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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  November 27, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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11/27/13 11/27/13 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! we will strengthen our families and most importantly we will -- most important, we will live -- most importantly, we will live up to our character as a nation -- >> thousands are separated -- >> that is what we're talking about -- >> every single day -- >> two days after he interview the president, and undocumented
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activist named ju hong joins us to talk about how obama's immigration policies have torn apart his family. then pope francis issues streaming -- stinging critique. we will speak with two dissident priests on the pope's radical economic message, perusal to alter church doctrine on abortion and female priests. the supreme court will hear a case over whether for-profit conversations -- corporations can exclude birth-control and health insurance they provide their employees under obamacare. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. has agreed tourt take on cases that could decide of corporations can ignore parts of federal law raced on the religious police of their owners. the cases center on the controversy over whether for- profit corporations must fully cover birth control and health insurance they provide for their employees. two companies, hundred lobby and
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consetoga wood from object offer birthem to control. the case could force a rehashing of the landmark citizens united decision which ruled companies have freedom of expression rights that allow unlimited spending on political campaigns. the court could decide now whether companies also have religious freedom rights will stop more in the story later in the broadcast. the u.s. has flown to warplanes over the disputed east china sea, defying a recent event from china. sent overe government the week and a must be notified of any fights over part of the small island chain that is also claimed by japan. flew toagon says it u.s. b-52 bombers as part of a previously scheduled exercise. the u.s., japan, and several other governments have rejected china's claim to an air defense zone over the area.
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the obama administration continues to warn afghanistan of an early pullout of u.s. forces if it fails to ratify security pact are the end of the year. afghan president karzai is seeking to delay his signature calling for an end to u.s. home raids in the release of prisoners from guantánamo bay. national security advisor susan rice issued a warning to karzai after meeting with them in kabul. >> if the agreement is not signed promptly, at what i said to the president is, we would have no choice, we would be compelled by necessity not by our preference, the have to begin to plan for the prospect that we will not be able to keep our troops there because they will not be invited because the bsa will not up in sign. and the nature of our partnership and the investments we have made will be more difficult. >> a prosecutor in egypt has ordered the arrest of two leading activist after they took part in demonstrations against a sweeping new anti-protest law. the founder of the april 6 youth
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movement, which played a key role in the ouster president mubarak to ring the 2011 uprising, both he and the prominent egyptian blogger attempted -- attended protest to state where at least two dozen others were reportedly detained. the new law forces protesters to obtain 7 different permits in order to hold public rallies, making protests all but impossible will stop in geneva, spokesperson for the united nations high commissioner for human rights criticized the measure. >> the high commissioner is warning that a new law regulating demonstrations in egypt, which was announced on sunday, could lead to serious breaches of the right to freedom she states assembly unequivocally that for a range of reasons, the law should the amended. of particular concern are provisions on use of force and law enforcement officials and the insects of -- and the
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excessive sanctions including prison sentences that can impose on those under breach of the law. >> protests continue in honduras over the contested presidential election. right-wing ruling kinetic party has named his transition team after election officials said he had any reversible lead in the vote. the supporters of his challenger to the wife of ousted president manuel zelaya, have denounced the result is fraudulent. hundreds of students took to the street of the capital tuesday where they faced teargas from riot police. a student activist rejected the results of the election. we the students are here to protest the election fraud that happened sunday, november 24. they did not respect the decisions of the people. we have the responsibility to take to the streets to inspire the people to not accept the fraud. we know they pay the tribunal off to declare him president. >> new leaks from edward snowden showed the national security agency has gathered records on
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the online sexual a vivid he a muslim targets in a bid to discredit them. reports thepost" nsa has identified at least six muslim leaders whose speeches have the potential to radicalize their audiences with "extremist message." none are accused of involvement in terror plots. the nsa has apparently collected evidence of their online activity including visits to pornography sites in a bid to undermine the credibility or intimidate them into silence. it is not clear if the nsa carried out any of its plans. microsoft is reportedly developing a new project to encrypt its online traffic over fears of nsa surveillance. the washington post reports microsoft is expanding its encryption based on concerns the nsa has broken into its global communications links. it emerged last month the nsa has tapped into the private networks of microsoft rivals google and yahoo!
