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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 13, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> widespread looting in the aftermath of the philippines typhoon, gun fights and more deaths as more are growing desperate for aid five days after one of the worst storms in history. court acquits the crewmembers of responsibility for the sinking of the oil tanker in 2002. that turned into one of the biggest environmental disasters europe has ever seen. the most expensive work of art ever sold on auction, a triptych by francis bacon goes on sale christie's.lion at
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"france 24."ing thele across the country in philippines are getting more desperate for food and water. there has been looting in and around the flattened city of tacloban. eight people were killed when looters raided a rice warehouse causing the building to collapse, and a gunfight reportedly broke out between security forces and armed men try to get more supplies. our correspondent sent us this report from just south of tacloban. we are 50 kilometers south of tacloban where there is a scene of complete devastation. we have come here today and all along the way we have seen thousands marching along the road looking to get out, looking for food, medicine, anything. at the moment, the u.s. air force is at the airport, but
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around us is devastation. moment, -- at the moment, they are just begging for someone to help them. half a dozen countries are delivering badly needed aid to the philippines. the international relief efforts trying to get to where they need to go. >> a broken pipe is the only source of water in this neighborhood of tacloban. the water looks fresh and clean but a typhoon survivors cannot be sure if it is drinkable. it is very difficult because we are getting our water from an underground pipe. we do not know if it is safe. we need to boil it, but at least we have something. >> water is a priority from the humanitarian teams that have begun arriving in the philippines. among the first to emerge were belgian aid workers, their cargo including water purification systems. >> we are in a hurry to get to
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tacloban in order to set up our medical post and water purification station, which will bring some relief to the affected population. destroyedhoon has vital infrastructure, making it difficult to improve those areas. the airport hopes to be able to cope with more deliveries of relief. >> officials still say there are hundreds of towns and villages completely cut off. let's now listen to the you in humanitarian chief. let's get the food in, the water, we have a lot more coming in today. even that one not be enough. we need operations on an ongoing basis. for theembers on trial
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sinking of the prestige oil tanker in spain have been acquitted. the shipwreck caused a massive oil spill along the coast making it one of the biggest environmental disasters europe has ever seen. our madrid correspondent has more on the verdict. >> the judge spent more than one hour over his verdict, this comes after a trial that lasted eight months with over 200 witnesses. this morning, he said none of those accused were, in any way, responsible for what happened. the head of the spanish merchant navy was the one that ordered the ship to sail away, and after six days, sank, tipping over its cargo of 50 tons of oil across the northern coast of spain. what he said this morning when that none of those people were responsible.
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that ledhe decisions to the sinking could be blamed .n a reckless decision he said there was no criminal blame to be put on the shoulders of those involved. it is considerable, considering how much time has been spent on the case. these three are not responsible for the disaster. who is? >> the judge in his testimony said no one knows exactly what caused the ship to get into problems. he mentioned they had testimony about the poor state of the ship . it was a panama flagged ship from liberia and correct safety procedures had not been followed, but he did not say where the liability lay beyond that. those who arguing were noting the ship
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aware of the shortcomings of the state of repair. obviously going to continue. people here are angry, especially the environmentalist who are curious about the fact that this is not being resolved, and it may will on -- may well go on to another court. >> here is a look at some other world news stories. a potentially fatal blow for ukraine's trade deal with the eu . a special session of the ukrainian parliament on the future of the jailed former prime minister ended without a vote. whether toebating let him leave for medical care. her release is a key requirement to sign ae to be able trade agreement with the european union later this month. up to 300 are feared dead after a cyclone in somalia.
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now in of emergency is place after days of flooding in the northeast. some of the areas most hit are the infamous pirate hotspots. egypt -- the egyptian deposed president mohamed morsi says that he will sue his authorities . he is currently in prison facing trial over his involvement in the death of protesters outside of his presidential palace two years ago. a rare step backwards for israel. it says it will not go ahead with plans to build 20,000 new settlement units. benjamin netanyahu shot down the proposal just after the news became public. more on how the move is linked to the current nuclear talks with iran. >> it is a quick climb down from the israeli government. parrots revealed that tenders have been published for 25,000
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new settlement homes in the west bank. however, later in the day, a statement from benjamin netanyahu shot the proposal down. created a need this tension with the international community. just when we are making an effort to persuade it to reach a better agreement with he ran. the housingbuked minister for publishing the tenders without prior coordination. he may have taken into account the displeasure of washington, were made aware shortly after a visit from john kerry. are aware that 20,000 additional units were in the planning stages. we were surprised by this move and we are seeking further explanation from the government of israel. >> it is a rare drawback, suggesting the promise of a good
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deal on uranium nuclear program may have tipped the balance. sri lanka says no commonwealth country has the right to lecture it on human rights. this comes after canadian prime minister stephen harper and the indian prime minister said they would stay away from the commonwealth summit in sri lanka starting friday. lanka stands its ground after four leaders decide to stay away from the commonwealth summit. the canadian and indian prime minister say they will not attend the summit which starts on friday in protest to human rights violations and treatment of its minority. sri lanka says that though leaders have the right to judge sri lanka. there would be withdrawn from the prime minister of india. he indicated he would not be able to attend the meeting.
