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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 8, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> one of the worst typhoons on record has hit the philippines. four people have died. the u.s. secretary of state is joining the geneva talks over the iranian nuclear program. and france's credit rating has been downgraded one notch to aa, dealing a further blow to president hollande's government. swiss scientists have released results that they claim
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reasonably support the theory that yasser arafat was poisoned to death. he died in 2004 in a paris military hospital a month after falling violently ill. found unusually high levels of polonium and led. lead. now investigators say israel is the one and only suspect in his death. >> as the head of this committee, i arrived at the conclusion that yasser arafat was killed based on the statements that they gave. we gathered all the statements when they thought the microphone was off. they said that yasser arafat must be disappeared.
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he must be killed. and this proves that israel is to blame for his martyrdom. for more on this, let's cross over to our correspondent in jerusalem. there, at thec palestinian presidential palace. they made it clear that israel is the only suspect. thatactly, and they say also as a way to brush off rumors that the late leaders palestinian entourage may have been involved. the head of the palestinian commission investigating the circumstances of the death of yasser arafat did not give any concrete evidence to back his claim, and that is why he refers to israel as a suspect, not a culprit. and he added that the investigation, the palestinian
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investigation into the matter is not quite finish. remember, what the swiss medical experts have been saying at this point is that the possibility of the late palestinian leader having been poisoned could not be entirely confirmed, nor could it be completely ruled out. and one reason why there is such a high degree of uncertainty is because the autopsy was conducted eight years after his death and not in 2004 at the time of his passing. at that time, the man's own widow had refused that arafat be autopsied. ,about arafat's widow she is behind the investigation. she is saying it is too early to point the finger. >> exactly, she is the one who decided to bring this to a courtroom near paris last year in 2012, prompting speculation as to why she had waited so long in order to launch this judicial
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procedure. remember, we are still awaiting answers from the french. some palestinian experts are saying the french medical tested, who also have some of his personal effects and his corpse have yet to give their results. arafat,idow, suha interestingly enough is saying that he was murdered. but she said it is still too early to point fingers at anyone or any state in particular. >> in jerusalem, thank you for that update. onto other news now. four people have died in one of the most intense typhoons on record to hit the philippines. intouper typhoon smashed the coast on the central island of samad. was before dawn on friday.
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with maximum sustained winds of about 275 kilometers an hour. one of the observers in the philippines-- the is greg. he managed to get a connection despite the fact that the hurricane was passing through and he describes how he and his family were preparing for the storm. the waves were very high. treesere falling [indiscernible] there is no concern of casualties because people were already evacuated to higher ground. the government was expecting flooding in some areas. they were actually moved to higher ground. i think that is a very good preparation.
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, weor more on the release talked to the international committee of the red cross. we had an eyewitness observers saying a lot of the people had been evacuated to higher ground. presumably, that has halted the number of casualties. >> well, hopefully so. , indeed, the philippine red cross, one of our partners of the same movement, has deployed volunteers to help with the evacuation as a preemptive measure to avoid as much as possible the casualties. ofknow that the consequences lives, property, and infrastructure will be tremendous. the authorities decided to
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evacuate all of these people to higher ground, especially those living in low-lying and coastal areas that are prone to flash floods and surges. >> some of the areas are very difficult to reach. how is the red cross managing that situation? >> we are facing the same challenges as everybody else. we have, for example, international committee of the red cross, my organization, we have sent truckloads of food and other necessary supplies, medical supplies, and essential household items by truck overland to where we have an office in the eastern region. at thecks are waiting city port because they are not
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because the coast guard has closed all traffic because it is a dangerous situation. they are positioned and the supplies are waiting, and hopefully they will be able to be sent to the areas we are aiming for. meanwhile however, our colleagues there in the red cross, they have response teams ready, including workers search .nd rescue responders they are sending out for rapid deployment. and they have all of their stocks all ready in warehouse there. we hope that we can respond as soon as possible, depending of
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course, on the weather and the infrastructure in general there. >> thank you very much. that was from the international committee of the red cross. negotiators from iran and six world powers are meeting in geneva to broker a deal that see iran a ron have -- have some kind of nuclear program in exchange for sanctions really. all parties appear to be ever closer to a deal. joined negotiators in switzerland. correspondent in geneva where the talks are taking place tells us what this deal is likely to be about. >> the key issue is the enrichment of uranium up to 20%.
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that is a major issue. they need to get firm commitments from a rainy and. and in exchange, depending on theycommitments they get, get aikely get uranium -- rainy and within the six man. they are talking about. iranians within the six months timeframe they are talking about. but they need to get them to pull back from any proliferation capability, in other words the ability to make a weapon. and israelis want to cap any possibility of iranians having that option. there is a lot of pressure from the american congress. the stakes are high.
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the rating agency standard & poor's has downgraded frances credit rating -- france's credit rating by one notch to aa. it is a blow to the president and battles government. -- embattled government. >> the second downgrade in less than two years. credit --ouble-a france's credit rating has been downgraded to aa. weak economic growth, high unemployment, and government constraints as part of the decision. unemployment in france reached a record in october, 3.3 million people and the rate is around 11%. >> that is one of the reasons the s&p made this move, because of higher unemployment, and structural problems including taxation.