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united nations panel has affirmed rights against unwarranted government surveillance. germany and brazil drafted the measure after edward snowden showed widespread u.s. spying abroad. the general similar third committee approved it by consensus tuesday, setting up a full g-8 folks ask month. the german ambassador to the u.n. spoke after tuesday's vote. in thethe first time framework of the united nations, this resolution unequivocally states that the same rights people have off-line must also be protected online. it also emphasizes that unlawful and arbitrary surveillance and interception of communications are highly intrusive acts that andate the right to privacy may also violate the freedom of expression. furthermore, the resolution expresses deep concern at the negative impact that various forms of extraterritorial
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surveillance may have on the exercise and enjoyment of human rights. >> the spying measure was weakened at the request of the united states and britain. the original draft that foreign surveillance could amount to human rights violations and abuses. after objections from u.s. and britain, the text was changed to express concern over the negative impact of surveillance on human rights. a new investigation has revealed the cia kept a secret detention center at guantánamo bay to turn prisoners into double agents. according to the associated press, cia agents used the facility penny lane to recruit prisoners and then send them back home to kill suspected terrorists. the prisoners were given cottages equipped with private kitchens, showers, and real beds. at least one christian was forced to comply after cia agents threaten to harm his children. the double agents were paid millions of dollars before the program ended in 2006. at least 30 haitian migrants
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have been found dead at sea after their boat capsized off the bahamas. bahamian forces and he was coast guard rescued 110 people, including 60 who are clinging to the ship. the passengers were trying to make it to the united states. they were being held at the military base and face likely deportation. caribbean countries have voted to stall the membership effort of the dominican republic in the overnal group caricom court ruling cracking down on haitian residents. the dominican constitutional court issued a decision in september denying citizenship writ -- rights to thousands of haitian descendents. on tuesday, members called on the dominican government to override the ruling. cuba says it is shutting down most consular services in the u.s. after getting shunned by all major banks. the cuban government says it was dropped by a bank after the firm closed the last of its accounts surfing for missions. cuba says it has been unable to find another bank to replace m
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&t. a new study warns methane emissions in the u.s. are far higher than the government claims. according to proceedings of the national academy of sciences, the u.s. released 49 million tons of methane in 2008, compared to estimated 32 million by the environmental protection agency. the study's co-authors said -- cbs news has forced correspondent lara logan and producer max mcclellan to take a leave of absence over discredited report on the deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic site and benghazi, libya. logan was forced to apologize after the claims of her source for security contractor, proved to be false. dylan davies claimed to be an eyewitness to the attack, but it turned out he was not there.
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, a cbsnternal review executive found logan should not have an assigned to cover the benghazi attack because for public offer u.s. military response. those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. >> welcome to all our listeners and viewers from around the country and around the world. before we go on to our first story, the story you exposed from the city time scandal in new york and the largest in new york history, more people have just been convicted. >> on friday afternoon, a jury took -- a federal jury in manhattan federal court to 10 hours to convict three of the fraud,inds of the massive fraud. now the sixth, seventh, and eight people who have been found guilty in this massive
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conspiracy that went on for almost a decade with contractors for new york city creating a payroll system, stealing tens of millions of dollars -- in fact, the main contractor, saic, ended up paying the city of new york back $500 million and then federal authorities seized -- they say they have seized about fromillion more in assets the criminal conspiracy. altogether, the taxpayers have recouped 540 million dollars. i started the articles and may 2009 for early 2010. by the end of 2010, the new york city department of investigations the federal arresting then began people. altogether, 11 people were arrested in the conspiracy. 8 had been convicted, 2 of them fled to india with about $35
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million, that they took with them when they fled to india. one subsequently died before the trial. it has been a really amazing saga, one after another. trucks and city time was providing? >> it was supposed to be a payroll and timekeeping system to make sure the 300,000 city on her did not cheat hours. it was the people who are developing the system to assure the city workers were not cheating who are robbing the taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars. >> you also write about president obama's nominee. >> debra lee james was president obama has named her to be secretary of the air force and she was the chief executive of saic for the main company who ended up paying back 500 million dollars, and was actually in charge of ethics and integrity at saic at the time that all of these contractors were arrested by federal authorities.
