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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the newshour. headquarters in delhi, these are your top stories. egypt armed forces warned protesters to stay away as thousands threatened to march on its headquarters. israeli and palestinian negotiators head to washington to lay the groundwork for a new round of peace talks. 27 candidates and millions of votes cast. molly holds a landmark presidential election.
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i am in rio de janeiro, brazil, where pope francis has just ended his first international trip. >> we begin in egypt, where thousands of demonstrators have been attempting to march towards the military intelligence headquarters. the crowds began moving from the capital of the city district before eventually turning around. egypt armed forces have issued a statement warning the protesters to stay away from military installations in general and the military intelligence headquarters, in particular. the statements went onto say that any person who got too close or tried to engage engage with the personnel protecting it would expose themselves to danger in accordance with the law. supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi are determined to continue their protest, as you can see.
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many have been can't out for more than a month now. similar rallies are taking place in at least eight efferent cities. different cities. >> the national defense council issued a strongly worded statement directing that those rallying against military rule, urging them to reject violence and so-called terrorism, to stop any incitement against the state, and saying that any violation of the law would be acted upon. another example of the increasingly strong rhetoric that we are hearing from the military establishment. at the the european union foreign-policy chief has arrived in cairo. she will be meeting with the interim government, including the resident and the interim defense minister. she will be meeting with the freedom and justice party. that is the clinical wing of the muslim brotherhood group. she
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will be looking for some kind of transitional move towards civilian rule in egypt. she would be very concerned over the events over the past week, with more than 70 people being killed in cairo on friday. >> just in the past hour, egypt security forces arrested two leaders. they have been charged with incitement and insulting the judiciary. the party is an offshoot of the muslim brotherhood that was formed in the mid-1990s. egypt's interim government has been reaching out to the brotherhood and their supporters. the newly appointed foreign minister said the group should not be excluded from politics. >> the problems that emerged against the former president, resident morsi -- president morsi, was because he wanted to move forward without non- brotherhood members. it was the exclusion of others
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that led this momentum to the youth demonstrations that occurred before the 30th of june. i would recommend that, as we move forward, we do not exclude anyone who is ready to work ,ccording to the constitution in a peaceful fashion. even if i personally reject their positions or ideology, they have to find their place in egypt's political life. beenfuneral procession has held in northern egypt for a protester who was killed early saturday. foreigners were passing by a police station when some of them began attacking the gate. dozens of people were killed across the country on saturday during protests calling for an end to military rule. human rights watch has condemned security forces for their role in the violence. investigators looking into events in the city say many victims were shot went blank in the head. they say some of the killings appeared to have been targeted.
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the group says police showed criminal never go -- criminal negligence and total disregard for people lives. the interim government said security forces were provoked. the director for human rights violencewatch says the appears to be premeditated. >> we have had a team on the ground for the last few days. he haven't visited morgues and hospitals, interviewed injured protesters who were there and have spoken to doctors who treated those killed by live ammunition. this is the first time we have heard the ministry of interior make a statement such as, he did not fire any bullets. we used only tear gas despite plenty of video evidence showing the police shooting guns. this is not the first time over the last two years that they have denied birdshot or live ammunition. theres important is for to be clear documentation of
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this extremely high death toll, probably the highest in a single incident we have seen since january of 2011. >> reports of an attack in egypt's sinai peninsula. one soldier killed and eight others injured in a firefight between security forces and unknown gunmen at an army barracks in the early hours of monday. more details as soon as it becomes available to us. beennths, the u.s. has trying to breathe into the middle east peace process. israel he and palestinian negotiators are headed to washington for the first time in three years. it would be meeting at the state department on monday and tuesday. ahead of those talks, israel has agreed to release 104 palestinian prisoners. >> the israeli cabinet gathered on sunday and agreed in principle to release more than 100 houston hands serving time for deadly attacks.
