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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  December 24, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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a bomb blast out of police headquarters in egypt leaves at least 12 dead. the military-backed government says the muslim brotherhood is to blame, labeling it a terrorist group. the brotherhood itself has condemned the attack. crisis in south sudan as hundreds of thousands of civilians flee the growing violence there. today the un security council is set to vote on plans to send and make sure 5000 troops to help .ave the world's newest nation and millions around the world are celebrating christmas eve. we will take you to the kitchens of one of paris' top chefs for
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quick cooking class on how to make perfect french christmas logs. thanks for joining us here on "france 24." a car bomb has gone off at a police a quarters in egypt leaving at least 12 dead and more than 100 hurt. the explosion hit a security compound in the city of mansoura. many of the victims were police officers. the army-backed government was quick to blame the muslim brotherhood for the attack, what it calls a terrorist operation. on tuesday morning, crowds gathered to see the devastation in broad daylight. among them, the interior minister. the bombing hit the police headquarters and brought down parts of a neighboring building. the interim government accused the muslim brotherhood of orchestrating the attack. the group then condemned the bombing. still, many of those gathered in the neighborhood called for revenge. >> raise your voice, mansoura. >> we will crush the
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brotherhood. >> according to investigators, the perpetrators used a car bomb for the blast. residents here say the explosion was the worst mansoura has ever seen. >> we got scared and started running when we heard the sound of the explosion. then we knew that the explosion happened here. it was awful and scary. >> most of the casualties were policemen, and state media reports that head of security for the province is among the injured. since the army ousted president mohammed morsi in july, attacks on soldiers and policemen have risen sharply. brotherhoodmuslim stronghold, was hit by a car bomb 3 months ago. 3 policemen were killed by masked gunmen in october. tensions are high in the central african republic despite the arrival of peacekeeping troops from france and africa. in the latest incident,
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peacekeepers from chad fired on a crowd demonstrating against their presence in the capital. the african peacekeepers come from across the continent. >> soldiers from parenti patrolling the streets. they are part of the human african peacekeeping force -- african peacekeeping force. this is one of their first patrols and they are discovering the job won't be easy. oppose the militia of michele bush idea -- djotodia. >> this is our country right here. >> people scared of the former
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rebels -- the former seleka rebels brought djotodia to power in march. >> over there in the market they killed a 16-year-old boy. >> the battalion's first task is to protect the district hospital. >> what is encouraging is that we are welcome both by muslims and christians. a chadian patrol whizzes by. the christians accuse them of supporting the seleka rebels. chadians aren't the only ones accused of being biased. youths near these the airport locker french convoy. forces,'s backup. the forces accused the french of having killed 3 former seleka
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rebels. in the end,, lease soldiers dispersed the crowd --congo -- soldiers dispersed the crowd. warning shots are fired. burundi's battalion now knows it will face one of its toughest missions. >> several hundred anti-french protesters have turned out in recent days. the demonstrators are muslims and they say the french troops are only there to defend the christians. the protest scrolled after three -- swelled after three ex-seleka fighters were killed on friday. since there were killed "in cold blood," despite the fact it shown mission orders and official badges. in south sudan, president salva kiir says his armies preparing
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for major offensive against rebel forces who have taken the key town of bor. former vice president riek machar says he is ready for dialogue to end the conflict but first he wants his allies released from jail. fighting in the nation has lasted over week after the president accused his former deputy of attempting a coup. the un security council is set to vote on plans to send an extra 5000 troops in to help. tens of thousands of people are sheltering and human compounds. the staff say they are ill-equipped to protect so many civilians. of space every inch used as over 20,000 people take refuge here at the un base in juba. 45,000 civilians are under u.n. protection. they are just a fraction of the
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hundreds of thousands have fled fled to escape the violence between government and rebel forces. hundreds have already been killed. although the government is keen to downplay the unrest, there have been reports of summary executions and ethnically targeted killings. the situation is of mounting urgency. i am sending a letter to the security council containing my recommendation for boosting the production capacity with additional troops, please, and logistic -- troops, police, and logistical assets. ask for likely to around 5000 more troops and 280 police officers for the south sudan peacekeeping mission. providing basic foot in children is becoming more and more of a challenge. -- providing basic food and shelter is becoming more and more of a challenge.
