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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  July 28, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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." welcome to "the journal here is what is coming up in the next 15 minutes. israel has agreed to release more than 100 arab risner's, clearing the way for a new round of peace talks with the palestinians. a party atmosphere as pope francis celebrates mass on copacabana beach in brazil. and germany possible the men's soccer team edges out norway to try them at the european championships.
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we begin in israel where the country's cabinet has approved the release of 100 and four palestinian prisoners, paving the way for fresh yeast talks with the palestinians. this comes after the cabinet voted to adopt the bill that would put any deal reached. negotiations to a referendum. history for prime minister benjamin netanyahu who had to overcome serious opposition on both his ministers and the public. peace talks are expected to resume in washington this week after being stalled for three years. >> benjamin netanyahu new the release of palestinian and israeli arab wristers would be a tough sell. after appealing for public support on facebook the night before, he urged his divided cabinet to accept the proposals. >> i am against it. is not allowed to
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free terrorists that killed the jewish. >> we have to do what we have to do to make the peace process -- the peace process progress. >> no prisoners will be released until there are signs of progress in the peace talks, but that wasn't good enough for israelis killed by palestinian terrorists. protesters donned palestinian headdresses and covered their hands in blood red paint. or many palestinians, it's all about family. the prisoners are seen as freedom fighters as well as brothers, sons and husbands. ago, israel released more than 1000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for the freedom of one israeli soldier. the palestinians chief negotiator welcome the cabinet decision. on tuesday, parliamentary talks in washington are set to pave the way for up to nine months of these talks.
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we will have more on that later, but first kuwait has voted in a new parliament. this was their second trip to the polls in eight months. judges ruled that the vote in last december was flawed. early results from the saturday boat show that liberals, sunni and veteran candidates one big while sunni candidates lost out. most boycotted the vote, angry over a new electronic system that they say disadvantage them. polls closed just over one hour ago in mali, where voters shrugged off death threats i radical islamists to flood polling stations. many people are hoping the presidential election will restore stability to the country following last year's insurgency in the north and the ensuing intervention by the french military. and the expremier finance minister are considered the favorites among the 27 candidates.
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no violent incidents appear to have marred the elections. elementaryso held elections on sunday with the hardy of the prime minister winning a narrow victory. the main opposition party made strong gains and alleges irregularities may have lost them even more votes. the poll was mostly peaceful, though crowds rioted outside a polling booth, setting fire to police cars. the victory means the prime minister extensive 28 year grip on power by only a slight margin. the racecluded from by the national election committee. now on our top story about israel's -- more about israel, we go to our reporter on the phone from jerusalem. this seems to be a big move for netanyahu. why has he put so much effort
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into trying to persuade his government about the prison release? >> we can only speculate about it. it's an important step for him to show commitment toward the talks. on the one hand, the palestinian side has made it clear they would not come to talk without a confirmation of the release of those prisoners. we still have to see the implementation of this decision in the coming months. on the other hand, some analysts would say it might help netanyahu not to make publicly more concessions when it comes on the settlement freeze or the 67 borders. not much is known on the extra details of this agreement, which is still being worked out to start the talks on tuesday in washington. he remains a difficult move lyrically as the decision is controversial and many are asking why those prisoners need to be released without knowing what israel will get in return and there is not much touch yet -- not much trust yet. what decision can be made
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about holding a peace agreement? what can you say about that? >> this was brought in by the right wing hardy, the national religious parties that are concerned there might be some beor concessions that could made once an agreement is reached and they want to make it more difficult. according to the first reading in the knesset this week just before the reset just just before the summer session, they want to withhold their opinion in case the government decides to with raw. obstacleis seen as an for peace or it could help ago she nations as it is the public that will have the last word on concessions if there is an agreement. ask thank you very much. wrapping up his weeklong visit to brazil.
