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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  December 2, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> pro you are -- pro-europe protesters in the ukraine block the trade deal with the e you -- eu. minister ofime thailand says she is not going to resign. she rejects protesters demands to shift the power to the people, calling it unconstitutional. the french prime minister comes out against the working on sunday. he agrees with a new government report that says it should remain mostly a day of rest. thanks for joining us on "france 24."
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at this hour in thailand, the prime minister is defiant. she says she is not going to resign. rejectedthe water has protesters' demands to shift power to the people -- yingluck has rejected protesters' demands to shift power to the people, calling it unconstitutional. >> protesters tried to march on the government house in bangkok. riot police tried to disperse the crowd. leaders have encouraged them not to let up. as we can as much today. with a bit of luck tomorrow, we will have finished the job. >> we are fighting to get into the government house. today it is going to be violent once again. >> protest leaders called for civil servants to strike on monday.
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several universities were closed, citing safety concerns. prime minister yingluck said she could not meet opposition demands but she was willing to honor what ever the time thairity wanted -- the ha majority wanted. >> i am willing to find a solution together. >> meanwhile, the opposition has already issued an ultimatum to yinglukck to hand power to the people by tuesday, making many fear that more violence is ahead. >> a tent city has gone up in the capital of key avenue, demanding the government -- of kiev.of in the square right behind
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me, perhaps you can see there are several thousand protesters. the city is perhaps stretching "city" is perhaps stretching it. there is also a revolutionary headquarters. things are getting organized. what is important to note about this revolution, in comparison with the orange revolution that took place in 2004, this started from a grassroots movement, a spontaneous reaction to the government's decision not to sign this. there are different forces organized in involving it. there is a great deal of goodwill and spirit coming together. it is still not clear what the plan is. >> what about the demonstrators? we saw they are a bit of a mixed
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bunch. >> yesterday's actions by a certain group of violent demonstrators were a big disappointment to the vast mass of the ukrainian protesters. the opposition has formed three main parties. one of them is allied with the french national front and other far right parties in europe. it is not quite the same as those far right parties but it is kind of in that sphere generally. people farther to the right, nationalist groups, were keen to use violence in this demonstration. perhaps to western europeans, very extreme nationalists in ukraine can also be very extreme pro-europeans simply because they are so opposed to russia's domination of this country. catholicaunchly
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country of croatia has firmly come down against gay marriage people voted overwhelmingly to define marriage in the constitution as being only between a man and a woman. turnout was under 40%. jonathan has the details. results thatg the constitutionally banned gay marriage. , in the name of the family, got what they wanted. >> we will prevent any government, any political elite from changing the substance of marriage without taking advice, without consulting the citizens of croatia. >> nearly 2/3 of ukrainian voters said yes to the question do you agree that marriage is predominantly between a man and a woman. in a predominantly catholic country, the result is no surprise.
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>> i don't have anything against homosexuals. think it is really important to have a mother and a father. thelso backed by conservative opposition party, the referendum has underlined the tension in the country, the eu's newest member. this "sad andled pointless," and promised to give gay people more rights in the future. there are those who say the referendum could lead to further discrimination. >> we know how it will end. enteringhis is fascism through a small door. >> attitudes towards homosexuals have solely been improving in croatia. can register their unions. on sunday, the egyptian
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constitutional commission finally adopted draft articles of the new constitution. at controversial document mostly preserved the egyptian military's wide-ranging powers -- that controversial document mostly preserve the egyptian military's wide-ranging powers the egyptianserved military's wide-ranging powers. it is the first time in over a year that islamists have held a mass protest in tahrir square. >> police pull out all the stops to clear tahrir square of protests. it is the first time supporters of former president mohamed morsi have gathered in large numbers in tall rear square for -- in tall rear square -- in tahrir square for over a year. >> i am demanding justice for the martyrs of january 25, all
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the martyrs have -- who have fallen under military rule. reins army has held the of power since morsi was ousted in july. they have consolidated their strength, executing a new draft constitution. one article states that military courts can try civilians who have attacked. neither the parliament nor the government wants control over the judgment. the new documents appear favorable to the military. this constitution is beneficial for the people because it clearly establishes the obligation to the government who allow the rebirth of the people and restore all their rights, freedoms, and respect, but the people must also work and cooperate with the
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government to build the country. >> the final text will go to a referendum and will be voted on within the coming weeks. >> now to france where the government is taking a closer look at that controversial issue of sunday working hours. the former boss of the french post office has handed in his much-anticipated report on beday work, and it seems to pointing towards keeping sunday mostly a day of rest. some stores are allowed to open on sundays already. earlier this year, hardware stores near paris went against the current laws and stayed open as well. they say they have the right to do so. the prime minister firmly disagrees. .> sunday is not just any day we don't want it to become one. the law which makes sunday a day of rest will not be called into question. exemptions exist by necessity, to respond to collective needs.