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the idea that president obama would nominate her now to be in charge of the air force and approving the purchase of missiles and planes when she could not even do well in terms of assuring the integrity of one contract in york city is really astounding. the senate has still to vote on her nomination. >> and we will continue to follow the story. >> we begin today's show looking a president obama's push for congress to pass an immigration reform bill before the end of the year. a conference of package has passed the senate that remains stalled in the republican- controlled house of representatives. on monday, obama continued his campaign with a speech in san francisco, where he was engaged by an audience member who interrupted him to call for an end to deportations. what made this interruption unusual was the young man was one of the people who was chosen to stand behind obama, said he was almost on mic. obama then turned around to
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address him directly, and the young man continued talking, pleading for president obama to stop separating families. the person was later identified as an undocumented immigrant from south korea named ju hong. in a minute, he will join us to talk about what he did. but first, this is their full exchange. >> if we get immigration reform across the finish line, and it is there is within our grasp, if we can just get folks in washington to go ahead and do what needs to be done, we are growing to grow our economy, make our country more security, strengthen families. most important, we will live -- most importantly, we will live -- most importantly, we will live up to our character as a nation -- >> families are being separated. i need your help -- >> that is exactly what we're talking about -- >> every single day -- >> that is why we are here -- >> please use your executive order to halt deportations right
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now. [indiscernible] you have a power to stop deportations -- >> actually, i don't. that is why we're here. >> i need your help. stop deportation! >> stop deportation! >> don't worry about it, guys. let me finish. >> stop deportation! >> you guys don't need to go. let me finish. he can stay there. let me -- [applause] a second. respect the passion of these young people because they feel deeply about the concerns for their families. now what you need to know, when
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i am speaking as president of the united states and i come to is if in fact i could solve all of these problems without passing laws in congress, then i would do so. of laws. also a nation that is part of our tradition. and so the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like i can do something by violating our laws. what i'm proposing is the harder path which is to use our democratic process to achieve the same goal that you want to achieve, but it won't be as easy as just shouting. it requires us lobbying and getting it done. [applause] >> president obama responding to the young immigrant activist ju hong. those who placed ju hong behind president obama during the speech may not have realized he is one of the california bay
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area's most outspoken young immigrant activists. he is been arrested previously during immigration protest -- most recently over the summer when he opposed the confirmation of former homeland security secretary janet napolitano as president of the university of california system. ju hong is a member of a spire -- asian students promoting immigrant rights or education. he graduated from uc berkeley in 2012 and is currently pursuing a master's degree at severn cisco state university. he is joining us now. welcome to democracy now! ju hong, talk about that moment, first tie you game right behind -- first tie you first began behind president obama, and then what your message was. was informally invited by the white house to attend his remarks on immigration reform in san francisco and my intention ,as to hear what he had to say
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especially how he is going to address the lives of 11.5 million undocumented people living in this country facing fear of deportation on a daily basis, including my family. however, he did not address wrongdoing against undocumented immigrant family members. when he talked about thanksgiving and spending time with families thanksgiving, i thought of my own family. i was concerned about my mom's safety. i was concerned about my sister safety. because they could get deported at any given period of time because of anti-immigration deportation programs that wasn't limited by obama administration. i thought about my family. i thought about my personal struggle as undocumented. i thought about my friends in my community who have been deported
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and areururur currently in deten centers. i felt i was compelled to tell the truth to president obama that he has the ability to stop the deportations for all 11.5 million undocumented immigrants, but he did not do so. and i think his response was very disappointing because he is treating me like a child. he did not adequately address my question. in fact, he lied to the public that he doesn't have power to stop deportations when he does. so i think that -- ask you,g, if i can again, this issue of how you ended up behind the podium? the people chosen usually by the white house to be behind the podium are usually -- you would assume -- are vetted in some way or another to make sure these
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kinds of interactions don't happen. how is it you ended up being invited to stand behind the president? >> sure. i was selected randomly the day of. like i said, i was there just to hear what president obama had to say. i did not have any plan to interrupt his speech, but then again, i was very compelled to speak out the truth about what is happening in our community. he interrupteder president obama, he continued with his vow to press on immigration reform. this is from the end of president obama speech where he seems to be addressing you directly again. >> if you are serious about making that happen, then i'm ready to work with you -- [applause] it is work. it is not simply a matter of us just saying, we are going to violate the law. that is not our tradition.
