of our stories, go to our website, >> why not? stay tuned. captioned by the national captioning institute
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chief seeks a mandate from the people calling for rallies to back a crackdown on what he is calling terrorism and violence. this is "inside story." hello and welcome to the program. from the arab spring and egypt's


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