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they have been here since the 16th of december and most of them are afraid to go out. basically, they are not getting enough food, living in very horrid conditions. >> urging both sides to come together and find a political says thatban-ki moon attacks on civilians and peacekeepers deployed to protect the must sees. he says the u.n. will investigate human rights violations with those responsible a senior level to be personally accountable. the treason trial of pakistan's former military ruler pervez musharraf has been delayed after explosive devices were found on the road he was to take to court. the 70-year-old had been expected to appear in person before that court in islamabad. the allegations relate to his imposition of emergency rule in pakistan 6 years ago. the court hearing is now set for january 1. police in australia have seized
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$38 million worth of illegal drugs. they were taken in a raid on a lab in the central coast of new south wales. please seized chemicals used to make the drug. a 38-year-old man on-site was arrested and charged in links to the supply and manufacturing of hidden drugs and money laundering. where despite the beginnings of an economic recovery, any people are still struggling -- many people are still struggling. our correspondence went to the outskirts of barcelona to meet some people on the verge of being evicted from their homes. this is where carmen will spend christmas spirit she may not be here long. she only just avoided addiction that she is a part-time -- he only just avoided eviciontion. she is a part-time security guard. >> i was supposed to be evicted.
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my neighbors came around my place and blocked the entrance and stopped me from being evicted. >> there's 3000 homes in this neighborhood and carmen is one of 600 facing eviction. the community keeps the families out of poverty. the neighbors have set up a food bank. >> here we don't win each of the money. they support me emotionally. phase -- these people are here for me and they are the ones who stopped the eviction. >> in the school, there are cases of malnutrition and the cook in the canteen says it is the same every week. weekends, they eat sandwiches and never get a warm meal until they come back here on monday. >> this retired teacher --
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>> if the support network didn't exist, the neighborhood wouldn't be here anymore. >> with new affections every month and on implement at 20%, like -- neighborhoods like this on our experience and little of the economic recovery. france, a wagon carrying nuclear waste went off the tracks outside paris. the local mayor says there was no leakage of nuclear waste. about 4000 freight wagons carrying radioactive for chemical waste passed through the station each year. this incident prompted france's green party to call for an end to transport of radioactive waste through inhabited areas. all across europe, christmas travelers turning into a bit of a nightmare for many as high winds and heavy rain battered the continent. the storm turned deadly with 2
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people killed in the u.k. and another lost at sea off the french coast there it -- all the french coast. >> some roads are flooded and others blocked by fallen trees. the day before christmas, traveling is conjugated in north and northwestern france and the .k. in one of the busiest days of the year, many trains and flights were canceled. people waited in stations and airports hoping the storm would pass quickly so they could reach their families for the holidays. >> something that can't be helped, really. nothing to do except get on with it. >> my family is there waiting for me. got to go, got to get there. >> the winds and heavy rain caused flooding. several people were swept away by the water. of russian sailor fell overboard from a cargo ship. authorities advise people to stay home.
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safe travels if you are trying to get somewhere on this christmas eve. in the meantime, maybe we can show you up with this. it is lunchtime here in france, and as it is christmas, he decided it is time for something delicious to win your appetite. -- thehis tradition french like to finish the christmas dinners with a cake that looks like a tree like covered with little elves and candy mushrooms. a top parisian chef and some of his sweet secrets. >> christmas time in this chef's hands are full of orders for chocolate logs. >> chocolate mousse and a flourless biscuit. most commonhe christmas desserts in french households. their origins can be traced back to pagan traditions of burning large lots to celebrate winter solstice. start by making this flourless biscuit using eggs and sugar,
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smother them with karen l-vanilla sauce, did it in chocolate mousse, and stick it in the fridge for a few hours to set. you will see the parallel and mousse like layers of tree bark. in >> belts.ressed you can add icing and sugar on the side. aj there you have -- and there you have it, simple and easy to make. >> isn't that cute. merry christmas to you, if you celebrate it. happy holidays to everyone. you are watching "france 24" in paris. the gunners failed to reclaim
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top spot in the premier league. liverpool top the table at christmas. chelsea move back up into fourth ahead of everton. rooted -- remained sunderland remain rooted to the bottom. < four hours -- less than 24 hours after being voted layer of the tournament, he is man of the year by a german magazine. he won the award in 2008, key to munich's success. on fresenius to has agreed to a three-year contract extension with arsenal on until 2018. until 2018.elona it is a further attention on an annual basis depending on how long he plays. he is a national hero. the tour de france winner signed
