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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  September 3, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> france presents intelligence blaming the syrian regime this as bashar al-assad threatens frank interest in the region. a third of the syrian population has been displaced since the beginning of the civil war. 'as phone buys out noki operations, being sold for $5.5 billion. you are watching world news. we are receiving news israel fired a missile into the mediterranean sea. ballistic activity was initially detected by russia. israel now says it was carrying out a joint test with the u.s.,
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however, the american navy stated minutes ago it did not launch missiles from ships in the mediterranean. this is a rapidly developing story and we will bring you more as we get information. french authorities have declassified an intelligence report on a chemical weapons attack that took place near damascus august 21 aired eight pages that detail the syrian government arsenal. the attack is clearly blamed on government forces. eight movie has details. >> and massive attack with a warning of graphic content. one of six amateur videos of the french government has authenticated and put online, which it says shows last month's chemical weapons attack "could not have been ordered or carried out by anyone but the syrian government." along with nine pages of declassified intelligence -- francois hollande making his case to french lawmakers. authorities have studied dozens of amateur videos and counted at the augusteaths in
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21 attack. intelligence report says the syrian government's arsenal of chemical weapons includes hundreds of tons of mustard gas and the nerve agent sarin and dozens of tons of the most toxic known agent, vx. the stockpile, according to the report, under control of scientific -- scientific study and research near damascus, which reports directly to rush out al-assad. they also say there is biomedical evidence of two previous attacks in april. the french report appears to back up american intelligence which is based on witness accounts, satellite and military data, as well as hair and blood samples provided on the ground. but it is unclear whether the classified information will be enough to convince lawmakers on both sides of the atlantic to fall in line with their presidents call for action. for refugeesgency is sounding the alarm bell. the latest figures show about a
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third of the syrian population have had to flee. 2 million sought refuge in neighboring countries. it is calling it the great tragedy of the century. syria is hemorrhaging men, women, and children. that is the warning from the un's refugee agency as it said 7 million syrians have been forced from their homes by two and a half years of violence. of those, more than 2 million are now refugees in other countries. the rest of within their own borders. greatia has become the tragedy of the country, a disgraceful humanitarian calamity with suffering and displacement unparalleled in human history. the only solace is the humanity shown by neighboring countries and welcoming and saving the lives of so many refugees. >> the numbers are not shocking for anyone studying the steady flow of people. the u.n. says it has reached an average of 5000 a day. neighboring lebanon has received
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the bulk, some 716,000 registered refugees aren't living in a country -- are living in a country of less than 5 million people, jordan has turkey, over, and 600,000 refugees. 400 60,000 refugees. thousands more not registered. about half the refugees are children. many under the age of 11. aid agencies have appealed for massive international support. less than half the funds needed to meet asic refugee needs. >> in egypt, a court has just ordered the closure of a television station late to the muslim brotherhood. the movement is wanted when -- is once again calling for mass demonstrations tuesday in the face of an effort to weaken the brotherhood. >> and military coup is terrorism. alliancehe anti-coup
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hoping to see hundreds of thousand marks under the banner. two months after president mohammed morsi was toppled. friday, fears of arrest kept many off the streets despite the brotherhood's nationwide call for protests. the crackdown continues with judges now also recommending the dissolution of the infamous organization, the army back interim government unveiled -- committee, aay a new constitutional draft. a spokesperson said the government has done all it could to guarantee fair representation of all the parties within the panel. >> i don't think the absence of the muslim brotherhood will affect the community. particularly one of the members former leader of the brotherhood. the -- represented as well. brotherhood -- the muslim brotherhood officially refused to sit on the panel.
