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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  December 25, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> pope francis delivered his first christmas day address from the central balcony of st. peters basilica in front of tens of thousands of tourists and children. he said he was joining in the song of christmas angels with all those hoping for a better world. for his first address, pope francis, who has been named person of the year by "time" magazine, called for peace across the world and spoke more particularly of syria and the central african republic. >> grant peace to the central african republic, often forgotten and overlooked. yet you, lord, forget no one.
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and you also want to bring peace to that land torn apart by a spiral of violence and poverty. where so many people are homeless, lacking water, food, and the bare necessities of life. >> we can join our correspondent who was with the tens of thousands who flocked to st. peters square. thanks for joining us. it was a message of hope. pope francis left no stone unturned and made his way across the world, looking at its various conflicts and calling for peace, not just a message directed at catholics but far beyond the world of the believes. >> very much so. he touched on some of the key conflicts around the world, starting off with syria. now pope francis made syria really one of his top priorities, if you recall earlier this year he had a world day of prayer for peace
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and a world day of fasting for syria back in september and he continued that message earlier today, talking about how there was a need for the people in syria to have an end to the violence and access to humanitarian aid. he said he was happy to see people from across different states were praying for peace in syria. and then he turned his attention to the central african republic, talking specifically about how it is often forgotten and overlooked as we saw in the earlier clip. he said the sectarian strife needed to be stopped and the violence and poverty in the country needed to be dealt with. he talked about south sudan saying the ethnic divisions in that country needed to be a addressed and how there needed to be marked social harmony seen over the u.n. planning to deploy more troops to that particular country. then he also touched a little bit on nigeria, about how there are constant attacks and how this also needs to end, of
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course touching on the holy land, hoping peace talks will come to fruition good the -- between the israelis and palestinians. and touching on iraq. earlier today there was a deadly bomb attack inside baghdad outside a church and 15 people were killed in that attacked. he is remembering the plight of christians in that country and others who have been affected by violence there. he also turned his attention on the issue of the displaced, the refugees in different parts of the world from the horn of africa to the democratic republic of congo and of course here in italy, an issue that he has highlighted, making it his first visit outside the vatican when he became pope saying the deaths we've seen there had to end. >> our correspondent joining us from rome. she was telling us, reminding us of the bomb attacks that has killed at least 30 -- two that
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killed 37 people in baghdad earlier today. these are the images. they're just coming into us now. in one attack, a car bomb went off near a church during christmas mass in baghdad's southern dora neighborhood which is home to many of the country's capital's christians and killed 26 and wounded 38. a bit earlier a bomb had ripped through an outdoor market killing 11 and wounding 21. no immediate claim of responsibility for those bombings but at least 37 dead on christmas day there in baghdad. in south sudan, also mentioned by pope francis during his christmas day address a short while ago, the fighting continues. it's been 10 days now of ethnic violence which has led to thousands dead after security forces loyal to the country's
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president and rebels of the former vice president have clashed with one another. the town of bor and north of africa's newest state is its focus. yesterday the united nations moved to double its peacekeeping force to stave off civil war. a short while ago he spoke to our correspondent who has been covering the crisis in south sudan and spoke to us a short while ago from nairobi. >> the military situation obviously remains extremely fluid on the ground. the army claims it has taken control of bor. however, we've let to get independent verification of that. i have spoken to the u.n. secretary head of the mission late last night and he was unable to confirm that despite the fact the u.n. does have a base and people there. and elsewhere, there was fighting yesterday in and ound the capital between the
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rebel forces and government forces. that much is confirmed. in fact, there was a flight canceled from duba airport, the capital, yesterday afternoon when i was at the airport because of that fighting. that's the general military situation at the moment. obviously the rebels have taken a lot of ground over the last few days but there are some signs the government forces are pushing back, at least around bor. there's a growing sense of frustration within the u.n. camp housing some of the displaced people especially the displaced people residing in the camps by the airport. there are around 10,000 people there. i was at that camp two consecutive days and spoke to one of two people last night by phone when i arrived back in nairobi who are in that camp and they're expressing frustration, some of them saying they're not being fed at all and others also complaining
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about the fact they have no shelter against the backdrop where the sun is shining 12 hours a day. the u.n. says it is beginning to address those needs and says it is distributing food through one meal of porridge a day to the people camped there and. and the u.n. said it is nutritious but not normally eaten by south sudan he's and some people are refusing the food. there's a chronic problem in lack of sanitation and that problem is acknowledged by the .n. and trying to put up bathrooms at the moment but there is a strong smell in the camp and also urine running through the camp. obviously there's a big danger of disease spreading and breaking out. called on erdogan to resign. he's the third minister to resign today after the interior
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and economy ministers resigned earlier. the sons of all three ministers were among the two dozen people charged as part of the high level bribery corruption probe that has hit the government of mr. erdogan. the results are huge in his government. here in france, there is a lack of christmas cheer in some parts of the country, the u.k. as well where gale force winds have wreaked havoc and six people have been killed and here in france, many people continue to remain without electricity. we have more. >> after more than 24 hours without electricity, this family in britain holds their christmas eve dinner under the warm glow of candles and gas heat. the storm has left them in the dark but they still managed to cook some christmas stables.