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the great thing about this country is we have this wonderful process of democracy and sometimes it is messy and sometimes it is hard for but ultimately, justice and truth when now. >> ju hong, your response? >> first of all, he is not violating the law because he has to stop duplications. he can use his executive order to stop deportations and that is not violating the law. wrongk the law itself is and currently inhumane. i think the current law is affecting me and my family in an unjust way. for example, in 2010, my family's home was burglarized and my door was broken, my windows were completely shattered, and my important belongings were gone. we were terrified. we wanted to contact the police immediately, but my mom said, do not contact police, what if we get deported?
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this is something that we go through every single day. we have the fear and we have no protection and uncertainty. this is not just me. i know 11.5 million undocumented immigrants are facing fear of deportation. i am very disappointed the fact that president obama is supporting conference of immigration reform, -- conference of immigration reform, but behind closed doors, he is deporting thousands of family members, tearing them apart every single day. you deported one point million undocumented immigrant families across the country which is he to port more people than any other u.s. president in the history. every single day, 100,000 immigrants are getting deported immigrationanti- deportation measure under obama
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administration. >> ju hong, tell us about your story. how did your family come here? how did you become undocumented? when did you learn you were undocumented? >> i was born and raised in south korea until i was 11 years old. our family owned a small japanese restaurant is this in south korea. unfortunately, did not really work out. gave up the business and we file bankruptcy and then one year after my mom and dad decided to divorce and ever since then, i grew up with my mom and my older sister, barely surviving our home country in south korea. so my mom decided to move to the united states in 2001 to seek a better life for me and my older sister. ever since then a group like any other american student. i went to public school, spoke english, join many student activities. most importantly, i had a dream to go to college. but during my senior year in high school while i was filling
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out my college applications, there's a section where it requires citizenship status and social security number and i did not know what to put. i asked my mom about it. that is when she told me everything about our immigration status, that we came here with a tourist visa and she extended it for an additional six months. within 12 months, she tried to adjust our immigration status but it did not work out. we became undocumented. when i find out my immigration status, it was definitely depressing because of all of the limitations that i have to go through. i thought, i cannot go to college. all those limitations made me become a different person. at the same time, i think a lot of nonprofit organizations help me out in terms of how to go to college and educate me about ab 540 and the different legislation second help me with a pathway to citizenship. the more i learn about immigration issues, i believe president obama and his
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administration is not doing his job and their job to support our community. >> in september, president obama ruled out halting the deportation of undocumented immigrant herons of children who were granted a reprieve last year like you, ju hong. deferred action program, the white house has suspended the deportations of young immigrants who are brought to the u.s. at an early age and have lived without legal status. as speaking to telemundo, obama said it would be too extreme a measure to grant the same relief to their parents. what we can do is been carved out the dream act folks, saying young people who have basically grown up here are americans that we should welcome. we are not one to have them operate under a cloud, under a shadow. but if we star broadening that, then essentially, i would be way that ie law in a think would be very difficult to
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defend legally. that is not an option. click set as president obama, ju hong, if you could quickly responded that? that we want to ask about the protester arrested for the summer. directly answer your question, i just want to mention courageouse of undocumented immigrant youth throughout the country who spoke out and share their stories and held rallies and events but even conducting civil disobedience actions on hunger strike, that is why president obama introduced a program that allows undocumented students to halt deportations for at least two years and get a work permit, work authorization -- >> deferred action for childhood arrivals. >> that's correct. political using talking points to not supporting
