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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 20, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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at keeping iran from developing a nuclear weapon restart today. the reading foreign minister was willul, but iran says it never give up its nuclear rights. in egypt, at least 10 soldiers are killed and 35 hurt in a car bomb targeting an army convoy. that is the bloodiest attack in years. well into the night in france as the national football team turns it around to qualify for next yours world cup. thanks for joining us here on "france 24." a new round of talks on iran's
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nuclear rogen gets underway in geneva. the air rainy and foreign minister was optimistic, saying there is every possibility for success. weighedupreme leader in, say he wants friendly time with all entries including the united states, but he insists iran will not give up its nuclear rights. another sticking point is israel. regiment then ya who is meeting vladimir putin in russia today to try to get roscoe -- -- to try to get russia on its side. skeptical prime minister benjamin netanyahu meeting with vladimir putin, diplomacysway russian to side with israel. it will be a complicated tax cut -- a complicated task, much more last 48ted -- in the
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hours israel gave russia if russia gives them guarantees that -- is israeli prime minister hoping to convince russian president vitamin put in that he should adopt a similar stance -- vladimir putin that he should adopt a similar stance. remember that russia is the country which built the first and haspower plants shown less suspension over -- suspicion over a rant. they know they will not be able to completely change russia's perspective, but it is hoping to change perhaps little things that could ultimately influence what goes on in geneva when these talks pick up again. >> gallagher, what about these comments from the air rainy and supreme leader today, among them that israel is "doomed"? could that give them ammunition,
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so to speak? you could expect the israeli prime minister to use this quote from the air rainy and supreme leader. it is proof that -- from the irani and -- from the iranian supreme leader. vowed time and again to wipe israel off the map, and the prime minister is using this to show that for israel this is an existential matter, and not a conceptual diplomatic issue. this is why he will most likely thatthe russian president tehran should not be allowed to possess weapons of mass destruction because they could be tempted to use them and this would ignite a very dangerous nuclear arms race in the region. gallagher fenwick, our correspondent in jerusalem. to iraq where six bombs went off his -- went off in busy markets
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wednesday. it left close to 30 dead and 70 hertz. it is the latest in a series of lasts and assaults, the worst wave of violence to hit iraq in at least five years. 'sother explosion in egypt sinai peninsula (soldiers dead and 35 wounded. that attack is the bloodiest in the region in years. near two went off buses carrying off-duty soldiers near sinai. there was another car bomb attack in cairo, that blast at a checkpoint. it will good four police officers. in cairo last night, riot police force protesters out of tahrir square. the majority of the demonstrating were speaking out about what they call egypt's military rule ever since president mohamed morsi was ousted months ago.
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tahrir square by revolutionary activists brought to an abrupt end. tear gas was used to drive protesters from the square. they have been there to mark the anniversary of bloody clashes. those who died protested against military rulers after the fall of hosni mubarak. >> we are here to remember the marchers. we are sorry because the revolution -- we are here to reflect and continue our revolution. supporters also made their awayo the square, driven by opposition activists. these demonstrations started monday night when anti-military protesters defaced memorial to
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the 2011 revolution. they say the army is trying to whitewash the bloodshed of the last two and a half years. supporters of mohamed morsi are calling to and to what they say is military rule in egypt. we live the way god wanted us to or we die with our heads held high. when the government is part of the people not forced on the people. it should represent the will of the people. >> that goal may be some time away. egypt's military-backed government says it will hold fresh elections in february or march of 2014. low point in relations between indonesia and australia over alleged spying. indonesia has frozen all intelligence cooperation following reports australia tried to eavesdrop on phone
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conversations apparently with the indonesian president's wife. there has been no comment from australia so far. it willed states says not apologize to afghanistan for "mistakes made during the 12- year war." that contradicts earlier reports that a mea culpa was being -- asd as hard of talks part of talks. deal or no deal, last-minute efforts to finalize the security pact between the united states and afghanistan appear to hinge on whether president barack obama agrees to write a letter acknowledging the u.s. made mistakes during the 12-year war. a move that has been demanded by the afghan president but ruled out by washington. no need for the
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united states to apologize to afghanistan. quite the contrary. we have sacrificed and supported them in their democratic progress and in tackling the insurgency and al qaeda. >> the ongoing debate comes as afghanistan prepares to host a gathering of 2500 tribal and political leaders in the loya jirga. u.s. hasn accord, the said it will pull out all its troops by the end of 2014. pact is notecurity signed, afghanistan will face the same crisis it faced 12 years ago. there will be a civil war and misery again in the country. the bilateral security deal is opposed by many afghans. jalalabad, thousands of students turned out to protest. do note participating
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represent us, and we do not accept their decision. we have knowledgeable representatives here who make good decisions. votes in favoril of the pack, it will need approval from both houses of the afghan parliament and the president's signature before it can be ratified. >> in paris, and a court is hearing the appeal of former french humanitarian workers attempting to illegally take children out of chad for adoption. that sparked an angry protest that left six members of that nonprofit roup -- group to be convicted and jailed. their appeal is expected to be upheld today. >> they did not attend their trial, but for the appeal they are back in court. the pair was found guilty of illegally bringing 103 children to france for adoption. i can 2007.