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there is not a lot to reassure on that they are >> paris has come out fighting. the finance minister said in a statement that he regretted the decision, and that sweeping economic reforms had not been taken into account. >> we regret the decisions made by standard & poor's. during the last 18 months, the government has implemented major reforms aimed at improving the french economic situation. all, the finance minister stated that france's debt remains in the eurozone. it did say its new outlook for ae grade was stable against negative watch for the aa plus rating. downgrades that a will be unlikely in the next two years. >> the french government reacted
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quickly to the news of the downgrade. a little later, president hollande said that france would stay the course. >> our strategy is based on three principles. the first is to make as many ,udgetary savings as possible without jeopardizing public services and the french social model to deal with the deficit. the second is to improve the french economy, to see a return to the highest level of growth. and the third principal is to fight against unemployment by bringing together all our resources, both the private and public sectors. the policy is based on reform and has already begun, and will continue. it is the only way of assuring credibility that can be measured by low interest rates in the markets and national and social
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cohesion. to sarahr, i spoke hulin from the financial services company standard chartered about the significance of the downgrade. >> we have three major ratings poor's, andandard & booties are two of them. standard & poor's has broken away. , there isf the impact a spike in borrowing costs. it will have an impact on government finances. we are a world away from where we were a couple of years ago, thee real concern over level of debt were real. >> this leads me to my next
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question, how does this affect the french economy? >> i think it is a reflection on the struggle the government is facing in terms of really getting the economy going again. standard & poor's site consultants -- concerns that france has not gone far enough to take a dent in the unemployment rate and they have concerns about the prospects. it is a bit of warning. >> that is it. more news coming up. >> at the atp world tour finals, roger federer was looking to get his campaign back on track. the frenchman got off to a better art.
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fedor got out to trouble. but he did well in the first set. the superb backhand was working its magic. for the six-time time winner, a bitter event. he needed a victory here. punished for some poor shot after he had done all the hard work. a seven-time grand slam winner thrilling the fans in london. his 27th and forced errors dealt defeat for the frenchman. novak? joined the semi finals of the atp world tour finals. -- novak tookst
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the first. they were looking for a 19th consecutive wins since the u.s. open. he was in stride form. this match going into a deciding set. he moved up, winning this match 6-3. among -- ina league the europa league, a travel. seven minutes later, a shot. the second of six points. in cyprus, bordeaux fell behind in the europa league after a
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wonderful strike. the french are looking to it off the bottom. early in the second half, several were sent out for fighting. the french coach has ignored the controversy surrounding his player. there was punishment after .alling former nationals >> the important thing is to concentrate. everything,lock out as much as we can. we must do everything we can to
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achieve our target. he was left frustrated after -- >> he was left frustrated after being asked several questions. >> few journalists are available to talk about whatever they want. now patrice is available. i selected him for the french team. he is part of the 24 players selected him -- not did for the match. -- selected for the match. the france teams are playing on the 15th and 19th of november for a place in the world cup finals. toaco coach wants his team bounce back from two consecutive defeats when they host the all -- ndn on friday.
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coach welcomes the pressure. >> i want pressure, because for us it is always important to play at 100%. because as i said this last year, everyone will be playing at 120%. there are a lot of good players with good technical skills. the important thing is to listen to the league and play with a lot of determination. monaco dropped to third after losing to. -- after losing two.
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>> twitter debuts on the u.s. stock market. thailand facing mounting opposition. jordan's chicago home up for auction. official, twitter join the u.s. stock market on thursday. the microblogging site is selling 17 million shares and priced its initial public offering at $26 per share. it intends to make $22 billion. there was widespread reaction. web users have been commenting on twitter's new york stock exchange debut under the twitter ipo hashtag. opinions have been designed --
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divided. been questioning the worth of buying shares in a company that has not made any profit in it seven years of activity. they're wondering if it would be best to wait a while before making an investment. if facebook anything to go by, it only deepens the divide. previous nine months, twitter has made a loss of over $133 million. explained in this article, buying shares in a web company could turn out to be extremely lucrative. one person who bought many shares of amazon in the early years made a profit in
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just a few years. a controversial bit of political amnesty in thailand has thousands taking to the streets in protest. movement is gaining ground each day with growing opposition to the bill, which was approved by the lower house at the beginning of the month. critics said the legislation would allow political violence to go unpunished. the former prime minister was accused of corruption and ousted in 2006. sister of the former leader will make it a priority to make [indiscernible] they want to stop this from happening. they say he is a criminal. , as theorters agree website of the bangkok post reports.
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are staging protests in the coming days to demonstrate how a lot of people in thailand support the amnesty bill. government has posted a video to youtube in which the prime minister explains amnesty is key to bringing peace to a country that has been riddled with conflict. it has yet to be voted on by the senate. canadian web users have been a particular #making fun of the toronto mayor g making fun hashtas of the toronto mayor. much of his behavior on alcohol. submarinetour of a
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kept in chatham and they u.k.. the web users can take a tour of the submarine built by the navy 155 years ago. wheelchair users can now take a look around if compact core. -- it's compact core. 15 bathrooms, a swimming court, and also an indoor basketball court. this home in chicago belongs to basketball legend michael jordan and is now up or sale. the auction house will be setting the property on november 22 with a starting price of $29 million. >> at the center of it all, paradise, a one-of-a-kind.
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>> it is shop to you drop. much of the middle class is getting more and more money. consumer loans have doubled. there are high numbers of savers here, but not enough to reassure analysts. >> singapore has huge income disparity. all of it can be concentrated in the top 10% of the population. we do see a lot of people taking two or three mortgages and having to pay up to 80% of their income every month just to service their debt. that is a lot. they might get into a lot of trouble. >> with interest rates very low, the 10th patient to invest large amounts of money is -- the temptation to invest large
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amounts of money is strong. the central bank acted in june to tighten conditions for borrowing. singapore currently stands at 134% of disposable income, four percent higher than it was in the u.s. before the crisis. see aelieve we will replication in singapore because highertem here has standards and we have not seen a subprime debt problem. the banks have a stronger set of criteria for choosing. >> but that has not stopped the growth in household debt, which is far out stripping the growth in income. the big fear is
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