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the israeli prime minister said it was a difficult decision to make. >> this moment is not easy for me. it is not easy for the cabinet ministers and it is especially not easy for the bereaved families whose feelings i understand. but there are moments in which tough decisions must be made for the good of the country and this is one of those moments. >> israel holds thousands of palestinian prisoners. likely to happen in stages and will depend on progress in negotiations. the relatives are cautiously hopeful that their loved ones will get out. >> we cannot express our feelings. any human being would feel the same. for 20 years he has been in jail, all of his youth. we were prevented from visiting him. we hope to see him as soon as possible. we are worried because we cannot trust israel. >> not everyone agrees to peace talks. onre was a demonstration
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sunday against the palestinian authority taking part in negotiations. the pa does not represent all palestinians. there was another rally in gaza. , who willled by hamas not take part in the talks. >> the israeli occupation is the only side that will benefit from it. the release of any palestinian prisoner is all right. >> the chief negotiator is expected to be among the pa representatives in washington. he says it is about time the israelis agreed to the release. >> this is an overdue step towards the implementation of the agreement of 1999, whereby israel committed to release all o >> this is one step towards getting israelis and the palestinian authority authority back to the same table. even if it is only for talks
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about talks at this stage. zimbabwe prepares to vote for a new government, official leaders say the military will do all it can to keep the president in power. that story is coming up. and after years of food safety scandals, china's government to stop new protesting food contamination. plus, contrasting ends for two f1 teammates. a fiery end for one and we will tell you about the other in sports. but first, at least 12 have been injured after explosions in the libyan city of benghazi. the blast struck the courthouse and the justice ministry. this follows the escape of more than 1000 inmates from prison a day earlier. powerfulplosion was so
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that it tore down a wall of a port in the libyan city of benghazi. a bomb was thrown under a parked car nearby. >> we went out to see the blast and a second blast rocked the area and smashed glass windows and houses in the square. he came to the site and found this damage and injured people. >> around 12 people were taken to be treated. they are all believed to be in stable condition. in northern benghazi, the first protests began against former leader moammar gadhafi. power twoieved of years ago. since then, the city has been beset with violence. or than 1000 inmates escaped from a prison. after hearing about a riot at the jail, gunmen arrived and attacked it, freeing their relatives. >> there was a group from the special forces that stormed the prison. and we found a group of gunmen
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opened the doors and started to fire at us. then they let the prisoners out. >> the libyan justice minister said he will try to get help from the united nations to investigate the jailbreak. the escape happened on the same day that protesters attacked offices across libya. they were angry at political activists shot dead on friday in benghazi. he was acquitted of the justice party, the political wing of the muslim brotherhood. via has struggled to control armed groups since the revolution and there is concern civic groups are also being silenced. conned --es are being being counted in molly's presidential election. millions of ballots were cast on sunday. it is hoped they could usher in a new era for mali after 18 months of conflict.
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it took french military intervention to bring the region under the government's control again. >> there is no doubt that many mullions wanted to vote -- malians wanted to vote in this election. the turnout in the capital has been huge. many people could not find their names on the list. or was confusion and frustration. -- there was confusion and frustration. >> i am very upset because i want to vote. i am a citizen. i want to vote for my preferred candidate. i want to vote for change. >> change is a word you hear a lot in molly -- mali. it was a chance for a new beginning. feel sentimental. how i see a lot of people, everybody is excited to vote today. this is the first time you can see many people come out to vote. it is very emotional for me
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today. >> there was tight security in the ancient city of timbuktu. this is where french troops battled armed forces earlier this year. there are a few french soldiers remaining. the focus now is on a u.n.-led african peacekeeping mission. it is more peaceful here and there is a sense that the north and the south can live together again. donors from more than 100 countries promised mali billions in aid that certain conditions have to be met. it is not just about the elections. mali also has to carry out democratic and social reform. warn there is too much emphasis on a new president and international health. do a lot ofo behavior changes. people have to know that the president will not be the answer
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to all of our problems. we need to change ourselves. even if a rock obama comes to mali, it is not going to work. >> the election has given many malians a voice. they suffered corruption, war, and poverty. now it is up to the politicians to listen. >> that is the scene in the capital. in other parts of the country, things are even more difficult. half a million people are unable to return home because of the conflict. >> it does not look like a smooth operation here, carrying them 18 kilometers away to the voting centers. this is a decision taking -- taken by the organizers of the elections and people here say they do not understand it. the problem is that the majority