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he has been presiding over world youth day festivities in the world's most populous catholic country. it's his first international trip as pope. he for saying goodbye, he held a final sunday mass on the famous copacabana beach. millions turned out to catch a glimpse of the new pontiff. >> millions of young faithful thronged copacabana beach for an open-air mass that resembled a gigantic hardy. the crowds grew every day during the pope's visit to brazil. this was the final chance to see the pontiff before his return to the vatican. in his homily, francis called on young catholics to spread the message of the gospel around the world. the pope said it good to be here for world youth day and to share our faith together with young people. now it is your turn to pass this
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experience onto others great jesus calls on you to be disciples on a mission. >> the brazilian presidents and other south american heads of state attended the mass. silent for more than one minute after the sermon is the cloud -- as the crowd reflected on what they heard. 's mission was to spark new interest in catholicism among young people and resent a more down to earth church. judging by the interest, he seems to have succeeded, a message he plans to maintain through the next old youth day slated for poland in 2016. >> europe's biggest engineering company is kicking it seed eo to the curb. -- kicking it ceo to the curb grade they said a replacement would be named on
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wednesday. under his watch, siemens plummeted walk-off sword. is sword. while cost lan ands did not go to now his time is up. have gone wrong recently. siemens issued a profit warning, it second in less than three months. they promised a 12% profit margin and it turned out to be unrealistic. the profit warning led to a steep drop, down as much as seven percent. onlyholders are not the disappointed once. some high-profile customers are also. major projects have been repeatedly pushed back, delays in delivering high-speed trains and offshore wind parks have root to be an embarrassment for siemens which prided else on its
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reputation for reliability. the groups workforce has felt the pitch. the push to cut costs led to the loss of 10,000 jobs around the world. but he has made great strides in the fight against corruption following a series of scandals involving top executives. is siemens head of finance being tipped as the successor. he's been with the company for his entire professional life trade the supervisory board is set to make the decision on wednesday. >> to sports now and the german women's soccer team has one historic eight european title in stockholm. they beat stockholm in -- they beat norway and the young german side lost their opening game to the same opponents. >> mission accomplished -- germany's when has them claiming the title for the sixth
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time in a row. -nil.beat norway one the scandinavian firm was not almost single-handedly by the by thegold teeth were -- goalkeeper. the game was finally poised after a goal up verse half, but four minutes after the break, a substitution paid off. underinished a textbook attack to score the game's only goal. claim theirbed to eight european title in all. it was a really and feet from a lineup that struggled at times this term in. a gift of germany's meant stars were in action on saturday night. byy were battled and rattle munich in the super cup. they charged to a four-two victory against the bundesliga
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championship. after an impressive curtain raiser to the new season, some fans are wondering if anyone can can eat with the two clubs for the title. they go into the season as reading bundesliga champions, but they proved they have a way over the past few years and concerns are growing the two teams could be in a class by themselves. dominates the bundesliga at the moment. but dortmund has ambitions. based on its performance over the past few years. >> the club paid 50 million euros for three new signings. byron has been busy during the off him, making contracts and still football is a notoriously
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fickle affair. >> anything can happen. there are some strong squads this year. -- these are major competition and legendary teams. the dominance is due in part to its strong economic performance with 330 million euros in earnings over the past this year. increasingly, this looks like a two team bundesliga. -i don't think they have set some kind of standard. i'm convinced the bundesliga will remain exciting. >> to keep it that way, the rest of the league will have to up its game, otherwise this season could feature a lot of also-rans. >> this weekend was the hottest of the year in germany with temperatures in some parts of the country measuring 38
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degrees celsius. in berlin, a lot of people were keen to beat the heat. one of the biggest days of their lives and 34 degrees in the shade to boot. the makings of an unforgettable the perfect day. >> but i'm sweating so hard. the things you do for love. >> in berlin, it's the hottest weekend in years. many are taking precautions before they venture out area -- before they venture out. these dutch visitors braved the heat, but not for long. it's a beautiful fountain. we can chill and have some refreshment if we want. on good with that area -- i'm good with that. far away, these break dancers from spain were dancing up a storm.
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for us.- that's all stay tuned for more news and updates. >> it's a boy -- a notice on buckingham palace informed visitors. at the start of the week, the british greeted the newest member of the royal family. andfirst child and kate was born in a london hospital. on tuesday, the public eye first glimpse of the baby and the prince was taken home by his proud parents.
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>> he's got her lips, thankfully. >> in germany, the week some more questions about how much chancellor angela merkel's government knew about surveillance by the u.s. national scaredy agency, the nsa. their spiegel suggested germany and the u.s. may have cooperated more closely than previously assumed and nsa spying software being used by german intelligence services. opposition politicians demanded the chance -- demanded the chancellor make connections the agency. >> the chancellor must have known what the americans were up to. i can't believe she's the one person who didn't know what your money's agency had been practicing for years. but the focus on the
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chief of staff. he's responsible for coordinating the intelligence agencies and informing parliament about their work. on thursday, he faced questions before a parliamentary committee about germany possible when in the scandal. >> there have been speculations that massive amounts of data on german citizens were given to the nsa. that assertion is definitely he saidea >> intelligence agencies had not broken the law. but with a general election in september, the issue of data protection is unlikely to go away. >> the eu foreign ministers placed hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations, which would freeze the efforts of the group in europe.
