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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 17, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> u.s. government workers prepare to head back to work. the u.s. avoid a historic debt default. president obama signed into law a deal which may leave republicans and he handed. -- empty-handed. what to do with the remains of a nazi war criminal. they contacted germany to see if they would repatriate the body. france's expulsion of an illegal minor back to kosovo continues to spark controversy. protests have been in the area over the move. thank you for joining us. first, back from the brink with
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only hours to spare, the u.s. congress passed legislation to a vote to -- to avert a historic debt default and avoid a government shutdown. the bipartisan deal which was basically in the end along u.s. president barack obama's terms. the senate voted to send be measured to be republican- controlled house of representatives, which passed it late in the evening. philip prosser has more from washington. >> there are clearly winners and losers in this debt crisis in the united states. one big winner is president of bob -- president barack obama. he got pretty much everything he wanted. that goes exactly the same for the democratic party as well. who is on the losing side? clearly the republican party. they were thinking this was there chance to get out of what they call obamacare, the health care reform put in place by president obama. in april this was the last
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chance to define incident or delay parts of it. that cannot happen at all. the bill that was signed into law by president obama, there is absolutely no mention of the health-care overhaul at all. all it says is that the government will be reopened. indeed it will do so in just a few hours time. and the debt ceiling will be raised. republicans will think very hard about attacking maybe a law that is in place already or going up against the president and democrats in congress the next time. >> philip crowther there in washington. what has been the impact of the last few weeks and will there be more fallout down ? -- fallout down the line? >> congress has agreed to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling, averting a first ever did he call. the new agreement as funding only until mid-january, setting the stage for another budget battle.
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as a result, many analysts say consumers and businesses are more likely to hold back on spending and investments. turning this into another humbug holiday season. the 16-day partial shutdown has done its fair share of damage economically. >> data lawmakers are taking this long to come out with a deal with at least shave zero .4% of the u.s. gdp in the fourth quarter. >> ratings agency standard & poor's says the partial shutdown had already shaved off $24 billion, and there are fears a lack of cabinets in the world's biggest economy could be even deeper. >> the u.s. is going to be behaving like this, perhaps their ratings are in question going forward. there is a flow of foreign money into other countries. >> another rating agency says that could downgrade the u.s.'s aaa credit rating even with a temporary dear all of raising the debt ceiling.
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>> there's disagreement over what to do with the body of a nazi war criminal. the italian government has contacted germany to discuss the possibility of sending his remains back to his native land. this after a planned general had to be called off tuesday after clashes erupted between hundreds of protesters and aussie sympathizers. we have more from rome. >> late last night, there were reports of the body had been moved, but then this morning other reports said that it has not been essentially it continues. there is mystery as to where exactly erich priebke's body is. his family wants to know where the remains are, and they would like to happen. that is the latest we have heard. in terms of discussions that are happening between italy and germany, the german authorities say that it is really up to the
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family to decide what happens to the remains, and his hometown in germany has said that a funeral would only be possible if he was a resident or if this family had a tomb there, and in both cases priebka does not apply. we do not know is what exactly will happen to his remains. >> why exactly are we in a situation where no country wants to receive the body? what was priebke guilty up? >> there was a massacre of 345 italian civilians, including 35 jewish people, and that massacre was allegedly ordered by adolf hitler himself who said he wanted 10 italians killed for every german soldier that was killed in a bomb attack arranged by the partisans. so what happened was priebke is believed to have had a role or been involved in that that came
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up during the trial. he picked some of the civilians and even shopping. he fled to argentina for 50 years before a u.s. television crew actually tracked them down so he was extradited to italy and sentenced to life imprisonment back in 1998, but because of his age, he was in his 80's at the time, he essentially spent that in house arrest and a rooftop apartment in rome until his death last friday at the age of 100. but priebke never expressed remorse for what happened during the massacre during world war ii, and that is what has angered a lot of people, even romance was other residents. -- even rome as well as other residents. >> seema gupta their reporting from rome. the parliament is bidding whether to ban. this comes after six lawmakers from the extreme white ring --
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right wing golden dawn party. a fatal seven last month at a greek rapper. golden dawn lawmakers broke out -- walked out before the vote, was shot near unanimous approval cleared mark edwards has the details. >> overwhelmingly passed, 247 debbie's at the greek parliament were in unity from the far right golden dawn party. legislators can be tried on various charges, including involvement in a criminal gang. greece opened a criminal investigation following a killing of a left-wing rapper. they charge the openly racist party with a string of murders and assaults as well as racketeering. in most business only parliament can let their community if they are suspected of terminal activity. >> -- of criminal activity.