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undocumented immigrant family members. the fact of the matter is, thousands of recipients have family members who are getting deported and getting separate every single day. what he needs to do right now is expand daca for all 11 point million -- 11.5 million undocumented immigrants. ours the right way to solve broken immigration system as we continue to pressure congress to pass a fair and just immigration reform. >> ju hong, this is not your first protest to have been involved in over immigration. janet napolitano was recently confirmed as head of the university of california system. last month following criticism for policies on immigration, she got authorized 5 million dollars in university funds to help undocumented students who cannot
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yet federal financial aid. you are one of six people who were arrested at the university of california regents meeting as a confirmed janet napolitano in july. you're wearing that same blue t- shirt that says "i am undocumented." why did you choose to take direct action against her nomination or confirmation? >> janet napolitano does not fit into the president of the uc system because of her record on what she has done to our community. because under her leadership, she deported 1.8 million undocumented immigrant family members across the country. she is proud of the fact of what she has done. she said in the public she supports the dream act, but in closed doors she deports people left and right. i think uc undocumented students are scared of janet napolitano
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as the next president of the uc system and she doesn't have any leading position in education. i think -- she recently tried to tovide $5 million aid undocumented immigrants, but i think that is just political will for her to ease out protesters and try to make her image as a positive figure. the fact is, the $5 million not substitute how much pain she is caused our community. she will never substitute the pain and suffering and fear that every single undocumented immigrant face that she is caused in our community. if she really cared about immigrant communities, i think she's a publicly apologized to our community, first, and undocumented back immigrant people that she deported. third, she should respectfully resign as the next president of uc. >> ju hong, thank you for being
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with us and we will continue to follow the immigration issue. when we come back, we will talk about pope francis and his message to the world. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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>> this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. pope francis has used his first major written were to attack capitalism as "new tyranny," while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality in a document published tuesday. he denounced the "idolatry of "oney" and "trickle-down economics policies as well as consumerism and a financial system which he says rules
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rather than serves. the pope urged politicians to guarantee all citizens "dignified work, education, and health care." the pope also criticized the media for how they cover economic issues. he wrote -- in his 84 page document, the pope called for a more decentralized, less fatty can- focused church separates the concerns the poor and the marginalized and the center. however, the pope rejected the change into other areas -- the ordination of women to the priesthood in the church's view on abortion. at a news conference, bishop rino fisichella read part of the document. it is essential we recover interpersonal relationships to which we must accord a priority over the technology to fix the
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governor relationships as with the remote control deciding where, when, and for how long been the basis of one's own preferences. as well as the more usual and more diffused challenges, however, we must realize those would change more directly on our lives. uncertainty daily with evil consequences, the various forms of social disparity, the fetishism of money and the dictatorship [indiscernible] an unbridled consumerism. in short, we find ourselves in the presence of a globalized indifference and the sneering contempt toward ethics, accompanied by constant attempt to marginalize every critical warning over the supremacy of
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the market which with its trickle-down, creates the illusion of helping the poor. if the church today appears still highly credible in many countries of the world, even where it is a minority, it is because of her works of charity and solidarity. >> that was bishop rino fisichella reading out part of pope francis first papal pronouncement. we're joined by two guests, both longtime dissidence within the catholic church. in san francisco, we're joined by matthew fox, author of over including,n books "letters to pope francis: rebuilding a church with justice and compassion." and also wrote, "occupy spirituality: a radical vision for a new generation." former catholic priest who was first up from teaching liberation theology and creation spirituality by cardinal ratzinger, then expelled
