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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  August 19, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the eu is meeting in brussels to discuss egypt, warning that further escalation of violence could have unpredictable consequences for the country and its neighbors. in the volatile region of sinai, suspected militants have ambushed 2 police minibuses, killing at least 24 policeman. -- aremeditated murder date has been set for the trial of south african sprinter oscar the story is -- ooscar pistorious. hello, you're watching "france 24."
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the european union is holding emergency talks on the budget in egypt, warning that the block will urgently reviewed its ties with the country. there's not much ce you can do in terms of direct action, and the consequences could be unintentional. earlier i spoke with our correspondent in brussels. >> at this meeting, they hope to cobble together a package that will hopefully help end the violence in egypt and put it back on track towards the democratic progress. the big question is, what are the elements of this package and what means do they use to achieve this goal? they have talked about curtailing aid in a number of ways, and there has been talk of an arms in fargo to signal strongly that the violence must stop. at the same time, there is hardening of rhetoric towards the interim government there, placing most of the blame on the government for their recent clashes with protesters and asking the government first to step back and hopefully to
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restore some order. >> the egyptians haven't taken kindly, have they, too different of sanctions and eight withdrawal -- to the threat of sanctions and aid withdrawal, have they? >> the foreign minister was quoted telling journalists that he regretted the internationalization of what was happening, that he saw this as a purely egyptian matter, and he was unhappy that aid was being used as a pressure point towards the egyptians, saying that the aid has good intentions and credibility and they would be happy to take it, but otherwise, it is a problem for them. the issue here is that they have a very different perspectives on the crisis. sees it as a troubled step towards democracy, where different parties don't seem to be able to talk to each other, whereas the egyptians, the interim government, see their struggle as a struggle against extremism, terrorism, and these
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perspectives need to be reconciled. it will be up to the european union to figure out how to address those differences. in egyptian security officials say that suspected militants have ambushed 2 police minibuses in sinai, killing at least 24 policemen. it took place as the vehicles for driving to a village near the border town in the volatile sinai peninsula. almostas been witnessing daily attacks by suspected militants since the july 3 ousting of president morsi. authorities closed the border crossing after the attack. correspondents visited an egyptian police hospital at the invitation of the authorities. they say several members of the security forces that the government said were injured in lashes with armed members of the muslim brotherhood. at cairo's runcible police
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hospital, journalists gather around the bed of awarded policemen. the doctor lists his injuries, and looting bullet wounds and burns. >> we did everything necessary to save this man. of course, some of his colleagues who were with him were also wounded. others d >>ording to the government, he is far from alone. with family by his side, this man speaks of his attackers. cocktailsd molotov and rocks, but they did not fight bullets. it was a terrorist act because it was very well-planned. it was not going since, -- it was not coincidence, nor random. these people were organized anywhere they wanted to do. >> ejection authorities believe the international media's coverage is biased, showing only the victims of crackdowns. that is why they brought us here
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to show the other victims of the current crisis. one of their officials accompanies the group, fielding questions from the press and even assisting in interviews. >> we call on all international media news agencies to come anytime and cover the events in an objective manner. that way, they won't be accused of covering one side and not the other. we want full coverage. >> e egyptian security services can be tough with foreign journalists, several of whom have been arrested and harshly interrogated by the authorities before being released. outside, there is heavy security at the entrance to the hospital, guarding against the threat of armed insurrection, which the government says is very real. as theing with egypt, working week began on sunday, many people were looking to see just how the violence of the last few days had affected the country's 260 billion dollar
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economy and its vital tourism sector. in cairon lingered streets as egypt tried to begin its working week on sunday. despite a curfew cutting back its working hours, analysts were upbeat about the stock exchange's resilience in the face of days of a violent unrest. >> in general, the stock market's performance in the current state is, to an extent, detached from the political situation, and it has been performing for the better. it is a positive time of trading between the rise and fall in stock prices. , egypt's economy has taken a beating since the revolution to years ago, seeing growth cut from over five to just two percent. a nearlyo yet to see $5 billion loan from the international monetary fund approved, not to mention losses in a vital tourist sector, with some 11% of the economy. work,terms of tourists,
