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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 27, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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these at this hour. in egypt, many are killed in clashes between supporters of the muslim brotherhood and military. north korea is staging a huge rally to mark an anniversary of the armistice that ended the green war. pressure is growing on the siemens chief.
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we start in cairo, where there has been clashes between supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and egyptian security forces. the death toll is still being determined. the eu's foreign-policy chief said today she deeply deplores the deaths and is urging all sides to put an end to the bloodshed. rockiolence continues to egypt as the country's political divide continues to deepen. >> holding up ammunition, protesters accuse police of a crime. they charge that officers opened fire with live rounds on morsi supporters before dawn this morning. officials dispute the figures and put the count much lower. some of the wounded have been brought to this makeshift hospital. >> the injuries are from live ammunition.
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they have various injuries in their stomach, back, and legs. >> officials of the interim administration are now blaming the muslim brotherhood. friday saw massive rallies in cairo for supporters and opponents of the deposed resident. president. morsi was officially placed under investigation yesterday, charged with conspiring with islamist groups. a court ordered his detention for two more weeks. says them brotherhood claims about their president proves that egypt's generals do not respect the rule of law. supporters of the military backed interim government are planning further demonstration. the army has asked for a mandate to tackle violence and terrorism in egypt. we are joined by financial times correspondent in cairo.
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what has been the latest reaction to this crackdown? still ink people are shock. this is the second large-scale killing in the confrontations between the pro-morsi demonstrators. is a stunning development for many people. the interior ministry spokesman in televised appearance played down the incident and blamed the brotherhood for provoking this incident and urged the theherhood to and -- end violence. >> will this strengthen the extremist groups? >> that is the big worry. it seems in terms of the rhetoric coming from the islamists right now, they are more angry, more willing to say
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they're willing to die for their cause. they see these martyrs, each one of the dead as a cause to avenge. that could lead to a deadly spiral of violence. >> what is the situation in cairo right now? >> things are rather calm currently, but that is because it is ramadan on a saturday, day off. it is hot out. things will likely start heating up later in the afternoon as people wake up from their sleep and had two other protests. >> -- head to other protests. >> thank you very much. staying in north africa, feelings are running high in tunisia. a funeral is underway. the opposition leader was assassinated on thursday. mourners have been taking part in the funeral procession in the capital, tunis. he will be buried alongside
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fellow opposition leader who was murdered in february. the same gun was used to kill the two men. the government says that radical is killed them both. the u.s. says it will not seek the death penalty or torture -- or use torture if edward snowden returns home. it is the latest step in washington's campaign for extradition from russia. snowden has been living at moscow's airport for over a month to escape detention from the usa. a russian government spokesperson said russian never had and never would extradite anyone. the u.n. china have averted a trade war. yours trade commission or says the two sides have reached a deal to establish a minimum price at which china may sell solar panels within the european union. the deal comes weeks before brussels was set to impose high
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duties on chinese made panels. to north korea, where pyongyang has staged a massive rally to mark the 60th anniversary of the korean war truce. it has been a show of military might and pageantry, with a huge assembly of troops and weapons. the spectacle was described as the biggest military parade in history pyongyang. north korea has been making renewed efforts to improve ties. >> pyongyang ruled out the big guns to celebrate victory day in the fatherland liberation war, the official north korean name for the anniversary of the armistice. the truce between the two koreas have lasted 60 years but technically the potential remains at war. >> the american keep threatening to start a war and take over our country. we ever nude our resolve to stick to our guns and serve our our resolve toed
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stick to our guns and serve our leader. >> at a ceremony, south korea's president struck a less confrontational note. >> for 60 years we have maintained an uncertain peace. we are in the midst of a long truce. now is the time to end the confrontation and hostility and come together to create a new peninsula. >> the president is demanding an end to north korea's nuclear program. still, there have been tentative steps towards renewing diplomatic ties in recent weeks. the two sides continue to accuse each other of violating the armistice. talks are on reopening the joint industrial complex have all but broken down. 60 years on, true peace, it