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from the dominican order to achieve spelunker 34 years. he is currently in physical priest. and for thes founder of the school of the americas watch, which just tell the general protest against what is now known as the western hemisphere institute for super cooperation of fort benning, georgia. these to be called the school of the americas. the organization was also in honduras monitoring the recent elections. he wrote the book called "my journey from summons to solidarity." thank you for joining us. i want to start with matthew fox. you have written this open letter to the pope calling for rebuilding a church-based on compassion, a radical message. do you think you deliver that message? >> i think you delivered a
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terminus message with this document about justice in the world. i think it goes far beyond church reform. i like that his perspective is not just about caring for the church, but going beyond and taking on the powerful forces of the economies that we are currently dealing with that he is willing to critique the economy was strong language and connecting it to the biblical , on behalff justice of the poor. he says priority of the poor is the gospel itself. for that.him within the church itself, he still very weak when it comes to women's issues. he said, for example a few months ago, we need women theology. for 45 years, there've been women in theology. women were first ignored and
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then condemned. the first objection by ratzinger to my work, number one, was that i was a feminist theologian and son i called god father and forth. there have been women in theology. many have been for years. there's a lot of work to do in the church itself, but i'm glad he is thinking beyond the church and sing the church more as the people of god and not as hierarchy. he is quite strong on that. that was one of the key element of the reform of the vatican council that in fact, the previous two popes turn their backs on. as i wrote in my book, really, [indiscernible] they did turn their back on the preferential options of the poor and the gospels are pretty explicit about that. >> father roy bourgeois, you spent many years as a priest in latin america and this pope is from latin america. your sense of his pronouncements now in terms of what the message
3:39 pm
will reverberate throughout latin america, especially his call for greater decentralization of the church? >> yes, of course it is very admirable that pope francis is discussing the suffering of the majority of the people in capitalism. but at the same time, i think it is important for pope francis to also address, as he refers to, the romant in catholic church. i am referring to women who were not treated as equals, who are denied ordination. homosexuality, [indiscernible] that must be addressed. years inpe spent any
3:40 pm
argentina before becoming pope. he knows about the dirty war. he lived through that from 1976- 1983 were school of the americas graduates did untold suffering and we had our annual vigil this past weekend for some 4000 people gathered from all over the country, students, veterans, others, peacemakers, we came together to try to close the school of the americas, there really has enforced u.s. foreign-policy and latin america issues that he is addressing, capitalism. this school has been all about protecting u.s. economic interests from exploiting cheap labor of these countries, and their natural resources -- exploitation is what it is all about. it would be very important also for pope francis to get more specific and really join us in our efforts and call for the
3:41 pm
closing of what he knows in argentina and throughout latin america as the school of assassins. >> i want to ask matthew fox position onfrancis' women, on this issue of the ordination of women, not to mention the issue of abortion. he recently ordered another statement, though he rejected church's teachings against abortion, writing -- he did warn the catholics not to
3:42 pm
make these issues -- how to say he put it, the primary ones? >> that's right, he said there's a certain addiction to the sexual moral issues and the catholic church. certainly, he is spot on with that observation. he said he cannot rap theology in a condom, which is a pretty vivid way for a pope to speak about the exaggeration around sexual morality, which has become such a litmus test for some catholics over the last 30 years. again, i think he is trying to create some space there. certainly, this is one reason i think, the pronouncement recently, is essentially about the economic system of the world that are not working except for
3:43 pm
a few. he is so strong about it that he said, we've introduced a new , andtry, a new golden calf that we have to say no to it. he is speaking with a prophetic voice of saying no. he also links things nicely. for example, he says whatever is fragile like the environment is defenseless against the deified market. notice how he is linking the environment and its suffering and pain with the suffering and pain of the poor people around the world. of course, it is linked. when you don't have decent soil and forest in air, it obviously affects one's health and survival just as poverty itself does. i think it is quite wise the way he is bringing in issues far beyond sexual morality. we gethew fox, could
3:44 pm
