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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 2, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ "the journal" like you from dw studios in berlin. our headlines this hour. shock and grief as two members of the golden dawn party are killed in a drive-by shooting in athens. outrage in pakistan as a u.s. drone strikes and kills a taliban leader at of peace talks. in german soccer, the month crushed stuttgart, 6-1. stuttgart, crushed
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6-1. >> we begin in greece where there are fears of rising political violence after two members of the far right golden dawn party were killed in a drive-by shooting. both of the victims were men in their 20s. the government has condemned the attack and says that they will pursue the perpetrators. so far no one has claimed responsibility. >> golden dawn has been criticized for its extremist views. dead, the members are killed by unknown assailants. they werehat expecting an attack. >> everyone knew a terrorist attack would hit our party, and now it has. >> investigators are looking into the leagues of extremist groups behind the murders to avenge the killing of a rap musician by a golden dawn
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supporter. 12 bullets against democracy, read one headline. many here said that the attack was aimed to further to stabilize greece. this local politician said that greece had been shaken by an invisible war following the violent deaths of three people in under a month. a said the country faced crisis and political analysts agree. >> we believe this should be within the context of the economic crisis, with the recent killing one month ago. is the economic ofenture, with a lot domestic issues for the future. >> far right extremists have exploited the on settled mood of the previous months.
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friday's killings will likely only serve to make matters worse. in a country that is already bitterly divided. >> two french journalists were killed while on assignment in mali. the reporters from radio france internationale were kidnapped in the town of kidal. the bodies were found outside the town with multiple gunshot wounds. the radio network said that they had just interviewed a local official from the tuareg separatists group. two germans kidnapped in lebanon were released only to be arrested by police. they are suspected of involvement in drug trafficking, they were taken by gunmen in the eastern bekaa valley. this is a tourist destination but also the home to powerful armed clans, some involved in drug smuggling. reports say that the two men
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were involved in a dispute over a drug deal. motel at ashmore protests in cairo over the trial of deposed president mohamed morsi. he is said to still be the will -- legitimate ruler. he's accused of being responsible for the deaths of protesters when he was president. will beolice officers on duty when the trial begins tomorrow. pakistan has summoned the u.s. ambassador due to recent protests over drone strikes. the leader of the pakistani taliban and was killed in waziristan on friday, and pakistan accuses the u.s. of sabotaging their attempts to start peace negotiations with the taliban. mehsud was one of the world's most wanted men, and had a $5 million bounty on his head. he was accused of being behind an attack that killed seven americans working for the cia
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years ago, and is said to be responsible for a failed attempt to bomb it time square in new york and is responsible for thousands of deaths. he was killed in north waziristan. close to the afghan border. to discuss the government's offer of peace talks. pakistan,minister of bring, was elected to peace through negotiation instead of military action. the government protested the drone strike and this was echoed on the streets of islamabad. >> between the government and the taliban, the attack at this time was very wrong. them tornment wants continue attacking each other and america has done a terrible thing. mehsud took control of the
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pakistani taliban in 2009 at his predecessor was also killed. they have promised a wave of suicide attacks in the aftermath of mehsud's death. >> reports say that germany and the u.s. are close to reaching a deal about spying, with an agreement not to spy on each other's leaders. this after documents from edward snowden suggest that the u.s. was bugging angela merkel xfone -- angela merkel's a phone. they met to ask about the claims and edward snowden said he was willing to help the german government investigate. police in california have begun investigations into the shooting at los angeles airport that killed a security officer and disrupted more than 700 flights across the united states. the alleged shooter, a 27-year- old man stormed into a terminal,
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killing one officer and injuring at least three other people. the police shot and injured him before taking him into custody. police say he had more than 100 rounds of ammunition. back in the headlines as sectarian violence has claimed 7000 lives this year alone. the most violence they have seen since 2008. they are struggling to push back al qaeda. hase minister al-maliki called for more support from the united states. october was the bloodiest month in iraq in nine years, as 7000 people died in the strikes between sunni and shiite. the government of a rack cannot get the violence under control on their own, and that is one reason for al-maliki's trip to washington. he called for u.s. military
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interference and he said that iraq needed to do more for human iraqis.or all >> we want and a rack that is prosperous and i communicated to the prime minister that anything we can do to help bring about this more hopeful future is something we want to work on. maliki said he was in agreement with the united states administration. >> what we want is for them to cooperate and we are working on security and intelligence to fight al qaeda because this is good for a rock and the middle east. >> with his trip is not without controversy. on obama to refuse support for the iraqi leader, saying that the authoritarian leadership style is probably to
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blame for the surge in violence. >> thousands of medical professionals have taken to the streets in the romanian capital, demanding better pay and working conditions. the doctors and nurses are calling for a raise in health care spending to six percent of the gdp. than 200 --more less than 200 euros per month. 3000 doctors leave romania every year. soccer, sports, and whereby immunity is unbeaten in 36 consecutive bundesliga matches, matching the record by hamburg 30 years ago. after nicola opened the scoring. thomas mullah put them back at the top of the standings. leverkuseneig beat
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1-0. friedberg and to berlin was surprised by -- and frankle is playing against wolfsburg. and bremen faces hanover, dortmund hammered stuttgart. match scored a hat trick for the home side. has won six out of six this season but players in france got a wake-up call early after stuttgart was on the board. they were neatly angled in the corner kick. from then on, it was all dortmund. this was 2-0 at halftime.