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of the 71,000 refugees have not received registration cards. to majority have decided boycott the elections. they say they have nothing to do with politics and will benefit nothing. are six hours behind schedule because of the problems and the resistance on the part of many refugees to vote 18 kilometers away from their base. >> pope francis has left rio de janeiro after days of frenzy and fanfare. his final mass drew one of the biggest turnouts ever for a papal event. much tot has done reignite brazilian faith in the catholic church. francis'al act of pope bep to brazil can only described as a triumph. some 3 million people, lining copacabana beach to see the
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pontiff one last time. >> the simplicity and flavor he showed us was received with open arms by the people of rio. this is evidence that faith can wreak -- can unite people. >> hope francis auld on the faithful to be tolerant but never directly referred to the vatican's own prohibitions against divorce, contraception, and gay marriage. the only hint was his indication on stage to a mother wearing a note to abortion t-shirt while holding a baby with a severe brain deformity. >> the young people who grab the -- gladly put up with the cold, rain, hunger, lack of sleep, have been summoned to a more difficult mission. at is to go out and be disciples in places where the cat -- where the catholic church has been discredited or is out of step with modern times. >> the pope was much more demanding of his surgery,
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meeting with latin american and caribbean bishops before leaving, speaking sternly of the failures of a church that has suffered mass defections and sex abuse scandals, saying that the catholic church had to heal wounds and abandon its outdated structure. he was blunt about what he expected from his clergy. , exteriorpoverty poverty, simplicity and austerity of life. men who do not think and behave like princes. men who are not ambitious. >> it was a tall order from a pope who is determined to revive and renew the catholic church, which is still the world's largest. >> brazil's faithful may have hailed the pope's visit a success, but in the united states, victims of sexual abuse by catholic wreaths are disappointed that the pontiff did not address the church is controversial past. controversials
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past. >> it has been a triumphant homecoming for the first latin american pontiff. into the astec catholics have thronged to see and hear him during his visit to brazil. outside washington dc, a much smaller gathering. a meeting of the survivors network of those abused by priests. among those speaking, juan carlos cruz. he accused a prominent priest in chile of sexual abuse. the vatican found the priest guilty. >> i went there to be loved, nurtured, taking care of, and i learned to hate myself. that is what they taught me. after francis became pope in march, the vatican says he won a decisive action to punish abusers and help the abused. tougher penalties were set for sexual violence against children within the vatican.
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not one bishop has been removed for his role in the abuse crisis during his tenure. while in brazil, the pope made only one oblique reference to the scandal, referring to a lack of consistency of tristan and ministers of the gospel. >> i believe that caring for the poor, talking, bringing young people into values and volunteering and doing all those things, those are wonderful things. but you cannot separate them from this horrible thing that happened and still happens in the church and they have not taken decisive action. the same actors that were covering up, that were doing these things, are still ruling the church. that, to me, i do not understand. >> though he is disappointed that the pope has not addressed the abuse issue more forcefully, he is hopeful that, in time, he will.
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>> at least 37 people have died in a bus crash in italy. the accident happened in southern italy. the bus hit several cars before coming off the flyover, plunging down a 30 meter slope. about 40 passengers were on board and they were returning to naples following a pilgrimage. we spoke to local journalists at the scene of the crash. >> these people were traveling a pilgrimage in southern italy and going back to their hometown of naples. many children were among the victims. it is quite difficult to reach, which makes cooperation very challenging.
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they fell 25 meters down the slope. >> heavy rains in northwest china have triggered floods and landslides as these pictures show. landslides can hit any time. that car was completely covered in seconds. the driver and the passenger managed to escape. dozens of villagers have been affected by the heavy rain and 42 people have died in the past month alone. the chinese government is cracking down on food contamination. the plan is to bring in greater controls and increase the number of prosecutions for safety breaches. newton technology that could make it happen. technology that could make it happen. >> food scares in china are almost a weekly event. the latest are fake vitamin pills filled with deadly painkillers. government studies show vegetables contaminated by heavy metals. hundreds of thousands of people are affected.
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tens of thousands of acres abandoned. the united states imports over a billion kilograms of fruit, vegetables, and seafood from china. the foreign affairs committee hearing was told that the integrity of china's products is directly related to the government's poor human rights record. lack ofher words, the protection, the lack of upholding these particular rights, makes it difficult to ensure whether products are safe or are what they say what they whether consumers have any means of effective redress. >> it is one of a number of issues holding up a takeover of smithfield food by china's largest meat producer. with publicans are running high, the new chinese leadership has issued new controls. among them, milk formula makers will be monitored like drugmakers. a new reporting mechanism will be set up on ingredients. manufacturers with substandard facilities would be shut down.