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a new contract for 2014. he joins a list of 10 who have re-signed for the british team. richie port and brought thomas extended the deals midseason. the 2014 winter olympics takes place in sochi, russia next year. they run from february 6 two december 23 with especially busy fourth period. he was elected president of the international olympic committee in may, and. first olympics in the hot seat but it is a job he .eels has made a lot easier i think the athletes can expect really great conditions in sochi. the sport facilities are
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state-of-the-art, the concept of the olympic park with having all of the events so close to each other and having the olympic village next door so that the athletes can easily walk from their beds to the competition sites is really exciting. if you look at the quality of the olympic villages, this is really great. when i was there just a couple of weeks ago, i was really happy for the athletes. >> it being felix, there was always controversy. -- it being felix, there is always controversy. from the chechen separatists to the attack on gay rights,
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leading france and germany to boycott the games. i guess you are alluding to some laws in russia which have been passed. we are not only in contact with the organizing committee -- i was in sochi just a couple of weeks ago in a private meeting and i address these issues. and then after assurances from president putin that the olympic charter will apply during the olympic games for all the participants, he made it very clear afterwards in a public statement that all the participants will be welcome in make and that russia will everything to have them feel
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comfortable and there will be no withimination whatsoever regard to race or sexual orientation. >> fans of riot, the all-girl band highlighting -- fans of pussy riot, the all girl band -- there's some work to be done before the games begin in 6 weeks time. >> there is some work to do. not all installations are ready yet. not all the accommodations are ready yet. theyaving seen the speed have been working on it in the last couple of years, we are absolutely confident that everything will be in place and that we can really enjoy great olympic winter games from the
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seventh of february next year. >> it will come at a cost. he wants the 2022 olympic damon is to include cheaper vendo -- game winners to include cheaper venues. >> we take a look at what is hitting the online headlines. coming up, reactions from russia as putin opponents are released from jail. the ugandan parliament sparks outrage by passing a new anti-gay bill. and the dancing review of 2013. vladimir putin has pardoned the concorde accosted -- mikhail khodorkovsky and members of the band pussy riot.
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russian bloggers have hailed the news, although many are saying it was a calculated decision rather than a show of kindhearted miss. says that activist putin never takes pity on his they were released solely for practical reasons. a journalist has voiced similar opinion. in an article published, she -- she says the kremlin hopes the amnesty will make people see russia in a more favorable light leading up to the x -- leading up to the olympics. website, on a -- an economist says that khodor kovsky may have been released to send a message to investors.
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he says the release would be interpreted as a sign that the business climate in russia is slowly improving. uganda's parliament passed a to havefriday punishment for homosexual acts include life imprisonment for repeat offenders. it sparked outrage online with gay activists complaining heavily and condemning the decision. social networks are full of comments to announcing -- denouncing the anti-, sexual law.
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web users are urged to show their disapproval by signing this e-petition. the document is addressed to the ugandan president urging him not to sign the parliament bill into law. it has garnered over 250,000 signatures and counting. it has the backing of numerous international,y for one. the human rights organization says that the law is dangerous and poses a serious threat to freedoms in uganda and entrenches this commission towards uganda's lgbt community. -- entrenches discrimination towards uganda's lgbt community. twitter account will focus on the day-to-day life of a french soldier fighting with u.s. troops during the second world war. the anniversary of the d-day landing will be commemorated on the sixth of june next year.
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it is based on the experience of an actual soldier and will update readers with preparations on the longest day and the battle of normandy. what happens in an internet minute? this info graphic was produced by manufacturer intel and chose that in 30 seconds, 50 hours of video are uploaded to youtube, 2 million searches are carried out one millionnd 100,000 are post -- messages are posted to twitter. this opening of the museum wasn't enough. he has now launched his own social network. used against the world over to connect.
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includingin prizes signed shirts and tickets to see him in action. it has become an annual tradition for the american website jibjab. they have released their "all dancing" year in review. it touches on the serious and not so serious events of the last 12 months. ♪ year ♪013, what a
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>> i'm a tv actor. >> i'm a rockstar. >> i transformed a nation.
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