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levindosky scored and he was just warming up, scoring again. he was not through yet, and had three in succession. as if that wasn't enough, levan number six. they were on the heels of bayern munich. >> let's look at the standings. the hard-fought victory put munich back in first place, but dortmund is just behind, followed by leverkusen. braunschweig remains in the cellar after a win over leverkusen and is above nurenberg. vettelula one, sebastian has been pitched>> let's look a.
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for poll position in abu dhabi. his teammate, mark webber, beat him. mercedes pilot rothsberg. after the fourth round of the wgc event, dustin johnson has kept his lead. he shot 10 birdies on the round but also carded 2 double bogeys to put him 18 under par overall. he has a three shot lead over ian poulter. >> the new york marathon is back on sunday after being canceled in the aftermath of hurricane sandy last year. there will be special security measures in place after the bomb attack at the boston marathon early this year. >> this is an event where athletic competition is overshadowed by safety precautions. security has increased massively
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throughout the big apple. position inthe police departmens consulting with colleagues in boston. in the wake of the bombing in woundedast april, which 260. some of the amateur runners are apprehensive, including jennifer beir. old i had my nine-year- been selected, she asked me if there would be a bomb. kellyice commissioner ray is confident, talking about the 2000 and security cameras and five helicopters with specially trained dogs trained to find explosives. >> this will be as safe as it has ever been. >> 26 miles and in manhattan's central park.
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some 4000 art started to take part in the race, this will attract people from all over the world. is overcome with smoke as two of the most famous landmarks in australia can barely be seen, the sydney bridge and the opera house. risen to levels have 15 times above normal. more than 15 forest fires are burning in new south wales. people in parts of northern treated to a stunning spectacle yesterday. three sonuns could be seen in te sky, the real sun wsas surrounded by two. happens whenusion ice crystals create high clouds that reflect the sunlight.
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that is all for this edition of the journal. join us again at the top of the hour for more news and updates. ♪ >> had forrester andrzej as palmer is conducting an experiment for his guests. gather around closer, he says. and then, everyone crouched down. little trees, all we are all spruce saplings together. we all want to grow and because we are trees, we don't just want to go up, we want to spread our branches.