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>> when you have committed crimes, even if you are among parliament, you have to go -- and the greek justice system works. that is what it is all about. >> golden dawn is greece's third most popular party and they deny any wrongdoing and they are accusing the government of a witchhunt against the party. in a vote of the finance, they sustained from the vote. >> i am being persecuted for my belief and not for my actions. i do not have to apologize for any of my actions simply because i have not done anything that must answer to the justice system. >> if convicted of criminal association, the golden dawn members of parliament could face up to 10 years in jail. >> and now the government is being accused of unlawfully dictating -- detaining and
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deporting syrian refugees. amnesty international says egypt is failing to meet its international obligations and risks damaging its image as a key stakeholder in the region. syrian refugees have been accused of backing the muslim brotherhood and being involved in the lyrical violence that flared after the ouster of president mohammed morsi. meanwhile, a date has been the subject -- set for the geneva to peace talks. according to the syrian deputy prime ministry the conference could take place november 23 and 24th. the long-delayed talks and to bring the syrian government and opposition together to sink in and to the country's war. -- seek an end to the war. the deportation of a teenage girl sparks controversy in rent. -- in france. she was deported to her home country along with the rest of
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her family. the girl says she was taken into police custody during a school outing. the moves are being criticized by both right and left wing politicians. >> a phone call to friends back in france. now the ported to her native coast of oh -- kosovo, this is the teenager at the center of a political storm here she was on a school bus in eastern france when she received a call that authorities were looking for her. the bus drove to this carpark. leonarda describes what happens the public dudley from the bus and drove me to the police station. they took photos of me to put on the white documents to get to the atlantic or >> she was -- to get to the airplanes. >> and she was deported. her family had been living in france illegally for five years. the expulsion was legal according to the ministry. >> when you have not been given asylum and you no longer have
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any reason to be in our territory, the law has to be applied. >> leonarda cases the latest -- leonarda's case is the latest. deportation orders do not allow authorities to detain children of schools. if a mistake was made, the expulsion order will be annulled , and this family will come back to france so that its case will be examined. >> an internal investigation is currently underway. for leonarda and her family, its findings could not come soon enough. >> were examining a case of a nursery worker who was fired for wearing an islamic veil back in 2008. the court is to decide she was discriminated against because of her religion.
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the case but transpose the debate over secularism over the -- the case puts france's debate over secularism back in the spotlight. >> today's hearing is just the latest in cases that has been going on for five years. it started in 2008 when fatima afif was fired for refusing to take off the islamic veil that she wore to work every day. she took the case to the industrial tribunal, which did not really her favor. a second court case resulted in the same verdict. it was in march of this year when the highest court of france , the court of cassation felt she had been a victim of religious information and overturned the fact that she had been fired. this hearing today comes back on that decision. the court is excited to argue that as a nursery worker and an educational examined -- establishment, she should follow the principle of secularism.
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fatima afif and her lawyers will be maintaining that she was illegally fired. the public prosecutor will be present, a very rare occurrence for that authority here in paris. >> finally, two of the world's best-known film makers have been awarded france's highest honor. joel and ethan coen were made commander of the orders of arts in paris last night. all of her fairy has the details. -- oliver has the details. >> joel and ethan coen were decorated wednesday with the orders of arts. even spoke of the positive reception the two brothers films have received in france. >> our characters are very local, very equal, very american . it is so nice that in spite of
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that, or maybe because of that they speak to people in france as well. our movie sometimes do better in france than they do at home in the states. >> france's culture minister said it is only natural that it be up into directors -- that he begin into four-time winners of the cannes film festival. >> it is natural that there is this recognition, these awards for two of the greatest directors in the united states today. >> france's order of arts and letters was established in 1957, of which commander is the highest. previous americans include bob dylan, clint eastwood, and bruce willis. ♪ >> hello and welcome to the week in america. coming of the show the bombings
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from 1998. also, what happens when young people travel to brazil to meet the pope or fees to go home. but first, when he was first elected, many had hoped u.s. president barack obama would be able to bridge the divide between america's republicans and democrats. after five years with the obama administration, the country is still very much polarized. the latest example being the battle in washington. george and he takes a look at the winners and losers of the u.s. government shutdown. >> his speech at the u.s. senate has quotes from children's books to my phrase from a hamburger brand, and an imitation of "star wars" villain darth vader. public integrity's mutton -- republican ted cruz may be among
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the few republicans who stood point admit he shut up. chris has addressed the lawmaker's lasted 21 hours in 19 minutes. the texas senator rosa say frontline opponent of president obama's health-care bill. >> i intend to speak in support of defendant obamacare and sell i am no longer able to stand. >> cruz could say with tea party radicals that of a presidential primary. the republicans have fared less well. namely the speaker of the house of representatives john boehner. trying to thrash out a deal to end the shutdown, boehner blames democrats for refusing to compromise. >> we have been trying to have conversations with our democratic colleagues. they don't want to talk. the president does not want to talk. we tried to offer a bill that would reopen parts of the government only to have them reject it by our counterparts over in the u.s. senate. >> yet the house leaders also