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none of us give reasons. that singh had listened to concerns of tamils and others in india. >> the prime minister has taken a considered call. as you can see, he factored into thet of issues, including importance of his presence in the country at this time. lanka face a strong criticism for human rights abuses and killings in the civil war which ended in 2009. it has steadfastly refused an independent inquiry into the alleged abuses. the president has also been accused of intimidating journalists and stamping out defense in the years since the war. >> back here in france, trade union say skilled trades people,
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artisans, are facing a true crisis. whether it is for plumbers or carpenters, cost are on the rise, and they say their margins are already too thin. worse, the situation value added going up three percent next year. trade people here say that is too much. after 35 years as a plumber, he is still passionate about his career, but he is also worried. >> i love my trade and i am proud of it. i have to wonder if it can survive. >> skilled trades people are already under pressure from rising costs, and from january, they are facing a vat increase from seven percent to 10%. that would add 600 euros to the bottom line, which he would have to pass on to his clients. this builder works on large projects like this school
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extension with a budget of 800,000 euros. he says he will have to pass on the increase to his customers. >> all the suppliers are raising their prices. ron materials and taxes are going up. how can i lower my prices? lete is determined not to his staff go, which would make it more difficult to put the contracts. >> if revenue holds up, we can continue. are campaigning against the hike. they say that trades in france are already in crisis. >> it seems things in the art world are doing just fine. in 1969 piece from francis bacon is not the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. it was a triptych called "three " andes of lucian freud sold for over $142 million.
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triptych, "three studies of lucian freud." of fiercex minutes bidding, and the artwork is sold. "three studies of lucian freud was bought by an anonymous buyer from christie's in new york. it is the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. more than 11 objects making over $20 million. obviously, the bacon record is not -- is a record that will not be broken for many years. a wonderful triptych of lucian freud. he was a close friend of bacon. >> the piece was first estimated at $85 million, but now it has been in the previous record of over $100 million paid for "the
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scream." >> he has moved into the 21st century by cutting off the head and moving around in the panel. work had never sold for more than $180 million. a tribute to the artist after his death. >> coming up, we will look at the failure to reach a deal over here and cost nuclear ambitions. the iranian foreign minister blames france or scuppered the deal. we find out why there are calls for the egyptian army chief to stand in next year's presidential elections. and hamas gets its first spokeswoman, a 23-year-old trilingual journalist and single mother. we start with the failure of the nuclear talks. they ran and the five plus one
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countries (he with no deal. powersblames the western and in particular france for structuring the deal. smiles around the table in geneva but the friendly atmosphere was short-lived when it came to the nuclear negotiations, france dug its heels in, wary of signing a watered-down agreement. asked a result, there was no deal. something of a surprise setback for the u.s. the foreign minister insisted that paris had not scuppered the talks >. >> some safe rice is isolated, others say that we are isolated. we are neither isolated nor followers. france is independent erie we work for peace. we have already made progress but we need to achieve something concrete. there are two main reasons
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for the french veto. the first is the issue of the plutonium -- arak plant. the second issue is the stockpile of enriched uranium. aris has long maintained hard-line with iran, which has been applauded by israel and by the oil-rich gulf states and the american right. yet, france's inflexibility on the issue has come with aiticism, who say postponing resolution strengthened the resolve of the iranian hardliners. >> france has made a mistake. wants to get back at the americans over the issue of the red line in syria where france, unfortunately, was excluded from the discussions. the second point is, as happens on the eve of francois hollande's visit to israel.
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a tit-for-tat diplomatic move there is doubt about the iranian nuclear ambitions. tehran, france is approaching a hostile strategy. >> the world must understand, without iran playing an active role in the region, our problems will not be resolved, or it will be at a very high cost, and in the worst possible way. >> a message that could be interpreted as a warning. as a key player in the region, iran could be key in the ongoing syrian crisis. some egyptiansn credit for the overthrow of mohamed morsi last july. has becomeief azizi a cult figure since the ousting of the president. his image is omnipresent across the country.
