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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 20, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the prime minister says the civil war is in a stalemate and he will propose a cease-fire if peace talks take place. setting a new tone, the catholic church's influence on homosexuality and abortion. he claims he wants to speak to the united states next week, a possible meeting with president obama. those are the headlines. the syrian secretary prime minister has told the newspaper the civil war has reached a
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stalemate as neither side is strong enough to win. he said the syrian regime may call for a cease-fire at the peace talks in geneva. >> a stalemate according to syria's epi-prime minister. after two and a half years of unrest, he told a british newspaper neither side is strong enough to win and he will call for a cease-fire if another round of delayed talks in geneva take place. >> neither the opposition nor regime is capable of defeating the other side. this will not change for a while. >> last week, russia and the united states agreed on a deal to destroy syria's chemical weapons arsenal. the plan needs approval from the un security council and syria must sign up to it. members of the council have been
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meeting in new york. the british ambassador gave little away about how the talks are going. >> we are having constructive discussions i think progress is being made. we will keep meeting until we reach agreement. >> secretary of state john kerry appealed to the council to move quickly to approve the deal reached by russia and the u.s.. >> for complete removal of syria's chemical weapons is possible through peaceful means but that would be determined by the resolve of the united nations to follow through on the agreement russia and the united states reached in geneva, an agreement that clearly said this must be enforceable. it must be done as soon as possible. >> as international diplomats discussed syria's future, fighting on the ground showed no signs of abating.
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2 million syrians have fled the country. 5 million have been internally displaced. >> fighting among opposition forces in syria has reached new levels in the city just five kilometers from the turkish border. the al qaeda offshoot has recently taken control. ankara has voiced concerns along with syrian refugees in turkey. >> the line of trucks stretches four kilometers. 84 syria is put on hold -- aid for syria is put on hold. dozens of families wait for news for their relatives still in syria. >> my family is there. i came to work.
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there are many problems there. >> i do not understand what is going on on the other side problems among fighters. i am not one of them so i do not know. >> syrian refugees speak their mind against the al qaeda affiliate. they accuse the radicals of turning into new oppressors. the syrian smuggler received dozens of phone calls from civilians who want to escape the infighting between the mainstream fsa fighters and the jihadists gaining ground. >> jihadists set up checkpoints all around town. residents are terrorized. they are stranded. they cannot get out of the city and cross the border illegally. >> on the turkish side of the border, the sound of gun fighting can still be heard. one more reason for turkish
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authorities to keep the border closed until further notice. >> the iranian president has revealed his government is ready to help facilitate dialogue between the syrian government and opposition. in the latest bid to reach out to the international community he said he wanted to pursue a policy of constructive engagement. he may meet with president obama next week for the first time marking a symbolic but significant step towards easing the tense relationship. an exchange of letters has raised expectations for a thaw in relations with the white house suggesting president obama is serious if they are serious about ending the nuclear weapons program. >> there have been a lot of encouraging things said, but actions are more important than words. one of the reasons we are seeing this change in rhetoric is
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because of the international consensus established with the president's leadership kind the proposition that iran must give up its nuclear weapons program. it has been active the most severe sanctions in history. >> our correspondent in the middle east has reaction from israel on comments by romani -- by rouhani that iran would never pursue a chemical -- nuclear weapon. >> the israeli premier reacting quickly calling upon me -- rou hani's words sugarcoated that are meant to deceive the international community. he said the new iranian president is a sheet described as a wolf and is calling on the
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international community not to be deceived. he said while the interview was being taped where he said his country has no intention to develop a nuclear weapon, he is saying the while the interview was being taped, centrifuges were spinning at full seed in iran. he wants actions and not words. he wants four different things to happen in iran. that is probably what he will be saying at the upcoming general assembly at the end of the month at the united nations. he will say he wants the cessation of all uranium and plutonium enrichment. he wants the closure of the facility and all uranium to be removed from iran. before that happens the israeli
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premier will keep calling on the international community not to release the pressure and to intensify the pressure on iran. >> at least 35 people have been killed in southern yemen this friday. dozens were killed when two car bombs exploded. gunmen opened fire on a military patrol elsewhere. our correspondent has more on what happened. >> at this point, reports are still early. it is looking like 20 to 40 people, military officers, were killed in two attacks. it looks like armed militants may have been involved in a third separate attack that killed 10 people. reports are still coming in. it is still hard to verify what happened. this is the largest attack since
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summer of last year. it is looking like it may be al qaeda. >> rescue operations are continuing in mexico after the country was hit by the worst weather crisis in decades. the tropical storm continues to batter the west coast. hurricane is on the east coast. 100 people have been killed. >> a day after the landslide the village is devastated. tropical storm and well start from -- struck for a second time. a mudslide engulfed the village. many are still missing. >> there was a disaster. it happened in just two minutes. >> buildings were buried. army reinforcements have been called in to help find the missing. >> many people were buried.