back to the centralization versus decentralization. he understands the important role the different monastic orders have had within the church, raising sometimes alternative or critical views. your sense of how serious he is about trying to decentralize one of the most extremely centralized hierarchies in the world? >> yes. there's no question he wants to do this. for example, in trying to reform the church -- remember, one of the first payments he made was the church was in ruins. that is strong language. i don't think he is naïve. and argentina where he is from, 10% of catholics are practicing. 10%. it is like that and a lot of places in europe. -- it is like that and a lot of places in europe. his first up was to have a crew
3:45 pm
of cardinals from around the world to investigate and come up with ideas to reform the church. ofhink that is one example to decentralize. i think also he should be commended for his sense of -- for two years in argentina, he said them with the rabbi and they dialogued together and created [indiscernible] the jewish people are small minority in argentina. he did not have to do this. i think it shows ingenuity that he was learning from this man, learning from his jewish faith and learning from a scientist. i think he is very sincere about .hat i would call interfaith i think that could pay dividends as well. one of the points i make in my book is i think if you know dolly lama were to go around the world together and speak on each
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these issues of our time such as unjust economic system, poverty, such as the ecological crisis, such as as -- justice, but francis had an incredible consciousness of gender justice. every sentence goes back and forth between the masculine and some i feminism. this book has to catch up to francis in that regard. i think it is possible he will because as a jesuit, he is willing to learn. he has this awareness the church as we know it as the future. is form in which we find it not deep. the young people have abandoned it, for good reason, and yet i
3:47 pm
think is going on the real meaning of church as the people, like this young man who was just on previously in the program for real people standing up for justice and speaking truth to power. that is going on with the occupy andment and could go on unleashing of spiritual energy for revolution of values. ai lama andd the dal other groups, witness for 40 years and more, to put wind in the sale of grassroots groups where things are really going to change. >> i want to read more from the paper of pope francis. he wrote --
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father roy bourgeois? , just word inclusiveness to add onto to what matthew was saying also, i think it is very important to remind ourselves in this conversation and future conversations of something very in port and which really is at in very core of the crisis the roman catholic church today. and it is this. male,pe, pope francis, is a man. he is the leader of an all-male culture. it is dominated roman catholic church for centuries. he and the men in this all-male clerical culture that i've been a member of for 46 years, we have claimed and continue to
3:49 pm
claim that only we as men can speak for god. only we can interpret the holy scriptures and know the will of god. therein lies a serious problem. women are viewed -- and i say this with great sadness -- it saddens me to see this, women are viewed as lesser than men as expressed in the church's teaching. only men can be ordained. women are not worthy. and also very important, gays and lesbians are seen as lesser than straight. which is very important. i think pope francis must inflict amount is 1.2 million catholics -- billion catholics, and say, we are all created of equal worth and dignity. we do not have this inclusiveness in the roman catholic church. therein lies the problem. equal ande we are all
3:50 pm
worthy of dignity, we must change the church's teaching, beginning -- i highly recommend they go to the catechism of the catholic church which talks about the church's official doctrines and teachings. some of them, especially jim linked with women and homosexuality, i would refuse to read on the air. it is so offensive and cruel. it needs -- leads to suffering and in some cases, when it comes to homosexuality teachings, to suicide, to people becoming so shamed they take their lives. the pope must get serious and start talking about inclusiveness in the catholic church. >> i want to thank you both for being with us. this is a continuing discussion. father roy bourgeois speaking to us from school of the americas just outside fort benning, georgia, which just held its annual protest against u.s. army
3:51 pm
school of the americas. i also want to thank matthew fox for joining us, author of over two dozen books, most recently, "letters to pope francis: rebuilding a church with justice and compassion." he also wrote, "occupy spirituality: a radical vision for a new generation." when we come back, we will look at the supreme court taking up the case of whether for-profit corporations us cover birth control in the health insurance they provide for their employees under obamacare. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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>> this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. >> on thursday the supreme court theunced it will wade into controversy over whether for- profit corporations must fully cover birth control in the