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-- staples. >> we prepared a carrot puree and some duck for the 20 guests. the darkened room doesn't dampen their festive mood. you can't see what's on your plate but i think you appreciate the taste even more. the children hope santa will still make his way. and presents are distributed after dinner. but some of the more high-tech gifts may have to wait until the power returns. authorities say it could be several days before the electricity is turned back on. >> in the english premiere league, long time leaders have a match with their rivals where a win was back on the table if only for a few hours. the gunners couldn't find a way past a stub earn chelsea side
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and the coach taking nothing for granted and just being one point away from the drop zone. >> we have learned it is ifficult everywhere. we have to go against one with darby. we've given a lot tonight and we have to make sure they're completely focused on the game. >> a lack of invention against chelsea with one shot on target and they may be tempted to tart the germany striker lucas verdovsky, back in training after a hamstring injury. >> with him in the game, the second game of the season. and with competitiveness, we'll see if i play him. he is just two weeks in training now. i have to make that decision
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whether i use him or not. but we play so many games now. >> jack wilshire is suspended and another player could be available. they would be boosted by the return of kevin nolan after a three-match ban. thursday's action begins with united's trip and we see the leaders liverpool head to manchester city for the kickoff. suarez is in top form having found the net a record 10 times in december. yet hull city hand lost a game on their home turf. 2013, usain bolt continues to add to his legacy to continue his journey to being the most decorated man in athletics history. last year wasn't the easiest for the reigning olympic champion coming in his triumphs in london and a repeat of his triple from four years in beijing and his season didn't
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get off to the best of starts with injuries getting in the way of his early preparations. pushing. ing back and it was a rough season, last season. >> at the world championship in moscow last summer, the lightning bolt knew he'd have to be 100% focused due to the early season lack of training. > nothing is easy. i was injured and have to be really focused because i wasn't where i wanted to be. and this season i won't worry about the end of the season.
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. t for me, i concentrate hard >> during the semifinals of the 200 meters in moscow, bolt was off too early, although the 27-year-old's reaction to that blip is typical of the always likable jamaican. the reason i smile, i ran and then i heard footsteps and looked across. yo? i was kind of shocked because i was looking to my right and i was like all right, i've got him covered and started slowing down and then all of a sudden i hear someone on my inside, i'm like yo! i concentrate more. for me it was disappointing. >> in the end, nothing could stop bolt from completing the 200, and 4 x 100 meter relay triple for the second time in three world championships and
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he wants to be even better next year. >> i'm going to do this and put in a lot of work. and try to stay injury-free. 've learned being injured is troublesome. i've put things in place to make sure i got my checkup early this year. normally i wait until later in the year before i see my doctor but this year i went early to make sure everything was all right so i can start working and keep ush myself my scoliosis in check because that's always a problem and make sure on my exercises on a regular basis and focused on trying to stay injury-free. if i know i'm injury-free and have trained, i'll get it done. >> with eight world titles, it makes him the most successful made athlete in championship history. if he can stay healthy in 2014 the athlete of the year may
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look to eclipse his own world record over the next 12 months. ♪ >> the treetops are glistening and if you listen closely the sleigh bells are jingling. welcome to a special show. together we'll explore the traditional french wonderland that is this 17th century chateau outside of paris. we'll go inside. ♪
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["we wish you a merry christmas" is playing] >> the chateau has seen over 350 christmases from its time since lou "14 and to ordinary people like you and me. i'm here with the chateau's current owner. hello there. >> how are you? >> thanks for having us here at your chateau. i want to ask, what makes the perfect french chateau christmas? >> it's a lot of decoration and we try to really bring some life into the chateau at this time of the year with 14,000 christmas decorations and many christmas trees throughout the chateau and have the fire in the chimney which makes a warm atmosphere and obviously the presents under the big tree and the christmas lights on the shadow in the guard -- chateau
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in the garden and really a global thing. >> how did you bring the history of the chateau alive for your younger visitors? >> you can walk in the different rooms. we have a lot of things for them to enjoy, the history of the chateau and to learn the history while they are having some fun. >> i understand you've got a special surprise for the children. >> yes. >> let's go have a look. >> to keep the little ones happy with the performance of "pinocchio." and while they enjoy william shows us the festive entertainment in paris. a water light and laser show, complete with a fake snow blizzard. a trip to the flicks comes with a difference this christmas. the famous 1930 cinema is treating you to a visual extravaganza before showing disney's latest animated venture "frozen."
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based on the snow queen by anz christian he anderson he talks about a snow queen that freezes her kingdom. >> it's completely frozen. >> good, good, good. >> a real delight. >> the queen flees in despair as her princess anna sets out in the snow to bring back summer and her sister. >> i know how to stop the winter. > anna is not your average damsel in distress. she's funny and feisty. >> i sell ice for a living. >> that's a rough business to be in right now. that's unfortunate. >> with catchy songs, it's proving a festive hit. >> she has magic powers and is so pretty. >> it's sparkly. >> for an insider's look to how animated films are made, 25 years of pixar exhibition is on at the art museum.
