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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  November 25, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PST

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funding for crossroads cafe was provided in part... by the departments of education of the states of... california florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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- i don't understand this. - what's the problem mr. brashov ? - this whole week business has been terrible. - maybe we should advertise. i could make a big sign for the front of the restaurant. we could have flashing lights, lots of color. i'm sure it will attract a lot of attention. and probably get us thrown out of the neighborhood. maybe we just need to make the menu a little more exciting.
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i bought some chili peppers at a vegetable market last weekend. i'm going to put them in tomorrow's chicken special. well, thanks for the warning. i'll be sure to put extra ice water at all the tables. i bet the customers will love it. well, if nothing else, it'll clear out their sinuses. thank you, rosa. that sounds delicious. so what did you do this weekend, mr. brashov ? well, on saturday i cleaned up my office. and on sunday i caught up on some paperwork. talk about a wild weekend. - don't you ever have any fun ? - i run a business here. - who has time for fun ? - mr. brashov, maybe it's time you started to date. in romania men of my age do not date. in mexico they don't either. but this is america. you just have to get the word out. let the women know you are available. maybe jamal can make me a sign. what's the problem, victor ? you're pacing back and forth like an expectant father.
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look at this place. it's like a morgue. 12:30. why aren't there more people here ? maybe it's the cooking. maybe it's the service. could i have another cup of coffee, please ? sure. lately that guy spends more time here than i do. - hello again. - more coffee ? actually, i'd like a glass of water. the coffee's a little hot. i was going to add some ice cubes. - why don't i give you a glass of ice ? - great. there you go. you're all set. you've got your coffee, your cream, your sugar and your ice. - oh, there is one more thing. - yes ? i'd like to know your name. - my name ? - yeah. i mean, since you are my waitress i'd like to be able to call you by your name you know, instead of miss or ma'am or hey, you.
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- i'm katherine. - my name's bill. - it's nice to meet you. - nice to meet you too. excuse me. - say, "cheese." - cheese ! what is this all about ? i wanted to try out my new camera. what do you think, mr. brashov ? i think it will take very small pictures. i also think i do not have any work for you today. - i wasn't expecting you in. - yeah, but i have to fix the automatic sprinkler system. -what is wrong with it ? -there is a leak in the kitchen. but i think i know what the problem is. wouldn't it be cheaper just to hand your customers a nice bath towel when they come in ? just fix the sprinklers. right away, mr. brashov. - bye, katherine. - so long. a new customer.
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definitely not one of the regulars. hi. hi. i'd like some dessert. what do you recommend ? our lemon meringue pie is excellent, and there's brashov's famous apple strudel. - that sounds wonderful. - all right. one apple strudel coming right up. i think you have an admirer, victor. no, she is just being polite. why don't you go talk to her ? don't be ridiculous, jess. there you are. will there be anything else ? no, thanks. this looks delicious. thank you. well, what are you standing there for ? go see what the lady wants. are you the mr. brashov that created this dessert ? please, call me victor. victor, i have eaten in the best restaurants all over the world. and this is the best apple strudel that i've ever tasted in my life.
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thank you. that is very kind of you to say. please. i would love to get your recipe. actually, the strudel was my wife's recipe. so she's the one who deserves the credit. well please send her my compliments. unfortunately she passed away. i'm so sorry. she also deserves the credit for this restaurant. it was her idea. well, if the rest of your cooking is half as good as your strudel, this restaurant should really do well. well, that's what we are hoping, but it takes a while to get established. i'm sure that you will be very successful, victor. - you're a very charming man. - thank you. well, how do you like that ? isn't it great ? well, i better be going. oh, please it is on the house. - oh, no, you don't have to do-- - please ! i insist. that is very kind of you.
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something is definitely going on over there. - so ? - so what ? so what happened ? - i have a date. - i don't believe it. - all right. i cannot believe such a rich and cultured woman could be interested in brashov. - that must be some strudel, victor. - so where are you going to go ? she said she wants to take me to a restaurant called palmettos. palmettos, palmettos. that sounds familiar. she said they just won a special award. that's why i recognize the name. here it is. "we strongly recommend palmettos, one of the top ten restaurants in its class." it sounds very glamorous mr. brashov. i bet you'll have a wonderful time.
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in my country, women do not invite men out. lucky for me this is america. please, take the last bite. no, victor, you go ahead. well, if you insist. wasn't that meal just sensational ? i must say, they certainly deserved the restaurant award. the service has been superb and the food magnificent. do you know, victor, good food and good service are important to any restaurant. but it's also important to have a good promoter. yes, a promoter. what is a promoter ? it's what i do for a living. i help restaurant owners advertise, so they can get more customers. really ? yes, i'm good friends with the owner of palmettos.
