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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  September 15, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ >> hello. welcome to the "journal" on dw. in berlin, news desk and these are the headlines. big win for angela merkel, her .onservative allies u.s. secretary of state john kerry warned syria force is still an option if they do not put their chemical weapons under international control. and routing hamburg.
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in the state of bavaria went to the polls in regional elections, giving us an idea of how things will look in the country's general election weeks from now. the conservatives got a convincing majority that will allow the party to govern without a coalition partner. the opposition social democrats are just over the 20% mark. 7 .8%,ens got about disappointing for them. the free voters have taken about 8.6%, and the free democrats take just three percent. and for more on that, our political correspondent, simon
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young, joins us now in the studio. good result very there for some. it does not tell us anything about where it is going to go on the national level? >> certainly, the main headline, it is a hugely positive results for the conservative camp, with the bavarian conservatives returning to their position as the sole party of government in the big and important state of bavaria. conservatives across the country will be taking heart from this, saying they are on the out, calling for voters around germany to follow the bavarian next weekend. there is a but for angela merkel, and that is the polls showing the free democrats. are the junior coalition partner at the national level. it appears they are out in bavaria, and that would increase the concern that they would fail to get into the national
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parliament, as well, and that is likely to mean that the free democrats will be calling on conservatives to lend them some sort of support at the national level, and angela merkel does not really want to that. she does not want to lose her conservative voters for the free democrats. >> of course, and what is the main take away here for her? >> of course, it is a positive result, but there are a few weaknesses. there is the strength of the csu. if, indeed, the free democrats are al gore will be out at next weekend at the national level, that would mean that angela merkel has lost her preferred coalition partner. she will be looking for another one. she could actually even be forced into a partnership with the social democrats. she does not really want that. and then there could be a headache down the line. if the conservatives are feeling very strong, they do not usually miss an opportunity to score a
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few points from angela merkel at national level, so she would rather not see too of a robust and concern of a bavarian conservative party, so it is a mixed thing for angela merkel on this. >> thank you. the freeon mentioned, democrats are out in bavaria, and if that result is repeated in next sunday's national elections, angela merkel -- conservatives will have a loss. still, this is a victory for the allies of the crystal -- christian social union. >> it was a triumph for the democrats. the bavarian state premier has led his party back from a severe blow five years ago to an overall majority. csu no longer needs a coalition partner.
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>> this is a magnificent success. we are alive and well as a true party of the people. we have deep roots here. one out of two bavarians voted for us. >> again votes at the expense of the free democrats. they will leave the government and the state parliament, two, and their lead candidate tried to put a positive scan--positive spin on things. true, we did not achieve our goals, but there is encouraging news, the cousin we attracted more votes for the first time in a long time. you cannot take that for granted. >> parties left of center have four days. the greens lost ground and pulled lower than they did in two thousand eight. >> we are disappointed but will do all that we can in the state
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and national elections. alsoe free democrats are focusing on next sunday's general election. know that it is a different ballgame in bavaria, but now, it is about germany. this is a wake-up call for all liberals. the fdp now must wait and see if it gets the support to return to the nationals. >> and with more on the upcoming national elections here in germany, visit our website. a resolution on removing syrian chemical weapons could gain you and approval by the end of the week. that is a prediction of french president françois holland, who said that sanctions must remain
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on the table to pressure assad regime to keep their commitment. that granteda deal syria one week to get rid of all of its stockpiled weapons. state johnretary of kerry arrived in jerusalem to discuss the geneva agreement with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. both made it clear that diplomacy can only work with the removal of syrian chemical weapons if military intervention remains an option. the threat of force israel, and assad regime and all of those taking part need to understand that president obama and the united states are committed to achieve this goal. >> one day after the agreement between john kerry and his russian counterpart, sergei lavrov, few now expect the u.s. to attack.
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america from saved a dangerous situation regarding the syrian issue. the civil war rages on, with fears for -- fiercest fighting in the north, and with neither side accepting a cease- fire, it is not clear how inspectors would work. most have disagreed with the geneva agreement, some saying the schedule too tight. will complete this by 2014 be a huge challenge and i think, technically, will not be possible to complete i'm in 2014. >> the inspectors do not even have a clear idea of what weapons they would be looking for. bashar al-ent of assad has until next week to disclose that information. >> we will have all of the day sporting action coming up for you in a minute, but first, here is a look at the other stories in the headlines.
