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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 28, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> there have been a high turnout in most parts of the country, but can a vote bring silver bullet the? you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up, pro morsi roof -- pro morsi protesters refuse to give in. how the syrian civil war has seen this refugee camp row exponentially in just one year. plus, the pope on copacabana. millions of catholics flocked to rio de janeiro to listen to the message.
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polls have closed in mali after the first presidential election since the country was thrown into turmoil 18 months ago. the fragile west african nation was rocked when rebel fighters took over large parts of the north. they were pushed out by french military intervention. despite fears rebels would stop people from going to the polls, it appears voters have turned out in large numbers. let's go live now to the capital for more. most polls have closed, but some have remained open because they open late because they received ballot boxes and papers a little bit late. a the whole, it has been peaceful election. there have been technical problems and there is a huge amount of international interest here because security in molly is crucial to the region and that is why this vote is so important.
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there is no doubt that many people in molly wanted to vote in this election. the turnout in the capital has been huge. but many people couldn't find their names on the list. there was confusion and frustration. they might miss out on casting their ballots. >> i am very upset because i want to vote. i'm a citizen. i want to vote for my preferred candidate. i want to vote for change. >> change is a word you hear a lot here in molly. those who did manage to vote, for them it was a chance for a new getting. i feel sentimental because how i see a lot of people, everybody is excited to vote today. you can see many people come out to vote. a very emotional opportunity. >> there was tight security in
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the ancient city of timbuktu. this is where french troops scuttled armed fighters earlier this year. there are few french soldiers remaining. the focus now is on a u.n.-let peacekeeping mission. it is more peaceful here and there is a sense of the north and south can live together again. in may, donors for more than 100 countries promised billions of dollars in aid, but certain conditions have to be met. it's not just about legitimate elections. molly has to carry out democratic and social reforms. molly ends war and there is too much emphasis on new president and international help. molly and must take some responsibility. a lot ofd to do behavior changes. people here know that the president cannot be the answer to all of our problems. we need to change ourselves.
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barack obama who comes to molly, he is not going to go far. >> the election has given many of ways. i suffered corruption am a war and poverty. now it is up to the politicians to listen. been plenty of candidates in these elections, but talk us who through the front runners are. >> 27 candidates. to front runner does appear be the prime minister in the 1990s very he is seen as a strong opposition figure. opponent of the use of drug money. isther man to watch out for from timbuktu and he is seen as somebody who could possibly unite north and south, but this election really matters to the international community. security is important because
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we know a lot of weapons came into molly after the fall of colonel gadhafi in libya. those weapons are being used across central africa. of the biggest untapped natural resources in the world and there are fighters althe desert there linked to qaeda. the french troops are particularly concerned about them. all the eyes of the world are watching this election closely. >> thank you. to egypt now, where the interim minister has spoken to antimilitary for testers. his are fueling fears of a crack down. supporters of the deposed president, hamed morsi, are continuing their demonstration. they have vowed to stay put until morsi is reinstated. the interim prime minister issued this warning. graduates will witness a dawn
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participate and create a new dawn that gives police and military popular legitimacy and a popular mandate to face with full force and decisiveness anyone who thinks about destroying the stability and security of this nation. by engaging in criminal or terrorist acts, believing he can implement his plans to terrorize people or threaten the safety. nicole johnson joins us live now from the capital, cairo. strong words there from the minister and news that the army is going to be given more powers. explain about that. >> we have had some interesting developments with regard to egypt emergency law. the interim president has given some of his powers to the interim prime minister. it will still be the interim prime minister who has the power
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to declare emergency rules for up to three months. he had given some of those powers, and they include the prime minister has the ability to arrest civilians and change tovictions and order judges carry out investigations, but he will not have this power until emergency law or emergency rule is declared area at the stage, there is no word of that, but it's an interesting development in light of how unstable and divided egypt is at the moment. >> on the diplomatic front, the european foreign-policy chief is due to arrive in cairo later. what will be on her agenda? we are expecting her here any minute now. this will be her second visit since the deposed president was ousted. the main priority will be to meet the interim leadership like the president and vice president and the defense minister.
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they also want the freedom and justice party, the political wing of the muslim brotherhood, it is the second time they have been here but a lot has changed in last couple of weeks. we have had the military asked able to go to the street to carry out a campaign against what they are calling violence and terrorism. we have had the interior minister say the anti-military rallies will be cleared, so no doubt, they will be trying to emphasize the european union's position that egypt needs a peaceful, transitional time into civilian rule. but from everything we are seeing at the moment over the last week and with the deaths on friday, more than 70 people killed, she will have a lot of concerns she will be talking about.
