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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 4, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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[no audio]-- for mahmoud trial morsi is adjourned till january. they are being moved to cairo's notorious prison. france's foreign minister pays tribute from dissertation -- from our sister station killed in mali. lemaitre wins france's most prestigious book prize. prix goncourt. the trial of mohamed morsi has
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to january 8. his trial at the high-security police complex outside cairo was suspended minutes after it began. morsi is the country's first ever democratically elected leader. he has been charged for inciting to the death led of protesters during his time in office. thomas waterhouse reports. >> day one of the morsi trial, and just hours after the hearing began, it is already adjourned. telling the court, "i am the president of the republic," morsi refused to don the customary white prison suit. he then succeeded in disrupting proceedings further by singing in court. leading the judge to push back the trial to january. >> sorry about that, we seem to be having technical difficulties. our correspondent catherine
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stably is at the courthouse in cairo. she gives us more details on what happened there this morning. mohamed morsi has refused to recognize the judge at the trial. he says it does not have any legitimacy. he has been taken away by helicopter. we saw him fly overhead and he is being taking to a prison on the outscored to bash on the outskirts of cairo. no one knew where he was being held. this is where the senior muslim brotherhood leaders are being detained. this a chaotic scene morning. mohamed morsi told a judge, "you don't have the right to judge me, i am still your president." he also said the judiciary should not provide cover for the coup d'état. media, heto state said he had been dragged to the court by force and called on the
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judges to allow him to exercise his powers as president. defendants4 other charged alongside him and were alongside him indicates this morning. there was a delay in the start of the proceedings this morning, and that is become mohamed morsi was refusing to wear the white suit that prisoners have to wear while they are in court. the reason this has been adjourned is so that mohamed .orsi would recognize the court he has been given till january 8 to do so. otherwise a lawyer will be appointed for him. there were some lawyers in court this morning claiming to represent him. orsi has not formally represent -- has not -- morsi has not formally accepted that representation. he says he will represent himself. 28 lawyers for the other defendants were let into the
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court this morning and they are complaining about that. militaryan's former dictator has been granted bail. pervez musharraf has been under house arrest for six months now. he has been linked to a deadly raid on a radical mosque that left one cleric dead. the ruling by an islamabad district court means that he is on bail until all the charges are brought against him. that is one case leading to the former assassination of former -- leading to the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. secretary of state john kerry is are- any break -- they concerned that any breakthrough in nuclear recreations could -- could be a regime in damascus backed by terror on.
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ehran.terro two journalists from our sister station rfi were kidnapped and shot dead in northern mali on saturday. 12 suspects have been arrested so far links to the attack. speaking on french radio this --ning, the former minister the foreign minister said authorities are working to find out exactly what happened. sure whonow we are not committed the assassinations. there are a few theories. we are talking about al qaeda in , possible in maghreb dissent between group members. currently there are no decisive -- precise answers to these questions, that a president who is watching this closely has given instructions to follow the trail so that the people responsible are punished. >> the bodies of the journalists
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have been transferred to the malian capital of bamako. correspondent joins us now from bob macko. there is already a national him bamako. from bamako. tell us more. and then journalists are shocked and said. -- are shocked and sad. no one believed that this could happen in the borders of the country with french and malian forces on the ground. later today we have a march with , reaching theists french embassy in honor of the two french journalists who were killed on saturday. >> catarina, rfi is extremely popular there.
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how are listeners reacting to the news of this tragedy? malian's, they do listen to rfi as the main source of information here in the macko -- in bamako and all of the country. there is shock over what has happened here over the last couple of days. most malian's could never believe this has happened. as were asking as well are that the perpetrators will be captured and they are following the news coming out of bamako. >> four men from somalia have been charged over the deadly attack on the shopping mall in kenya. a nairobi court said the four men were linked to the al qaeda militants. include providing shelter and. covance to the suspected gunman,
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suspected to have been linked to al-shabaab. russian opposition leader alexi nepali has thrown his weight -- novotnyt don t -- alexi -- he is the number one critic of russian president vladimir putin and he is known for his ability to mobilize mass street protests. he says he is going to skip this one to avoid giving the kremlin a chance to discredit him or the event. about 10,000 russian nationalists are in the streets of moscow in what has become an annual show of anger against the presence of muslim migrants. in the u.s., the white house and senior lou s lawmakers -- senior u.s. lawmakers have rejected pleas for clemency by edward snowden. it comes days after a german lawmaker published a letter from the fugitive saying he is ready to testify to congress. snowden extending an
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olive branch to the united states. last week the former national security agency contractor appealed for clemency and said he was ready to testify to congress about u.s. surveillance . but on sunday lawmakers flatly rejected his offer. , ife had an opportunity what he was was a whistleblower, to pick up the phone and call the house committee, the senate intelligence committee, and say, look, i have some information that i -- that you want to see. that did not happen. now he has done this in almost a service to our country. >> a view shared by the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> he does need to own up to what he has done, and if he wants to talk through why he did those things, that would be the appropriate time and the appropriate way to do it. >> a white house adviser said
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snowden's, t request is not under investigation. snowden has been granted temporary asylum in russia, but there are growing calls for him to be given refuge in germany after he revealed claims that the nsa tapped the phone of chancellor angela merkel. pierre limiter -- p aaron a lemaitre hasre won the literature prize prix goncourt. >> it is his first literary novel. it is popular fiction. it is very much -- it is in very much the style that is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable among the prix
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goncourt, given the awards to something quite big, quite epic, and quite accessible, which we already saw. it is a petty crime bill you of one of them is disfigured, and they are left without any money, more or less, and they go on, embarq on a make fictitious war memorials. also in the mix is there villainous former lieutenant to try to get them killed in no man's land, also embarking on another great war-related scam, too. it is quite a dark picaresque view of the war and the postwar period. quite cynical, but there is a certain degree of likeness to it as well.
