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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 22, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> more than's 30 die in latvia's capital -- more than 30 capital after a supermarket collapse. we have never seen anything of this magnitude -- police in fromn release three women three decades of captivity. reverberatedas around the world -- this friday marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john fitzgerald kennedy.
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the violent death of the youngest u.s. president leaves a violent scar for the nation. you are watching "france 24." we start with news from molly. shot a french officer. it comes on the eve of elections. most rebellion -- the islamist rebellion led to the french intervention. we are in the capital for the elections. what is the latest? >> according to officials, it was an ambush. house, and he his shot him in the head and shoulder. different sources say different things. one source says the frenchman was able to capture him.
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it is tough to say if it was a political act, a frenchman targeted, or simply a private argument. in what is the atmosphere like? >> it has been a lackluster campaign this week. we have been through several meetings with people not really enthralled following the presidential election this summer. on the security front, there are very few checkpoints, especially year, as theret were earlier this year following the french intervention against the jihadist in the north. on sunday, 6 million voters will be called to come and vote for 147
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makers. >> nicholas, thank you. we will keep you posted on the latest developments. in latvia, rescue efforts continue following the collapse of a supermarket. police say 33 people are .onfirmed dead amongst the victims, three firefighters. local authorities indicate the cause was likely to be building violations. >> what was meant to be a roof garden for children is now a giant hole. rescue workers pulled away rubble from the supermarket the collapse, killing several people, and trapping others inside. >> there was construction work taking place on the roof. they were building a playground for children. obviously they did something wrong.
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>> after the first collapse, a team of firemen enter the building to save the wounded, but then the roof caved in. most people started crying and screaming. it was certain that those left inside after the first collapse would not be alive after the second. the fire department decided to clear the roof entirely. the army was called in for help. latvia's prime minister said police are investigating why the building caved in. >> the investigation has started over violating construction standards, which has caused serious consequences. >> two years ago, when it was completed, the supermarket received an architecture prize. authorities will determine if builders violated regulations. >> three women have been
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released after spending as much as 30 years in a london home. the three are in a traumatized state, having not been exposed to the outside world in three decades. >> an ordinary house on an ordinary street in this central london neighborhood held a secret for over 30 years, an alleged case of slavery at scotland yard had never seen on such a scale. >> we were able to rescue three and 30.ges 69, 57, the woman who is 30 years of age, we believe she may have spent her entire life in these conditions. >> three women are said to be of malaysian, irish, and british origins, and are not related. there is no evidence of sexual
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abuse. it was only when one of them courageously telephoned a charity that the rescue was possible. hotline and we/7 were able to assist them. we are humble that we are able to assist in something so miraculous that we have never heard of. --are really very are relieved they are in a place of safety. >> after police help the women escape, investigators caved -- the couple was freed on bail pending inquiries. investigators say it might take time to understand what happened and how the three women remained captive in the heart of london for so long. >> to poland, the un's climate
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conference wraps up friday. despite another round of thursday,ons late- there is a lack of progress. the aim remained simple, lay the groundwork for a new international deal to curb global warming. emissions,es of scientists warn, could have disastrous consequences and we have more on the last day of discussions. >> delegates here in warsaw have been negotiating, and some progress has been made with a new draft text saying they must release targets before the next conference in 2015, but according to the european union, it does not go far enough and is not specific about dates. france will be hosting the
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conference in 2015 and the development minister in france told us he is not prepared for the decisions that need to be made in warsaw to be put off any longer. year in spend another warsaw just talking about the principal of whether or not we will have clear, set figures on clt reduction targets, the paris conference will have no chance of achieving what scientists tell us it needs to achieve. >> the conference is supposed to and this evening, but there is a lot of wrangling and bickering, you might say. investigations are -- discussions are said to be going on until late in the night. joined from we are the former director of the united nations environment program. thank you for joining us this
