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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 27, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> egypt's interior minister denies responsibility for the deaths of 120 protesters. this is world news from al jazeera. protesters in maybe a target the muslim brotherhood.
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suspected of negligent homicide, the driver of the train that crashed in spain, killing 78 people is detained by police. hundreds of memorial services for the victims of an oil train crash in canada. egypt security forces stand accused of shooting at pro morsi muslimers before -- the brotherhood claims 120 people were killed, and thousands were injured. it happened during huge demonstrations on friday involving hundreds of thousands of people on both sides of egypt's political divide. >> the casualties of egypt's social upheaval lie in a makeshift cairo mortuary.
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these people were supporters of the deposed president, mohamed morsi. many had been part of a month- long sit in outside a mosque. these pictures show some try to extend their protest onto a main road on friday night. government forces responded at that point forcefully. they began rioting. they were so many that i went to see what was going on. i cell phones and plainclothes with police behind them, firing with snipers everywhere. >> the muslim brotherhood laid -- has laid the blame on the government and military. it suggests hundreds were killed , and thousands more were injured. >> they did not have the morality to shoot at limbs. they were firing intentionally at our heads. theymbed on top of --
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climbed on top of the university and were killing people in cold blood. >> it is not clear how many people died in the overnight violence. the government disputes the figure, and the version of events. the interior minister denies that police fired shots, and said they were provoked. >> they have been staging a sit in for 29 days. -- no forcesched approached them. they tried to instigate the incident in order to capitalize and gain sympathy. this is absolutely unacceptable. i request all sides to listen to the voice of reason. government's case was this video it released on saturday am a claiming to show what it's forces were faced with a nicer city -- nasir city. a different account to that of the muslim brotherhood. with so much uncertainty, a group of intellectuals is
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proposing a third wave, a solution to the constitution. these seem tolike seems ade-of tension very distant prospect. from the egyptian capital, what is the mood there is light? how are people reacting to has happened? it has slowly sunk in that there has been devastation caused because of the bloodshed spilled in those early hours of saturday morning. now, the nighttime prayers. washe him on -- iman
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praying to god, he broke down in tears. devastation.the [no audio] >> apologies. we have lost our correspondent. our cairo bureau. as he was telling us, the mood is very somber. people in shock over the death of the muslim brotherhood, at 120 memorial event on hundred 20 than 100 20- more protesters killed. what about other egyptians? how are they reacting? , one wouldlike these assume that nations go into some sort of soul-searching process,
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where perhaps they take a brief moment to pause and think at the sheer size of whatever number of casualties that have happened. au are believing it reflects dark image of what went down there. , andountry remains divided unfortunately what we're are seeing is even though it seems virtues are hard to come by, moderation and compassion. >> egypt's interior minister has denied responsibility for the deaths of those protesters. the national defense council is meeting tonight. they have a lot to a dress. >> -- -- they have a lot to address. judging by the narrative we
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are hearing from officials so far, we are not really seeing any signs of remorse or apologetic tones. it is clear who the state is placing the blame on. you can tell by the tone of the military interior. we are clear he places the blame on the brotherhood. he absolve the police. absolved the police. there were a lot of people penning some hope on getting his long-standing stance -- he express apology over twitter saying he's going to try and push some sort of investigation into this. this is a nation that heard a lot of promises about that finding commissions and
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investigations. unless they see something material on the grounds, it is going to be difficult to see with the state can offer to change people's minds. the prosecutor ordered an expedited investigation into the matter. we have seen lots of those ordered before. we have not heard any results. >> thank you. life for us from al qaeda bureau -- we have a live blog on our website for you can get the from our website at al we are getting reports that more than 1000 prisoners have escaped from benghazi. this development comes out of protests. the protesters waved flags in
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aaa. he carried placards that said down with the muslim brotherhood government. of the residents came out today on their own. i doubt anyone -- they saw what happened in benghazi. the demand is that we do not taunt -- talk peace until they make a constitution. >> and wilma political activists, he was shot dead outside a mosque. capital, angry young men reacted by storming the organizations headquarters. they smashed windows and upturned furniture. they threw office equipment down onto the street. a burned the new -- and then they burned the muslim brotherhood of flag. one of the symbols of the revolution, it was a treacherous
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assassination. >> two officials were also killed in benghazi. they want all political parties to be dissolved, celeb he has a new constitution. policeessage to the army -- of the prisonts break in benghazi. benghazi, what do you know? what are you hearing about this prison break? happened this morning when 1000 prisoners escaped from a prison went to kilometers east of benghazi. according to some security exploitedhe president the turmoil going on in the city
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and tried to escape. three were shot dead. lack, and with the help of neighbors around the prison, people who are angry with the place of the prison, they managed to escape and run away. >> thank you. more information on that prison break there. when we come back, we are in mali. owners per pair for sunday's election. for sunday'spare election.
