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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  November 29, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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thailand's antigovernment protesters seize another symbol of the state. the government has declined to crack down on the movement. a frosty reception despite smile for the cameras. ukraine's resident prefers moscow to brussels, confirming the country will not be building closer ties to the eu but he could be persuaded if europe coughs up more cash. syria's lost generation -- the u.n. says nearly one million -- children have been forced to flee. a new report chronicling the distress in the new refugee
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camps. thanks for joining us. those are the headlines. you are watching "france 24." we start in thailand where antigovernment protesters have seized this friday and another symbol of the state. a crowd 1000 strong taking control of the national army headquarters while others surrounded the party headquarters of prime minister jim gluck shinawatra, anger directed at the prime minister accused of being a puppet of former premier exiled brother oxon shinawatra -- sachsen shinawatra. than 1000 antigovernment protesters forced their way into the headquarters of the thai army, forces goodbye. reminisce "shinawatra rolled out using violence. atmosphere,ely calm climbed fences and forced open a gate. chanting, we know which side the demandedn, protesters
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once again the prime minister's departure. in another part of bangkok, others marched toward the headquarters of the ruling party. i came here today to show i did not agree with the government's behavior. they are the cause of all the country's problems. >> we need to keep fighting because we do not like thaksin's system of government, taking advantage of the thai people. system whered a the policies are bad for the economy. --protesters say jim gluck yingluck shinawatra is just a puppet for her brother thaksin who lives in exile. these protesters on the other hand accused the shinawatra party as being corrupt. the man leading the demonstrations, former deputy prime minister, has rejected
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calls for dialogue. even though the prime minister survived a vote of no-confidence in parliament on thursday. chinaother wars -- news, raised its stake's further in the standoff with regional rivals. zoneoversial air defense -- china unilaterally declaring in the past week the territory claimed by japan, south korea, and taiwan falls under its jurisdiction causing tokyo and the united states to fly their own military planes in defiance. cold.wing hot and on thursday the chinese army deployed several fighter jets over the new controversial air defense identification zone. a spokesman for the air force described the move as merely defensive and the defense ministry -- attempting to reassure neighbors. airstablishment of an
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defense identification zone does not mean we are expanding the existing territory of airspace but merely an short more effective protection of the country's airspace. >> however, not prepared to you turn on the issue and continued demand for aircraft to deploy -- comply with the new policy. that'sope relative relevant countries airlines and more of late cooperate. chinese commentators have criticized the government for what they consider is a lack of strong response. they'd run global news insist china has failed of offering a timely and ideal response. it will probably undermine the image of chinese military forces in this transient internet age. japan has said they will continue flights through the zone despite new restrictions. >> we have absolutely no intention of changing our plans just because of train up. -- china. >> the japanese government has
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asked -- to disregard the air defense roles. some airlines confirmed they will stop flight plans on recruitment zone. eu andwar between the russia over ukraine. -- eastern bloc. georgia and moldova signed up for the program but you fell short of the chief goal, ukraine can turn -- confirming it is not taking part. wants ukraine to the side in the near future but also asked for more economic aid. surprised euready as he decided last week to bow to pressure from russia, for a russian customs union. followinger has been the summit in lithuania for "france 24." is the decision definitive? has been saying
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since last week is he did one ukraine to carry on on the road toward european integration in the medium-term. that has been his line. aat is the line he knows that larger section of public opinion in the ukraine want to hear. whether or not he really has any intention of doing so, we have to have doubt about that considering we have seen the past any -- 10 days there is often a very big gap between what the ukrainian government does and what it says it is going to do. from diplomatic sources is negotiations went on into the night with the two sides trying to come up with some kind of joint declaration. jointrainians won in the declaration to establish shared responsibility for the failure to sign today. the european union said, no, they were ready to sign and it was the ukrainians who decided not to. the ukrainians also wanted three-way negotiations between
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russia, the ukraine, and the european union and brussels refuses that flatly. although the european union as saying the door is still open to ukraine, really big ukrainian delegation here did not get what they wanted and the lithuanian president, the host of the summit, really as pretty harsh words for the ukrainians in the press conference. toing they block the way prosperity for the people. she did go on to say the door remains open for ukraine but i think them away what they're saying is the door is open to ukraine but not necessarily to government,his which has disappointed them severely. >> how is it being seen by the ukrainians? all, i should tell you how it is seen by the independent ukrainian journalists covering the summit here. they are the people i have been talking to right now. they are feeling takes dreamily grimsley. -- extremely grand. since yanukovich was elected, freedom of the press in the