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i helped him win that restaurant award. i saw that in the newspaper. and, victor, i can help you win that award too. but we are not an elegant restaurant like palmettos. we are just a small neighborhood cafe with a leaky sprinkler system. all you need is publicity and advertising. victor, you're a very smart man. would you rather have one little restaurant or a chain of cafes... where everyone will know that victor brashov makes the best apple strudel in the world ? thank you very much. victor, please. tonight you're my guest. that is very generous of you barbara, but i could not allow you to pay for me. - please. - no, i insist. all right, but next time it will be my treat. by the way, i have tickets for a concert tomorrow night. would you care to join me ? it would be my pleasure.
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there's something i've been meaning to tell you. you are a very good student. do you know what i've just done ? i've given you a compliment. and that's what this segment is about. look at the following situations and see if you can think of a compliment for each.
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and what would you say about the story we are watching ? it is good. it is very good. it is a very good story. well, then let's get back to it. somebody had a good time last night. a great time. that's three times this week, victor.
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dinners, concerts, plays. i don't know how you do it. - don't you ever get tired ? - i am taking a few nights off. barbara's going out of town. rosa, can you make me breakfast ? what would you like ? i would like some cottage cheese and fruit. now i know this woman's getting to you, victor. according to barbara crossroads cafe could become an enormous success. what good would it do me if i do not live to see it ? wait a minute. how did you go from having a good time on a couple of dates... to building a financial empire ? barbara says that in this country... you can invest one dollar and make one million. but you've got to spend money to make money. - what does that mean ? - it means that i have invested in barbara's company. she says crossroads cafe will be known everywhere. how can you be so sure that barbara can do that ? don't listen to these two, victor. they're just giving you a hard time. all i know is, i am happy. and i am going to be successful.
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i have a bad feeling about that barbara. rosa, relax. let victor enjoy himself. maybe jess is right. mr. brashov knows what he's doing. i think you have a customer. so, what'll it be ? - would you have dinner with me tonight ? - i have kids. -i didn't know you were married. -i'm not. but i was. and, you know, it's difficult to get a baby-sitter at a moment's notice. all right, well, then, how about tomorrow night ? i can baby-sit tomorrow. so it's settled. i'll pick you up at 7:00 tomorrow night. you know-- can i meet you ? sure. have you been to palmettos
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? is that the only place anyone eats at these days ? it's a nice place. i go there a lot. have you been there ? no, but i know someone who has. i can probably get directions. terrific. so i'll see you there tomorrow night. - is 7:00 okay ? - 7:00 would be perfect. you know, i'd really like to ask you something. go right ahead. if you could eat at a place like this, why do you come to crossroads cafe ? sometimes i just feel like putting on a pair of blue jeans and getting a cup of coffee. fair enough. so are you having a good time ? here you are. - did we order champagne ? - compliments of the house. - i've never seen such service. - it probably has something to do with my father. is he a regular at this restaurant too ?
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- he owns it. - what ? - i was going to tell you. - i can't believe you didn't say anything. i just didn't want you thinking that i was some spoiled rich guy-- wait. look, i understand that you're upset. -i can't believe this. -i really was going to tell you. no, you really don't understand. i've got to make a phone call. - now ? - yes. yes. i've got to call rosa right away. - i'll be back in a minute. - i'll be here. now, the key, of course, is advertising. and the sooner we start, the sooner i'll be able to make your business... more successful than you ever thought possible. i couldn't agree more. i've brought a check for the deposit. that's wonderful. now i'll be able to get the advertising agency... started on this first thing tomorrow. whatever you say. you are the expert. - is your father going to help
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us ? - everything's all set. - i don't know. i hope it works. - well, it's too late now. here we go. would either of you like dessert ? - what do you recommend ? - recommend ? yes. what do you like the best ? well, this is one of our favorites. - really ? what is it ? - well, it's a kind of a-- it's very fresh. isn't that the chocolate torte ? it's excellent. i can assure you. - i can't say no to chocolate. - or to me. there you go. and for you, madame ? we'll share. darling, before we forget, i really would like to get that check.
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yes, of course. i have it right here. thank you. how can this be ? i don't understand. mr. brashov, this woman is a con artist, a cheat. she uses her charm and good looks to take money from trusting men. like you. what a fool i've been. i've already given her $800. these con artists think they can take advantage of anyone... who is from another country or speaks with an accent. - bet you'll never see that woman again. - oh, yes, i will. how can you be so sure ? i am supposed to give her another $800. she's coming here tomorrow. lover boy is here, katherine.