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>> the weather has been unsettled. eastward, along the eastern coast, it is pretty wet for some of us. it should not last too long though. the two -- by the time you get to monday, it should be dry for many places. there is another system putting itself together. that is going to gradually track its way eastward over the next few days so there is more wet weather still to come. there have been play d of storms across europe you can see the latest working its way north. that is giving us heavy down pours. we have seen when out of that system. this is the bordeaux region. things of the story for us as we head through the next few days. that system is edging its way eastern. it is going to continue to bring
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destructive weather. behind it, the weather will turn cooler. 24 degrees will be the maximum and london. headed that system, it is going to be very hot. berlin and vienna getting 237. to welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. the interior minister of egypt has denied that security forces used live ammunition against protesters. he said the protesters did not -- deliberately provoked the situation to gain sympathy. egyptian health ministry puts the official death toll at 65. there have been more protests on saturday as demonstrators continue to confront the army. spoke with human
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rights watch and cairo. i asked her what she saw that. >> we saw, it was a horrible sight. a steady stream of injuries coming in the door. people who led been injured i live ammunition, coming in one after one. the vast majority of them had wounds to the head and chest, the upper body. some had been shot at when the eyes. some had been shot to the temple. if you look at the gunshot wounds, they were very precise and clean. they have been aimed at the high degree of precision. >> how to police respond to the situation from what you have seen? >> from we sell, they initially tried to disperse the protesters using tear gas. this is will be gathered doing interviews with eyewitnesses. they tried to disperse the protests using tear gas at
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first. there was an exchange of rocks between civilians on the pro- more seaside, -- the pro-more si side. to bethis, there began live fire. protesters began falling. one doctor told us he helped carry out five men one after the other led been shot by live gun power to the head -- gunfire to the head. lex you have been there since the takeover on july 3. how would you describe the use of force? has it been appropriate or excessive? >> and this is the second major incident we have seen, a high civilian casualty. the first was the republican guard incident on july 8. today, we are seeing more than 70 love been killed.
