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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 1, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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hello and welcome back to "newsline." i'm shery ahn. let's get start with the headlines. members of an ethnic minority group in china say they are being harassed after authorities blame some members for a deadly car crash in beijing. airline passengers in the u.s. will soon not need to switch off their electronic gadgets during flights. and emergency coordinators
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for unicef say children in syria lack many of the things they need to develop, and they are warning of a lost generation. members of an ethnic minority group in china say they are being harassed. government authorities are blaming uygur people for a deadly car crash near tiananmen square and members of the group are concerned it will spread. nhk has more. >> reporter: a utility vehicle went into a crowd on monday, then crash and burst into flame. the three people in the suv were killed, along with two bystanders. investigators have described the incident as a well organized terrorist attack. they say all of them are uggers, as were the three people in the car. a spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry suggested members of the east turkish
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islamic movement may be linked to the incident. the group is fighting for independence in the autonomous region. uggers in beijing say they are experiencing backlash. some say their landlords have pressured them to move. others say staff at a hotel refused to let them stay. about 9 million uggers live in the autonomous region, but the region is dominated politically and economically by hun chinese, who make up the majority of the country's population. many uygurs chase at chinese controls, though the government denies imposing restrictions on these activities. uygur dissatisfaction has sometimes erupted into violence.
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in 2009, nearly 200 people were killed in rioting. the group's leader called for an international investigation into the incident near tiananmen square. >> translator: the chinese government hasn't told the media what really happened at the scene. the coverage is based on the story the government made up, and it lacks credibility. >> reporter: u.s. officials expressed concern over chinese government's abuse over human rights. >> we believe, of course, in human rights across the board. that certainly applies to the uygur community, and that's something we communicate regularly. >> reporter: chinese law calls for severe punishment for acts of terror. officials say such penalties ensure the protection of human
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rights and social order. authorities have cited the fight against terror as a motive for tightening security, both in the capital and throughout the country. ishikawa, nhk world. defense officials in beijing have claimed that a japanese self defense force ship intruded into a zone where the chinese navy was conducting drills. japanese officials said s.e.f. personnel have been engaged in routine activities. crews aboard chinese navy ships began live fire on october 24th in the western pacific. defense ministry spokesperson yune said the japanese ship entered the zone despite repeated warnings. yang said japanese surveillance aircraft repeatedly entered the area, as well.
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>> translator: these actions by the japanese ship and aircraft have created hazards to the safe navigation of our ships and aircraft. it was a very dangerous provocation. >> yang said chinese officials summoned a defense from beijing to launch a protest. japan's defense minister dismissed china's protest. >> translator: it is normal for the self defense forces to conduct regular controls and surveillance in waters southeast of the islands in okinawa prefecture. such actions show no problems in light of international law. >> onodera says japan will cooperate to prevent misunderstandings over maritime activity. airline passengers in the united states will soon be able to read, play games, and watch movies on their gadgets during
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their entire flight. new federal aviation guidelines say flyers will not need to switch off their electronic devices onboard. >> i am pleased to announce that airlines can safety expand passenger use of portable electronic devices during all phases of flight. >> under the new rules, airlines can apply passengers to use their devices during takeoff and landing, and will only apply on planes protecting systems from electronic interference. all gadgets must be switched to airplane mode, meaning they can't transmit radio waves and passengers still can't talk on their cell phones. >> i think we're business travelers. it's a convenience. >> it's great, i guess, as far as people staying in contact and stuff like that. >> the new rules will not come into effect immediately, but may be in place by year end.