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now there are growing calls for him to stand in next year's presidential elections. >> it may look like just any other sweet shop, but here the face of the army chief is immortalized in chocolate. >> the idea first came to me after the revolution. we formed a group to show the world this is not a coup. it is actually a popular uprising. merchandise is big business here. badges, posters, t-shirts are selling fast. his image is everywhere you look. he appears in posters around the country can -- around the country. he has become the muse for songs and poems.
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deem army chief be the next president? he will be if these people have their way. they are gathering signatures from all over egypt to get him to stand. . we are trying to pressure him to run in the next elections so we are guaranteed a strong president. i think it is not his decision anymore. he will run in the election, even against his own will, because there is an agreement between us and him, us as the people. >> they are now heading to their first signature collection in downtown cairo. a crowd gathers eager to back the campaign. >> we love him. god willing, he will be the president and the best president for egypt. >> but not everyone feels that way.
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a heated debate soon breaks out as they argue about the merits of another army president. >> our economy has collapsed. we want someone who understands politics. he is a military man. the military knows how to keep the country safe, but not the economy. >> the campaign is still confident they can reach their goal of 30 million signatures in the next few months, but activists insist a civilian president was one of the goals of the revolution. it was not mubarak that was the target, it was the regime. bring down the militarized state that corrupted every aspect of our lives. if he run for presidency, he will be in a hotspot. he will be the general who became resident through a coup, which means he will be internationally isolated. >> as for the man himself, he is giving mixed signals.
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at first he said he is not seeking power, and now according to local media, he is not ruling it out. 823-year-old has just been appointed the first spokeswoman of the islamist party hamas. a trilingual journalist and single mother has been brought on board to try to revitalize the flagging image of hamas on the world stage. educated in the u.k., charismatic, successful, and the new face of the hamas government in gaza. the 23-year-old journalist is the islamic groups first female spokesperson. she will be responsible for communications with the international media and present a softer image to citizens around the world. i am very a piece person.
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>> on her return to gaza, she studied journalism and learn to present herself on camera. as a divorced mother of one, she is a far cry from the traditional austere spokesperson of the past, but this is of secondary importance. it does not matter who does the job. what is important is the job they are doing. me, it is either a woman or a man. the issues we have here in the do as much aswill i can to show that women can talk and have a loud voice. everybody will respect. is a radical this departure, but one which has been in the making for some time. they have been recruiting dozens of young people in order to increase their social media presence so they can regain
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control of the news agenda and get their message across. we want theew is west to hear from us, and not about us, to hear from facebook woman who lives in the midst of the palestinian suffering and knows the truth that the occupation is committing against the people. nowhe charm offensive is underway, but it is not clear whether the new operation will be enough to distract from the internal divisions and conflicts between the hamas and fatah movement, as well as the armed attacks against israel. nations aree entering the last phase of qualification for the world cup in brazil, some teens are facing other challenges. palestinians complain israel security forces are preventing players from traveling freely between the gaza strip and west bank. our correspondent met with some key palestinian football players. on its global tour, the most
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prestigious football trophy made its first therapist up in ramallah. >> it is a dream. i hope one day palestine will host the cup. >> i hope palestine will win t one day. >> for some teams, the road leading to the world cup is full of ups to quote which have little to do with the realm of all or athletics. such is the case for palestine, according to the national squad coach. he hails from jordan. he is this possible for issuing the visa is -- the government is responsible for issuing the visa he needs. to leave the territory to renew. last time i left, i waited 4.5 months before i could return. this is one of the big obstacles that makes my work so difficult. >> in gaza, we meet up with one
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midfielder. oldals described the 23-year- is one of palestine's most promising players. basiclained something as as gathering the entire squad is a congregated task. he says israel prevents him and other teammates from leaving the blockaded territory to go train or compete in the west bank. of the players for whom the palestinian federation made a travel request to the israeli authorities but they gave us a negative response. they did not allow a single player to leave. we just hope one day they will give us our freedom. of the local football association recently met with the president of world soccer's governing body fifa to tackle travel restrictions posed on palestinian players.
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one man who spent 15 years in jail and was in charge of security forces in the west bank warns the occupying power of what will happen if it does not play by the rules. respectsraelis have to the statutes of fifa. otherwise, they should be suspended. i think it is up to them to decide. either to abide by the statutes or pay the price. military, which controls movements between the have pledged bank, to make it easier for athletes to travel between the separated territories. howe
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