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>> african union officials have arrived to observe the presidential election in zimbabwe. they'll head to the the poll on wednesday but already the stations of irregularity and intimidation. as zimbabwe dances toward election day, leading contenders for the country's leadership are in a frenzied hunt. robert mcguffey uses last rally in the capital. >> it was the europeans who created empty seats, who created it as a politician. opponent from the movement for democratic state pitched away. --there are people
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[indiscernible] is asking them to choose between hope and despair when they cast their vote. >> if the president loses, he will have to retire from office and maybe from politics. it is also all or nothing. >> the campaigns have been useful. already, [indiscernible] complaints had been registered about early voting. given the ballot paper by a whistleblower who is now sought by the police. >> as long as he refuses to
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disclose the identity of this person, the police will say he is accountable. therefore he becomes the prime suspect. in the meantime, he faces stiff competition this election, but he has long outfoxed his opponents at home and abroad and many believe this is a man who controls zimbabwe's security with an iron fist. >> we have been getting reports in the last few minutes of two loud explosions in the eastern libyan city of benghazi. security sources told the reuters news agency at the blast took place in the vicinity of the justice ministry. let's find out more about what is going on. what more do you know about what happened?
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>> two consecutive explosions have shaken the city. one by a car bomb detonated at the courthouse in benghazi, leaving some casualties. no deaths have been mentioned. the other explosion has taken place at the newly opened justice ministry office near the downtown of the city. two of thefter presidents, some of which are linked to the officials. that is what we have so far. to highlight that benghazi at the moment is seen as quite unsafe -- quite unstable. two days ago, the situation in the city is not stable at all. people are angry with their government and angry with the security in the city and with the two explosions happening
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just a few minutes ago, the -- there is anger here in benghazi and the people here are really angry now. what he wasonfirm saying, he is reporting two explosions in the libyan city of benghazi. he has discovered one of them was near the courthouse building and one was there the justice ministry. just after the jailbreak out of 1000 prisoners. in cambodia, the prime minister will continue his 28 year rule after his party was reelected in the country's general election. thea growing opposition to cambodian people's party did make significant gains despite reports of voter fraud. came early, lining up
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before the polls opened so they can have their voice heard in cambodia's general election. going into election day, the ruling party was expected to maintain its control over the government. 28ping him in power after years. but there has been widespread concern that the deep pockets and fast control of his government has worked to manipulate the vote. , we found halfys a million exact the bucket names within the province. this leads to the potential of ghost voting. particularly with the news that ink can be removed, this added to the problem of this disconcerting cocktail of information heading to the polls. >> some violence broke out in the capital late in the day after polls closed. but for the most part, it was a peaceful election day. the leader of the opposition returned from exile 10 days ago but was barred from running and
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couldn't even vote for his own party after missing a registration deadline. many opposition supporters are young and first-time voters energized by the return and their role in making the change. but in the eyes of some, there has already been a change in cambodia's voting process even though the same party has overall control of the country. ,> compared to last election they are very happy to go vote. the environment of the election is better than the last election. >> maybe the election day environment has improved, but will the environment in parliament improved? with the opposition gaining ground, they are looking towards changing policy and answering the call of their supporters. the cambodian people's party still has a solid majority in parliament and will still control government, but they must not ignore the growing
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popularity of the opposition. on the program, questions by a judge. the driver of the spanish train that crashed and killed 79 people appears in court. jewelry isllion of stolen from a hotel on the french riviera. >> a reminder of the top stories you're on al jazeera -- pulls have closed in molly in the first presidential election since the country was thrown into turmoil 18 months ago. despite fears that but some voters off, there has been [indiscernible] announced. the egyptian prime minister says he will deal decisively with any attempt to stabilize
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the country. brazilians have come out in their millions to hear pope francis speak at rio de janeiro's copacabana beach. acf pilgrims packed the beach enjoying the celebratory atmosphere. it is the pope's idle day of his visit to the country as he tries to reignite faith in the catholic church. our latin american editor is there and joins us live. extraordinary pictures of the millions of people who turned out to see the pope. what was his message? certainly an extra gary seen. you can probably see behind me that most of the people have started leaving, but with 3 million people it is taking a long time. the pope at this very moment is addressing the -- the bishops of the latin america this couple conference, telling what he expects under his papacy.
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but before that, he addressed millions of young people who had come for world youth day and told him what he wanted for them was a very some all but difficult to do -- that was to go out and be pastors, to evangelize and go beyond the borders of the catholic church. catholicreas where the church never goes and is ignored and sometimes where it is rejected. he says that is their job and what they have to do next. he added that is what the catholic church needs and what does pope needs, clearly a reference to the large numbers of people who have become disenchanted with the catholic church over the past decade. brazil once professed 91% of its is being roman catholic. that's down anywhere between 50% and 64% depending on the age bracket. is a huge loss seen all the way across the board.