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seems is still a long way off. >> a bit of business news for you. executive heads may soon be rolling at siemens. the german engineering giant downgraded its profit forecast for the second time within three months. worker and shareholder representatives argue to to meet this weekend to discuss management of the firm. >> it has been a bad few months for siemens. in june it wound down its unprofitable solar business. that along with delays in introducing high-speed trains and a failed wind turbine in the u.s. have put the company under pressure. last november, the forecast was still optimistic. >> our new goal is to increase our profit margin across our toisions, from 9.5% in 2012 at least 12% in 2014. on thursday, siemens said
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that target was no longer realistic despite a multi-. -- multi-billion euro cost- cutting drive. ceo took over in 2007 to rebuild the company after its reputation was tarnished by a bribery scandal. he is now accused of being too slow to react to the global financial crisis. the siemens supervisory board is to meet at the weekend to discuss the company's future. his job may be on the line. >> we will preview saturday's big football match, the chairman -- german super cup. a forest fire has forced more than 20 families to flee their homes in the west of the island. a man has reportedly been charged with causing the fire. he had been burning stubble in his field. in italy have arrested
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more than 100 people in anti- mafia raids. 65 suspects were detained in collaborator. they include politicians, businessmen, lawyers, and doctors and all believed to be part of a multimillion euro insurance scam. over 50 people were taken into custody in rome. cuba has commemorated the 60th anniversary of its communist revolution which toppled the u.s. supported batista government. promised raul castro cubans his focus more on economic growth while maintaining the country's socialist system. in athletics, the 100 meter sprint has been won at the diamond league in london. he is one of briton's rightist stars, having won six olympic medals -- brightest stars, having won six olympic medals. he dashed across the line in 9.85 seconds, his best time so
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far this year. in the high jump, soaring above his rivals. has won histyler second gold at the championship in barcelona. he finished ahead in his favorite event, the men's 25 kilometer race. he had won gold in the five kilometer team event. his victory in the 25 kilometer event is his 13th in his career and means he is the most successful freestyle swimmer on earth. soccer fans in germany are gearing up for the new season which kicks off in two weeks' time. but can anyone take on the mighty unit -- munich? those two squads will give their fans a taste of what is to come this season with a face off on night in germany's super cup. the coach is pleased with his
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squad's performance. it is the last soccer team to begin training for the upcoming season. but all the players are in excellent condition. at least, the ones who made it to practice. >> our problem is we have a few issues with injuries. they both have gastrointestinal infections and will not be playing with the team. at half only playing strength. it is difficult to integrate the player into tactical exercises. to coach has to result improvising, though that is what he wanted to avoid this season. the opening game they may face their biggest rivals. >> we simply want to beat one of
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the top three teams in the world, maybe even the best team in the world because we know that we are good, and that would be just the signal to show how successful we can be in this season. is one player who would probably rather be on the other side come the weekend. robert litan dusky. his plan to switch was squashed. inspiring him to come up with the goods this season will be another tough challenge for the coach. , defendingsurfing world champion josé s trail has sailed home in the freestyle world cup at the canary islands. he finished the week unbeaten and looks unshakable, and just two meets remaining in this year's world cup. in the women's competition, the defending champion from the caribbean island of aruba left
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her competitors in a spin. she looks on track to defend her crown. it has been another busy day for pope francis in rio de janeiro, where he presides over the catholic church world youth day festivities. we have live picture here. he is attending a mass early this morning, and later will join hundreds of thousands of young catholics on copacabana beach in a prayer ritual. they are set to walk nine kilometers to rio to meet him there. the final event of his trip is tomorrow, where he will say mass . here in europe. temperatures have been soaring across the continent. the uk has seen its longest heatwave in seven years. a little drizzle last night did not do much to help in berlin. there are plenty of tourists in town. temperatures could reach 40 degrees celsius over the weekend.
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that is all for now on the journal. thank you for watching. >> music is patrick's life. his body produces amazing sounds, and he hopes that will bring him fame someday. together with his partner, ezekiel, patrick is rehearsing for the annual jazz festival. musicians inyoung
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the capital. ♪ i am entranced by the atmosphere the two managed to conjure up in the stuffy windowless rehearsal room at 9:00 in the morning. the performance flows. no flat notes. it's just like a real concert. i hear thedmit when word jazz, i think of something completely different. >> jazz is such a big thing. it is such a special music because there is something for everyone in it. we want to show what jazz is in our concert tomorrow.