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friday. these meetings come around every couple of years. in next is in paris -- paris 2015. with the conference have any impact on national policy -- international policy? >> the way things are going here, the answer is negative. the conference takes place every year. it has been taking place since 1992. countries have taken a pledge to emissionsbon dioxide by about 5%. takenduction has not place. the promises have not been kept. this is a classic meeting of international negotiations, which we have heard year after year, and we do not see anything new except to look forward to protocol, or the post-
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and dying hisy own death by 2015. weeks,aw in the past two the typhoon in the philippines, in particular, was likely a consequence of climate change, certainly its power was. consequences like that not generating more urgency? notnfortunately, it does urgent to the negotiators who are in charge of the new treaty that will be finalized in 2015. the general public is getting aware of it, and i think there is a sense of urgency, given the united nations history. the governmentth
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negotiators which seem to be drawn by the lobbying from the corporate sectors. >> we will have to leave it there. thank you for that analysis of what so far has proved to be a frustrating conference in and .arsaw about the climate we were mentioning the philippines, and the consequences of the last typhoon . the official death toll does continue to rise with the number now exceeding 5200 with every indication that that will, sadly, increase. more than 1600 people are still missing, making it the deadliest natural disaster in the countries history. authorities say the situation is improving with some of the roads in the worst hit areas clear of debris. now to those talks between iran areworld powers, both sides
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dampening expectations. progress has been while thereissues, was a degree of optimism. western sides say considerable gaps exist. deal to is an historic halt nuclear ambitions for six months in exchange for alleviated sanctions. now, to the united states, where all eyes are on dealey plaza, dallas, texas, this friday, were the nations arguably -- history arguably changed. you can see live pictures from the national cemetery in arlington, close to washington, d.c., or you can see the eternal flame, in memory of john f.
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kennedy, and it continues to burn their, on a chilly day on the east coast of the united states. president kennedy's assassination did mark a dramatic moment for the united states. thousands are expected in dallas for a somber occasion to commemorate the events. events will also be held in boston. barack obama has ordered that flags be flown at half mast around the country. the death was one of the string of tragedies that has affected one of america's most famous families. >> before jfk even embarked on his path to the white house, tragedy struck the kennedy family. his older brother joe junior was killed in world war ii. jfk and his wife had themselves lost a two day old son. the idea of a kennedy curse emerged when his younger brother bobby was assassinated during
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the early stages of his own presidential bid. >> how is it possible this family has suffered so much -- is there a curse? three younger brothers dead, the torch passed edward kennedy. >> he had had a few drinks. he left in a car, took a sharp right turn, went on a dirt road, went off of a bridge, and mary jo was dropped. only son, john's .unior died in a plane crash that left caroline kennedy the daughter.ning
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constant my responsibility to uphold the ideals he represented, a deep commitment to public service, a more justice -- just america. >> caroline is the most prominent member of the family that remains active on the political scene. biggestackdrop for the game in the bundesliga. the visitors have injury problems. dortmund did try. >> of course, a lot of people are talking about the missing players, but in such a game, it it is not that important. it was to be a great game, and it does not make a difference that dortmund will be missing
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defense. there are very good players and it does not matter who is missing. >> they had not been dortmund in the last six bundesliga games. they will be eager to continue the excellent start to the season. >> if you cannot win a championship, it is clear you are not successful. dortmund were the best, but since the start of last season, we have developed really well. afraid of anyone. we respect all of our opponents, but we never hear anyone. >> the matches -- fear anyone. >> the matches repeat from last year's final. >> we want to go there and win. our goal is to be german champions again. we have form and momentum on our
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side. that is clear. the pressure is always on, no money -- no matter how any points we lead by. >> the bundesliga top scorer will have to work his magic on saturday evening. >> liverpool will make the short trip to face city rivals everton. second place liverpool are three points behind the leader. it is the first time the two coaches will lock horns. is excited -- exciting game expected. >> we have not been up there for the last few years. year, they were in the champions league position and went on and had a good season. it will be a fiercely competitive game.