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and the faa says airlines will have to show that their airplanes meet the new guidelines. germans are trying to get to the bottom of allegations u.s. agents spied on their leader. a german politician says a wealth of intelligence information may be welling to help. former national security agency contractor edward snowden is prepared to reveal what he knows. german media say opposition lawmaker traveled to moscow to meet with snowden. he says snowden told him that he's ready to speak to german prosecutors and members of parliament. they are looking into allegations american agents tapped the cell phone of chancellor angela merkel. strobel says snowden made it clear he knows a lot. snowden has revealed details of several top u.s. surveillance programs. u.s. leaders are demanding the
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russian officials return him to the u.s. so he can face charges of espionage and theft of government property. germany has criticized the apparent spying operation against merkel. now u.s. secretary of state john kerry admitted some of the spying activities were inappropriate, but stopping short of clarifying the details. kerry spoke to a conference in london via video link on thursday. >> some of these actions have reached too far, and we are going to make sure that does not happen in the future. >> but he defended u.s. intelligence gathering, saying it has stopped numerous terrorist attacks. kerry said president barack obama is conducting a thorough review of the spying to avoid creating anymore concern. government officials here are looking to overhaul the operator of japan's crippled
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nuclear plant. aiuchida joins us from the business desk. ministry officials want to divide up the operations and create a unit to deal with decommissioning the crippled reactors at fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. the officials want tepco executives to review how their company is organized. then the officials aim to split it up. they want to create one firm for decommissioning the operation and other for nuclear power generation, thermal power generation, and transmission. the ministry officials believe the structure would make it easier to manage the work at the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant and deal with the reactors. they also say forming a holding company would allow tepco to better manage each unit and make it easier for the firm to cut costs. meanwhile, the government has indicated its willingness to
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consider providing funding to clean up the aftermath of the fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster. this came in response to a call by the ruling liberal democratic party for a greater government role in the efforts. ldp officials have made the proposal as tepco is struggling to contain tainted water leaks at its crippled plant. scrapping the damaged reactors is also a tough challenge, requiring huge costs and time. under the current legal framework, the utility is obliged to pay for the decontamination costs, but the ruling party proposed the state should take the efforts as part of a public works project. taro aso said the tab net will discuss the proposal. >> translator: i respect the proposal by the panel and the government will carefully study it. >> aso said the government will also study the possible use of public funds for construction
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and management of storage facilities for the contaminated soil. and a bill for reforming japan's electricity retailing system has moved a step closer to gaining approval of the diet. the legislation was proposed after the disaster led to a tight power supply. the lower house has passed the bill to revise the electricity business act. the proposal now goes to the upper house. it's designed to set up an organization for running wide area electrical grids by around 2015. it's a step toward changing the country's power distribution system. in or after 2014, the government plans to introduce more bills, they would allow businesses and private homes to freely choose electricity suppliers. the legislation is also aimed at separating the power generation and transmission businesses. under the current system, ten
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utilities, in effect, dominate both the generation and supply of power across the country. the government plans to complete the reform by 2020. all right. let's get a check on the markets. chinese investors were encouraged by a faster recovery in the manufacturing sector. the shanghai composite advanced more than a third of a percent to 2,149. china's official pmi in october rose to 51.4. that was the fastest growth in 18 months. the financial sector was among the main gainers. but the positive data didn't filter through to all markets in the asia-pacific region. as you can see, the picture is mixed. in tokyo, the nikkei average fell to 14,201. sony closed down 11% after the firm cut its full-year net profit forecast. also hurt shares of sony, as
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well as other companies doing significant business in europe. in indonesia, the main index closed down by 1.7%, standing at 4,432. sentiment was dampened by data that shows indonesia's trade balance swung to a deficit in september and the country's inflation rate remained high at more than 8% in october. as the china pmi figures suggests, many manufacturing in the country is picking up. members of china's ruling communist party are preparing for the third plenary session of the committee next week. leaders have promised to use the key meeting for laying out unprecedented reforms. to get some insight, we spoke in hong kong to head of investment strategy at shk private. >> the pmi report this morning is another piece of evidence that's telling you china has a
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solid economic foundation to carry out the structural reform. what we need to achieve in china, we need to create a high value added, sustainable model. to do that, we'll need to see policies to promote innovation and develop human capital. and in terms of promoting innovation, new leaders will need to introduce more policies to introduce more private capital and increase competition. in terms of developing human capital, we'll need improvements in the social security system and an improvement in the education system. >> can the government actually come up with bold policies if these vested interests actually come up against opposition? >> well, what is happening in china right now, the leaders in beijing are trying to leverage the state council's recent proposal to try to consolidate and amplify public opinion ahead of the meeting that's supposed to reform. we're pretty skeptical these
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measures will be adequately addressed in a four-day weekend, but we're convinced china can achieve a consumer-driven economy. we believe policies next week that would address the social security system, to address the family registration system and the land right policies will help china move forward on its economic rebalancing act. >> the third plenary session will begin on saturday next week in beijing. japan's new car sales rose in october for the second straight month. that was due to strong demand for mini vehicles and introduction of new hybrid models. auto industry officials say sales totalled more than 420,000 vehicles last month, up 17% year on year. auto sales had been slowing down since september last year, when government subsidies for eco car buyers ended. among major makers, honda reported a 49% increase, thanks to brisk sales of a hybrid model it released in september.