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dozens in iraq have been killed in a series of attacks and bombs. nobody has claimed responsibility, but the blame has been put on a militant group linked to al qaeda. there was also an assassination attempt after a car bomb stock a convoy. launched annes have offensive against islamic rebels. government troops are attempting to regain control of the region captured by the militants one week ago. liberation front has been fighting for decades for an independent muslim state in the philippines. try to pull the wreck of the costa concordia up, and they say conditions could be suitable for the rescue to go ahead. if successful, it will be the largest vessel risen so close to
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land. kickoff, halfirst hoffenheim on top. there was a reply through one player, but they could not find it. and the final match of the weekend, two struggling fighters , and nierenberg took the lead. they finally got a point in the league. both teams are still looking to win this season. action, yetday's another victory. they trash hamburg, 6-2, on home turf.
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this is not the best start of any top team but also the best in club history. >> the coach was ecstatic as they showed their stuff. one earned his pay. was at the 19 minute mark, and another player two minutes later. some glaring defensive weaknesses were shown. hamburg got the lead in half just before the break. there was a score early in the second half. the offense more than made up for those. that put a second goal them back in the lead. we played really well, and i hope it continues. this was unbelievable. >> another striker made his mark a few minutes later. then, another added.
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later, adding insult to injury for a humiliated hamburg side. five matches in the season with a hundred percent record. spiraling to their third defeat of the season with another team. their third reversal of fortune. withare struggling to cope key departures following last season's strong showing. they were making themselves comfortable in the top half of the pic. alexander showed his annoyance. going through his defense at halftime, and he scored the first goal. he had no chance. a quarter hour later, the hosts struck back, as there was a
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pass, and they even did the scores. before the end, it was the work of two substitutes that clinched the match, 2-1, earning them their third the re-in a row. the bavarian club now climbs to their highest ever ranking in the buddhist leader -- in the lead. >> hannover lost. another lost 3 -- zero two thekfurt, and there are other victories. in friday's match, stuttgart one. and to tennis now, where there is some good news for germany in the davis cup playoff with brazil. a win in the singles match to give germany and unassailable lead and keep the country in the
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tournament. the victory was a relief for him, who was not even supposed to be playing this weekend. -- >> he secured it for another year. >> i just tried to concentrate and take time between points. i was trying to play my game, and thank god it worked. in place ofying philip cole schreiber, who withdrew due to stomach problems. -- he was playing in place of philip cole schreiber -- kholschreiber. set, a double fault making it 6-4. the german took control of the situation, and the second set went 6-2. he kept it up in the third set,
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6-3. a victory for germany. brazil gets relegated to the second tier. >> and more sports news also on our website, -- we are back with more news at the top of the hour. please stay with us. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said syrian president bashar al-assad could avoid military retaliation for the alleged use of chemical weapons if he turned over his chemical weapons stop files to the international community. kerry at hisohn word and adopted the proposal a few hours later. syrianall on the leadership not only to put chemical weapons storage facilities underafterwards.
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accepta quickly moved to the proposal and avoid a us-led attack. >> i declare that serial welcomes the russian proposal. of of concern for the lives syrian people and for the security of our country. shift came asc u.s. president barack obama was about to ask a reluctant congress to back military intervention. both plans are now on hold. >> this mission had the potential to remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force, jiggly because russia is one of assad's strongest allies. i have therefore asked the members of congress to postpone this vote while we pursue a diplomatic path. >> obama suggested the idea could not have come about without his previous hard stance on military action.
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penultimateened the leg of campaigning before the german elections. chancellor angela merkel took to the floor first. she answered questions on health care and child care and was also asked how she reacted to personal attacks regarding austerity programs in independent nations in southern europe. indebted nations. >> you have to have a big heart. people take aim at me sometimes because of the position i hold. i want to keep the euro stable, and i want those countries to become prosperous again. i have to live with these things. fewer challenger followed a days later. voters asked questions on the plan for a national minimum wage and working with temporary workers. he said his party cannot deliver on all of the promises. old, a first-rs
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time voter, and my question for you is whether you stand behind every point in your party's program. >> i would not be able to represent my party unless i did, and i believe our party can deliver on all our campaign promises. >> the list say he's slightly outperformed the chancellor, but he is still far behind in the polls. the president of the international olympic committee is -- >> the former ioc president passed on the olympic baton, making the new lord of the rings. >> i want to be a president for all. let us. this great universal orchestra, the ioc, lay together in harmony. >> he was elected quickly, taking just two rounds of voting.
