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tv   Deutsche Welle European Journal  LINKTV  August 17, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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>> welcome to the journal. these are your headlines at this hour. egyptian security forces besieged a cairo mosque, where hundreds of muslim brotherhood supporters have barricaded themselves in. haveers in the philistines saved many, but the search goes on. the title at the world athletic championships in moscow.
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we begin with egypt, where islamist protesters are calling for fresh rallies. more than 80 people were killed on friday after supporters of mohamed morsi called for a day of wrath. police in cairo are working to city'sa standoff at the mosque. protesters are refusing to leave the building. many have fled their to escape the violence. --co protesters have >> protesters have rallied at the mosque. they are in support of hundreds of more who have barricaded themselves inside the mosque. tooksupporters of morsi refuge inside. renewed clashes broke out between their camp and police. the mosque will become a new flashpoint between miller he --
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military appointed government and islamists. many egyptians are at a loss. islam nor any other religion allows the destruction of a country for the sake of a presidency. if i have noel as place in my own country. what should i do? i am afraid to walk the streets. don't walk there, walk here. you will be arrested. have attempted negotiation with the protesters inside the mosque. 700 are believed to be inside. that is where this footage is said to have been taken. eyewitnesses said the demonstrators are afraid of attracts -- attacks.
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the tense situation, and more than 80 deaths, the muslim brotherhood said it is not done protesting. correspondent in cairo. what is the situation at the mosque looking like? >> it escalated in the last minutes, when suddenly someone fired onto the army outside on the square. if you minutes later, we have shooting inside the mosque and some kind of explosive device exploded there. it is utter chaos right now. nobody knows exactly what is going on. at --trance to the manner it is. clear who is shooting at who. .nside the mosque, total panic
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>> how is the violence in cairo affecting the rest of the country? >> the muslim brotherhood called its supporters to come to the mosque, to rescue the people who were besieged in their. some people were brought out in the last hours. completely new situation, totally escalated. the prime minister just put the official number of people who were dying since yesterday, friday, until 10:00 this morning at 173 people all over the country. 95 in cairo. >> this has been a week of extraordinary bloodshed. how great are the fears that it could get worse? >> it is getting worse as we speak. we have to see the how this is developing.
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this is a very strong escalation of the last day's shooting. >> thank you very much. more than 30 people are confirmed dead in the central philippines after a ferry collided with a cargo ship. rescue efforts are continuing off the coast. more than 600 people have been pulled out of the water alive. another 170 people are still missing. in the port, crowds gather outside the shipping office. survivors,he list of hoping to find the names of friends and relatives. about two kilometers offshore, rescue workers are out in force, scouring the waters in search for the missing. fishing boats have been pulling out survivors, many of them sick from swallowing oil and seawater.
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the ferry collided with this cargo ship. survivors say it sank within 10 minutes. >> it happened quickly. we were inside watching a live band when we heard a loud bang. i saw the singer fly towards me. i ran and got my wife and daughter. we escaped. if i had not returned to them, they might have been killed. >> others were not as lucky. >> when we felt the boat tilt, we rushed up, afraid the boat would capsize. i accidentally let go of my son's hands. the reason for the collision was not immediately clear. ferry accidents are too common in the philippines, where boats are a main means of transportation and where maritime safety regulations are notoriously lax. >> a roundup of of the latest sports, news, and amazon rain
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forest in ecuador. increase -- in brief. firefighters and soldiers in china have been called in to help with the rescue effort grade but if high people have died -- effort. 25 people have died. firefighters are continuing to battle a fast-moving wildfire in the u.s. state of idaho. it has raced across 64,000 acres of land. have beenf people evacuated. officials say number of multimillion dollar homes are threatened. the board overseeing the completion of berlin's new airport says it could begin partial operations in march next year. by aroject has been dogged string of embarrassing cost overruns and delays. officials say flights will be
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limited to a maximum of 20 flights per day initially. chopping down forests does so much harm to the climate that rich countries should pay poor ones not to do it -- that principle has been dealt a blow in ecuador. the government has abandoned a scheme to protect its rain forest. ecuador has been trying to raise $3.5 billion for the project, but says it is only received a tiny trickle of that. the president of ecuador has the country up for drilling. >> the park is a largely untouched natural wonder. chainsaws and bulldozers are set to move in soon, in search of oil. environmental activists say the effect of oil exploration in this part of the world will be devastating. squarever 9000
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kilometers in size, one of the most biologically diverse habitats in the world. oil companies have already started drilling on the edge of the park. ecuador's government had offered to limit oil development if nations chipped in to cover lost revenue. but now quito has abandoned that conservation plan. >> this is one of the most difficult decisions of my presidency. i make it with profound sadness, but responsibility to the people and our history. i have signed an executive decree to liquidate the trust fund, ending the initiative. >> that u.n. backed initiative only received 1% of targeted revenue from rich nations rated the government says it will pay back those funds and open up the park for oil -- nations.