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or business, there is nothing for us here. nothing. >> many of the tourist attractions around the capital cairo are deserted, although some continue to arrive a little further afield. >> just a check in, a couple right in front of us old out of the trip -- pulled out of the trip. we were close to doing the same thing, but then we came anyway. here, becauseeing it is very peaceful. but it is tough to think that in this very country just 500 kilometers away, people are being shot in the streets. many countries in europe have issued travel warnings so people -- two people headed to egypt, and several operators have canceled coming trips. >> to other news now, and star sprinter oscar pistorius returned to court in south africa yesterday for the alleged murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he arrived in the magistrate
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court six months after shooting steenkamp in the bathroom of his off market home. his trial is set to start on march 3. in march ofce trial next year, south african carolinian oscar pistorius -- south african paralympian oscar pistorius has been accused of the murder of his girlfriend. he shot her on valentine's day, it eating her in the head and arm and hip. his lawyer says it was a mistake, that he was acting in self-defense after -- against what he thought was an intruder. procedures accused him premeditated murder. if convicted, he faces a life sentence with a minimum of 25 years in prison. oscar pistorius is one of the most celebrated olympians in the olympics and paralympics in london. his murder charge shocked
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millions around the world. >> earlier i spoke with our correspondent in cape town. she explained the charges and white -- why the steenkamp family was absent. beforer pistorius appear a post magistrate court today, served with a document, and these are the charges he will be facing. the main charge is one of murder, premeditated murder. concentrating the comptroller act. the state instant proof that oscar pistorius -- state aims to prove that oscar pistorius was a trigger-happy gun man and that he had violent outbursts. the state also released a witness list, about 107 witnesses on this list. among these witnesses is a girlfriend, ex-girlfriend of oscar pistorius, and ex- boyfriend of reeva steenkamp. the matter has been postponed to march of 2014. that matter will be heard in the high court.
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south africa does not have a jury system so oscar pistorius s case will be presided over by a single judge who will hear this matter. what is interesting to note is that while oscar pistorius had family members present in court, reeva steenkamp's family preferred to stay at a home, as it is a very emotional day for them today. today would have been her 30th birthday. the family says they are happy this matter is finally going to trial because they want to know what exactly happened to their daughter and they want closure. british warships have arrived in gibraltar for scheduled exercises. this comes amid tensions with spain over fishing around the british mediterranean enclave. some say the arrival is provocative thomas and spanish provocative,is since spanish fishermen have been angered over the creation
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of an artificial reef. it led to long queues for workers and tourists entering gibraltar. spain claims the territory, which it ceded to britain by territory 300 years ago. a team of u.n. arms experts has rivein damascus after president bashar al-assad finally agreed to let them investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons. the charges have been leveled by the united states, britain, and france. they arrived as fierce fighting ranged -- rachel in the coastal heartland of -- rachel in the coastal heartland of assad's clan. the syrian army says it has taken that area. kurds have poured into iraq in the last few days in a sudden, massive movement. the refugees are restating deadly clashes between kurdish fighters and jihadist. than 15,000s more
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have crossed into a rack in the latest influx since thursday, with more expected to follow. >> described as a river of people coming towards the border but the u.n. high commissioner days, mores, in 4 than 15,000 syrian kurds have poured across the border into the kurdish region of northern iraq, fleeing from islam militants. 16, someust 15 and that -- some 7000 bebop and crossing into the area each day -- 7000 people have been crossing into the area each day. >> and a proximate figure? >> around 6000 or 7000. >> authorities reopened the 150,000nd more than syria refugees were already registered in iraq, many streaming across the border are women and children and the elderly. they are arriving famished, without work, and living in fear, escaping into roads,
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driven out by the rising clashes between kurds and jihadist factions. >> we left a serial because the situation is getting worse and worse hit my own brother came here from the kurdish region. we came three or four times before but we cannot cross the border is each time they told us it was shot. syria andder between iraq has largely been closed since authorities of the kurdish regional government closed in may, fearing an influx of refugees. but the resurgence of violence probit authorities to reopen the border in july 2 family members iraqi kurdistan, and the country is bracing for more refugees in the coming days. >> in china, devastating floods at opposite ends of the country have left 74 people dead and hundreds of thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes. that is according to state media.
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flooding in the northeast is described as the worst in decades. seven people were missing and quan dong, where 510,000 were evacuated because of the rain. in japan, residents of the hadhern city of kakushima been busy watching ash off of the streets after a nearby volcano spewed a record high smoke plume into the sky, as high as five kilometers off the volcano on sunday afternoon, propping the highest since since the japan meteorological agency started keeping records in 2006. masks andwore raincoats to shield themselves. officials said no injuries or damage was reported, though. back in a few minutes time with more headlines. do stay with us.