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there are sketches and paintings and sculptures that normally don't make it out of the hollywood studio. >> i really like it because i love watching the making on d.v.d.'s and seeing the drawings up close it gives me another way of seeing the film. >> most animated movies take about four years to craft. here you can learn how traditional artists create the story line and characters. >> we have a huge art department, sculptors using paint and any medium you can use so it's very free and takes a long time before it actually gets into the computer and have hat final image. >> he started off looking quite different but if you'd like to see real life people, you can see it at the theater with fun and madness. the troop of russian clowns act out of a loving family and
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perhaps many identify at christmas. if you buy a ticket to the mayhem, expect to get fully involved with their crazy world. here in northern europe, the winters get pretty dark and it's no surprise this is where so many christmas decorations originated from candle-lit trees to shiny balls and garlands. the centerpiece here is an ight meter high fir with 5,000 decorations. let's meet the man making the chateau perfect the last 20 years or so. tell me, how many trees have you decorated here? >> i decorated around a dozen christmas trees, using over 15,000 ornaments for all the formal lounges. >> where do you get your inspiration? >> for this tree i was inspired by the castle grounds. we have peacocks and unfortunately you can't find any in the garden so we put them in the lounge. what inspired me was the opulence of the 17th century so
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there have to be lots of decorations on the tree like in the time of louis 14 and the original owner. >> do you have advice for people like me when we're decorating our own christmas tree at home? >> well, decorate the tree with ots of balls, lights and ornaments. you'll see by adding more and more, the tree takes on a magical feel which is just wonderful. >> absolutely. the art of making glass blown baubles is almost as old as the chateau itself. today with patience and a steady hand, they are keeping this tradition alive. they're shiny, delicate, and to many they encapsulate christmas. but have you ever spared a thought at how your baubles are made? we get let in on a little
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behind-the-scenes christmas magic. he melts the glass in the furnace which is heated up to 1,200 degrees. then he shapes it while it's hot and maleable. >> this will be a small, transparent bauble, venetian style. the glass is heated to 1,200 degrees so i can blow it as thin as possible. >> he only has a short time frame in which to do this. >> we have three minutes from the moment the glass is liquid to when it becomes a solid. i'm going to create a little hook, a small ring so you can hang the bauble from a christmas tree. we don't have any leeway to make mistakes. we have to work fast and accurately as there are no second chances. once it's done, it's done. >> he'll make hundreds of baubles late up to christmas. recently had a lot of customers
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request something personal. >> they're looking for something original. they want something handmade. the tradition of making christmas baubles is common in the east of france but all glass blowers have learned how to make christmas baubles now. >> the next time you hang one of these on the free, perhaps reflect into what goes into a much-loved christmas tradition. >> what do you like to eat on the big day itself, turkey, goose, trout, or maybe something different altogether. here at the chateau, the man in charge is the chef. hello, chef. tell us what's on your christmas menu. >> for christmas we're offering two different scallops and orange wrapped in smoked salmon. for the main course, traditional french duck with
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mashed potatoes and white truffles. then there will be cheese made by our cheesemakers. dessert is a chocolate praline christmas log made by our pastry chefs. >> it sounds delicious. is this what people may have eaten at the time of louis 14? >> it's well know louis 14 ate large, elaborate meals and we wanted to emulate that and keep the same style of decoration. the roast cockerel is served whole. >> for you what is the main ingredients of a perfect christmas dinner? >> for me, what's important for our clients is having a beautifully decorated table and good meal. what i really enjoy about cooking is when a client leaves with a big satisfied smile. >> absolutely. thank you very much.
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elsewhere here in the land of cuisine, chefs are vying to create the most original version of a most traditional meal. and that's just the first course, and here traditional sweets from southeast france. this young chef is making a starter that turned tradition on its head. normally it's one of the 13 christmas desserts. >> i get it ready and have a block of it like this raw that i marinate for 12 hours and then cook it at 60 degrees celsius for two hours. i slice it and today i'm going to prepare it. i mold it like a candy made from melon and almond. >> it's really, really good. another kitchen, another chef, another christmas treat, fresh
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scallops caught locally. >> for me, christmas is scallops. they're like the prince of christmas. i'm going to put them with clementines and here's the queen of christmas. italian truffle. it's a shame you can only see it because it smells ncredible. >> a scallop with citrus fruit drizzled with olive oil and on a bed of seafood jelly. >> it looks so good and makes me want to eat it. final touch, a light grating of white truffle. eating it, it's wonderful. as chefs we try to be artists. >> it's not just the taste that's important, a christmas meal also has to look good.
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♪ whetted your appetite and leave you with a snippet of seasonal events all over the world wherever you are and spending the festive season, we wish you a joyous noel and happy new year. ♪
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