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>> that is one of the reasons for all of those fake foods. 2008, six children died and hundreds of thousands were injured when melamine, a chemical added to plastic, was found in infant formula. since then, chinese consumers have yet to regain their confidence in domestic products. which is why the developers of a new personal food testing kit inc. they are onto a winner. paperstesting boxes and can test over 60 kinds of chemicals, including pesticides, veterinary drugs, and biological poison. it is really easy to use. you soak your meat or vegetable in water and test the water. you can see if the result is positive or negative.
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>> scientists say food safety has improved dramatically in the past 10 years. a serious problem because we pay attention to it. 10 years ago, people did not pay this much attention. the media is reporting the problem a lot. >> the research team has obtained 30 national patents for the food testing kit and is now working to make it more affordable. newsre are the al jazeera hour headlines. campaigners say it will shut down political debate in russia. that story is coming up. and why people are finding too expensive -- and manchester united's players are mobbed in hong kong. will barcelona be joining them? details later in sports.
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>> hello again. over the northern parts of asia, it is very unsettled at the moment. giving us some very heavy downpours. the satellite picture edging its way eastward. this is further towards the west as well. here are the images that we have seen, showing the flooding that we have got. it has caused a lot of damage and has turned deadly as well. the wet weather is not going to go too far as we head through the next few days. it is slowly trying to hedge -- to edge its way east. it looks like japan will see the wettest weather. even behind it, more working its way through the eastern part of china. could do with some rain, but it will still be very hot as well. to the south, more in the way of wet weather. it does look wet for the northern parts of vietnam. in the southern parts of china,
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should be more in the way of dry weather. in india, plenty of wet weather, as you would expect at this time of year. that is over bangladesh as well. this is a region where we have seen a fair amount of flooding recently. here in doha, the wind is gusty, but the air is not too humid now. >> you are with the al jazeera news hour. here is a reminder of the top stories. at least one egyptian soldier has been killed and eight others injured after they were attacked in the sinai. he firefight between unknown gunmen and the soldiers took place early monday morning. israeli and palestinian negotiators will meet in washington on monday to lay the groundwork for future negotiations. it is the first meeting between the two sides in more than three
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years. 12 people have been wounded after explosions in eastern libya. the attacks targeted the justice ministry as well as a courthouse in benghazi. it is not known who is behind the attacks. israeli-he new palestinian talks that are due to start in washington on monday. let's speak to the cofounder of and if that -- and a partner at the palestine society in washington. john kerry has made six trips to the middle east since march. why is he pushing so hard for these talks now? >> why is he pushing now? this is something he has wanted to do. the question is, is there any prospect of these talks succeeding now than when george mitchell, president obama's first envoy, was in charge or when hillary clinton was in charge? the short answer is no.
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>> what we understand the talks to be is a procedural working plan setting the groundwork for future talks. you do not think there is the chance for formal talks to take place? >> there is always the chance that they will have more meetings. that is what they are very good at, having meetings. the question is whether this will lead to any extensive agreement or breakthrough. after that, not a chance. this is an israeli government that has made a substantial part of its settlers who oppose the two state solution in principle. on the other side, you have palestinians who are totally discredited, who do not have a mandate from the palestinian -- excuse me, do not have a mandate from the palestinian people as a whole. and and administer -- and you have an american institution
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that has been abject to provide israel with more military aid, more diplomatic cover than ever. it is unable even to get the israelis to utter the words 1967 borders. when you add that together, you have a formula for definite failure. this is simply a charade which is suitable, which suits the three parties for the time being , but will not lead to anything substantial whatsoever. >> you have brought up important points, in particular the issue of the illegal israeli as well as jerusalem, the right of return for palestinians, all critical issues to the peace process and sticking points between the two sides. how much pressure can the united states put on israel to budge on these issues?