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nissan sales grew 15%, and toyotas 12%. officials at the japan automobile dealers association predict that new car sales will continue to go up as automakers plan to roll out more new models. they also say many people may rush to buy cars before the planned consumption tax hike in april. japanese engineers are helping people with disabilities do what they need to do online. they've created a computer that's operated by breathing into a tube. researchers developed the machine. users blow softly to move the cursor down and forcefully to move it up and inhale sharply or gently to move right or left. some students tested out the system. the researchers say it took about a week of getting used to. people with severe mobility problems can currently operate some computers with eye movements, but their new breath-controlled system is
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cheaper. they are hoping to have it on the market in two years. that's all for now in business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets. the u.s. ambassador to syria has urged antigovernment forces there to negotiate an end to the conflict. he wants the rebels to attend the proposed international peace meeting, but opposition leaders say they won't attend unless president bashar al assad steps down. robert ford spoke at the senate foreign relations committee. he said syria civil war
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deadlocked with fighting among government troops, antigovernment forces, and foreign islamic militants. the united states and russia are trying to arrange a conference in geneva to find a political solution. >> the syrian opposition has a role to play here. it needs to tell other syrians, not only what it rejects, but also what it proposes in terms of a reasonable alternative to the existing assad regime. >> the u.s. is backing the opposition forces, while russia supports the assad government. more than 100,000 people have died during two and a half years of fighting in syria. the most vulnerable victims of the war are the children. emergency coordinators at the united nations childrens fund are warning of a lost generation. nhk world has this report. >> reporter: 3 million children inside syria are affected by the civil war.
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unicef says many lack safe drinking water, health care, and education. two out of three children have had to leave school. more than a million have fled the country with their families. two out of five of those children have no access to education. cases of polio have been reported in the country's eastern province. the head of unicef's emergency coordination says they have just started an immunization campaign, but they don't know if they can reach all children. >> the most urgent right now is to access those children, both inside syria and the sub region, with health services, making sure those health services can go cross line to reach children wherever they are. >> reporter: with increasingly fractious opposition groups
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dividing the country, the number of children with no access to outside support is on the rise. but the apparently successful mission of u.n. chemical weapons inspectors inside syria has given some hope to humanitarian aid groups, including unicef. >> the importance of advocating with those that have influence on the parties to the conflict to allow access for humanitarian aid workers. the chemical weapons inspection team that have been able to access 18 sites inside syria for the purposes of chemical weapons inspection. we as humanitarian need that same access. they are a population trapped in downtown homs, downtown aleppo, rural damascus, that need our support now. it should be accessible to humanitarian workers. >> reporter: he says the international community should
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also be aware of the long-term consequences of the conflict. he says a chronic crisis is unfolding. >> if we don't take steps now to get them back into school, the 2 million children i've mentioned that have dropped out inside syria, a half a million outside syria, then they will not be in a position to help rebuild the country in the future when they become the adults of the future. it's extremely important that we do everything possible today to focus not only on life saving needs, which are critical, but also on education and protection, so that we don't have a lost generation. >> reporter: unicef has started a back to school campaign for children in and out of syria. chiben says providing school education for all syrian children must be a goal, even amid the conflict. he calls for all sides to exempt