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the pope is keenly aware and want to enter -- wants to energize that and he's hoping that can be carried through once he leaves here in just a few hours. >> this trip is being seen as recent successful. how is this pope making his mark on the people? >> he is a very different pope, certainly from pope benedict. a very different personality and very different from any pope in history. he is the first non-european pope terry he comes from the new world and brings a fresh vision and is seen as a very modern pope grade he speaks in a language most ordinary people can understand. he doesn't speak in parables and doesn't beat around the bush. he has spoken out directly against corruption in government and he first took over the papacy. sexualed out against abuse by priests and change the penal code and the vatican. he has gone after corruption
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within the vatican itself by changing the directorate of the vatican bank. a whole series of reforms in any are looking to him to implement. he has not discussed things like abortion, gay rights, the question of celibacy in the catholic church, which is a huge problem. some hope he will eventually get around to that. he is picking his battles for now. >> thank you so much. the driver of the train that crashed in spain last week telling 79 people has arrived in court to be questioned by a onge. he has been detained suspicion of negligent homicide. so far he has exercised his right to remain silent. the spanish prime minister and royal family are expected to attend a memorial service in santiago on monday. >> it's a path trodden by christian pilgrims were ages. the way of st. james, the
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apostle whose remains are thought to be buried here. these are the last steps on a journey that can take months. on this occasion, arriving in a town in mourning for the victims of the rail disaster on wednesday. >> today, on the last few kilometers, i was thinking about this. for many people, life changes. they want to go to camino and some of them died. some of them were injured. i was thinking about the families and in life, sometimes something very sad happens to you and life goes on for other people. >> the train that crashed a few kilometers from the station was packed with people coming to santiago to celebrate the annual festival of st. james grade the driver, under arrest, has appeared before a judge and is suspected of negligence. the train is believed to have been traveling well over the
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speed limit. the weekend's events have been canceled, but that has not stopped private celebrations outside the cathedral to mark the journey's end. >> it's difficult. my way was thend good way. >> incredible because after a bad day of traveling, you see thecan do everything and last step i think is a start in an . >> so mixed emotions among the pilgrims completing the way, as they call it. there will be a memorial service inside this magnificent cathedral on monday, place of worship at the end of a journey of self reflection as it has been for centuries and as it would have and for many of those who lost her lives on wednesday night.
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more than $50 million of jewelry has been stolen in a tearing robbery in france. please say an armed man held up exhibition at a hotel in the resort town of cannes. >> it could almost be a plot out of the movie -- $53 million worth of diamonds and other precious jewels stolen from an exhibition at a five-star hotel, one of the biggest jewelry heist in recent years. was beingon of jules this place at the carlton hotel in a gunman entered the premises and stuffed a suitcase full of the gems. the hotels location made it an along a, positioned long stretch of road among one of the most exclusive parts of the french coast, it's a thorough fair thronged by busy tourist. a perfect place to disappear in a crowd. it's not the only heist that has taken place on the part of the riviera.
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in may, it was the scene of two other highly publicized that during the film festival. in recent years, several brazen jewel heist have taken place in europe grade in 2008, armed robbers dressed as women rated the harry went in store in paris, stealing $108 million worth of jules. in february, masked thieves stole $20 million worth of jewelry from a showroom in milan. both of those are dwarfed by the heist that took lace at the airport in amsterdam in 2005 ofre $180 million worth jules was stolen from a secure area of the airport. tomay be natural for that's take place in such opulence rounding. authorities are also likely to look toward the pink panther jewel thief gang. buoyed by recent escapes from prison, they are likely prime suspects by law enforcement units in this recent theft. italian politicians have
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condemned a racist attack on the country's first black minister after someone threw bananas at her during a rally. it's the latest attack on the integration minister. she has been the target of racist abuse since her appointment in april. she has dismissed the incident as a waste of food. , an italian month senator apologize after saying she reminded him of an orangutan. offks are among beat you smokers. about 48% of adults smoke grade despite high taxes, greeks are paying a high price for the cost of their health grade -- cost of their health. >> he's at the beginning of his smoking career. at 21, he smokes a pack a day. most of it, he says, to be sociable. he has read about the dangers but in this economy, he has bigger concerns than health. wewe are living the life
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haven't chosen. our choices are few and they become fewer with time. >> it's a similar story up and down the street. smoking instead of drinking to forget their problems. but 20 years down the road, they books. there are few public awareness campaigns and a new school initiative to educate just 3000 students the year. are worse, restauranteurs not fined for failing to enforce a ban on all indoor smoking, so two thirds of greeks who don't smoke are affected. >> people want to make money, so they bend the rules. a lot of his this is may have no smoking signs up, but they don't want to lose the clients, so they don't enforce the ban. >> three quarters of smokers and non-smokers think the government is not doing enough to raise awareness among the young. but all of this cost taxpayers more than $4 billion year in taxpayer cost. the question is why are the authorities taking such a backseat view western mark the
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answer is the crisis. restauranteurs are already burdened with a 23% consumer tax and authorities don't have the overtime money for necessary patrols. >> because of the economic crisis, these businesses are in dire straits. acceptance informal of checks becoming a very elastic. is inexcusable, of course. ~ $19,000 astimate year before the crisis. there has been an by consumption and almost a third partly because a new tax raise the price of a back to about five dollars. and greece does not force a ban on tobacco advertising. but many greeks switched to rolling their own cigarettes. excellent horseman means they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
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." welcome to "the journal here is what is coming up in the next 15 minutes. israel has agreed to release more than 100 arab risner's, clearing the way for a new round of peace talks with the palestinians. a party atmosphere as pope francis celebrates mass on copacabana beach in brazil. and germany possible the men's soccer team edges out norway to try them at the european championships.


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