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ukraine -- not a will get worse because there is no motivation for yanukovich to the bill promises in terms of human rights and freedoms in order to sign this agreement. they are worried things in ukraine could get worse in terms of freedoms. as far as the messages we are .etting from gm --kiev a lot of tension. groups of thugs suspected to be paid by authorities are massing and some ink there may be an attempt to crush the demonstrations, those pro- european demonstrations. i should should dress -- she just pro-europeans and the majority but there are quite a few ukrainians who agree on the government's position. they are a minority but not an insignificant minority. thatank you very much for update. is staying with the story, key to this recent fossil has been been the role of
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russia, trade war pushing yanukovich into corner. we are joined on the line with editor in chief of "russia in global affairs." thank you very much for joining us this friday. we have seen moscow intent on keeping russia within the smear of influence. why is ukraine so important for moscow? >> of course, traditionally ukraine is seen as part of a very -- area where russia dominates not only politically and economically but culturally. e with thes association agreement, i think the final push has been made -- something -- [indiscernible] the european union was that eager to get ukraine on its -- it was this
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typical zero-sum game on both sides. >> we have seen russia flexing its diplomatic muscles of late. this issue of ukraine but also syria and iran. are these adding up to victories for vladimir putin? -- putin. reject puttingly syria and around the ukraine in the same basket but syria has serious international problems, tragedy, and there are issues in iran but ukrainian is nothing, -- i'm surprised the passions became so hot. nothing changed and nothing happened. for russia to demonstrate the european union the whole eastern partnership policy was a fake. here and the european
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union. >> thank you very much for that analysis from a russian perspective. where thelatvia supermarket chain -- an official at the supermarket chain has been fired after comments. he said he felt no responsibility for the collapse of the story and riga that killed over 50 people. the disaster has already brought down latvia's government. saying he could no longer lead the country. syria by the civil war and further proof of the disastrous and the causes of civilian life. the un's refugee agency really sing in the week for friday highlighting the plight of syria's children. over one million children are thought to be living as refugees in neighboring countries. half the total number of those who fled syria. the new report handing a voice to the traumatize young people as they described the violence and death they left behind.
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iscr says the syrian crisis -- since the rwanda genocide two decades ago. we need more psycho- social support to the children. 250,000 counseling sessions have been done. moore is clearly needed. two, we need to look at the economic situation. families --refugee they are taking the children out of school so they can work and earn money that way. clearly there is a problem with financial support. important, is very these countries hosting refugees are themselves having difficulties economically dealing with this. there needs to be more support for that so the host communities are receptive to these refugees. people can be taken in, children can be taken into schools, other kind of help can be given to them. those three areas are immensely important. can come to people
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organizations like ours and donate, because that helps us do the job. there. unhcr zt remains anz li figure -- the academy has opened its doors. base for emerging talent and concert hall, it aspires to be a high-end venue in hungary. o famous composers amongst many who train here at the music academy found that by the late in this front list -- franz liz t. splendid art nouveau style building. renovation work cost 14 million euros, much of which came from the european union. >> the renovation was a must actually.
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it needed real financial support from the du --eu. construction took about three years. >> more than 800 students, many from abroad, come here to study classical music it also focus in true barok style. produce several trilogies a year. >> this academy is considered to be one of the leading music universities in the world. it is quite natural if you imagine conduct is like bartok emerging from here. of course, wonderful musician. an incarnatione, of the academy's chamber hall opening with the production of "the magic flute" by mozart, certainly another reason to pay the lizt academy visit. >> last 32 of the europa league.
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almost the lead, but hit the woodwork. later they goal. anderson, wonderful stoppage timein but spain its slip to the first group stage defeat. top of group i. missed a chance to keep the chances alive. at home andtuguese away, meaning they qualify thanks to the better head-to- head record. betis will battle for the top of the group. they needed the group f clash against frankfurt. henry, audacious overhead kick. but the nine. -- he denied.
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he buried the winner to delight the 12,000 strong. frankfurt a top of the group. frankfurt is a victory in france means they are the group winner and through to the knockout stages. the israelis host bird though in their final game. ux in the final game. euro league basketball group a thriller. fought back in the second. putting the french club of by three. this dunk.