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- who ? - bill, katherine's boyfriend. he's not my boyfriend, but he may be the answer to our problems. what's katherine up to now ? hi. how are you ? hi. listen. i have another favor to ask of you. [ narrator ] not a day goes by without someone trying to sell you something. if you need the product that is offered, you may decide to buy it. but there are times when buyers must be very careful. who is it ? hello, ma'am ? i'd like to talk to you, please. - about what ? - this incredible new product. hold on a minute. this cleaning fluid is so incredible... that you can clean greasy frying pans and your windows with it. plus, it's so sensitive you can brush your teeth with it. look. if you'd like, i can come in your
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house right now and demonstrate. - hello ? - hello, miss robinson. "this is your lucky day. you are the big winner in the city sweepstakes." that's wonderful but what did i win ? "you've won a number of valuable prizes, but most important, "as a city winner, you can compete for the national sweepstakes. "you could win $1 million a year for the rest of your life. -what do you think about that ?" -i don't know what to say. "a sweepstakes representative will stop by your house to collect a small entry fee." an entry fee ? how much ? "only $100. can you believe it ? pennies compared to the millions of dollars... "you could receive over the next 40 or 50 years. so what time would you like us to come over ?" [ narrator ] if you have questions about a product or the people who are selling it, call the better business bureau. they keep records of businesses people complain about and will share this information with you.
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a hundred dollars ? i have to pay you $100 ? i don't think so. [ narrator ] if a bargain sounds too good to be true, it generally is. and this one-gallon refill is only $5.99. but the offer continues-- please. thank your father for lending this to me. he's heard about con artists like barbara. -where did all these customers come from ? -open your newspaper to page 17. "today only until 1:00 half off the lunch special at crossroads cafe." victor, this is going to cost you a lot of money. not as much as i gave that woman. and besides, i may even pick up some new customers. jamal, where are you going ? to the kitchen to fix the pipes.
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- i thought you fixed them already. - i did ! but then they started to do leak again-- oh, jamal. whatever you do, just don't get in the way of what we are doing. no problem, mr. brashov. here she comes ! victor. darling. how i've missed you. yeah. right. barbara, you were right. the newspapers just gave us an award... for being one of the best restaurants in the city. they did ? i mean, of course, they did. i told you that they would. how did this happen ? i owe it all to you. business is fantastic. i am making a fortune. - excuse me. - sure. victor, what is going on ? who are those men ? they are investors. the business is so good that everyone wants to get involved. look.
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what do you mean investors ? my dream that there will be many crossroads cafes has come true. but, victor, that was my idea. so it was, barbara. so it was. how much money are people investing ? i am selling one share of crossroads cafe for $1,600. and by the way, here is the $800 that i still owe you. not so fast, victor. why should i just be a promoter when i can be an investor too ? and since the whole idea started with me, i think that i should get a discount on the price. i don't know if my investors would approve. couldn't it just be our little secret ? please ? just for me ? i'll tell you what. for you, barbara, darling, and please, keep this to yourself.
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you can buy a share of crossroads cafe... for only $900. make it 800. you have a deal. victor this is so wonderful. i have such great plans for us. the future is full of possibilities. the only possibility is that i will call the police... if you do not leave in the next minute. victor ? i don't understand. maybe this will help. you tricked me ! you-- you-- you-- i have never-- wait a minute. i remember you.
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you will be hearing from my lawyer ! - you mean you're going to sue me ? - yes ! you and you and you... and most especially you ! mr. brashov, i'm so sorry i ruined your plan. ruined it ? you made it better than even i could have imagined. i knew everything would turn out all right. i'll never be such a fool again. hey, victor, in this country we have a saying. "let the buyer beware." that means be careful of people who promise too much. there is another lesson that's even more important. - what's that ? - never trust jamal with a bucket of water.
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i really want to thank you for all your help. we couldn't have done it without you. would it be all right if i ask you for a favor in return ? name it. well, you agreed to go out with me on a date. but with everything that went on, our first date wasn't really a date. so do you think you could join me on a second date which would really be our first date ? let me investigate the baby-sitter situation. katherine, if you need a baby-sitter, i'd be glad to-- rosa ! i'd better get back to work. so, where would you like to go ? that's up to you. but i do have one request. name it. no restaurants. you've got a deal. closed-captioned by captions, inc. los angeles
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crossroads cafe is a series that teaches english... to speakers of other languages. for more information call toll-free:
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