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the government says it will pay back those funds and open up the park for oil. in with theo check world athletics championships. there has been another gold- medal performance by germany's storl. here is a round up of friday's action. relief for germany's champion shot putter. consulting after cameras and video that the throw was allowed to stand. it is a 23-year-old's second world title. there was more gold for russia in the men's long jump, driven 's by the home crowd alexander. ,fter taking the 10,000 meters
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he won the 5000 meters. jamaica stormed to victory in the 200 meters after winning the 100 meters earlier in the week. was followed by the ivory coast and nigeria. will be a test of character for frankfurt. they are smarting after a 6-1 bashing by berlin. now they could face a punishing second round against the champions. >> the coach is not lost his sense of humor. he knows his team has serious work to do on saturday. said it wasady important to win last week in berlin so we could take that confidence into the match.
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but we didn't do that her. >> frankfurt was humiliated. few expected such a devastating score line. frankfurt are now trying to put the debacle behind them. back.tough to bounce i would rather be favorites, but we're not. the outsiders can always produce an upset. >> if you think that frankfurt will have the firepower to worry the defending -- few think tha frankfurt will have the firepower to worry the defending champions. got off to a slow
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start, until this happened. the suite stalled until the defender pounced on a loose ball to a corner. fou rminutes -- four minutes to go, a 2-1 victory was clenched. to tennis now. the top seeds have taken a taken a tseats have umble. start, rogerong was no match for rafael. he is on his way back to top form. roger fetter made him work hard for the win. the weaknesses of recent months were nowhere to be seen.
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he dictated from the baseline. 5. took the first set, 7- and then he came back with a vengeance in the second set and regain the upper hand. fetter remained on the back foot . nadal broke his serve at the start of the third set and never looked back. after two hours of thrilling tennis, a forehand down the line with enough to wrap up the match. the doll will be a favorite in the u.s. open title next month will be a favorite in the u.s. open title next month. the oldest person in the world is in japan. local records indicate that this
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man turned 123. he says the secret to his longevity is talking long walks every day and eating barley, beans, and potatoes. >> the streets on the frontline of of a religious and political conflict. street,ide of the sunnis form the majority. on the opposite hill, shiites predominate. both groups are muslim, but it are enemies. the conflict at between goes .ack decades since the war began in syria, fighting between the groups has intensified. the conflicting parties remit in
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-- belong to the same religious factions fighting in syria. we want to go into shiite territory. there is a checkpoint. eyewitnesses say when clashes erupt, soldiers just walk away. --ut 50,000 à la whites shiites live here. the frontline of the conflict is behind these houses. most of them are empty. the walls are covered in bullet holes. bashar al-assad is also a shiite. people here are proud to display
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their loyalty to the syrian regime. jeans, a shop that sells and has his own factory. cure --ting intensified here. the young father shows me what he has been shot at with. i asked what they are. mortars and be seven grenades, 7 grenades, he says. and these are just a few examples, he says. during every firefight, 300 or more are fired at them. in 2008, his brother was shot. the area was sealed off. there is no hospital here. by the time the family got his brother out, he had bled to death.