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had to deal with a divided republican party cop between moderates and relatives -- and radicals. republican approval rates have hit record lows. senator john mccain told the "new york times," republicans have to understand we have lost this battle, as i predicted weeks ago, that we were not able to win because we were demanding something that was not achievable. meanwhile, barack obama has stood his ground. the president that on his opponents backing down while accusing republicans of holding the country to ransom. >> the problem is that we have seen this ransomship as a strategy time and time again. i think the american people have made very clear that is not how we expect washington to do business. >> perhaps the biggest losers of washington lawmakers in general -- only a quarter of the u.s. population think democrats and republicans are doing an
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adequate job of governing the country. the majority of americans now believe the u.s. needs a third major party. >> olivia man has pleaded not guilty for two u.s. bombings. the blast killed more than 220 people. al-liby is expected of having links to al qaeda and with seized earlier this month. >> in a new york federal coat on tuesday, -- court on tuesday al-liby they did not guilty of bombing two u.s. indices in east africa. >> he was an i.t. guy. he handled the computer programs that allow for the video surveillance while preparing for the attack. >> 240 four people died when
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simultaneous explosions ripped through the two facilities. thousands more were left wounded. while al-liby's role is set to a kerr five years between -- before the bombings occurred, a grand jury indicted him. he was held on board a navy vessel in the mediterranean for 10 days. al-liby's interrogation did not go well. he apparently refused food and water and was finally sent to new york to face trial in a civilian court a far cry from previous practice -- previous tactics the u.s. has use when it comes to terror suspects request the obama administration has made it clear they will not send it to black sites for the kind of interrogation we have had before. you can assume this is a lawful interrogation. >> the bombing is thought to be only a minor one. his previous contact with high ranking members of al qaeda seems to make him worth the risk
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of extracting. >> i think he is considered a very valuable source and resource to the united states are now in addition to the prosecutorial element. >> if convicted, al-liby facebook life in prison. >> caution once again in the streets of brazil. the violence broke out at the end of demonstrations demanding better pay for teachers and affordable housing. in both rio de janeiro and são paulo, hundreds of members of amicus group began throwing molotov cocktails along with rocks and bottles toward police. as a result, police used tear gas to disperse the crowds. it has been more than two months since thousands of young athletes from around the world returned home from brazil after worldview today. a handful chose to stay behind and are now claiming essilor. among pilgrims, from pakistan sierra leone, and the democratic
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republic of congo. >> we meet joseph in the suburbs of rio de janeiro. he asks to remain anonymous to protect his family still living and the democratic republic of congo. that is because he has just asked for political asylum in brazil, but this was not a spontaneous decision. for him, worldview today was a ticket out of his hometown and out of the country. >> we ask for the visa to see the pope, but we did not see the pope, we fled. i have no regrets. i'm happy. it was a good idea. it helped us escape the suffering we were entering in our country. >> for those attending world youth day, getting a visa was relatively easy. dirty five congolese came in the same -- 35 congolese came in the same group. none of them used in their return ticket. everyone stayed here in brazil. >> i don't want to return to
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that country. it is too hard. there is too are suffering, to any problems there is war, people are dying. >> in rio de janeiro some of the asylum seekers gather in this reception center run by a local nongovernmental organization. they have that forms to fill out, jobs to look for portuguese language courses to take. they are among an estimated 60 people who came to brazil for world youth day and then asked for asylum. >> we have two cases here. those who came in for the religious freedom that we have in brazil, and those who used the occasion because it is easier to get a visa for brazil for you worldview today. >> george came from sierra leone, drawn to brazil's secular system. >> because i am a christian. there i do not practice my faith really. there are a lot of persecutions. i father was killed because of christianity.
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>> allen is a practicing catholic, but in pakistan, he felt his life was constantly at risk. his village, he said, was threatened with arson, so he signed up as a volunteer for world youth day. >> i was not having the life of an honorable person. i so people were crying and they were praying so i was very inspired. i always wanted to pray like them. >> in recent years, thousands of asylum seekers have started sin brazil, and with the world cup and the olympic games fast approaching, that number looks likely to go up. >> causing a stir on the streets of new york, which is currently on a month-long residency. his art has appeared unannounced iraqi city, keeping fans guessing at where his work will turn up next.
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-- unannounced in the city. >> no one knows what he looks like, but his works are instantly recognizable. a street artist, banksi is a man of mystery. the artist has left works on little-known walls and doors of new york city. since his twitter account banksy has a huge order at -- a huge treasure hunt. has month-long protest. with each new piece or insulation, his fans quickly follow. a moralizing it in digital. the owners of these buildings painted by the artists have hit the jackpot. like this one in queens. he runs this building, and now a piece of banksy's work.
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>> i want to congratulate him. >> several of banksy's works have and one out there was an option offer hundreds of thousands of dollars. most of the our work in new york still stands, but now, however rival street artists have defaced paintings, such as this piece in chelsea. banksy is no stranger to pulling off a clever stunt. the latest being missed pop-up stand in central park. the artist said nothing to his fans. people were stopped, most likely unaware they were purchasing a banksy signed original. these bases are said to be worth tens of thousands of dollars. >> staying with coulter, another british artist -- staying with art, another british artist is
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inspected to break the painters record sale. the paintings go on display at christie's in london before it heads to new york for auction next month. it will easily break the previous record
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>> three british workers -- abbas tarver, a midwife, and a paramedic. -- a bus driver, a midwife, and a paramedic. they do their jobs in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. >> that was a really cruel birth. >> that is one satisfied customer. >> how do you guys do this in these conditions? >> angie dimon is leaving her home in the welsh valleys and her job as a cardiff paramedic to work in guatemala city


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