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they have made a list of the missing. we assume many are under the mud. >> the storm has moved north drenching the pacific coast. over the last five days, flooding has displaced hundreds in southern mexico. help has just arrived for those trapped. >> it has been almost four days. there are people who have had nothing to eat sent saturday. >> more than one billion people are reported to have been affected across the country. at least 12 people including a child have been injured after a gunman opened fire in a park in chicago. the child and two other victims are believed to be in critical condition. no one has been taken into custody in connection with the shooting.
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ahead of germany's national elections, the chancellor is likely to win a third term. angela merkel says germany must stick to her approach of insisting struggling countries fulfill tough conditions in exchange for aid. the opposition say her approach is too austere. what are the implications for europe in the selection? >> let's remind our viewers that germany is europe's largest economy. during the crisis, germany has taken central stage, something new. historically germany was happy to take a backseat. now germany is at the center of the game. what happens in germany matters to the rest of europe. for europeans it depends on who
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her coalition partner will be. she is not sure she can renew her coalition with the liberals. if that happens, i think we can expect more of the same. if angela merkel is in a position to perform -- form a coalition, i think we will see differences. during the campaign, they have been calling for more solidarity towards the rest of europe. they want the introduction of the national minimum wage in germany something that does not exist at this stage. that could change things. they will want to have secured the finance ministry. if you have a social democratic finance minister at meetings, it will be a different tone. do not expect a complete change. we are still talking about germany.
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germans are very proud of their system and believe the german recipe should work for the rest of europe. there is a new party in the campaign the alternative for germany. it is an anti-euro party. if they make it to parliament they could have a strong voice. that would put more pressure on angela merkel. >> there is a lot of pressure on her, but she is riding high. >> she's germany's most popular politician. she is a scientist. she has always had this scientific approach to decision- making. she is now trying to betray herself as someone close to the people. you can see the footage from her new website dedicated to her private life. she is supporting the german football team. she knows she is popular.
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she is trying to break the image of the iron lady and wants to put herself as someone close to the people. she has no shortage of enemies. for eight years, she remains germany's most popular politician. >> thank you. pope francis has signaled a dramatic shift in the vatican tone in an interview that comes six months into his papacy. he said the catholic church had become obsessed by homosexuality, abortion and contraception. he said it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time. >> they got underway on thursday. they made an inauspicious start to their campaign. they had chances of their own.
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later, finished. they started their european campaign with a win. he opened it up after four minutes. just 12 minutes later, on the score sheet for the other side. he was given a red card 10 minutes later. 3-0 finished. swansea made the perfect start in spain. 1-0 after 14 minutes. the other side doubled their advantage 13 minutes into the second half. the lovely play was finished off by the spaniard.
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he added a third on 62 minutes. 3-0 finished in spain. the english premier league's other representatives in action. they wasted little time going 4- 0 up after 21 minutes. they doubled the host advantage. he added to the score line. the spurs are up and running. 3-0 the final score. he won a sprint finish at the tour of britain. as they approached the second and final climb he attacked
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with six kilometers remaining. his break for the lead did not last. he was joined by others. bennett position himself well to outpace the others and take the win. it was better than his second- place finish in stage two. wiggins retains the lead. new zealand remains on the brink of securing a third game. they lead the usa 8-2 and need more -- one more win to retain the cup. oracle won the race to give themselves a glimmer of hope of regaining some ground in the race for the title.