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>> it could put a lot of pressure if it wanted to, but it it does not and it will not. the obama administration has ieen the most pro-israel administration in american history. this obama administration has gradually abandoned even the rhetoric of opposition to israeli settlement. even the rhetoric of a return to the 1967 borders. administration that wants to have a peace process, that wants to have a peace agreement, that wants to look like it is doing something, but minimalling to put even pressure on israel. you have to look at the astonishing performance by samantha power, the new u.s. ambassador to the united nations , during her confirmation hearing a few days ago, where she kept saying she was going to do basically whatever israel
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wants. she will be following in the footsteps of her predecessor, susan wright. of course, the orders come from president obama, who himself has shown the way by being the most abject resident when it comes to -- president when it comes to standing up to israel. >> for the palestinians, themselves divided, how can they move forward with any formal talks or procedural talks when mahmoud abbas is not representing all the palestinian people? what about those who are in gaza? >> i am not sure mahmoud abbas represents any palestinian people. i am not sure where he has his mandate from. are undertaking the negotiations are the same people who were discredited by the palestine papers, which, as you can see, were brought to the public a few years ago. nothing has changed since then except that there are more settlements.
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evenlestinian leaders are less credible and legitimate than they were during the last round of talks. you get all this talk from john kerry about how we have to have the talks in secret to give them a chance to succeed and all of that. we went through this with george mitchell, the previous american envoy, several years ago. of thened, as a result palestine papers, that nothing was going on in secret. there were no breakthroughs being talked about. all there was was the same old story of the americans putting more and more pressure on the palestinians to give up more and more on the fundamental issues you mentioned. >> thank you very much. thank you. it has been one year since a u.n. refugee camp was set up near the border between syria and jordan. the camp was supposed to accommodate 60,000 refugees but
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now it is home to twice that number, making it the second- largest refugee camp in the world. this picture was taken 12 months ago, when aid workers put up the very first 10. take a look at what it looks like today. there it is. the u.n. says hundreds arrive every day. some are calling it serious fifth largest city. ria's fifth largest city. >> from small beginnings a year ago, this has become one of the main reception areas for syrian refugees. everyday, hundreds more calm, hoping for a home of canvas and and to be supplied with international aid. with so many already here, the sanitary conditions are poor. the water supply is not clean, meaning diarrhea is widespread. access to communication is also patchy. in full summer, the conditions are getting worse. visited theations
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camp on friday. what he saw made him call on the wealthier countries of the world to do more. >> the international community needs to come together to establish programs of development allowing jordan, lebanon, other countries, to improve their educational and health systems, to improve their infrastructure. >> many foreign dignitaries and celebrities have business at the camp since it was established 12 months ago. the hollywood star angelina jolie has visited several times in her guise as a u.n. special envoy to highlight the problems. the aid agencies say they need more facilities if they are to cope. with conditions in syria still the flowit is likely of people into this city will not be stemmed anytime soon. >> zimbabwe will be holding elections on wednesday. opposition leaders are already
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warning that the votes will not be fair. they say security forces will do everything in their power to keep him in the top job. >> marconi is an opposition member of parliament. the movement for democratic change. he hopes to be reelected to constituency here. but he is confirmed about the state of the vote. >> this is being organized by people in the security forces. they are responsible for the organization and running of this election. it is not a civilian exercise in any form. >> the prime minister says reforms in the security sector have not taken place. he believes intelligence services, army generals, and the police will do anything to make sure the president's party wins. control of the ministry, in charge of the police, is shared.
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the defense ministry is still controlled by the government party. after the 2008 election. military officials deny allegations of vote rigging. >> the commander-in-chief of the defense forces of zimbabwe. all forces of zimbabwe are under him. that they have their employees and they placed his loyalty to this debt. this, the prime minister is telling supporters the president needs the military to stay in power, rewarding them with land and lucrative contracts. they say they do not want
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another power-sharing government. what each man will do to make that happen is worrying people here. thate driver of the train crashed in spain last week has been charged with 79 counts of homicide. he appeared in court on sunday. he has been released from police custody, still faces charges. the train was carrying 218 passengers. 79 people died. spain's prime minister as well as the royal family are expected to attend a memorial service for the victims. >> it is a path trodden by christian pilgrims since the middle ages. the way of st. james, the apostle whose remains are thought to be buried here. these are the last steps on the journey that can take months. on this occasion, arriving in town in mourning for the victims of the rail disaster.
