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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 9, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> how come, and welcome to the "journal." these are the top stories this hour. a trail of discretion -- disruption in the philippines. ofusands feared dead from on the most powerful typhoons on record. mixed messages from geneva. a historic deal on iran's nuclear program. others caution. betweenr friday's last hanover and another, it is not gold for making the headlines.
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♪ more than formally and people are said to have been affected by a super typhoon haiyan, one of the most powerful typhoons in history according to the red cross. it has cost the lives of at least 1200 people when it hit the philippines on friday. it left entire towns devastated. the full extent of the damage is only now beginning to become clear. scenes of devastation as far as the ui can see. -- as the eye can see. new amateur footage of the storm has just now emerged. the red cross estimates at least 1000 people died.
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the city has been almost entirely destroyed. with winds of up to 300 kilometers an hour, typhoon haiyan raced through cities and archipelago.the many people have lost everything, and many families have become separated. >> my father, mother, and my child are missing. i accidentally let go of my child's hand. >> no one knows how many bodies may be buried under the rubble. some places are still completely cut off. devastation it's -- i do not have the words for. it is really horrific. it is a great human tragedy. there is no power, there is no light. by the time the sun sets, the sunsets. it is dark. you are just going to have to make your way to where you can find some shelter. sente government has
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15,000 soldiers to the worst-hit areas to try to assist survivors. emergency relief teams are seeking to do what they can, but with hundreds of thousands of people displaced, the silence -- size of the task is overwhelming. >> now people in vietnam are bracing for the arrival of the monster storm that is currently out over the south china sea and is heading toward central vietnam. it is expected to make rounds early on sunday. evacuations and thousands of people have been made to move to emergency sectors. i runs water reactor has become waterky point -- iran's reactor has become a sticky point in switzerland. program -- ther arrival of russian foreign
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minister lavrov have added to the anticipation that a deal might be struck, but france and britain have urged caution and there are still some hurdles to take. >> the mood appeared rieel but as the talks continued, the talks have been intense but although the leaders say that progress is being made, they have also been trying to keep expectations of a -- in check. >> i hope there will be an agreement, but there are still important points to deal with. the negotiations are in a difficult but also the sisal -- decisive phase. we have exchanged our opinions on different levels. but there is still no consensus. foreign minister
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already suggested the talks may have to continue in a week to 10 days. he said differences of opinion remain, including among bthe six world powers. one of the main stumbling parts is reducing iran's stockpile of enriched uranium. produce enoughld for tony him to produce nuclear weapons when it goes online. france has voiced doubts about whether the proposed a deal goes far enough. it is apparently demanding tougher conditions for tehran. minister --is russian foreign minister sergei has said-- lavrov optimism has faded your >> -- has faded your >> for more, let's go to our correspondent, marcos, in geneva. everybody is waiting to see if some deal is coming out of these talks. what is the latest your hearing?
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it is still quite confusing because some minutes ago, i just spoke to a german source, and he told me that there is a possibility that we get a little bit more than just the statement explaining a postponement of these talks. side, i reallyn heard that it is more likely to see a postponement for -- i don't know, within the next 14 days. but the reason for that possible postponement is still unknown. >> now, if no deal is reached at, what will be the next step? >> well, no deal achieved would the experts on a lower level then the minister level have to deal again, have to prepare the remaining issues to find some common agreements, and
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then maybe income i don't know, 10 days, 14 days there will be another meeting of the high level have seen here in geneva. to really close this agreement. hnisch in geneva, thank you very much for this update. moving onto other news, the head of the central council of jewels semitism --says anti- and juice still face brutal hatred as they have for centuries. -- the comments, on the anniversary of knights of the -- night of the broken glass. hundreds of people were killed and analyzed synagogues, homes, businesses. commemorations are today being held throughout germany.
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there was another important historical anniversary on saturday in germany. the berlin wall came down on november 9, 1989 here in berlin. david terry seven mark a bad day. -- dignitaries happen marking that day. of spoke out in favor freedom of movement in the au and he warned against populace voices that advocates curbing borders among the eu states. to sports now. atfootball, a 2-1 loss wolfsburg. opening the scoring for dormant with a second-half free kick, but recorded were -- ricardo rodriguez grabbed three points. munich, meanwhile, dismantled bavarian rivals 3-0 to complete a record 37 league games unbeaten.