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it has already been hugely popular, not immediate for three of the other awards, major other awards in france, and it has --eady sold 40,000 couples 40,000 copies. it stands to do better than that. making half a million after winning the prix goncourt. >> what kind of effect might it have on the book success internationally? it has not been translated into english, for example. court was established as part of the will of the 19th century goncourt brothers. their diaries became famous ultimately as part of french literature. 1903 and has in been awarded every year since. usually at a paris restaurant. europrize is a nominal 10-
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check, which you are not expected to cash. you're supposed to frame it. the real prize is the sales. you can expect to get up to half a million sales. it will usually end up in forkings at christmas french families and so on. it can make a writer. some writers get a long career. some french writers never get it. ierreer, for p lemaitre, he has already been quite successful. he is already well established internationally, too. has already sold 40,000 copies since september, which is quite a lot for the first double of months for the book. he will do quite well and it will be translated into english. most novels are, and most
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goncourt winners are. for the moment we are calling it , "goodbye up there." >> thank you for watching. stay tuned. defending -- h hopes of reclaiming the world number one spot by the end of the year. errer began well. the drop volley gave him the break and the 3-2 lead. it -- the first set was taken 7-5. lead, took an early jokovich responding early. he attacked the net to shorten the points and it worked. this is matchpoint.
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ferrer firing his return into the net. ground, inflicting the first fee that was feasible -- that was seasonal. two points clear of lyon. monaco is one point further back. montpelier drew forth. missing a chance to move up to second place in the english premier league. five points behind leaders. derby time in russia as well, and moscow could win the bragging rights.
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on -- ng a ban hitting the ground running, seven minutes, tapping internet his sixth goal of the season after some good work. simoneau, the rest of it quite easy. squeezing ahead of the locomotive backline or his eighth goal of the season. but enjoy had the last word. his seventh of the season. three points behind -- this roman tie has -- with last yours event canceled because of superstorm sandy, he was itching to make a return to his favorite stomping ground. finish, kept a low
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profile for the first 20 look back as he shielded himself from the wind. --won in eight hours and 23 -- eight minutes, and 23 seconds. making her move at the 16 mile into central park for the final stretch. minutes, seven seconds. the new york prize was $100,000. seventh consecutive victory, already will chip income he beat red bull teammate mark webber. fernando alonso took fifth ahead
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of paul directs the and lewis hamilton. the penalties him a grand of action before the final show in -- the chevrolet cars were hogging the limelight. some chilton and frenchman even mueller.evan victory onured the the line. that secure them the trophy. led a light finish as his honda -- they took the checkered flag. numbered michelle s held the final place on the podium.
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today, we pay tribute to the two french journalists killed in molly -- in mali. actors bring a major site into the real world. emotions are running high in france and the rest of the world following the murder of two journalists from radio france internationale. they were killed on saturday in kidal in northern mali. tribute to the victims have been pouring in online.
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ever since saturday's announcement, we do professionals abroad have been inundating with messages, .xtending sympathy expressing deep sadness. french politicians across the spectrum left and center have been posting similar messages expressing outrage. they talked about barbaric and cowardly act, with the freedom to inform. users have paid tribute for ghislaine dupont and claude verlon. the rfi logo has been crossed memory the black bar in of the two journalists killed on assignment in mali.
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on thursday venezuelan president maduro accused twitter of carrying out what he called a massive attack on the twitter account and thousands of those longing to his followers a suspending them for no reason. hugo chavez's successor also claims to have lost over 6000 followers in the attack, which he blamed on the international right wing. comments that have sparked lively reaction online. his supporters have been posting #meaning no to fascist coup. they are urging fellow citizens to stop using the micro blogging site. while the president's acquisitions have opted some users to take open swipes at the network, others are foes -- are trying to understand white --
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different say shedding light on these alleged attacks will do nothing to help venezuelan to have nothing to eat. taking -- this humble blog has -- the pictures come with dubious taste that do not necessarily share the subject in the best light. the cute food for kids will be help to parents with kids who are fussy eaters.
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a piece of cheese into an anger bird character or how to make a fewer -- a fruit caterpillar. mouthwatering stuff indeed. re-creating one of the most famous fights in the matrix movies in their lives. see himverywhere, you take on 30 foes. .ou can take it in its entirety
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>> right on the edge of the desert lies one of australia's more unusual schools. a couple of full learning environment with a lively classrooms of a lively classrooms of the sort and plenty of teachers. the tourists dropping in soon gather. there are no kids insight. 12-year-old cameron is in year six and lives almost 400 kilometers away on a cattle property across the south australian state border. he says there are plenty of upsides to logging on each day.
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when the founders of the school decided to take on australia's vast interior in 1951, they did so via radio. usedatellite internet is with an i.t. team to keep the system well oiled. teachers travel sometimes to kids that stay over while families make a long trip to town. >> the kids come in to school and they are very welcome to come in anytime they like. >> for the long periods in between, they step in to send materials back and forth. >> they do their work, they put it in here, and it goes back to the teacher. >> parents say the system works well. the computer technology --
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next year head to boarding school but is not keen on the uniform. >> it is very red, isn't it. >> technical glitches
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