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schools from violence, creating a safe haven for children that need a sense of normalcy. nhk world, tokyo. let's now bring in rachel ferguson for a check of the weather. rachel, we've had a week of severe weather, now i understand there's another powerful system in the south china sea. >> you're absolutely right, we have a typhoon here. it made landfall yesterday in northern luzon in the philippines, now it's heading to the south china sea. it is still a strong typhoon. that's the category it's in at the moment. gives us winds of 126 kilometers an hour to gusts up to 180. it's likely to weaken off as it heads through the south china sea, but for the moment, it is still a potent system and bringing heavy rain and destructive winds still for northern portions of the philippines. we'll see the heavy rain mostly
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falling over water, so that's some good news at least, but still seeing a lot of moisture over taiwan, as well as the southern japanese islands. in fact, we have an area of heavy rain traveling further north over the weekend. it's right here and develops a bit and is going to be heading in towards japan. nice and sunny over the weekend in much of japan and northeastern china. temperaturewise, not too bad here. 20 degrees in tokyo, 16 in seoul. 17 in beijing, staying dry. but we pick up all these showers. 32 for your high in bangkok. on we go into the americas. let's check on our storm that was moving through eastern portions of the continent yesterday. well, it's still going to be another day, i'm afraid on friday of very severe storms. there's your low, heading further up towards the northeast coming into eastern khan that, as well. you're going to have snow,
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because it is colder up here, heavy rain and strong winds, as well. you can see just how strong the winds are next to this low. along the front we'll see storms down towards the gulf coast. that's going to be sweeping across that eastern third of the continent over the next 24 hours, so another day of severe weather, unfortunately. much of western and central portions are looking quite good and settled. here are your temperatures. not bad either. 12 degrees in denver. 19 in oklahoma city. down in houston, 27, and some sunshine, but things are looking wet and unstable out towards the east. temperatures there in the low 20s. pictures coming out of new hampshire, this is mt. washington coming out of the weather observatory at the summit. mt. washington is known for its severe weather and for over three quarters of a century held the world record for the strongest wind gust ever recorded. that was 30 372 kilometers an
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hour. it's often the first place to gain snowfall. just lovely pictures there. on we go into europe. things are looking, again, very unstable out towards the west. we have that second storm coming through. that's going to be bringing you strong winds in portions of the british isles, as well as scandinav scandinavia. central and eastern locations, though, it is quite settled here. you're getting good spells of sunshine, too, in places like warsaw, as well as in vienna. down towards the southeast, again, another dry and peaceful day. athens, 23 degrees for you. 23 in rome, but it is going to be another wet one in london, berlin, as well as in paris. here's your extended forecast.
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and before we wrap up, here's a sweet story from paris. two japanese chocolate makers won the highest award for their artisanship at the world's largest chocolate fair. about 170 chock la tiers
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displayed their creations at the global chocolate fair. two japanese were among the 12 recipients of the top prize. he owns shops in tokyo and elsewhere in japan. he entered his wares for the first time this year. the use of fruits and japanese pepper wafted from his creations. aoki is based in paris but sells his products in japan. his products feature bright colors, using fruit and japanese green tea. >> translator: i open everyone everywhere in the world gets to taste the kinds of delicious chocolate that parisians love so much. >> these meticulously prepared delicacies with a japanese touch won praise for the competition's judges and ordinary chocolate lovers alike.
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and that's all for this hour on "newsline." i'm shery ahn. thank you for watching.
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it is all the target was near the city -- we will have more from our middle east correspondent in just a minute. iraq's prime minister calls for international help to fight against soaring violence on a trip to the u.s.. nouri al-maliki said he wanted to say a third world war launched to stop al qaeda attacks. and it is as long as six


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