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we can go and perform like we did in the last games and give it a go. everton has no injury worries. the forward has been ruled out -- the marseille field it hurt his knee in a defeat of egypt on tuesday, which did not stop qualifying for the world cup. is not expected to return until after the european winter break. cmk moscow had their opponent fighting problems. they build up a lead of 16
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points, at the start of the final quarter before the french fight back. american forward deshawn thomas keep the visitors in it. cfk where 72-62 winners and 2.eir a record of 4- the president of the international olympic committee insists that the anti-doping program for the sochi olympics will be the topic of any olympic games. conductthe ioc would more in and out of competition tests for these olympics than in vancouver, stressing the increase commitment to stamping out doping. >> the anti-doping test programs for sochi will be the toughest ever applied in the olympic
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winter games. we have decided that for the games, we will increase the pretesting program by 57% compared to vancouver. dayse comments come just after the international olympic committee said it was retesting samples from the 2006 games. today, durant takes its case takes its case for nuclear energy to youtube. reuniting lost possessions. and, the bulldog, the latest web
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sensation. being told that you cannot do what everyone else is doing, what everyone else is allowed to do. do you back down? would you relent? iran foreign affairs minister spoke in english in solemn tones, defending the nuclear program, saying it will secure the future of iranian children and diversify the economy. the latest round of talks began in geneva on thursday and they hope the video will influence of the opinion. not only was this recorded in english, but the video features subtitles in arabic, turkish,
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and french, so that it can be viewed and understood by the widest audience possible. it is not the first time iran has promoted its nuclear program online. at the beginning of november, it launched a nuclear english whente in they open the play the transparency card, explaining how nuclear technology could be employed for civilian use, and providing detailed information about the infrastructure and research underway. family photos in more or less good condition. julie, clothing, administrative documents, and even car keys -- thesents found all
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objects after tornadoes ripped through illinois. people are now turning to facebook, trying to get possessions back where they belong. a number of pages are cataloging items. groups like this one are encouraging web users to provide as much information as possible objects retrieved, detailing where they were found, or any available information about the owner. of illinois did not just leave material possessions in the tornadoes. as we can see from these facebook pages, many were also separated from their [ets. -- pets. they have been circulating photos. they can provide a lot of comfort through these difficult times. women from columbia have been
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means "inder a #that pickupminiskirt, so what it was -- so what." it is in response to the suggestion that a customer of a market was great because she was -- raped because she was wearing a miniskirt. with over 112,000 followers on instagram, two and a half year old boss know bulldog is one of the webs most popular animals. web users love the getups. you can take a peek on the bulldog's instagram page.
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in the cold, these people are here for the chance of free health care. the arlington free clinic provides care to around 1700 patients that would not otherwise be able to afford treatment. people like this u.s. citizen originally from bangladesh. >> i had a full checkup. alas four years i have not seen any doctor because i cannot afford to go there. >> the charity-run clinic can only afford to take on a certain number of patients, so to choose who gets in, each month, the hold a lottery. whether you have a cold or answer, it does not matter. you have to take a ticket and hope you get picked. just 20 or so people will get in. >> it is difficult. people are coming for a scarce commodity. eventually, they do get in.
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it is the good part of the story. although demand is so high, if they come back often enough, eventually you will get in. the clinic gives out information on obamacare, and some can be educated on free health care. virginia, like many other mainly rob -- republican-controlled state, has refused to offer care known as medicaid even though the federal government would pay 90% of the cost. >> we look forward to medicaid expansion because it means more patients would then have access to health care. >> opponents of the rollout say it does not make economic sense. >> those people provide services to low income people and they need better funding, though we should look at if there is a more efficient way to
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do it. there is a business here, and we need a more businesslike perspective on how we deliver care to everyone, the poor and everyone else. >> back at the clinic, the lottery is underway. on her fourth attempt, she is one of the lucky ones. >> looks like a jackpot. i hate it. -- hit it. >> for the
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>> hello and welcome to "the health show." today, some new and old thinking is transforming health all around our planet. coming up in the program, caring for newborn babies in a hospital built entirely of the shipping


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