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goals allowed the reigning champions to pull away at the top of the table. so here is a look at the rest of saturday's results so far. dortmund,surprised oftenr beat hammond 5-3, i'm lost a close one to berlin. saturday's late game is underway nchengladbach taking on nuremberg. a blast fromh was the past. in the first league encounter between the two sides in 37 years, one of germany's most famous matches, to place hia mid tight security. a handful of arrests, no security.
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>> the police were expecting trouble. 1000 officers were on duty at railway stations and along the routes to the stadium. many fans were nervous, too. >> the media have contributed to the weird mood. they have been predicting chaotic scenes here. there won't be any trouble. they won't let any idiots go wild. football does not need the idiots. >> inside the stadium, there was the usual noisy rivalry but no aggression apart from a few players. an over started out with some classy action. somenover started out with classy action. bottom of the table, refused to be intimidated. a fine long-distance shot just before the break. in the second half, hanover got close to scoring several times, but did not. goals were the only thing lacking in the match, which ended in a 0-0, a downer for the
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teams but a relief for the police. vanquished,or or the rowdier fans had little reason to rampage. things could have gotten much worse. 14 officers and several spectators incurred light injuries. left the table looking like this. at the summit, only himself or company after opening a four- point gap. meanwhile, never the point of counted again to put the squeeze on. in the final champions league spot for now after an impressive four wins in a row. in the bottom half, often i'm lost to-- offenheim berlin. are still hunting for their first win of the season. blatter has moved to resolve the ongoing scheduling about the
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2022 qatar world cup. was what he from summer until november or december. earlier in the year could lead to a clash with the 2022 winter olympics. president and the gulf emirate of qatar have again tried to end the controversy over the world cup by moving the tournament back. >> it is lurching into play this competition at the end of the year, and it is the end of the year, and will be november, december. february, january, the elected winter games. we cannot have two competitions at the same time. >> blatter added that qatar will remain the sole organizers of the cup. his announcement only raise fresh questions. critics are asking what the november world cup will mean for local league scheduling's
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worldwide. >> russia is making history as it prepares to host next year's winter olympics. the olympic torch is currently on a spacewalk outside the international space station. two cosmonauts are spacewalking with the unlit version of the torch that will be used at next year's game in sochi. back here on earth, various places are preparing to bid for the 2022 winter games. sunday sees a referendum in munich and three other potential venues nearby in bavaria on whether or not to back it. that is all we have for now here. >> both sides campaign hard to the last. those who want the winter lebanon succumbed to southern bavaria and those who don't. politicians in sport functionaries have been trying to drum up support. opponents have been explaining their reasons for saying no. any bid first test be endorsed by the people of munich on november 10 30 we have been
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doing everything to set up both for and against the games. say the extensive construction work needed would be bad for the environment. they cite reports of environmental damages in sochi as it prepares to host the olympics. munich had a bit but loss. for 2022, ased -- fourth venue hosting biathlon's and cross country. the facilities already exist. the bobsled are also available along with alpine and the jumping pills. -- hills. 80% ofers point out that the facilities needed already exist and that many procedures competitions are already held in the area. germany is the world leader in winter sports with the most participants and some of the most successful winners.
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i would say germany deserves these games. >> a bid for the 2022 winter games can only be submitted if the majority of residents and all four videos -- venues vote in favor at tomorrow's referendum. >> more news and 45 minutes. please stay with us on "dw." ♪ >> a generation ago, this was part of the debt driven a no man's land created by the berlin wall. toone who tried to escape west berlin was shot by eastern border guards on patrol. that is all in the past. here, she said, because i have so many friends.
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melting potown is a with eastern and western germans living alongside citizens from around the world. hastells us she encountered families of eight nationalities in her apartment house. 18 children, 22 adults, she says, and we all love each other. but this is what residents saw an august, 1961 as construction of the wall began. neighbors, friends, and whole families were divided by a concrete scar. apartment blocks on one side were in the eastern sector, directly on the border with west berlin. windows were turned into brick walls as the façades became part of the wall. step away, this sidewalk was in west berlin. in the mid-90s of a's, the
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apartment buildings were demolished as east german police state refined its security system. they planted landmines and spring gun devices, antitank barriers along with strips for jeep patrols, and every few hundred meters, the infamous watchtowers. all part of an effort to discourage illegal immigration. dill, many escape attempts were made here because the death trip was relatively narrow. today, the old patrol paths remain, running between construction sites and pricey apartments. there's lots of room to play. it is a favorite place for jimmy. easternrom waste -- germany and was living in dresden when the walls fell 24 years ago. the patrol pass right behind her apartment. with it out in front. -- rooftopeve
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terrace, she has a magnificent view of what used to be the battery of east -- the capital of eastern germany. her apartment building sits directly on the former no man's land. today, the central location makes this area prime real estate. we pay a visit to angelica and her family. her husband hails from a village in bavaria and what used to be west germany. they have two children, jimmy is the younger one. angelica says the construction of her new home was a real adventure. she visited the site everyday day with her older son, johnnie. as the basement was being dug out, they discover the foundation of the building that once stood on this property.