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he says that since the spread of fundamentalism, he has become scared. he tells us he is a leading member of the arab democratic arty, that supports assad and is party, that supports assad and is hated by islamists. he says people here are mistrustful of strangers. to us, it seems like a prison. but he says he would rather die here then leave. he won't tell us whether he joins in the fighting himself. he use any means necessary to defend himself and his family. he tells us the fighting is often prompted by events in syria. when assad's family -- army ans, local h
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supporters are sought. suddenly, we hear muffled shouts. he says they are guns being fired. fighting has erupted again. it is something the locals have gotten used to. it is not immediately clear who is doing the shooting. sometimes one side starts. sometimes the other. it's time for us to leave, before the checkpoint closes and we get stuck here. front,other side of the we meet him during he is a sunni -- him. he is a sunni. is just around the corner, and nothing is really safe. that when fighting breaks out, the supermarket in the street is the only one that stays open to sell food.
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lives to buyheir necessities, like bread. he says many innocent locals omarbeen killed by snipers was one of the -- snipers. omar was one of the victims, he says. it was his nephew, his sister's son. of the pre-syrian army. there is no mistaking what side the people here are on. when fighting breaks out, he joins in. not because he thinks killing will make a difference, but because he has to protect his family from the fighters. he says he and his neighbors are forced to fight because they support the syrian people and
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oppose the assad regime. they applaud the rebels and support the people's revolution. the proxy war is taking a heavy toll. up to a dozen people have been killed, and 200 injured in a single firefight. an increasing number of civilians on both sides are finding themselves caught in the crossfire. , many people here unemployed -- 30% of the population. they receive money for fighting. for the children, it's a game. most adult men are armed. we ask where the weapons come .rom mostly from russia and iran, says khalid, though they see these countries as political
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weapons. -- enemies. civilians are extremely poor. money for buying weapons comes from wealthy islamist business people from lebanon or the gulf states. khalid warns us against going any further. he says the sight of people with a camera might provoke people. is becoming tripoli a stronghold of radical sunnis in lebanon. jihadist from all over the country are flocking here. see the the city, we black flag of war. al qaeda uses it to reduce sodium islamists -- it. so do islamists. outside also a flag this islamist's house.
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as infidelslawites and enemies. he says that is why war in lebanon is inevitable. the situation is complete uprising in the north of lebanon. i can see that related to syria, the whole region. is one of many who are fueling discontent and recruiting young men for the jihad cause. majority of people in lebanon just want one thing, peace. he and his friends are moderate muslims. we meet them in tripoli's harbor quarter. like many of their compatriots, they are afraid war could break out in lebanon. the radicalization of young people fills them with dread.
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he tells us that many young people go to the mosque, than to syria to fight, putting themselves in danger. he says youngsters here feel religiously and politically obligated to take up arms against the regime in syria in support of the rebels. he and his friends are doing what they can to prevent other young people from getting involved in the war. the 17-year-old has organized a concert to encourage young people to express themselves artistically rather than through violence. he penned the songs himself. tripoli is burning, go the words. the rap describes tears of blood. there is no music, just shooting and bombs. the conflict is being fueled by
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international interests, and we are killing each other senselessly. after the concert, they hold a vigil for peace. they distribute stickers in the center of tripoli. people arere young campaigning against their city's radicalization. they say they have no future to look forward to in tripoli. the fighting has worsened the city's economic problems. has big dreams, but no opportunities in lebanon. he tells us he wants to go abroad to work and earn money before returning to his country. we are back on the front line, syria street. invitededly, khalid has us to his home. his apartment lies directly in the line of fire. four generations of his family live here.
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they seem happy to see us. our visit provides a welcome distraction. there are bullet and mortar holes everywhere. mother says she is paralyzed by fear when fighting erupts. they shoot at us from up there, she tells us. this is where the family gathers for meals. she tells me if someone had been sitting here when this whole was made, they would now be dead. since thursday's attack in thatt, her fear has grown the situation could become as bad here as it is in syria. khalid's wife says they never know why or how violence erupts.
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here, as on the other side of serious street, everyone tells us they want peace -- syria
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