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it is not a question of simply opening up the possibilities to work sunday. in certain cases, people can already work sunday, but we need to make the law better, make it clear so that it is understood by everyone. today, i guessed was in the studio with me. he told us more on what is in the sunday work report that has been released. >> the key phrase in the title is safeguarding what is special about sunday. keep sunday pretty special. the recommendations involve increasing the number of trade's that shops can throughout the year, from five currently to a maximum of 12, one per month. it also wants to rethink the zones that are authorized to open. that is aimed at ending the situation we currently have where one side of the street is open and the other side of the
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street is forced to close. not going any farther for some of the companies that had wanted some big changes. he is protecting the current exemptions. he wants to end the exemption that was given to furniture shops. he is proposing to tighten the current system. where does it go from here? prime minister jean-marc ayrault has said that he wants this to be announced by the end of next year. of our viewers, especially in the united states, it seems unusual to be closed on sunday. why is this tradition? >> traditionally, france, a catholic country, the situation has been as it is for over a century. sunday trading has been highly restricted. france's system is confused. there has been a hodgepodge of
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different laws and regulations laced one on top of each other. we see a geographical imbalance that favors tourist areas. types of stores, too -- there are different treatments. it is somewhat confusing. that confusion is what has driven the demands from both employees and employers for some kind of change. the situation in france is mirrored not necessarily in the united states, where much less regulation is included, but germany and great britain, it is , to a greater or lesser extent, the same kind of situation. spain and other catholic countries aimed to loosen the laws. it has not had that much of an effect on the jobs market and increasing the employment rate in those countries. not really certain the benefits of it.
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small step for man and one giant step for beijing. china has blasted off its first ever rover mission to the moon, the latest step in its growing space program. china's's mythology, goddess of the moon -- the vehicle that will crawl around up there is named after her pet. enormouseceived an boost with the successful launch of an unmanned rocket. beijingding to the aerospace control center, the probe has successfully entered earth's orbit. i can now announce the successful launch of the probe. >> the rocket is carrying a buggy, which --
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will carry its scientific experiments on the surface of the moon. it is projected to land on the moon in mid-december. it will begin its export emission, examining the moon's surface, looking for natural resources. >> now we can stand upon the moon's surface and observe it closely. world's third lunar rover mission following the united states and former soviet union decades ago. it is a source of enormous national pride for the chinese. china sees its space program as a symbol of its growing status and technological advancement. the sky is the limit. china aims to establish a permanent space station by 2020 and eventually send a man to the moon. thought they'd delivery of your internet shopping was too slow, you are going to love this. the head of amazon has just
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unveiled the future of deliveries. dronests octocopter mini- to fly small packages to consumers in just 30 minutes. the plan will require safety testing and approval, but amazon says it would be up and running within four years to five years. we will leave you with that. you are watching "france 24." the wave of the future. >> he scored his 10th and 11th goals of the season, both for ammered theirpsg h sunday. 4-0 on
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>> after we score the first goal, we relaxed a little and played good football. it became easier because we have so much talent on the team. we put in a good performance. >> i think after one year and a couple of months, you get to know the teammates better. it is normal that you play better. a more time you spend together, the more time you play together, things go easier. this year is much easier than the last year. at the same time, this year we are the champions. everyone wants to beat the champions. we have double pressure on ourselves to become the champions again. >> in the premier league, wayne rooney scored twice to help manchester united reach --
