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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  December 12, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> ukraine's deputy prime minister says his country will sign the trade agreement with the aeu. and the red carpet treatment in brazil. the latest on a potentially lucrative resident from the french president -- lucrative visit from the french president and his entourage. and the crime filled "american among those nominated for a golden globe. you are watching "france 24."
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this is live from paris. also coming up, business. we will have a welcome relief for the eurozone as it dodges a bailout. we will take a look at what is making waves on the internet. ukraine's deputy prime minister has said his government will soon side of free-trade agreement -- sign of free-trade agreement with the eu. there was a tussle over the -- the tussle over the country's future continues. vladimir putin used his state of the nation address to talk about the benefits of kia -- kiev joining a moscow-backed union. president viktor yanukovych said that he will make ties to europe. last week, his decision to turn
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his back on europe drew thousands of protesters to the streets. they continue to call for his resignation. v's iconic independence square is still occupied by thousands of protesters. they demand that president viktor yanukovych step down. these crowds see their future with the west rather than with the for me it's -- the former soviet power. russian president vladimir putin tried to reassure them. ofwe have always been proud our country, but we do not claim to be some sort of superpower. we have no claim to assert regional or global hegemony. we do not force our values on anyone. we do not teach anyone how to live. >> he also stressed the economic benefits ukraine would enjoy if it joined the union.
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he promised to reduce gas prices. .rotesters remained defiant everything that has happened is because of russians and putin himself. for 300 years, we were under rock -- under russian occupation. we are fighters. we will fight for our freedom. to signcourage ukraine the pact, brussels offered -- the ukrainerom what is asking for. president yanukovych said he intended to sign the agreement. other eu officials aren't as confident. >> for more, we talk to a professor of political science at kiev university. i would like to ask you first about the latest news from
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brussels. the deputy prime minister saying they will sign up to an eu deal. similar claims were made by catherine ashton yesterday. they were met with skepticism by the protesters in kiev. >> i think skepticism is right because we cannot believe what president yanukovych is saying. he says he is in favor of peaceful dialogue. instead, he was using brutal force against peaceful protesters, most of them who were students. journalists, foreign journalists. i don't think we should trust president yanukovych. -- he understands the language of force. the language of force are people who are standing for freedom. --need from the root western from the western community, satellite -- civilized
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communities, not just words of support but real deeds. mean targeted i sanctions among those in the ukrainian regime who are involved in the violence. i would like to hear the words of president putin. he didn't tell the truth. it is just a lie. economic andd psychological warfare against ukraine when it cleared its intention to sign the agreement with the european union. >> explain the divisions within ukraine. there are those who are pro- russia. >> there is always talk about divisions in the ukraine. ukraine is a large country. there are different views. nevertheless, it is a single country. i don't think everybody should speak about the split of the
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country. no one would like to split the country. the large businesses in ukraine are not interested in that. ask people in ukraine in general, the prevailing number would be in favor of joining the eu, not the custom union, especially among the younger generation and among more educated people. generation is in favor of an alliance with russia, because they lived in the soviet union. the younger generation definitely wants the european union. the young people are -- that is important. i am a professor at university. i have a lot of students who are from east and south of ukraine. they would like to have a
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european perspective for ukraine. >> thank you very much for joining us. elsewhere in egypt, one policeman has been killed and 35 people wounded after a car bomb canal.d in a city on the regular -- have seen regular attacks since the army toppled president mohammed morsi. morsi.ident mohamed in south africa, thousands have again lined up to see president nelson mandela's body in its second day of lying in state. meanwhile, confusion over the sign language interpreter at the memorial service continues. --the tree that powers towers above the rest --
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>> the sign language interpreter was making it up as he went along, to the outrage of deaf people around the world. his sign language had nothing to do with what he was supposed to be interpreting. on thursday, he provided a surprising explanation. >> i see angels in the stadium. i start realizing that there is a problem. i was in a very difficult position. >> he says he is a qualified signer that suffers from schizophrenia and does not remember much of what happened that day. many were angry that a celebration of the world's most widely revered public figure was tarnished with signing that was inaccurate -- some say fraudulent. >> i am very upset. i wanted to go to the event.
