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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 24, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> you were watching the journal coming to you live from berlin. >> nice to have you with us. coming up in the next 30 minutes. more than 80,000 people are displaced by the turmoil in south sudan. a papal visit ahead of the orthodox christian church in berlin. and a stormy start to the festive season for western europe with severe weather and flooding.
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the conflict is escalating in south sudan. the united nations says it fears thousands of people have died in over a week of fighting between rival groups. >> the violence has spread through half the country displacing up to 80,000 people. there are also reports of a mass grave with 75 bodies in the rebel held town. >> they are expected to vote on boosting the number of peacekeepers on the ground as the fighting spirals out of control. >> 7000 troops are in south sudan to protect the civilian population. >> the united states is one of many council members that fully supports this proposal. we are eager to work with contributing countries to make
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sure the mission has the assets and resources it needs to fulfill its mandate. >> the former vice president says he is open to talks. a power struggle has divided the country. the sectarian violence has uprooted more than 80,000 people. 20,000 of them have fled to this refugee camp in cuba. the camp lacks basic necessities. numeral reports are murdered civilians come in from across the country. a mass grave site has fueled fears of epic bloodletting. everyone here hopes for an end to the violence.
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>> the international community should help the two sides come together. the fighting must end once and for all so that everybody can go home. we can't live like this. >> the government said on tuesday it had driven the forces out after rebel forces took the town earlier this week. the president said he would be prepared to take all rebel holdings by august. >> to egypt where tensions are running high after a suicide bomber killed 15 people early this morning. >> hundreds of people were injured. the interim government is pointing the finger at the muslim brotherhood, calling it a terrorist organization. >> the islamist group says the incident is an attack on the unity of the egyptian people. the ouster of the muslim brotherhood in july is less country deeply divided.
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-- has left the country deeply divided. >> a city north of cairo believe islamists carried out the attack. >> we got scared. we knew it was an explosion. >> the minister arrived with an entourage to see the aftermath of the bombing. >> yesterday, we arrested for islamists involved in terrorist incidents. they are attempting to create a diversion and intimidate people ahead of the referendum in january on a new constitution. >> according to eyewitness reports circulating on the internet, two explosions occurred at the same time.
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one in a parked car and another in a nearby building. 12 people were killed and more than 130 injured. many are treated in hospital. the egyptian government is blaming the attack on the muslim brotherhood. the brotherhood has denied responsibility. it has strongly condemned the attacks. >> the political turmoil has affected the countries minorities. >> they have long complained of discrimination. after publicly supporting the ouster, the tax -- attacks on them intensified. >> the last rehearsal before the
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big moment. a children's choir practices its song. big and small alike are very excited. >> we want to see him. he loves us all and we love him. >> the visit has energized the 200 song -- strong community in berlin. in view of islamist violence against christians there. >> what is happening in egypt is not right. i hope god will protect our family. egypt is going through difficult times. >> we are in solidarity with each other. i think we have to show even more solidarity. >> it is the first visit to
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germany since he took office a year ago. he knows the worries of his people here. he tries to allay their concerns. >> the majority of egyptians are moderate regardless of if they are christian or muslim. the relationship has been good for 14 centuries. >> the visit has given the cops a rare visit -- chance to visit. >> there are so many bodyguards protecting him. here, it is different. >> this feeling is hard to describe. our joy is boundless.
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the holy father comes to visit, perhaps once in 10 years. >> boundless optimism gives the flock a great deal of courage. >> egypt is in his heart. that is why i am convinced things will be better tomorrow >> his visit is an early christmas present to the community in berlin. >> a three-year-old palestinian girl has been killed in a series of israeli airstrikes in the gaza strip. >> after a palestinian sniper shot dead in israeli civilian doing maintenance work tuesday. there have been 16 attacks by israeli forces. authorities say they are targeting terrorist sites. >> russia is getting ready to
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host international talks on friday eliminating. chemical weapons. >> reparations are also being made for peace talks in geneva at the end of january. but they will not attend the negotiations of government forces continue to attack in aleppo. analysts believe the regime is trying to strengthen its position ahead of the peace talks. >> a powerful storm wreaking havoc. it has been battered by strong wind and heavy rain. >> thousands of travelers have been stranded at airports and train stations. many more have been left without power. >> england's southern counties took the brunt of the winter storm leaving two people dead.
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100,000 homes are without electricity this christmas eve. >> three crews, we have a number of pumps working in basements and working with residents to try to salvage their property to higher floors. >> rail and ferry services were canceled. drivers on holiday or stranded. waves seven meters high pounded the northern coast. few residents dared go outside. >> real estate prices ar soaring in germany. but first, a look at other stories making the news today. in pakistan, the trial of the
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former president has been postponed until early january after five kilos of explosives were found near the courthouse. he said he will not appear because of the danger to his life. he is accused of high treason. >> after a series of postponement, talks are underway in geneva between the ruling islamist and the opposition to form a government by mid- january. the plan is for a technocratic government triggered by the assassination in july. >> a turkish navy tugboat capsized near the port city. repairs of a naval shipyard when it overturned, an investigation is underway. >> to some business news now, russia has filed its first case with the trade organization and is directed against the eu. a claim brussels is unfairly
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making it harder for russian companies to access the european market. >> russian producers of steel are being unfairly penalized from the domestic energy prices. they are forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in airport terrorist. >> let's have a look at the euro stoxx 50 the dow jones ending the session slightly higher and the euro is currently trading just slightly down against the dollar. real estate prices in germany rose four percent in the year compared to last year. >> it says the price increases are especially large in big cities. the trend is expected to continue next year because of
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extremely low interest rates meeting lower monthly mortgage payments. that means people are willing to pay higher prices. the central bank says they are already overpriced by 20%. >> the bank is gradually bringing the gold reserve's back home. the seven tons were brought to frankfurt from new york and paris. >> they own 3400 metric tons of gold. by 2020, 700 tons is secured and in foreign safekeeping. his code breaking work helped britain outfox the not these -- nazis. >> alan turing was gay, and in
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britain, he was punished for that with a criminal conviction. >> half of a century after committing suicide, the queen has issued him a pardon posthumously. >> alan turing helped britain when the second world war by cracking not to germany -- nazi germany's code, thought of as unbreakable. alan turing was convicted of having sex with another man and was forced to give up his groundbreaking work. >> in the years of the cold war, his wife ended -- life ended in disgrace. we find it to be extraordinary and horrible. please stand by
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has granted him a pardon. >> when we come back, we celebrate german troops celebrating christmas in afghanistan. >> and everything you need to know about germany's football ambassador. ambassador. >> welcome back. nato's current mandate runs out next year and that means that its troops are sent to come home. lex germany says it is willing to keep forces in the country pass 2014 as part of a new mission. but nato is still working out details with the afghan government. >> most of the troops in afghanistan, this will be their last christmas there. soldiers are trying to make the best of the holiday season. >> more than 6000 kilometers away, german soldiers are celebrating.