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expectations are high in germany, as well. >> it is about helping the ideals and the spirit of the olympics to shine, especially in some. >> i hope he can tackle some of the problems facing world sports, especially the problem with doping. make has eight years to his olympic vision a reality. >> on tuesday, demonstrations in turkey after the death of a protester the day before. riot police in istanbul fired dying in with the man a southern city at a rally against police handling of nationwide antigovernment protests this summer. >> on wednesday, a group of more than 100 syrian refugees arrived in germany. come hereof 5000 to
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as part of a united nations program. people like this family. >> all of the praise you can give germany is not enough. it is a wonderful country, a country that has offered us security, a great land. there are not enough words. germany's interior minister was on hand to welcome the group. is for sure. we will have to take in more refugees beyond the initial 5000 promised. that is not up for debate. 5000 is the number right now, and we will take further action if the need arises. state governments say they are ready to work with more refugees. >> the family first took a bus to a refugee reception center. canbout two weeks, they move to a new home and a new beginning. >> on wednesday, the united
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states remembered the victims of attacks, and relatives and friends read out the names of the people after the jetliner struck the world trade center. barack obama took part in a commemoration at the white house before laying a wreath at the pentagon. >> also on wednesday, hundreds of thousands of people to part in demonstrations in this finish region of catalonia. they performed a 400 kilometers acrosshain stretching the region. the they will stage a referendum on independence. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov and secretary of state john kerry destroylks about how to
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chemical weapons stop in the country. you are, serious, as about engaging in substantive, meaningful negotiations, even as our military maintains its current posture to keep up the pressure on assad regime. >> russia was intent on dissuading u.s. from any military strike. the solutionthat to this problem will render any strike on the syrian arab republic unnecessary. our americand that colleagues also believe, as president obama has stated, that we should pursue a useful path to resolving the crisis in syria. >> syrian president bashar al- assad appealed to the u.n. nations to join the chemical weapons convention. securing the chemical weapons stockpiles was dependent on the u.s. dropping its threat
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of military action. on saturday, the breakthrough. john kerry and sergei lavrov hot -- had a response. is a milestone in space exploration. for the first time, a human made object left the solar system. the voyage of one space probe has entered interstellar space. it was launched in 1977 and since then has traveled 5 billion kilometers per year. if all goes well, it will continue to send data to earth for another 12 years. germany's leading actors died at the age of 72 on thursday. namee 1970's, he made a for himself on stage at a berlin theater.
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a very delicate process, when you're up there and people are watching. i want to let part of me out, open myself up so you can look in. >> he moved to the big screen, winning international acclaim in movies, including the tin drum. and for his role as a captain in , and he willfilm be remembered as one of the great german actors of his age. russia, an opposition candidate failed in his bid to stop his program opponent from being sworn in as mayor of moscow. on thursday, the court rejected his charges of vote rigging. they gave the close ally of president hooton a slight edge
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in the election. >> in india, four men convicted of the rape and murder of a girl were sentenced to death. the decision was welcomed by the father of the victim. >> we will be completely satisfied when we see them hanging by their neck. but right now, we are satisfied because they have been given the death penalty, so now there is no doubt that they will be hanged, but it will take some time, and i will wait for that day. >> the brutality of the crime sent shockwaves throughout india and sparked a debate about violence against women and their position in indian society. the government introduced stricter punishment for rape, including the death penalty in cases of rape leading to death. have ademned men still right of appeal. that people died in a fire
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swept through a psychiatric hospital in northwestern russia. on blaze broke out early friday morning and quickly engulfed the building, which was totally destroyed. staff said evacuating patients was difficult, as many were dead written or had been sedated. or had beenidden sedated. >> this photograph of a candidate making an unusually provocative gesture turned into a media storm on friday. critical commentators once again raised questions over his political judgment. he has made up some ground recently, but his party still trailed in friday's polls. those for chancellor angela merkel were down somewhat. the greens remained at 10%. the left party had eight percent, and the ftp, 5%.
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5%.dp, this is not enough a majority for angela merkel. another will not work with the left party, and with many voters still undecided, the
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