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and move the interpreter off the stage. the memorial service of madiba. it is such an important event. i feel embarrassed. the whole world is looking at us. it is serious. >> the scandal raises questions about how he managed to gain access to these supposedly secure events watched around the world. south african authorities say they have launched an investigation. president is visiting brazil. francois hollande is set for talks with president dilma rousseff. france is the fifth biggest investor in brazil with bilateral trade worth some 6.4 billion euros. for more, we go to tim in rio de janeiro. what is at stake politically for both sides? >> i think the most important thing is the economics of the situation.
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there is the hope that the figure could be doubled by 2020 in mutually beneficial ways. from the point of view of brazil, that means access to the european union for its agricultural produce. france has always been the obstacle here. europe's agricultural powerhouse. brazil is hoping france will be more frocks will there -- more flexible there. more access to industrial goods, services, and government contracts here in brazil. that is happening in an increasingly military context. france is hopeful of closing a deal for a fighter aircraft to be bought by the brazilian government and also five submarines. they are expecting a deal to close in the next couple of days. the french defense minister has not joined mr. hollande on this of some 50 businessmen. the indication would seem to be that deal is still in progress.
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a number of contracts will be signed over the next couple of days. and what is -- in what is very moment, brazil at the it seems trade winds are blowing in a mutually beneficial direction. >> a care worker has been formally charged with killing six patients. the 30-year-old woman fled -- fed them drugs. the victims had frailties linked to their age but were otherwise in good health. political parties in catalonia have agreed to call a referendum next year on independence from spain. the leader said that people would be able to decide on november the ninth whether catalonia should be an autonomous state -- on november 9 whether catalonia should be an autonomous state. nominations were announced for the 2014 golden globes.
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the winner is set to be revealed on january 12. his store coal drama "12 years a slave" and crime film -- "12 years arama slave" and crime film "american hustle" were front runners with multiple nominations. >> they are seen as a preamble to the more prestigious augurs -- oscars. the golden globes recognize the best in film and tv. "amor" won.2013, the warmest color." >> it is a lesbian love story described as searingly frank and - intimate. it won the palm d'or in cannes this year. other french talent given the
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nod, julie delpy in "before midnight." she is nominated as best actress. especially on the lookout, getting seven nominations each, first, "american hustle." >> your father is a sick son of a -- >> daddy is a sick son of a --? >> don't repeat that. >> the other main contender is "12 years a slave." it is based on the memoir of a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery. screen's golden globe ceremony will be in beverly hills on january 12. >> let's get a reminder of the world news headlines right now. ukraine's deputy prime minister says his government will soon
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sign a free trade agreement with the european union. in brussels, the tug-of-war over kiev's status continues. francois hollande visits brazil. we will have the latest. and tens of thousands of people continue to pay their respects to nelson mandela, whose body is lying in state in pretoria. confusion over the styling which interpreter at his memorial -- over the sign language interpreter at his memorial. time for business. there. the trials continue for france's biggest carmaker. it has been losing money. its future is uncertain, to say the least. general motors says it is selling its stake in to show -- in puget -- puegot.
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it has been searching for a partner but it does not seem to have many options left. it announced it is negotiating with china's dong feng. there had been reports that dong feng might take a stake in peu geot. that's not the end of the story. shares took a nosedive as they announced a 1.1 billion underlining its difficult financial position. it claims a worsening car market and unfavorable exchange rates a the company blames worsening car market and unfavorable exchange rates. have tozone will not bailout slovenia.
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the slovenian banking sector needs 4.8 billion euros, but both the commission and the government say the country can cover that without assistance. >> breathing a sigh of relief. will not need a bailout. there were fears that the country would follow in the footsteps of spain and seek help for its troubled banks. the country needs about 4.8 billion euros to cover the shortfall in its banking system. the results of an external audit show that slovenia can cope on its own. >> today, it is clear that slovenia can proceed with the repair of its financial sector without turning to the european partners for financial assistant. >> the lions share of slovenia -- the lion's share of slovenia's bad debt is held by three state banks. inject 3nment plans to
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billion euros into those banks, a combination of government cash and bonds. an extra one billion euros will be raised through it at auction. it is a dramatic -- through a debt auction. it is a dramatic fall from grace for a country once seen as a haven of economic health. since 2008, its economy has shrunk by 11%. >> fresh figures show the recovery in the euro zone is still facing an uphill battle. in theial production countries that use a single currency was down 1.1% in october according to a report from the european union statistics office. that report was weaker than expected. much of the fall was due to a drop in energy output. most analysts had expected an industrial production rate that was higher in october. let's talk you through the
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latest stock market and see how traders digested that news on industrial production in the eurozone. we have seen a selloff in the past couple weeks, and that continued this thursday. another day in the red, as you can see right here, for the european market. for the ftse 100 in london, the hardest hit, down almost 1%. let's bring you to the u.s. markets this hour. there, too, we are seeing red arrows. the nasdaq has been playing with a flat line. it is currently above that flat line, only slightly though. the s&p 500 and the dow jones industrial average are still trading to the downside. let's talk you through a few other stories that we are watching for you. jpmorgan chase is close to a $2 billion settlement over the made off scandal -- the madoff scandal.