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many believe, though, the army hand-picked its members. , like committee is a lie all this political transition. it is just part of the military coup. our first committee was elected. it represented the people. it's one was appointed. i will never recognize it. order cut out the islamist tv channel, accused of inciting hatred and undermining national unity. >> in libya, the daughter of muammar gaddafi's former spy chief has been kidnapped. the daughter of one of the most reviled members of qaddafi's security apparatus was abducted in tripoli monday. the japanese government getting ready to tackle the surge of radioactivity detected at fukushima powerplant. they plan to upgrade water treatment and build a wall of frozen earth around the broken reactors. it was once the world largest mobilephone maker but no kia sold the mobile
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division to microsoft for 5 billion euros. half of the staff will transfer to microsoft. the pre-smartphone is but no kia --nokia selling its mobile device unit two microsoft in an all cash deal worth 5.4 billion euros. to theame late smartphone market and struggled. it is one of the biggest maker of low end phones but sales have dropped precipitously. second-quarter figures this year are down 24%, with losses of 227 million euros for the quarter. they will refocus on network infrastructure and services. >> following this transaction, nokia's financial situation expected to be stronger and earnings profile significantly improved. >> as for microsoft, the windows
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phone system is trailing the google android and apple's iphone. they are hoping the acquisition of the hardware divisional strength in its place in the market and let it chip away at the lead. 56,000 employees will stay with over 30,000 expected to transfer to microsoft. one of those is the ceo -- he is to head microsoft's mobile division. a return to his own company. he won to let microsoft's business division and fueling speculation he is the anointed successor of current microsoft boss steve ballmer due to step down next year. -- nick is with us with the national newspaper. le figaro, interview with assad. >> that exclusive is making a lot of buzz around the world. none other than syria is reacting. i went to the paper, the state
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mouthpiece of bashar al-assad. that paper is saying that what we've got here in this interview, according to le figaro is in fact assad's message to the world, which is the western allies are in disagreement -- disarray. you have obama who cannot even take a decision. and you've got the french who are clumsy in their approach to everything going on. is that the western allies from afar anyway in syria, that the western allies will confront each other as time goes by. i just want to continue with the arabic language press. i turned to the mouthpiece al akbhar some of the mouthpiece for hezbollah, syrian ally. a front-page piece of francois hollande, saying that he is the
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emperor with no clothes. he is -- it calls on the french mp's who will be debating the question on a possible military strike on wednesday to actually stop hollande in his tracks. those two mouthpieces of the pro-syrians in force. >> at least he is wearing a shirt in that picture. talking about allies, you have a look at the russian papers. >> "the moscow times" as a news piece about serge libre off who rejected the whole stance secretary of state john kerry lavrov, who sergei rejected the whole stance of secretary of state john kerry. kerry said we have not reacted to everything washington proposes, but, yes,
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we have, and we found the evidence unconvincing. and there is a photo right smack in the middle that perhaps reflects some of the tensions we will see at the g-20 summit thursday and friday. the man holding up the sign. in st. petersburg itself on monday -- the sign same barack obama, terrorist number one. we have rambling coming up about the whole syria question, which is dragging on. >> indeed, it is. one other article, pointing perhaps at some way out of the syria crisis. >> you and i are brits but we both know this person very well, baroness shirley williams, an elder of his politics. she has written in "the guardian" saying, hold on, there could be a solution, and that to be to get the iranians on board to end the syrian prices and for syria's say, and tehran's isolation.
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why is that? she argues the iranians in the 1980s suffered under the air ran-iraq war, attacked with chemical weapons, thousands of young people were killed in those attacks by saddam hussein. at the time, the west never condemned it, she said. if you bring the new government into the fold, then there is a chance of opening up a dialogue because there is a common shared experience. the times, she argues, has come to test the result of the iranians to take a constructive role in this crisis. and this piece in "late -- "slate." online -- this has to do with war online.rmy, the there is a piece saying, has the syrian electronic army hacked its way into, and we've got a letter addressed to
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marines saying, hold on, the syrian army should be your ally and not your enemy. you must fight against al qaeda and not for it. "the wall street journal" has picked this up in its blog. you can see pictures of the actual photos being placed onto to "the wall street journal" website. we've got the messages. i didn't join the marine corps to fight with al qaeda in the searing civil war. very much this attention day today on the syria question. >> and the hacking story. nick, on today's international newspapers. thank you so much. >> finds time champion roger -- five-time champion roger fedor is stunned by tommy libretto at the u.s. open.
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he was beaten and straight set -- roger federer is done by tommy robredo. slovak hantuchova through to the quarterfinals for the first time since 2002. she beat american alison riske. vinci plays another italian, pennetta. has been confirmed as red bull's second driver. world replaces von weber as vettel's teammate. >> i feel very, very good.
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there is a lot of excitement running through me right now. it is great news. .omething i have worked for to hear the news i wanted is great. the next step in my career. i am sure there is going to be more pressure now. people are going to start to expect results and they are not going to want to wait forever as well. so, i've got to make sure i put in the hard work, or taking a lead now in the off-season as we approach the last few months of the year, really start to prepare and spend enough time with the team as i can. once my -- >> and be a big star in the future -- there will be a big star in the future. real madrid has broken the bank bringing bale. the first 100 million euro man. if you believe -- the 24-year-
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old was introduced to an adoring crowd and the spanish capital monday after passing his medical. he signed a deal with 350,000 euros per -- absolutely amazing to be here. it is a dream come true. i hope i can help the team to bring success to their club. and hopefully this year weekend win the european title. -- ias >> thank you for this welcome. come on, madrid. bale answered the scene with a handshake -- he scored 21 goals last season. -- to forces with rinaldo rest the domestic domination from barcelona. >> in my opinion he is a second rinaldo and will be very good for real.
