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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  November 11, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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picking up the pieces after typhoon haiyan. one of the worst storms in recorded history. tehran and the u.n. said to resolve issues. is tackledpresident by protesters. 1.4 million.
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to our top story. at least 10,000 are feared dead and 2 million others are affected by the storm in the philippines. benigno aquino has declared a state of national tragedy. they suffered massive destruction and loss of life especially after [indiscernible] is soses say that water high that even people who took refuge on the top floor of first-floor buildings were swept away. .> searching for food and >> it is difficult.
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we are vulnerable like a newborn. >> typhoon ravaged tacloban looks more like a garbage dump that a city. the survivors are becoming increasingly desperate for rainwater and supplies. >> her problem is getting more relief. the roads are not yet acceptable. the same time clearing roads. >> the dire situation has led to widespread looting. >> we forced open the petrol station because we were unable to travel europe we cannot travel because -- to travel. i cannot travel because we don't have fuel. the groceries here have been ransacked. we need to go to other places to buy food. >> the president has imposed a state of emergency on the city and sent additional troops in an
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effort to crack down on the looting. food we see people getting , we just let them be. however, if they are looting other things, such as appliances, we apprehend them. >> despite the difficulty, some aid has started to trickle in. it will be a long road to recovery. of basicperate need humanitarian aid. >> survivors of typhoon haiyan in the philippines are clamoring for help. there is little left on the ground in the way food and water and infrastructure has left many of those in need isolated. aid agencies around the world have been organizing a massive relief effort. >> we are stepping up the necessary support.
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this will pave the way for the support to come. >> beyond efforts from ngos, many governments around the world are also sending their own material aid. of search-and-rescue specialists, medical staff and hundreds of supplies are already on their way to help those on the ground. andhe philippine government forces ask us for support, error and areas helicopters that are stranded. doctors without borders have always longed multimillion dollar appeals. along with millions of dollars
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from government to run the planet. inreports are coming in southern china as the typhoon which by now is a tropical storm swept across the two countries. meeting vietnam says that at least 13 people died and 81 others were injured. and at least six others died after the storm crossed china's south coast where it also damaged hundreds of homes. negotiators from 109 countries -- tempted to reach a especially after russia asked for a review of voting procedures. they made an emotional plea. a full extent of the damage as information trickles in in a slow manner
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because our reliance and communication lines have been cut off. hasssment of storm haiyan left the area unprecedented and unthinkable. >> they want french reservations delayed -- the secretary of state john kerry went on to say that the iranian delegation backed out. here's what he had to say. >> there was unity. but moran couldn't take it at that particular moment. they weren't able -- but iran couldn't take it. at that particular moment, they were able to come to an agreement. between a gap still
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what language may be a writ that they are prepared to accept. but the concept that we are all working on, we have absolute unity on. they will meet again on november 20. we are joined by international editor. tell us about those talks. >> i think what secretary kerry is trying to do is present day front. there is a very long article citing sources saying that it was in fact the french who opposed the agreement that the others seemed to be
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ready to accept. basically, the french had two major problems. one of them has to do with the construction of heavy water -- that would presumably allow the iranians to produce plutonium needed in the making of atomic homs. -- atomic bombs. the other problem is the uranium that iran has taught isles in the recent years. they want to bring that down to 5%. so the french want to be sure that the stock at 20% is handled in one way or another so it can no longer be enriched to go to 80%. it was definitely the french who were against it. however, what also has to be added is that diplomats are
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saying that other members were a little bit uneasy about the speed of this agreement and certainly the gulf states, not to speak of israel, very and easy about what was happening. they can all be placed on the french. the french argue that this is the moment to make maximum demands on tehran. number one, tehran wants the sanctions lifted. secondly, president rouhani has really placed his political life on this. this is probably another defeat for him and he may not have much time to come to an agreement. so we have to be in the but careful about how long this can be relayed -- be delayed. difficult always be a process. but where do we go from here? >> as mentioned, they are meeting again on november 20. it would seem that an agreement can be reached because, not to reach an agreement would be basically catastrophic.
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this is the best possible time for an agreement in the last 10 years at least. all other efforts have failed. if it fails this time, what is the alternative? the alternative is probably some sort of military action against iranian nuclear and solutions. and i think that everyone would like to avoid that. >> sega summons for that. -- thank you so much for that. they have begun an investigation but no group has it to come forward and claimed response ability. staying in the region, palestinians in the west bank marked the anniversary of their leader yasser arafat. they continue to speculate that radioactive pannonia traces were found on his -- reactive to tony plutonium traces
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were found on his clothing. they have an interest in doing so. we blame israel, they have all the answers in that. but we refrain from pinpointing our fingers at israel for the time being the kids we want to complete the investigation -- because we want to complete the investigation. >> for the first time, the french president was in the amnesty ceremony here in paris. the ceremony commemorates the founding of the armistice
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between world war i allies and germany. 1.4 million french soldiers were killed during that war. on this day, millions elsewhere on of those killed in the line of duty. avoidedrench president hackleheckles. tribute, the president spoke with family members of world war i soldiers. with the president's approval moreg at an all-time low, than 70 were arrested calling for his resignation. >> several dozen individuals linked to the far right did not want to respect this moment of contemplation and coming together. >> next year, france will market
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the hundredth anniversary of the start of the great war. >> heads of government -- the largest commonwealth, india says that the prime minister will not attend. citing allegations of abuses by s during the time of war. >> he has decided to skip the commonwealth heads of government meeting. at the last minute, sinking to domestic pressure was searching political parties calling for a
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boycott. >> i wouldn't use the word boycott, but such an -- but circumstances at home taken into account, they will be difficult for him to attend. i will be there. came monday, tony abbott under pressure to boycott the summit over concerns of sri lanka is human rights record. if australia continues with its delegation, that delegation should not be headed by mr. abbott as prime minister. >> the legend abuses will not be discussed formally during the summit. many come including david -- many, including david cameron, call for an investigation. the un's highest court has ruled that cambodia should have authority in the border with thailand.