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>> the last five kilometers, i was thinking about this. , life changes. died, some of them were injured. i was thinking about the families. in life, sometimes something very sad happens to you and life goes on for other people. >> the train was packed with people coming to san diego the compostela to celebrate the annual festival of st. james. the driver has appeared before a judge. the train was believed to be traveling well over the speed limit. a weekend events have been canceled. that has not stopped private celebrations outside the cathedral to mark the journey's end. >> it is a little bit difficult. way and youd of the was back and i think my way
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the good way. >> after 3001a kilometers, -- 3 20 kilometers, you see that you can do everything. it is not the last step, it is the start of a . >> mixed emotions among the pilgrims completing the way, as they call it here. there will be a memorial service inside this magnificent cathedral on monday, a place of worship at the end of a journey of self reflection, as it has been for centuries and as it would have been or those who lost their lives on wednesday night. colombiaing town in will bring about change in the future of the mining industry. residents are challenging the government by voting against plans to construct a new gold mine. the votes will be the first of
11:40 pm
their kind in the mineral-rich country. >> deciding their future. towneople of the farming are voting to ban mining from their territory. a first in colombia. is so our constitution recognizes the right of the people to decide what happens in their territory. the law will have to respect the decision and we will fight for it. >> mostly known for its rice fields and crystal clear river, it was a sleepy place. that aocals found out mining giant wanted to build a gold processing plant here. >> our water is in danger. the river, the aquifer, our way of life. they use sinai, which would
11:41 pm
pollute our waters and they use millions of cubic meters of water everyday. >> the people took to the streets until the regional court said they had a right to vote on the issue. easily butdum passed the government says mining is central to colombia's economic growth and hopes to reverse the decision. inpeople are celebrating but response to the challenge, the ministry of mines issued a decree, saying that mining calls for the exclusive authority of the central government and local communities cannot decide on the issue. goldny residents say anglo abouti has been vague their plans. officials tried to entice locals to vote in favor of the plant. >> they offered me free supplies and said that they would buy me anything i needed for the store. they went house after house offering food or money. many said no. the result is it is dividing a
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town that has always been peaceful. >> although some people do t, thet the plan overwhelming feeling is that the town is better off as he is. they are willing to take the issue all the way to the constitutional court. >> the italian coast guard has rescued 450 migrants off the coast of sicily. five boats were intercepted by italian authorities and taken to the island of lampedusa. almost 8000 migrants have landed in southern italy in the first half of this year. a new internet anti-piracy law is about to come into effect in russia. it is designed to crack down on copyright infringement. could experience could be used to stifle political debates. tim friend reports from moscow. a statuent of celebrating an earlier russian revolution, a new protest is being staged by the open access
11:43 pm
pirate party. they claim that membership is growing in the face of a new internet crackdown that could be used to silence online critics of the government. site owners who allegedly breached copyright music, film, or words will have to remove content within 72 hours or face their entire domain being blocked pending a court hearing. >> the new law can become an intimate -- an instrument for political censorship. they came close websites because they do not want information to be linked. >> it is not just the pirate sites worried about the consequences of this new law. internet giants such as google and wikipedia say it will be impossible to police their operations for possible infringements by millions of users. he produced the first russian social media site.
11:44 pm
it now has 148 million registered users. , they foundwebsite themselves illegal overnight. they cast a manual shutdown and some people think that will open the road for large websites. as far as i can say, that is going to be large operations. >> an attempt to introduce similar laws in the united states or european union have so far failed. they plan to black out their own sites in protest later this week. >> all of your sports news is next. how crickets chiefs are investigating allegations of corruption, coming up.
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>> jewels worth an estimated $50 million have been stolen from a hotel in the south of france. police say an armed man made off with the gems, which were being displayed at an exhibition in the famous french riviera city of cannes. it could almost be a plot out of a movie. $50 million worth of diamonds and other precious jewels stolen the man exhibition at a five- star hotel, one of the biggest jewelry heist in recent years in the heart of cannes. an exhibition was being displayed at the hotel when a gunman entered the premises and stuffed his suitcase full of the jams. he made an easy getaway position on the promenade, a long stretch of road over one of the stretches of the
11:47 pm
french coast. a perfect waste to disappear in a crowd. cannes was the scene of two other highly publicized that's airing the film festival. in recent years, several brave jewel heist have taken place in europe. in december 2008, armed robbers dressed as women went to the harry winston store of paris, stealing $108 million of jewels. earlier that year, masked thieves stole $20 million of jewelry on the show room in milan. at the amsterdam airport in 2005, where $118 million worth of jewels were stolen from a secure area of the airport. it may be natural for tests to take place in such opulent surroundings. authorities are likely to look towards the infamous pink temper jewel thief gang. the gang is likely to be seen as prime suspects for international
11:48 pm
law enforcement units. >> let's get an update on the sports news. >> thanks very much. we will talk with -- we will talk about formula one. lewis hamilton has described his victory as one of the most important in his career. the british drivers first win with his new team. after a break, formula one was back. lewis hamilton grabbed the pole for a third consecutive race. just could not convert those advantages into victories. hamilton dominated the hungarian grand prix) the start. from the start. his teammate had a dreadful and. after escaping this collision, it was all over for the german when his engine caught fire.