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>> it was like an archaeological dig. you can see the water and heating connections and the pipes. that is johnny, she adds. and the boyshans, introduce us to the neighbors, anka and daniel. they have two children as well. another neighbor, annabelle, is also there with her daughters. they moved into the neighborhood about a year ago. the locals agree was a good idea to breathe new life into the former death strip. they also admit that real estate prices were rock-bottom when they bought this property and they had no idea just how hard it would be to build your. it was five years before they could move in. the old border virtual path with a particular problem. building inspectors would not
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allow the construction crane to be parked there. daniel says it ok while to realize the true significance of what they were doing. he says the family came to terms with an unusual situation -- a building in a place that was stigmatized for decades. apartmentsons that houses existed here before world war ii and were torn down when the wall became further entrenched. this in the space was left over, he says, and that is why he thinks it was reasonable to rebuild family homes. angelica adds that they experience the history of this place every day. the past has become part of their daily life in this day and age. this was the street in the mid-
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1960's, no sign of life, just a cold, concrete walls dominating what had been once a lively residential district. the reconciliation church was demolished in 1985 to give soldiers in the watchtowers on unimpeded views of the border. ♪ wall memoriallin is erected as a place of remembrance, a chapel of reconciliation sits were the old church once stored. inside, prayers are said for those who were killed trying to escape from totalitarian east germany. the son of a former pastor at the reconciliation church spent his childhood on the street right on the border. his family moved when the wall was built.
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totells us it feels strange walk along the street now. there are no walls, police demanding documents, no one denying people entrance. it is amazing, he says, that he can stand here now, free to say and think whatever he wants. a frequent visitor to the berlin wall memorial says it must be hard to imagine for those who never experienced the wall firsthand, but this place contains powerful reminders of how the locals and dealt with the stark division between east and west. for example, some issa germans even dug tunnels even though ground -- belowground to escape to the west. some lost friends and loved ones while others found the love of lives.ives are at -- this is a place that played an important role in his life. this, he says, is the address of the woman who would become his wife.
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here is her bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. the memorial center has reported the story for posterity. he shows us a photograph of him and his brother looking out toward the street number 10 from east berlin to west berlin, from one country to another. they could still converse with their friends, he explained, even though the wall was already under construction. back in angelica's place, she meets with the rest of the property owners. we have invited hildebrandt.
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she informs the children that mr. hildebrandt will tell them stories about the world and the place they have chosen to build her new homes. and its history has brought together children and adults, eastern and western germans, and citizens from around the world who now live here. moving images from a bygone area helped to bring the past back to life. that place is right around the corner, she says. the is the street in 1960's, before the apartment buildings were torn down during -- down. this film clip shows andromeda captured national attention, a 70 seven-year-old woman jumping to freedom. it is one of the countless stories of nearly 40 years. then on november 9, 1989, everything changed.
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hildebrandt tells us that he finally walked with his wife through the annenberg gate and embraced in a kiss right there that he will never forget. it was overpowering, he says, we never thought we would see this in our lifetime. one guest wonders what he takes about all the building projects and what used to be the no man's land. he responds that the wall cannot remained everywhere, but history is fleeting. he adds it was clear that the wall would eventually fall, and he considers himself lucky to have witnessed the event firsthand. on that historic evening, he hopes that in a quarter-century none would be less of it. -- left of it. one memory will never fade -- those shot and killed trying to prepare it for many, the street with the best hope for escaping
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to freedom. the children are impressed. to them, it is a story of adventure, and they want to figure out how many bedsheets it would take to propel from a window to the ground. >> angelica counts five sheets and all. everyone is surprised. they thought it would be many more. but five is the number because one he needed -- one is needed to anchor the rest of them. someone asks if she can imagine propelling down the side of the building herself. yes, she replies.
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the street has been transformed from its former status as a death strip and symbol of the division between east and west berlin. that is all in the past. what counts to the children is the here and now.
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