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>> a week even at 7.68 meters. it made a difference on his last jump as he made history with 18.0, four meters for gold. for the frenchman, 25 centimeters short of the record set by jonathan edwards in 1995. the rating watch champion is forced to settle for silver. france, they continued their successful reintroduction into the top flight. the 10 man and joined by monaco and marseille.
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the campaign off to a good start in his debut match. chelsea market the south of jersey marina with a victory over hull. top of the bundesliga after the victory over braunschweig. finishing from a tight angle in the 75th minute after a lovely pass from anselmo. brought down in the penalty area, at the german international with the penalty. braunschweig did pull one back. at finish.2-1 the biggest game of the season got underway with the final in amsterdam.
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the visitors do not take long to make their mark. they took advantage of the foaming defense. -- fumbling def ense. finals lasted until the half- hour mark. five minutes later, just landed international nodding -- the icelandic international nottingham is second goal. a third successive loss, the worst ever start to a domestic season. in the first cincinnati (all in itaight cents on sunday, came in the final game before the tie-break. plenty of pressure, but the spaniard recovered to force the
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breakup. yes not succumbed in the tie- break but he earned the mini break back 2 points later. both had set points before he failed to convert with a servant for the set and 9-8. it was more of the same in the second, as both men whipped through the service game without breaking a sweat. nadal denied him with a volley. it was not long before another tie-break. the curling forehand pass down the line. 6, it finished. i'm very happy to be able to celebrate the title here in cincinnati after a year that,
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for me, has been amazing but i cannot have predicted this tournament that i've never been able to win. glad, i'm happy, and i'm grateful to the crowd for supporting me. a thrilling performance to take the final state and overall win. saw himkilometer ride break clear. the vicious acceleration was pivotal. there was his teammate who kicked off the main attack to catch up. in the last 100 meters, the czech rider attacked to win.
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today, chronicling the ongoing violence rocking egypt. michelle obama to release a hip- hop album as part of her anti- obesity campaign. and a new york artist creating collages. cartoonists in egypt again chronicling political developers in their country during the 2011 revolution, publishing in newspapers and online. the past few days, their work is focused on clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president, and marcy -- mohamed morsi. she contributes to the liberal party's paper.
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you present the situation from the army point of view and present the position of the muslim brotherhood is dangerous. site,g for another jonathan guyer says the egyptian press serves to support the ruling military. sissipicture compares al- to nasser, the founder of modern egypt. of the armyritical publish their works on the internet to avoid being censored. that goes with thi -- the artist of the strong. evictedtary formally pro morsi supporters from their protest camps. they criticized the armed forces in the satirical cartoons posted to facebook. in this drawing, he imagines a thank you card where the army expresses gratitude to the people of egypt for giving popular legitimacy to a coup
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d'état. michelle obama has teamed up with a not-for-profit organization, hip-hop public health, to release a hip-hop album promoted healthy diets as part of her let's move campaign that she began in 2010 to combat childhood obesity in the u.s. "songs for alled healthier america," will be released at the end of september and features 19 tracks with titles such as "you are what you eat" or "veggie love." the first lady has assigned up fromrs, well-known faces showbiz, and the doctors to collaborate on the album, which will be available for free download to teach people the importance of eating healthy. and although michelle obama or singing, she will feature in some of the theks, like "everybody,"
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only song available to download of one ofith excerpts her futures on childhood obesity mixed with music. >> we launched a nationwide " toaign called "let's move solve the problem of childhood obesity -- >> an interesting initiative that seems to be at. -- receiving a positive reception from social networkers, who are hailing the project, saying it is a great way to reach out to kids on something so important for their well-being. a fungus causes a serious disease that can prove elite to british wetlands. -- deadly to british woodlands but researchers from temperature university are trying to identify how the dna affects the disease, so they put together this facebook game to get input from web users and gain a vital clues on how the disease works on a genetic level.
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artist usesed original material for his creations -- one dollar bills. hisipped them up and reduce collages of faces, landscapes, animals. look ofget a closer these interesting pieces on his website. this video filmed and edited by utaahoma-based matt sk provides a resume of eight months of his life. he has taken one second of footage from each day and edited them together in this aptly named project, "one second in a day."
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