11:49 pm
his chances of a podium leas were erased by a penalty. the day belongs to the man who loves winning a good event. victories, matching a record. sebastian medal took the final podium place. >> i think you could tell i was hungry for it today. i was going to go all out. i needed to get past those people. usually i get stuck in traffic. today i was not having it. >> i keep making my life difficult on saturday. we paid a price. but we had a good car. it paid off for us and we gain some points in the championship. >> they now have a four week break before the next grand prix in belgium.
11:50 pm
board pakistan cricket say they are deeply concerned about allegations of corruption during the recent one-day series between themselves and the west indies. it is being reported that the anticorruption unit as well as the itc are set to begin an investigation into the recently concluded five match series in the caribbean, which was one 2-1 by pakistan. suspicious betting patterns were identified during the matches. the itc has told al jazeera that they do not comment on matches related to the anticorruption. the two sides have been in action. pakistan following up their one- day series success with ag 20 series win. series win. victory.
11:51 pm
pakistan now up to second in the t-20 world rankings. sri lanka won their series with a game to spare. he did not panic with an inning of 77. after he was dismissed, they scored 97. shakily.'s reply began captains put on a record partnership of 184. just missing out on a century. 8. lanka won by they now have an unbeatable 3-1
11:52 pm
lead in the best-of-five series. the new manchester united boss says he has not given up on signing favre gas -- fabregas despite having two bids turndown. barcelona says he is not for sale. moyes is in hong kong for a preseason tour and he says he has still to decide whether to go back to barcelona with an improved offer. >> what we have is a really good soccer player already. you must not forget about the quality that is already here at manchester united. undoubtedly, we hope to add to it. we are quite confident we will before the window shuts. >> the united states have won the gold cup for a fifth time. they beat panama in the final. just the one goal decided it.
11:53 pm
the u.s. winning 1-0. american brandt snedeker has won the canadian open. gave him af 70 victory by three shots. dustin johnson looked like he would push him all the way until he reached the 17th tee. at this stage, he was level with snedeker. after his tee shot went out of bounds, he dropped back to 12 under after recording a triple bogey on 17. snedeker kept his cool on the closing holes. with an overall score of 15 under par for his second title of 2013. that is all yours for four now. more later. >> greeks are among the eu is most determined smokers. more than 40% of greek adults smoke. while well above the eu average of 29%. not only are greeks paying high
11:54 pm
taxes on cigarettes, they are paying a premium for the cost of their health. jophn explains why from athens. of hiss at the beginning smoking career. at 21, he smokes a pack a day. most of it, he says, to be sociable. he has read about the dangers, but in this economy, he has bigger concerns than health. >> we are living a life we have not chosen. that is the problem. >> it is a similar story up and down the street. people smoking instead of drinking to forget their problems. 20 years down the road, they are hooked. there are few public awareness campaigns and a new school initiative educates just 3000 students per year. even worse, restaurant tours are not fined for failing to import -- to enforce a ban on all indoor smoking. two thirds of greeks who do not smoke are affected. >> people bend the rules. a lot of businesses may have no smoking signs up.
11:55 pm
they do not want to lose clients to they do not enforce the ban. people do not think the government is doing enough to limit smoking among the young or enforce the law. studies show that the and regulated smoking cost taxpayers more than $4 billion per year in health-care costs. the question is, why are the authorities taking such a a backseat be you? the answer is the crisis. restaurant tours are already -- are alreadyrs burdened with a consumer tax. >> because of the economic crisis, these businesses are in dire straits. this is in formal acceptance. it is inexcusable, of course. that smokingate kills 19,000 people per year before the crisis. there has been a dip in cigarette consumption by almost one third in the last three years. that is partly because a new tax raise the price of a pack to about five dollars. reese does enforce a ban on tobacco advertising.
11:56 pm
any smokers have just switched to rolling their own cigarettes. lax enforcement
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