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he will contribute with all of his experience in the premier you -- league with experience as top man. he's got versatility, speed, and a good approach. everything he touches becomes a golden goal. indeed, the new head coach -- he bids to bring the 10th champions league to real. caca rejoined ac milan after four unhappy years and madrid. deal, to million euro fight for a place in the world cup finals. its transferroken record, 42.4 million pounds.
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he made 168 appearances the last three seasons, scoring 27 goals. joined --h midfielder a five-year deal. another french midfielder joined marseille. a five-year deal worth reportedly 50 million euros. victory at stage 10. the 41-year-old broke -- four kilometers to run. before the race, the radioshack rider had never won a stage in the grantor but now has strong hopes and when he the overall. this year's winner was the only man to respond. second in the general classification.
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>> today on the net. -- a stork egypt arrested in egypt on suspicion of spying. an online campaign to end violence against children in india. who do you think deserves to be buried in the pantheon? a stork behind bars. as strange as it may seem, the egyptian authorities detained a stork on friday, believing it contained a spying device. it was found by a fisherman in southern egypt. he thought the electronic device attached to its back looked suspicious. so, he decided to capture it and
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take it to a police station. but the veterinary committee called in to assist the government officials and environmental organizations involved in the inquiry determined the advice was neither obama nor a spying system. they discovered it was quite simply a wildlife tracker installed by hungarian researchers to follow the movements of these migrating birds. on stork has its own page the scientific website which features a satellite map showing the birds journeys as it migrates toward the southern part of the african continent this time of year. sorts of mockery on social networks, particularly as egyptian authorities initially identify the stork as a duck. web users have been poking fun and commenting on this torii hunter the # spy duck and discussing the intensified climate -- egypt's intensified climate of distrust following the ouster of mohamed morsi. unicef india has launched an
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online campaign against violence against children, with a particular focus of sexual abuse of young girls. social networks play a prominent part in this campaign, seeking to raise awareness about the terrible and tragic phenomenon. on the campaign's presentation pays that tells us up to 24,000 rapes reported in 2011, 30% of those children. the ngo is asking twitter users to use their #and violence to tweet, re-tweet and speak out against child abuse and share their stories if they too were abused as a child. india -- unicef india facebook page -- many say the focus should be creating a protective environment for children and continuing to raise awareness about the problem of violence against children. a number of well-known faces have also jim -- join the campaign. in this video, for example, a
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living legend of indian cinema condemned violence against children and appeals to the people of india to mobilize en masse to put an end to this national disgrace. who deserves to be buried in the pantheon? until -- a chance to cast a vote. oll will be reported back to the president francois hollande at the end of the month and has seen a number of feminist groups campaigning for more women to be given the honor. the malaysian government is asking citizens to share their ideas on how public funds should be allocated next year i posting 2014. the # bajet authorities will consider suggestions when they start drafting it in october.
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social network has seized opportunity to have their say, with ideas on education, public transport, and the economy. a special website was set up by the government, a platform proving pretty popular indeed. the man who made this video had a great idea which would be of great interest to anyone feels may have better things to do on the weekend that mowing their lawn. he attached a mower to a pay on a length of rope so it moves on its own. a cynical -- simple but effective trick to put smiles on the faces of weekend gardeners everywhere.
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>> here is our well. there used to be plenty of water. is totally dry. to dig avernment had well, 150 meters. but not deep enough. disrupted theas raising of their lifestyle. they used to own hundreds of sheep, horses, and other cattle. now it has finished. >> we have far less sheep than before because there is far less grass and pastors then -- pastures than before. all of the grasses of bad quality. so i had to sell most of my livestock.
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>> the coal industry along the river is the reason for such little access to vital resources. in china, coal supplies up to 75% of electricity. this industry needs all the water. and the result is blatant drought. on the land, it is the same problem. is diminishing on a land that is already drying up here -->>soo see, here we had to remove the irrigation pipe. whole field. the now there is no more underground water. grass. you grow -- how can you go grass? before it used to grow that high? >> nearby, desertification is spreading.
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that is not going to stop the truck -- trucks from carrying coal, constantly coming and going. industry continues to expand. a few kilometers away, some farmers have been relocated after being moved off of their land to make way for coal extraction. >> now my only means of receiving an income is by reselling -- i hope someday the government will give me real compensation for the land that i lost. >> seeking compensation for their land is probably the only hope for these farmers. if the chinese government does not act
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