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i see jazz like a tree planted in for tile soil. it grows -- for tile soil -- fertile soil. it grows and prospers and will bear fruit someday. >> ezekiel and patrick have been making music together for almost a year now. it is clear that ezekiel is along for the ride, while patrick is the creative talent, always seeking his own musical style, like the african guitar he built himself. >> i have tried to modernize it a bit. traditionally it has only two or three strings, but i built this one myself. i am actually a wood carver. i learned the trade from my , so i sculpted the guitar neck and updated the mechanics together with traditional strings. hard for hisrks
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seemingly effort was -- effortlerss s -- effortrless -- effortless style. idea, he playsan it to me on guitar. try to practice movements with with him and try to tease out the tempo. and then i can grasp onto it. after three hours of music making, the two take their first break. a group of street children turn up, and patrick's enthusiasm soon infects them, too. music is the be all and end all while other african stream of being a star soccer player, for him there is only one true passion -- africans
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dream of being a star soccer player, for him there is only one true passion, music. this is an important man, i'm told. he has organized a slot for patrick. maybe it is his chance to make the big time. the 25-year-old hopes his performance will bring him international attention. he shows me where he is from. the family lives just around the corner. this month they could not pay their water bill and the water has been cut off. now they rely on a supply from these battered drums, made tepid by the sweltering heat. here,them used to live patrick tells me. his father had two wives. patrick is the youngest son. all the other children have their own families. he has his own room, where he keeps his certificates and trophies. this is the prize i won three years ago at the jazz festival.
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the silver saxophone. patrick's father taught him wood carving. then someone gave him a guitar. his sister recounts what happened next. then began to make music, again and again. sings today will sound completely different tomorrow. >> patrick cannot live from his music, but his heart is no longer in the wood carving. his father is sad about that, but knows that patrick is still an accomplished carver. >> i'm carving a head. >> it is amazing how quickly he
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transforms the wood to a human form. haveafternoon, the two other plans. patrick and ezekiel take me to a suburb. they are here to give music lessons to children from poor families. in their spare time, and free of charge. an african warm-up exercise in the face -- in the form of a face massage. we never use to do anything like this in my school choir.
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as soon as the first notes ring out, children swarm and from all directions. it is all public here and open to everyone. ♪ they are still trying things out . >> i want to put on a show with the children with song, dance, and poetry. is to give them children a taste of their own african culture, something to counter the ever present pop videos. she is a 15-year-old student of patrick's and she enjoys the lessons.
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she says she is learning not only to sing, but traditional dances. slowly, evening is setting in. the thermometer is still showing 40 degrees celsius. the opening act is one of guinea's best-known bands. ♪ it is still a dream for patrick to play here on the big stage.
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the next day, i meet up with patrick and ezekiel again. they are on their way to their taylor to try on their stage outfits. tailor took measurements yesterday. patrick never buys ready-made clothes. he had very clear ideas what he wants to look like. me, hiss, he tells ideas and alterations have almost driven the tailor to desperation. this time, everything is perfect. ezekiel's shirt and trousers fit perfectly. perfectlook like the double act on stage. there is still time for a brief stop off in the rehearsal room before the big concert. ezekiel prepares everything for the performance, checks the
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instruments, and packs them up. in the café, patrick is still thinking about his international career. an invite to in africa festival in germany and composed a song about the sun. ♪ if we play concerts in germany, we will be bringing people african sun and warmth with us. that is why we wrote the song. if you start a concert with the sun, it is a magical beginning. the sun rising in the morning behind a baobab tree. >> suddenly, the concert that ezekiel and patrick have rehearsed so intensely for. half an hour on one of the festival's smallest stages. ♪
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only a handful of spectators have turned up. but patrick plays like he has an audience of thousands. the crowd responds in kind. >this man says it is great, supr music. my ears are ringing a little bit. the amplifier is turned up to distortion. the two deserve better. nevertheless, patrick is satisfied. it was a big challenge to play here before the audience. you have to make contact with your listeners. we did all we could. what is important is that the spark catches with the audience. is ater the concert, there
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surprise. representatives of the u.s. embassy were among those listening. they love the show and want patrick's contact details. maybe the first big break for the young
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