3:53 pm
health insurance they provide for their employees. the obama administration argues under the affordable care act, in employee's decision to use her health coverage to pay for particular service cannot be treated her employer. it's also said contraceptive coverage is key to ensuring both public health and women's equality. in one of two cases the court will hear, known as the consetoga wood case, a mennonite furniture business once the court to determine whether the birth control or garments violates both the religious freedom and restoration act, and the company's rights under the first amendment. >> the court will also hear case brought by hobby lobby, chain of arts and crafts stores with more than 13,000 employees. we're joined right now by brigitte amiri for the senior staff attorney with the aclu reproductive freedom project and has been following these issues closely. it is good have you with us. any layout the significance of the court taking up this case? >> the case is significant for several reasons. this is the first time we will have the supreme court decide whether religious liberty rights can be used to trump
3:54 pm
antidiscrimination laws. been arguingou has -- the aclu has been arguing the civil liberty rights cannot it as the company's arguing here. >> at the heart of this is whether a corporation is a person in terms of religious freedom, but is in the whole idea of creating a corporation that you will create an entity separate from you as an individual? >> certainly one of the russians of the cases is whether corporation is a person under the religious freedom restoration act. courtsrts in the appeals are split on this issue. it is also important the court -- the high court will resolve this issue. certainly, that is one of the big issues in this case. the aclu has argued even if a corporation could have religious liberty rights, those corporations cannot invoke the religious police to take away a benefit from their female employees. ask what does this mean for the
3:55 pm
affordable care act? >> for the larger affordable care act, i'm not sure exactly how far the repercussions will be felt. certainly if the government is in the supreme court, that would be tremendous. not just the millions of women who will benefit from the contraceptive coverage, but will put them in detainees would've canment that corporations los use the religious beliefs in the future. >> what if the corporation did not like the fact he had aids, so they said they would not cover those drugs? >> that is one of the real possibilities that if the court doesn't side with the government here or if a jehovah witness owns the company decide not to cover blood transfusions. there is a long line of very agers president, all of what ash dangerous precedent. >> let's go to the hobby lobby ceo who challenged the law. he is talking about his
3:56 pm
company's position in a video posted online. >> the bush we have had that we've grown up with all our lives, our convictions that we have that we live by personally, and as we have ran our business, we feel the obligation or the desire that we want to use those same principles within our business. it would not be consistent for us to live one way at home and accept a different way at work. dowe do everything we can everything we can a possibly be a help to our employees of how they can structure theiriv based on biblical principles. it is not something that is forced on anybody, but it is there for them if they would like. next brigitte amiri, if you could respond? >> absolutely. everyone is entitled to their own religious belief and free to worship in whatever way they choose. but when you decide to open a business and employ 13,000 employees like hobby lobby who does, you don't have the right to use toward
3:57 pm
religious beliefs to take away a benefit from those in place just as you would not have a right to discriminate against their sex or sexual orientation. in the two decisions, what have the courts ruled in each way? >> they are split and their determinations. the hobby lobby court of the 10th circuit held corporations are persons under the religious freedom restoration act and also that hobby lobby was likely to fully succeed on the merits of their case by showing their religion was burdened and there was no compelling government interest to justify that burden. the consetoga wood case found the opposite and said corporations are not people capable of exercising religious liberty rights. >> what is your prediction? >> it is hard to say. it always they don't know what the supreme court does any time they take a case. we hope the supreme court will follow a long line of cases over
3:58 pm
the last several decades that have held you can't use religious ready to trump disconnection laws. >> we want to thank you for being with us, brigitte amiri, senior staff attorney with the aclu reproductive freedom project. that does it for our show. i want to congratulate our cameramen and his new wife who were married over the weekend. we wish a very happy holiday and the philippines. givenay be a little tough the weather right there. and a very early happy birthday to steve martinez and deena guzder. democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. [captioning made possible by democracy now!]
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