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they would agree to avoid criminal charges for the bank. madoff was arrested almost five years ago. he is serving a 150-year prison sentence. the justice department says jpmorgan failed to pass on concerns about madoff. profits are heading higher within the global airline industry. the forecast has been raised for next year. 19 $.7 billiont for the global industry in 2014 billion for$19.7 the global industry in 2014. and london is calling. ae french group has won contract to manage 1400 charging stations for electric cars. bollore shares higher on thursday. there are french hopes that a
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similar deal could follow. --haps it is time to with that, i'm going to wrap up the business roundup. >> thanks very much, markus. sorry for the missing "e" earl ier on in eurozone. >> hello and welcome to this new edition of web news. we take a look at what has been in the online headlines. on today's show, the fight over brand mandela. barack obama urging american children to learn code. and youtube's mash-up of the most popular viral videos of the past year. nelson mandela t-shirts, posters, mugs, even christmas decorations.
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the former south african's president -- south african president's name sells. some family members are accused of cashing in on his legacy. the nelson mandela foundation, which was established to protect his legacy, has an online shirting store with a t- featuring his prison number. has established but --y, although maggie although mandela himself did not want to be associated with alcohol. another sells t-shirts with theg road to freedom," title of his autobiography. last year, two daughters took a
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court,me friend to seeking to oust him from trusts that had been set up to sell madiba's handprints. >> don't just buy a new video game. make one. don't just download the latest app. help design it. don't just play on your phone. program it. >> barack obama addressing the youth of america. the video was posted to the web on sunday. it was produced in partnership with the nonprofit dedicated to promoting computer science education. it is being released to promote the hour of code campaign. it urges people around the country and children, in particular, to learn more about computer coding. for anyonesite wishing to learn the basic polls -- the basic principles.
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it takes you through step-by- step tutorials and makes it fun. look at this introduction -- interactive introduction to coding using a character from the "angry birds" video game. has the active support of some well-known computer programmers, including bill gates and mark zuckerberg, who act as guest lecturers offering precious advice to those on the platform. they stressed the importance of learning how to use i.t. tools and that with computer knowledge comes a wealth of responsibility. new crowd funding site with the goal of ruining the planet before it dies. ande are fictitious games
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part of a new greenpeace campaign. it is a parody to the kickstarter platform. some of the projects have disastrous environmental consequences and could one day become a reality. here is some information that will no doubt make any gamers at the latest micro box -- microsoft conference sit up and listen. are frustrated that they cannot play their old games on the new system. they have posted instructions on how to enable backward compatibility. it does not work. worse still, it can ruin the console. it is a hoax and should most definitely be ignored. former u.s. president george bush, sr., in office between has now joined
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twitter. he has posted just one tweet so far, paying tribute to nelson mandela and saying how sorry he was not to have been able to attend tuesday's memorial service in soweto. he is the third american president and the first republican one to join the microblogging site, after barack obama and bill clinton. harlem shake ♪ >> youtube has released its rewind 2013, a mash-up tribute to this year's most popular and memorable videos. all those viral videos creating a buzz over the last 12 months, like the one that brought us the harlem shake.
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it is a roundup up of what web users were watching in 2013. >> ♪ like this.
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12/12/13 12/12/13 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> we want to confirm that he is really gone and no longer with us. >> as thousands way for hours to pay their last respects to nelson mandela, we go to johannesburg, south africa to speak with longtime anti- apartheid activist ronnie kasrils who helped found


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