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this connection from beyond the arc. this will go down to the wire. freeseconds left made both throws. held on 62-61 to strengthen their grip on fourth place. french rugby club will remain in the heineken cup police the year. -- for at least another year. had landnch alliance to create a rival petition due to criteria and money distribution but in this -- english clubs now appear isolated. k, biathlondual 20 world cup opener. contrast and fortune for the frenchman, he won in emphatic style at the
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swedish resort. all 20ng champion, targets good across the line nearly two minutes ahead of his nearest rival. the austrian did enough to finish second. mr. just once at the shooting just once at the shooting range and was just barely able to hold off his fellow austrian who also missed just once. ricardo just too good on the day. france will start in a dutch city. trial.lometer time it will be the sixth better city to host that. lme praiseprudeho
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the city for integrating cycling in everyday life. >> there is passion and enthusiasm, desire, love for cycling and the tour de france, there are more bikes than inhabitants in utrecht. not only the passion but also the youth. >> it will follow in the footsteps of amsterdam and rotterdam among the dutch cities that hosted the tour's opening. s of liveurs and hour covering of the first aid and big part of the second stage. saturday and sunday they will stay in the city for approximately, i think, 25-30 kilometers. >> despite rigid cycling history netherlands only produced two tour winners.
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online, parts a fishing debate in france. facebook recognizes kosovo as an independent state. social networkers campaigning for the release of a jailed vietnamese blogger. deep sea fishing debate stepped up a notch in france after an illustrator published this comment on her blog announcing the intensive fishing and its devastating impact on the ecosystem. through colorful drawings and kick your goal text. she said the fishing boats are contributing to the destruction of coral reefs and hundreds of species of marine life. she is also urging readers to
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sign a petition against deep-sea fishing. the online cartoon is enjoying great success and the petition has garnered around 700,000 signatures. environmental organization, for the implementation of the european commission but also to ban -- organization working to protect oceans for the past 10 years has published several investigations putting the -- pointing the finger and highlighting what they consider their lack of economic and ecological sense. publichas reached the stage and supporters of deep-sea fishing has joined the debate. vessel ownerishing posted on the website saying this type of fishing has a very limited impact and -- environmental impact and generates jobs. this is ahead of the crucial european parliament vote december 10. of oh, which officially -- kosovo has been recognized as
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a state by facebook. rigorously they had to register as citizens of serbia. the social network has more than one billion users worldwide. politicians hailing the move. the vice minister for foreign affairs, for example, and also the mr. for european integration. addbook has a decision to it to the list of countries has been highly anticipated. if they have been campaigning for months, urging the social network to recognize the country as a state in its own right. sovo has been recognized by 100 or so nations including the united states and 23 out of the 20 eight european union member states and continues its diplomatic campaign on the web to boost online visibility. the campaign is centered around the digital kosovo websites.
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things they can find to post on social networks and the reservation that form asking them to add kosovo to their list of countries. twitter users have been posting under the best of this #calling for the release of vietnamese blogger. the committee to protect journalists has launched a petition for the journalism get -- journalist who has been in jail since 2008. he writes about politically sensitive issues inside the vietnamese government. --bolic of freedom of dress a lack of press in vietnam. if you post a picture of yourself on instagram along with facef #you will see your replaced by nicolas cage.
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this app by josh mcmillan taking new level.craze to a it works in real-time and the resulting pictures are something else, indeed. theew people with quite enthusiasm of the ukrainians. it might not always look that way for the inside but seen from is aneuropean union inspiration. >> european law, education, work, and we want to be as all european countries. help us to get out from russia. >> the eu, anticorruption measure. we must have it. >> tens of thousands demonstrated in kiev last sunday
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to demand their government sign a deal with the european union. there have been tickets of government offices for a week now. and government offices. the government government has to the ground and even blame du for the debacle. >> we did not receive the help we needed for gas in the toughest and most important moment. toukraine says it needs help -- the russian market. to criticize the russian for the threats of economic retaliation. >> relations with russia are normal. nothing in the way of a formal ultimatum but they say if you open your border we will have to close hours. >> a smaller demonstration in support of the government also took place last sunday with business leaders appearing to tell the crowd that not sound -- a signing the pact now would protect jobs. >> let's build europe in ukraine. >> the opposition says
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participants in this rally were paid to be there. those kinds of allegations fly and all directions in ukraine where ads for crowds are found on the internet. without specifying the organizer, this site is recruiting for a demo on friday. offering seven euros for taking part in the five-hour even. fears, though, are real and widely shared. ukraine's economy has remained closely integrated with russia's since soviet times. chocolate --an on the chocolate war became emblematic of punitive measures from rock -- moscow that affected a whole range of european companies. a the ukraine has lost about quarter of its trade turnover with russia and nearly $2.5 billion worth of exports. beenis owner has demonstrating. >> if the price of the
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independence for my state would be the price paid, we are ready to pay that. russia isblem is, also prepared to pay a very high price to keep ukraine in its fold. and while the ukrainians may long for the european way of
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>> hello and welcome to "the health show." from heart monitors to hospitals, today we're looking at how good design can save lives. coming up in the program, how scientists on opposite sides of the world are beating


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