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-- theyimed the miners claim they have living relatives in chad. that sparked outrage from the country, condemned by their president. straightforward kidnappings of young children from one to 10 years old are taking place. it is against their will and against their parents' will. they deceived her parents and took the children to europe. they were sentenced to two years in prison february 12, but they were eventually released and placed under supervision ahead of their appeal. the couple say they are determined to prove their innocence. the association's coordinator will also be retried. he was originally sentenced to six months imprisonment.
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others did not appeal their judgment. >> here is what e lawyer had to say about the court proceedings today. let's listen. >> we are going to start over from scratch with regard to the case file and they will have to explain the facts, particularly their involvement in setting up the operation. we have an independent magistrate, and i hope my clients have been convinced this is the case because it was important for them to hear this. >> next, the biggest settlement ever. jpmorgan has agreed to pay more than $13 billion to federal claims of poor mortgage practices. more on the settlement that stems from accusations jpmorgan misled investors in the run up to the financial crisis. the largest settlement between the government and a single corporation in u.s. history. to payn chase will have up to $13 billion following an
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-- intointo the thanks the bank's mortgage backed securities. >> i am proud to join our partners in an unprecedented , ine of federal partnership announcing a landmark settlement was jpmorgan chase for its conduct that contributed to the global financial crisis that brought our economy to its knees. >> this may just be the start of jpmorgan's battle. the bank is holding $23 million itself forand braces further litigation. the settlement indicates the justice department is intent on hitting wall street where it hurts -- its bottom line. >> it definitely shows a tougher, more retributive attitude on the part of the u.s. government. at the same time, this is a record penalty without anyone to identify who the culpable executives were who made these
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criminal decisions. financial institutions may face similar fates. between them they have already paid hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to federal charges. >> in france there are a lot of happy football fans, quite a few exhausted ones as well. there were celebrations far into the night across the country after friends won its spot in next year's world cup. they defeated ukraine by three goals to nothing. dan leavy has more on the hard- fought win. task was really a huge ahead of this team going into the match after that defeat friday night. they had to score at least two goals, and that looks like a mountain to climb for france. have conceded for eight matches in a row. they had to score at least two, not three.
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his first for the french national team. a lot of criticism. very satisfying to get that one there. and then in the second half, ukraine. yourait all of international career for a goal, and you get two of them in one night. stepnight we needed to onto the pitch as aggressively as possible, which was done by everybody. the 11 players, the people were prepared for a night like this. >> we leave you now in strasbourg, in eastern france, where malala yousafzai has just received the european union's sakharov prize for human rights.