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justiceional court of -- previously laid clashes between the two nations that both claim the land. >> thai security forces should leave. that is the ruling made by the un's top courts. cambodia and thailand both claim ownership of the land surrounding an 11th century temple. call was thatame the land belonged to cambodia. route,ttempt to end this cambodia asked for an interpretation of the ruling. unanimously, by way of governmention, the of 1962 decided that cambodia had sovereignty over the whole territory of the promontory.
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>> the court's decision is binding and cannot be appealed. bersani rocky plateau overlooking thailand and cambodia, this is the prayer of the heart temple. old, unescoyears declared it a heritage site in 2008. but the declaration field outbreaks. dozens died and thousands were displaced. the judges hoped monday's ruling would put an end to the dispute. the local villages are not convinced. some families have shut shop at left. picking up the pieces after supertight phone -- super typhoon haiyan. and u.s. places the blame on iran for backing out of the deal in geneva.
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the french president was heckled by far right protesters as he attends armistice day marking the end of the world war i. >> china has seen its biggest shopping spree ever in honor of singles day. it is an event as an entity it to -- as a method up to valentine's day and has become the biggest shopping day of the year. not just in china but in the world. online vendors cut their prices to50% or more from clothes smart phones and electric appliances. thatyear, alibaba said sales already broke a record at
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3.1 billion days -- $3.1 billion by midday. topped $5.75 billion. china says that its industrial output growth had accelerated and unexpended -- an unexpected 3.5%. foundation a solid for the ruling party as it wraps up its meeting to turn at its biggest changes in generations. but not all are happy in the direction that the country is going. many fear that their voices are not being heard. >> this entrepreneur finds herself in something of a unique position. a privateer job as equity fund to become a critic of the government's economic policy.
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ofi cannot accept the lack progress in authoritarian rule. so i have to say no to the current policy. >> the chinese ruling communist a major meeting in beijing. decades of double digit growth, gdp is expected to slow down to 7.5% in 2013. rulesxperts want the changed to help farmers buy and sell communal land. >> our economy needs to change hearing we need to boost our own consumption. we need to reorganize the wealth distribution. >> with more than 60% of chinese gdp held by the shareholders at state-owned enterprises, such reforms face opposition from a host of powerful lobby groups. >> [indiscernible]
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so the private sector can hardly [indiscernible] >> very little made public about the meeting in october. on monday, china daily reported that companies would be able to take space to give investors more say in decision-making. >> in europe, the second round of trade talks have kicked off in brussels. these negotiations were held back in october but were postponed because of the government shutdown in washington. since then, allegations that the u.s. has been spying on its european allies have increased trans atlantic tensions. make upnd u.s. already about 40% of global economic output and european officials say the agreement could be the eu some 19 billion euros. the u.s. already average run 4% -- average the party
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4%. we saw subdued trading in europe on armistice day. market steady advance a little bit following last week's strong job data from the u.s.. and the production data out of china. frankfurt and paris also ended the trading day in the green. the u.s. is celebrating veterans day. we are seeing losses around wall street. could end upones to date even higher. we will take a look at other headlines now starting with the u.k. justall the excitement, return tohis recent profit, they reported over 16 million euros worth of earnings through september thanks in part
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to cutting costs. the regional airline has already cut thousands of jobs this year. easier for to get american shoppers to buy online as amazon entered the partnership with the struggling u.s. postal service. immediately effect in the new york and los angeles areas. the rest of the country that following year. the ceo says the number one. stir for five years citing a tougher than expected market for electric vehicles. they have already sold over 120,000 electric cars in the past five years. or than any other manufacturer. -- more than any other manufacturer. and new products for online shoppers just in time for the holidays during a german company has unveiled a royal baby look-
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alike chris and george -- christened george. it is not a replica. it is just a new doll to commemorate his birth. about 57 yours for euros if you are interested. >> thanks. that was the day's business news. time now for a tour. september, they visited a host of locations with extreme characters on the tunisian island of turbo. this monday, they bring us the reports from tunis.
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>> you join us in tunis, capital of the country at the forefront of the arab revolt. there have been divisions and anxiety over where the country is headed. the barbed wire remains at the epicenter of tunisia's uprising. three years old and the population is still ranting on the model for the future.
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>> they have the right to knowledge. it can be journalists, lawyers, judges, doctors, whatever they want. in choosing those. they organize study sessions with friends. >> rebuilding the country is a collective effort a stone hard work from people of both sectors. she says the only signs are positive. >> the country is slowly starting to improve your the scituate -- improved. the situation for employment is getting better. >> across town, architecture school. 25 euros nationals out on the street in 2011, she is dismissive.
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womany are acting like a and talks about her constantly. afterwards, there is no visible difference. a secular state protecting women's rights. >> i am still hopeful for the future. because it was built to last. and it will fall apart just like that. >> when the student parties are over, they will help to shape their homeland.
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11/11/13 11/11/13 >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! the devastation, i do not have the words for it. it is worth it, a great human tragedy. by the time the sun sets, it is dark and you are just going to have to make your way to where you can find shelter. >>


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