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you can see how tight it gets. number one, in nature, the stronger one prevails, always. the problem here is to many spruces and too few silver spurs. the forrester explains the benefits. you see what a fat route this is. this shows that these trees can reach more different minerals in the ground with different water reserves in the summer, making them the more stable tree. they are comparable with the oak trees on the fat planes. here, this is the for. 10 women and four men are spending a week outdoors to
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protect the valuable furs. only a few grow as tall as these. the young furs are a delicacy for the deer that wander through, stunting their growth. this puts other trees at an andntage and while the furs animals forist the
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fur to eat the firs. >> there is no vacation. these volunteers have a week of forest rework. participant says they will learn how to wrap the firs in wool, which is supposed to protect the young saplings from being taken off. but before the full work starts there are instructions. the chief forrester wants to make sure everyone knows how this is done right. >> the wool will have to be spread over and then wound over the needles. participant says they will learn how to wrap the firs in wool, which is supposed to protect the young saplings from being taken off. but before the full work starts there are instructions. the chief forrester wants to make sure everyone knows how this is done right. >> the wool will have to be spread over and then wound over the needles. it looks easy but it is not. participant says they will learn how to wrap the firs in wool, which is supposed to protect the young saplings from being taken off. but before the full work starts there are instructions. the chief forrester wants to make sure everyone knows how this is done right. >> the wool will have to be spread over and then wound over the needles. it looks easy but it is not. even finding them is a problem. the rule is that spruces sing, don't. sting, first andreas criticizes. that is not going to work, he tells the volunteer. the sapling may not be bitten off but there is so much will it will not grow next season. ronny asks, is it left from that? caroline says she loves it here and it is fascinating. this is a lot of work but she
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thinks it is great to achieve something between simple means and keeping the deer from destroying the trees. eachd their enthusiasm for tree astonishing but unlike the volunteers this is my first time here. everyone takes up the burden, to work for germany's forests. yesterday at the train station, it was all a big welcome back. these people know each other. weeks in the woods forge bonds. some are here for the eighth time. our disciplines pay only for the travel here. room and board are free. anyone should be able to join. for history authorities cover 40% of the costs and the rest come from donations and sponsors.
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andreas welcomes everyone to their lodgings on behalf of the project. he says when they come in they can decide among themselves who will sleep wear. the accommodations are on the level of a youth hostel, with several people to a room. pure luxury sets the team. bottle,d a hot water just in case. but the room seems to be plenty warm here. the next morning, at 6 a.m., preparing to plant fir sappl ings, these outside doors are x and are needed to plant -- for planting. in the course of the day these feel much heavier. the day's objective is ambitious.
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500 plantings, says andreas. they should make it, but they will see. the rest need to be put in moist soil so they don't dry out for tomorrow. the official objective is 2000 silver firs. the forrester has five employees following a huge area, so he is glad for the extra help. these tiny furs are already three years old. but now, care is needed and the roots have to stay undamaged. most of the saplings won't survive. for every 25 firs planted, only one makes itt on average. the project leader says it depends on how much wildlife that there is, the amount of snowfall and how dry that the summer is.
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there are a lot of factors that this and whether or not it will grow to maturity. i am surprised at how bad the onstar, and slowly i begin to understand why the crew was taking so much care with the wool early on. back in the woods, the chief forrester introduces the crew to the craft of planting trees. carolyn gets the hang of it and together, she, a teacher and ronnie, a truck driver, are a dream team. dig out the hole, plant the fir, and check for stability, all in
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deep rows with a meter and a half of space in between. i ask carolyn, what is the hardest part of planting? she says it is making the hole. there is some kind of surprise involved, a rock or a root. as here it gets tough, straight as possible and as deep as possible, losing as little soil as possible. armin keeps the troop -- keeps the troops fed, while they slave away he is responsible for the hot lunch. at first there is only smoke but then the flames catch. rhythm and the ryth
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firs stand proud. ronny says nothing beats nature and if there is anything he can do for it, it is here in these projects. one, the is a short goal of 500 plantings is beginning to look unlikely. they go for this, anyway. the project leader pushes them they will all be planting in teams of two. anyone who wants to can be working alone. quality is the top priority. the volunteers are slower than professional forrester workers but they compensate with the sheer fact that they are here and 90% of their plants take root.
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they managed only 65%. bianca says this is hard work getting the ground ready, but this is worth it. she says she was saying earlier, this is like building a nest for these baby trees. she does not know if the efforts will produce results. but the hope is there. maddox feel heavy indeed. cecelia are having a problem with this. she says this is a giant nugget. alecia says that this has to be removed. this has become a personal struggle. others began to dig elsewhere along time ago.
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finally, they have the right technique. is fun or hard and they say this is both. but this is not enough for the project leader. darkness falls in an hour and there are still plenty of plans to go and they are also -- all so puny. gets a shock fro mbeinm being replanted. it is called planting shock. it depends on how big the shock is. when he goes into the ground, weekend, the likelihood it will survive this shock is even lower. the ground is too uneven and full of rocks and roots, no easy job for beginners. by evening 160 saplings are left on planted. -- unplanted.
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the kitchen crew is waiting for their return, and dinner is organic. to fortify the workers for tomorrow. fourwill be here another days with their good deed for
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