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head by the in the taliban on her way to school last year. [applause] you are watching "france 24." don't go away. hello and welcome to "the week in the middle east." as president hollande makes a historic visit to the holy land, we look at how reviews french presidents have viewed the region. controversy over qatar. we examine amnesty -- weational's treatment began in israel where francois hollande has been on a three-day
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visit to the region. despite the show of friendship, the two states have not always been i to eye. >> i am your friend and i always will be. long live this friendship between france and palestine. hollande read a few words in hebrew and in arabic, careful to balance the tensions. visiting a holocaust museum and ofing a wreath at the tomb yasser arafat. long live france, israel, and the friendship between us. >> hollande's speech was the most anticipated moment of the visit. it was a long declaration of
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friendship with israel, the semitism,against anti- the french position on iran, before finally getting to the peace process. >> france's position is known. alice state of israel and dime both having jerusalem as capital living in peace -- israel and palestine both having jerusalem as capital living in peace. firm,1961, relations held as seen here. the former french president welcomed the prime minister to the six-day war changed the stakes, along with the controversial statement about jews. >> and elitist people, confident and domineering. >> he is not the only french
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leader to have rubbed israel the wrong way. in 19 made the two, françois toterrand was the first equate it to a palestinian state. >> dialogue shows that each party can go as far as their rights allow. in the case of palestinians as for others, in time it is becoming a state. sometimes merging into diplomatic disputes, in 1986, shock sure rock exploded at security members -- jacque shiraq exploded at security members will stop >> i need to go back to my plane. since the election, ties have finally is once again. even if france's plea remains the same -- a two-state
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solution. french president's delegation also made a series of symbolic stops in the palestinian territories. one of those was in the west bank. -- this isthe first newfirst and only planned city. it sparks interest and controversy. >> the biggest private investment in west bank history shows the world that palestinians are busy laying the foundations of their future. that is what this multimillionaire says about his pet project. in very first planned city the territory. 6000 units expected to house some 30,000 residents at an overall cost of nearly $1 billion. >> if we could do a project like
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this, then try us and see what we can do if the political circumstances get better. we are working under occupation and despite occupation we are producing. the locals have been flocking to the site in hopes of finding the home of their dreams. this businessman bought an apartment here because he believes that it is the future. anything, it is a new city and a modern city with new and modern infrastructure. the buyer is proud of the location he picked and how it defines his social status in the eyes of the community. that he will finance half of the $120,000 super deluxe model.
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project is not to everyone's liking. the settlers who live on the opposite hill but also some of the palestinians from the villages nearby have a negative opinion. one of them accuses the developers of having forcefully taken land. he compares them to the israeli occupiers. we are againstat the project, but if developers are going to take the land, they should let us build. a house overuilt there and they confiscated it. >> the managing director of the project hopes that the city's first residents will move in early next year, but the major issues could considerably delay that. the main access road to the site and the water supply will
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necessarily be going through israeli controlled areas. in both cases, israel has not yet granted permission or offered any guarantees that there will not be cut offs among which would seriously affect life here. lebanon, at least 23 people have been killed in a double suicide bombing outside iran's embassy in beirut. more than 140 were injured in the blast. a jihadist group linked to al carried out the attack. iran is the major backer of the lebanese shia militant group hezbollah, which has sent fighters to support the governor of bashar al-assad. in to the football world cup qatar. it is attracting negative visitors. in eight years before kickoff. the emirate is a bastion of is beingy slavery, it
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reported. in response, qatar ledge to ensure respect for labor's writes. >> it is the world's richest country in terms of income. in 2022 it will be center stage when it hosts the football world cup. but getting there with huge costs, migrant labor from india. one man from that paul found himself worse off after being -- from the paul -- from the nepal found himself worse off. >> one official used to say, "what did he come here for, to work or to eat?" i decided to stay and work for two years. amnesty international's
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report, "the dark side of migration," raises concerns about be qatar construction sector. it says the abuses are not isolated. >> we have found detailed the problems of human rights abuses in relation to migrant labor is quite serious and is fairly widespread. damning.iticism is the report is based on around 200 interviews. investigators heard one construction site manager calling his team animals. ofthe main kinds exploitation include nonpayment of salaries, dangerous and demand a working conditions, appalling accommodations. you have to put the word "accommodations" in commas.
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the workers are literally trapped. >> the world cup organizing committee reject that there are slavery style conditions. it vowed to protect its workers. it will set guidelines for them for recruitment to repatriation by years end. international pressure will build for qatar to protect human rights. >> in egypt football was once a thriving sport, but violence and political turmoil have spilled onto the pitch. clubs face financial difficulty as league games have been canceled and stadiums are empty. this report from cairo. >> a training session at one of cairo's football clubs. her kissing is all the teams have been doing. or the past those two years, egyptian football has been suffering, league games have been scheduled -- have been canceled, and the stands are
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empty. player isel of the very low now. football stops here in egypt. >> two years without any competition. they are not the only team in trouble. four egyptian clubs are facing a financial difficulties became -- because no games means no sponsors or advertising revenue. some footballers have decided to leave the country -- leave the leaguesto play in abroad. >> there are a lot of players who left. some went to arab countries, some went to iraq, some went to europe. left theto 20 players country. >> these supporters are waiting for the league to restart, but securing the games is one of the main problems. since a riot at the stadium in
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2012 left more than 70 people dead, security forces have from attending matches. fans have offered to divide security. can be very organized. that is how it can be done. security forces may be afraid of riots raking out on the terraces.
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