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he has been in afghanistan since november. >> i miss my girlfriend back home, but what is important is that the soldiers get through this difficult time as well. and to keep the spirits up. >> afghanistan, many soldiers being stationed here is particularly trying. >> a difficult situation here. it comes with the job but we are making the best of it. >> and there is a special christmas tree for the soldiers.
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christians believe jesus was born here over 2000 years ago. >> hewitt the scandal in bethlehem and this light has arrived for all the soldiers here. it is a small miracle. it is a good sign that they have come to afghanistan. this country needs peace. >> this will be the last christmas german soldiers have to spend away from their families. nato's current mandate will come to an end by the middle of next year. a memorial for the 50 german soldiers since the mission began. >> the former russian oil tycoon and kremlin critic has applied
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for a three month visa to enter switzerland. >> a spokesman said the 50-year- old plans to travel there early in the next year. his sons already attend school in switzerland. he came to germany last week after being pardoned by russian president vladimir putin. he spent the last decade in custody following his 2003 arrest after charges of embezzlement, money laundering, and tax evasion. the former nsa contractor edward snowden has given a positive assessment of this years events in his first interview since he was granted tipperary asylum in russia. >> he says that his mission has been accomplished. he did not want to change society by leaking documents, but let society decide if it should change itself. he said he was not a traitor or defector. he stays in russia because the u.s. canceled his passport. it has been eight months since
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the plaza factory collapsed in bangladesh killing 1000 people. it produced clothing for several major western brands. >> global retailers have agreed to contribute to a compensation fund for the victims. >> more than 1100 people died in the outskirts when a factory building collapsed in april. the illegally constructed eight story run failed to meet safety standards. now primark, the spanish retailer and other chains have agreed to set up a fund to compensate victims and their families. it is still unclear if all 29 retailers will participate in the fund and how much they will contribute. bangladesh is the world's second-biggest garment producing country after china. 4 million people work in this
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sector. mostly women. >> every year, a football ambassador is nominated by the german football organization, tortorella, and other -- deutsche welle, and other organizations. >> she is currently coaching in a country where women's soccer is relatively new. >> she is a tireless promoter of women's football. she is the head coach of the national team, a job she is doing with success. she has been nominated as german football ambassador. >> it is a game for boys and for girls.
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>> a woman has been chosen and selected. >> building a women's team in the strictly muslim gulf state is a labor of love. >> it is fun coaching the girls because they are so passionate about the game. they are really keen to play and listen. and when you're having fun, you do your job gladly and well. >> the team is making clear progress. the efforts are clearly paying off. >> this is a time of christmas cheer. people celebrate this festive season by splurging.
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>> not everywhere and not everyone. several countries are facing financial trouble. many people are struggling to make ends meet. >> in greece this year, even those with a job are feeling the effects of their country's crisis. there is hardly a firm left that pays christmas bonuses. >> sales are 40% down and the government is just playing games with us. everybody is having to try really hard in order to survive. >> christmas 2013 is turning out to be a disappointment for an increasing number of weeks. >> we have less and less.
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>> i will be spending less this year. >> with only the faintest glimmer of recovery in sight. >> a little warning, these traditions are probably not going to be a big hit with the vegetarians out there. >> it was a sound heard throughout romanian villages. the family in transylvania is about to slaughter the christmas pig. it is something that they have done for years in the orthodox country.
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we are happy. as long as i have remembered, we slaughtered a pig before christmas. the meat tastes better at christmas. the drinking begins even during the slaughter. god be with us, says the father. the church has been 500 years old. they are able to celebrate a storybook christmas in the carpathian mountains. this tradition is very important . >> every time i enter the church, i think about how much spirituality has gathered over the years.
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you can't compare this church to one that was built a year or two ago. >> more churches are being built in romania today than any other country in europe. new houses of worship are everywhere. among them -- it has attracted attention for its unusual modern paintings. >> the paintings are unique. they commissioned a painting of three illustrious personalities from world politics. >> the kyle gorbachev and george bush senior thanked pope john paul ii. they vanquished communism years
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ago. and because romania suffered so much under con -- communism, there is a need for new churches. but the family maintained traditions throughout those years. they were slaughtered and butchered. much of it is made into sausages. once all the preparations are completed, the festivities can begin. >> goodbye.
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>> thank you very much for joining us. elements ofof security forces in and around the capital, rounding up men and killing them. is fighting between the military and the renegades. he is accusing his former deputy of trying to orchestrate a


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