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he's arguably the greatest sprinter of all time and one of sports greatest superstars. next is the world of literature as he released his autobiography in london on thursday. he says he is not resting on his laurels despite six gold medals. he wants to be remembered as one of the best. >> i watched mohamed ali and michael johnson. all of these guys are great in their sport. when people talk about sports in general, these are the guys they talk about. i want to be among these guys. if i can set myself a high standard and continue to dominate, i will be among them. when people talk about sports, i will be among the greats.
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>> you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not agree with the jamaican having swept the world championships in moscow in august. he's already arguably among those greats. >> german citizens giving their votes to foreigners via facebook. thousands of web users campaign for the release of two canadians held in egypt. a point of view video that lets us fly like an eagle. germany goes to the polls on sunday for the country's general election.
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rick will be voting as instructed by lola. some are handing over their votes to foreigners so they can have their say. the outcome of the election will have a significant impact on europe and the rest of the world. she has joined the rebellion facebook page and will be voting on behalf of someone outside germany. via this page, german voters can give up their vote to web users from a different country. they have to explain their voting preference and why the election in germany is something they want to be involved in. richter rodriguez from spain thanks the left-wing government would handle the crisis more effectively. the campaign was launched by the
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group e galatea berlin and inspired by a similar initiative in israel in january for parliamentary elections when some donated their votes to palestinians. the canadian nationals were arrested in cairo august 16 for breaching the curfew. they have been detained since with no official charges brought. hundreds strike on monday to protest their conditions. she's appealing to the international community in joining her for the campaign for their release. they are urging canadians to lobby the government to do everything in their power to secure the release of the men who have garnered 137,000 signatures. they urged to contact the ministers and asked them to prioritize the matter.
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john grayson who teaches film in toronto also has students behind him fighting for his freedom. they produced this video saying they hope their campaigning will contribute to getting him home as soon as possible. the campaign is set to grow over the coming days. web users are voicing concerns they will meet the same fate as the french nationals held in cairo in similar emissions who died in detention on tuesday after being beaten to death by fellow prisoners. the philippine farm -- armed forces are locked in fighting with rebels could both are facing a war of words on social
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networking. the army posted a series of messages to a handle along into the national liberation front urging them to lay down their weapons. they responded by saying the rebel leader was prepared to die for the cause. the aston martin driven by james bond in "goldfinger," the delorean from "back to the future," the spanish designer has produced a poster collection featuring these iconic cars from the movies. the name of the movie is not featured on the poster so a film buff can have fun guessing. fly like an eagle. this incredible video was filmed in germany and france and made
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by attaching a small camera to the back of the burden. a fantastic idea with stunning results. a definite must-see for nature lovers. >> white gloves, caps and carefully choreographed moves. employees of the tokyo metro run the vast underground network with the precision of the musical conductor. their unusual style consists of pointing and describing out loud every task leaving no room for error. >> in the tokyo metro, have a five-second margin for being on time. if we are a little late, we have to make up for it straightaway.
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in this job, you have to have a mental clock ticking all of the time. >> running this behemoth is no easy feat. two systems sprawl under the japanese capital. to complicate things, on the surface, private train lines wind in and out of the network. 26 million passengers used the transport web every day. >> there are a lot of train operators. when you take the metro you have to juggle between the different companies. it is hard to find your way around. >> every operator takes into account the other timetables to make sure commuters make the connections. a delay on one can have an effect on the entire network of packed trains. >> every carriage is meant to take 150 passengers, which includes those sitting in standards.
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at rush hour, we push capacity to 180%. >> it might be a tight squeeze at times but the tokyo metro is a well oiled machine. rates employees, it is obvious.
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>> hello, and welcome to "the health show." today's program is all about safety how good advice, along with some ingenious inventions, can reduce accidents and prevent health emergencies.


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