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stretched their unbeaten run to 16 games. southhampton, 3-1. in the netherlands, they beat -- it was a fierce one a five-meter shot. into the net. the fans wanted more. the georgian forward hit the target to complete a 3-0 victory, now six unbeaten. disappointing
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midweek performance put behind them with a 5-0 thrashing. the scoring was opened after 15 minutes with this acrobatic effort. he got his second of the game and 11th of the season on 50 min utes. provider.rned game.ried to rescue the 2 goals in 2 minutes. was stretched.e the second from paul. four points clear at the top in belgium. austrians were kept at bay in the men's super g race. the reigning olympic champion in
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this discipline is chasing a record for the number of victories for a norwegian skier. he was focused. he has been in dominant form, posting five victories over the year, four in the super g, one in last year's downhill. he crossed in 28.35 seconds. -- 1:28:35. austria looked aggressive. the silver medalist in the discipline cost -- crossed to secure second spot. he had done enough to secure the win and moved atop the overall standings. another austrian completed the podium. he finished 400 of a second back secondshed 0.04 of a
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back. creek, fans were denied a victory by this woman. course post few problems for the suite -- swede. despite an edgy start, linda held her nerve on the tricky flat section to finish 0.09 s econds ahead of the home favorite, who could not hide her disappointment at the end. in the absence of the injured reigningonn, the champion was given huge support. she had to settle for second place. >> this is so nice. i've been working hard in g.s. i love to ski in g.s. it is nice to be on the podium.
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i have only been on the top once. it is no regrets, just go. >> good enough to give her the victory. a competitor from liechtenstein completed the podium, just half a second behind the winner. >> today on the net, the controversial leader of the opposition movement in thailand. sets thet graffiti american twitter sphere -- twit tersphere abuzz. and a video documenting the life of a giant panda cub.
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>> the leader of the opposition , theent in thailand movement which has seen protesters storm and occupy a number of official buildings in thailand. many say they will stand by him in his fight against prime minister yingluck shinawatra no matter what it takes. they say she represents a corrupt system. suthep is also a controversial figure. his critics say he has blood on his hands. one tells me that he was responsible for a crackdown on redshirts in the thai capital in 2010, in which 90 were killed and 2000 were injured. is hardly in position to talk about ethics. in one cable, it says suthep has
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been accused of scandals in the past. it does not stop him as a figurehead in the fight against corruption. this photo was posted to twitter by a u.s. journalist. some new yorkers will have seen it in the subway. gap that hador been vandalized with graffiti. one model is sikh. liken him to a terrorist and include a line driving taxis."top users have been inspired to share similar photos. they have been posting under the #makelove, which is the name of
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gap's advertising campaign. plan forsed gap's combating racism. the campaign is proving particularly popular with the members of the sikh community. they have acknowledged and thanked gap for their support. a platformng it as to help raise awareness for this growing societal problem. >> has anyone ever died in the apartment or house you are living in? american web users can answer that very question by visiting the site, which collects obituaries with additional information. the site doesn't have every single u.s. property in its database and charges $11.99 for the service.
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just eight years old, he is already considered to be something of an effort -- expert in paleontology. he has devoted a youtube channel to his passion and regularly posts videos of his findings and learnings, short clips in which he explains the differences between herbivores and carnivores, for example. dubbed "dino boy," he is starting to make a name for himself in the u.s. giant panda cub was born at the smithsonian's national zoo in washington, which released this video documenting the first three months of its life and asking the public for help in choosing its name. votes have been counted. in keeping with chinese tradition, the cub will receive its name 100 days after birth.
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