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>> we tolerate terrorism from no one here in europe. europe can only respond jointly and responsibly in a good way. ask the blacklisting comes one year after a bomb attack on a coach carrying israeli and -- israeli tourists. authorities linked the blast to hezbollah. now the military wing of hezbollah will remain on the blacklist for at least the next x months. >> egypt saw another week of protests. the supporters of mohammed orsi held daily rallies, calling for his reinstatement. claimedy, clashes several lives great more people died in violence in the days that follow. held inmorsi is being an unknown location since his ouster on july 3. the european union has called
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for each of to release its political prisoners, including mohamed morsi. protests in bulgaria intensified on tuesday. demonstrators lot the door to parliament, preventing lawmakers from leaving the building. seven hours to break up the blockade. for weeks, protesters have been holding daily rallies to express their anger over corruption, nepotism and economic hardship. they are calling for the socialist led government to step down. the catholic church's world youth day opened in rio de janeiro. hundreds of thousands of young people celebrated on copacabana beach. rain and chilly temperatures couldn't dampen the spirit. >> it is a special moment for us
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catholics. you feel god's presence. were hopingan many to see did not attend. pope francis was resting ahead of a busy schedule that included a visit to a slum later in the week. the pope drew attention to the social contract in brazil that have led to recent protests. >> the measure of the greatness of a society is found in the way it treats those most in need. those who have nothing apart from their poverty. at world youth day got to see the pontiff on thursday evening. the pope urged them to put god in the center of their life rather than possessions, money or power. >> a train accident in northwestern spain killed dozens of people on wednesday. the train derailed on a curve as it was approaching santiago
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compostela. captured thee disaster. at least 78 people died and more than 150 were injured. the prime minister who was born in the city told reporters the crash site that it was the saddest day. >> in my own name, and the name of the spanish government, and in that of all spaniards who feel with us, i would like to express my sincere condolences to all the families and friends of the big m's of whom there are far too many. -- condolences to all of the families and friends of the victims. >> an investigation was launched at once. reports were that the train raced into the vent that more than double the speed limit of 80. drivers arrived at crash and
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was taken to the hospital and later detained. in the days that followed, spain was in mourning over the country's worst train disaster in decades. in the u.s., the nsa surveillance of the domestic phone calls of millions of americans looked set to remain in place. on wednesday, an amendment that would have restricted the monitoring and to these was narrowly defeated in the house of representatives. the measure would have blocked funding for the nsa program unless the agency were collecting records as part of a specific investigation. >> united nations envoys arrive in damascus to discuss a possible investigation into the use of chemical weapons in the syrian conflict. there have been several allegations that the arms are being used in the country's civil war. government forces and rebels
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accuse each other of using chemical weapons as the fighting continues unabated. , the un's secretary- general said more than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict. syrian rebel forces step up requests for armed deliveries from abroad and syrian opposition groups were in new york to ask the u.s. and un security council or support inputting and end to the bloody civil war. >> in tunisia, there were angry protests following the killing of a left-wing opposition leader on thursday. he was a parliamentarian who headed the people's movement artie. theas gunned down before eyes of his family outside his home in tunis. his assailants fled on a motorcycle. human rights activists blame the governing party and its
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leader. it was the second killing of a prominent leftist politician this year. in february, the murder of a popular secular leader sparked mass protests and the government crisis. on thursday, the leader denied responsibility for the killing. he said extremist forces were trying to undermine tunisia's government grade -- government. >> the goal of the murder is to torpedo the only successful polle old model area -- only successful political model. >> it was announced to his killed with the same gun as the other man. he blamed extremist groups with links to al qaeda. protesters poured onto the streets to voice their anger. they say the leader threatens democracy in the country. >> the european court of human
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rights says russian officials violated the rights of jailed world -- oil tycoon mccullough gronkowski. but it was not politically motivated. the judge ordered russia to pay 10,000 euros. the anti-kremlin critic, once russia's richest man is serving time for tax evasion in a penal colony. >> in china, a former top politician was charged with corruption, primary and abuse of power. he headed the communist party in the city of challenging fell from grace in a scandalous i'm accused of embezzlement and wiretapping. and his wife convicted of homicide in the death of a rich businessman. the trial could begin within weeks. the case is viewed as a sign of the chinese government's willingness to fight corruption in the country. placed mom and morsi
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and attention for two more weeks. prosecutors say he conspired with hamas. cairo saw massive rallies by reporters and opponents. as the situation escalated, there were deaths in some clashes and claims that the army and police shot at liberty at demonstrators. are fromjuries we see live ammunition. various injuries in the stomachs, backs and legs muslim legs. >> brotherhood claimed there was a massacre. the death toll is uncertain. >> friday saw the premiere of richard wagner possible inc.. the festival staged a new interpretation of the four-part opera cycle. part one is set in a sleazy motel guest asian. in this version of the work thomas gold has been replaced by
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oil as the focus of reed and passions read the production is sure to offer monday of fuel for debate.
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