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only a time of a few hours. it indicates excessive use of force. we have seen this statement that they include -- intend to clear the square. this is a matter of grave concern for us, both he and the active president have said they will do so in a legal way. they will use decisive force. it has become clear over several years in which civilians have been killed through use of excessive force by police, this is a government that does not know how to do crowd control in a way that minimizes human casualty. >> were concerned about the lack of accountability, the number of civilians injured, and being killed in egypt. is an independent investigation needed? >> i think an independent investigation at this point would be an excellent step
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forward. we are working on our recommendations and our investigation. we have seen time and time again how internal police and military investigations have not yielded results that are in keeping with the facts of the situation. they have not yielded accountability for officers involved and those responsible for excessive force. we have the killings of hundreds of protesters during 2011. --y have yet to be adjusted seen justice. hundreds were killed during that critical time. >> of thousands of people have attended the funeral of a two knees in opposition leader who was assassinated. he was shot dead with the same gun that killed another opposition politician in february. the gunman is searching for a french smuggler who was accused
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of carrying out the attack. driver of the train that crashed in spain last week, killing 78 people, has been detained by police on suspicion of negligent homicide. he is out of hospital and in police cost little -- in police custody. like the station in santiago is busy again. trains, and go. the mood is somber. trackveling on the same leaves you in a state of shock. >> the city have been preparing in honor of its patron saint. they are the focus of thoughts and speculation. there speculation that the cause . the driver is
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on suspicion of negligent homicide. the driver is seen here being helped from the wreckage. spanish media posted -- spanish media said he boasted of his love of speed on social media. he is expected to face a judge by the end of the weekend. heroes are taking place in hometowns. newspapers have published the name of the dead. >> it was nothing. in cases like these, you do what you can. the impact was huge. i have never seen anything like it. hospitals, thes injured are being treated. more than 30 people are in a serious condition. it is clear the train was traveling too fast when it hit a sharp bend and derailed. investigators are trying to work out whether that was the fault of the driver, or a failure of
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the safety systems. >> in canada, a memorial service has been hailed for the victims of a train accident in québec. exploded three weeks ago. bodies are still missing and presumed dead. outhe entire town turned for this memorial service. the first time the community has come together to mourn the 47 people killed in that train crash three weeks ago. ,nside the church, 1000 people relatives and friends of those killed. town watchinge the service on a tv screen. it is impossible to find someone who was not affected by the accident. either they knew someone who was killed, or they knew someone who was related to those who were
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killed. the question of the investigation is still ongoing. there's no clue as to how long it will take to clear the crash site. it is closed off to the public. a huge wall is around it. behind is the answers to what caused the crash. that is when the come down at some point. in this town can rebuild and recover from such a tragic accident. >> of millions of voters are gearing up for sunday's presidential election and molly. -- mali. the national movement for the liberation has made -- the agreement allowed peacekeepers kadal for the-- election. patrol inacekeepers
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the north of mali. they control this part of the country. a temporary truce with the government allowed forces into the election. the situation is tense there. they were accused of kidnapping officials last week. the government has to -- it is clearly stated in the text of the constitution owns that we should have equality. it has never been put into practice. we want it to be implemented, being ae it risks into bomb it will explode. >> the united nations is holding elections bring peace and
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stability. international community promised billions of dollars in aid to legitimate government. >> it is one of the poorest countries in the world. me security concerns alians. >> almost 7 million people are registered to vote. tens of thousands of people may leave the north. ony cannot find their names the list. >> people have felt excluded from politics. this election is no different. it will not matter how they vote. here and ine live the south. this is where the election will be decided. people want a president who can unite. and develop the country that has by poverty and
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war. there is excitement about the election, but fear that they will not change. >> three people have been killed in millwood the shoe -- in mali -- a south sudan former vice president has told al jazeera he is keen to take the top job from his old boss. his aggressor has this -- >> he is here because the met with the cabinet last week. being out of power doesn't come easy.
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according to government officials, the president wishes to reshuffle the government. it came after he criticized the challengesnd leadership. >> are you concerned of the president has overstepped his authority? [indiscernible] it is a dictatorship. in the bush, as a guerrilla force, fighting for independence , there is the strict leadership of the effective army. it is corroding the young nation's democracy.
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officials insist he is acting within his prerogative as president. law?at is the shows that reshuffling in the cabin is legal. the president suspended his party chairman, and forbid him from talking to the press are leaving the capital. that seems to be a step too far. deprivation.and power that he is ,sing to restrict the freedom the and is unconstitutional. they are still functioning with senior bureaucrats in charge. diplomats are now watching
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closely to see when the cabinet will be appointed. >> their complaints of the present is overstepping his authority coming from his rivals. to longer it takes him appoint a new cap next, the more the allegations will be vindicated. ♪
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