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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 25, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> hello, welcome to the journal. nice to have you along. our headlines. >> pope francis delivers his first christmas address. three cap and members reside over a corruption scandal. -- cap members resign over a corruption scandal. spiraling violence in south sudan. -- cabinet members resign over a corruption scandal. a better world is what probe
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frances called for today in his first christmas blessing since taken over as head of the catholic church. he delivered the address. he strayed from his prepared speech inviting nonbelievers to join in the prayer for peace. tens of thousands of catholics flocked to the vatican to receive the blessings. >> four hours, they waved at st. peter's square. the pope appeared on the balcony. faithful from all of the world gave him a welcome. thousands have come to rome many from his nature -- native argentina. in his christian address, he repeated his message of concern for the world's poor and weak. as he celebrated the birth of christ, he expressed his wish for joy and peace. >> for the children and in the old people and families, the
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poor and marginalized. >> pope francis called for and of wars in syria and the south sudan and the african republic. >> let's continue to ask of the lord to spare the blood of syrian people further suffering. able the parties in conflict to put an end to all violence and guarantee access to humanitarian aid. >> the pope's message was unmistakable. he got a warm reception. the high point was the blessing. he blessed people including those watching on tv. the new pope has clearly won
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over the crowd at st. peter's square. >> i think is more with the people at a likes to talk to everybody. that is a good thing. but his humility brings them closer and he makes you feel like he is one of us. has first christmas message, pope francis had made it clear he sees himself as an advocate for the poor and marginalized. >> the plight of refugees was the focus of german president gauck christmas message today. he called for germans to open either hearts and welcome those who should seek shelter here. he acknowledged that germany could not take and all who might want to come. -- in all of who might want to come. >> since the beginning of time, refugees have a full of anxiety
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as they seek a better life. the refugees coming to us are not expected to fall into a ready-made bed. they want to flee from persecution and poverty and they want to find a meaningful and fulfilled life. let us not to narrow our hearts as simply concluded that we cannot accept everyone who comes to our country. i know, of course, this statement is true. it only becomes true if we first listen to what our heart tells us as you see the pictures of the injured and persecuted. are we really already doing everything we could do? >> that message comes as the files in syria continues. opposition activist said more than 400 people have died in the offensive. they said many of the dead are children. this video purports to show forces bombing and a southern province.
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the 11 offensive is one of the deadliest so far in the conflict. dozens were also killed in a series of attacks in iraq. a car bomb exploded also free church near baghdad after christmas mass killing at least 24 and wounding more than 30. earlier, a car packed with explosives with a tight market in a mainly christian neighborhood as several people were killed. the crystal attack bringing the total killed to well over 100. -- the christmas attack pretty the total killed to well over 100. three cabinet members turn to the recognitions in turkey. wind caught the prime minister to follow suit. the first time the premier has faced such a challenge within his own party. a corruption probe comes ahead of crucial elections and presidential elections and
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presidential election in august. here is more. >> times are tough for the prime minister. three of his cabinet members resigned on wednesday though they denied any wrongdoing. the interior minister and environmental and planning and economy minister all stepped down after their children were taken into custody for corruption. two of them are accused of bribing politicians to smuggle gold and make transfers to iran. the scandal has triggered a power struggle between the government and the courts and police. it is a conspiracy described by some. >> the turkish people and republic are facing an attack that is being presented as a corruption probe. everybody is aware it is that a corruption probe but a conspiracy. a set of ideas turkish politics and people.
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>> the government has dismissed a more than two dozen high- ranking police officials including istanbul's chief of police. with the prime minister's response, it is about to divide the party. >> the prime minister, he said it is a conspiracy against turkey. what is the background? >> what happened, over a week ago, the police led by the prosecutor rated several homes -- raided several homes including those of his closest ministers. and the home of the minister of the interior, they discovered huge safe-deposit boxes filled with cash and even a machine. they raided the state-controlled
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bank and it was $4.5 million in a shoebox. people are staying -- swept the curtain aside and the degree of corruption inside of the ruling party. the prime minister went on the offensive. he said if this was all a plot and orchestrated by turkey's amy's at home and abroad. -- enemies at home and abroad. yes has asked for three of his ministers. >> thank you very much we have to leave you there. thank you for joining us. to egypt where the military backed government has declared the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group. they blame them for tuesday's attack. it killed 16 people and an al qaeda linked group has claimed responsibility.
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it is not been verified. egyptian police have arrested a former prime minister who served in the muslim brotherhood of mohamed morsi. the interior ministry said police arrested the man while he was attempting to escape into sedan. -- sudan. thailand's prime minister has proposed a council for the political crisis that has gripped the country. she said the body would be set up in a parallel with elections scheduled in february. the opposition rejected and continued protest saying they want immediate reforms. also try to force their way into a stadium to stop people from registering. south sudan president is calling for an end to the violence in his country even though fighting between his forces and a rival group is still waging.
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he welcomed the u.n. decision to double the number of peacekeeping troops. the struggle has escalated in it to an academic war. the desperate to several parts. >> the humanitarian situation is deteriorating every day. >> about 45,000 civilians have sought shelter. an acute shortage of water, medicine, and food. as the virus spreads, the security council has approved a plan to boost its presence with extra police. secretary-general moon, wars they cannot protect every citizen in need. >> i urge the leaders to act for peace. stop the violence. started the dialogue. there is no time to lose.
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>> the fighting began with an alleged coup attack. the president accused his rival of attempting to seize power. the violence is taking place along ethnic lines between the majority and the minority. the town has seen heavy fighting. the government says it has recaptured the area for robles. -- rebels. >> [indiscernible] >> the united nations estimated that thousands have died already and mass graves. organizations fear a disaster in the newest country. >> it has been a stormy christmas and parts of western europe.
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six people have been killed and gale force winds and heavy rain battered france and britain. southern england is one the worst-hit. resident had to cope with surging floodwaters and no electricity. >> on christmas morning, most of this village was underwater. houses were flooded as the river burst its banks. >> somebody shouted, help. there is no lights in this part of the road. somebody was stuck in the white van over there. the fire brigade came. it took a long time. >> that driver was not in the water. rescuers spent christmas eve saving lives. the flood turned streets into waterways. >> we rescued about six people. 4 were critical.
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a nine-year-old girl. and a taxi driver. they had to be carried out. >> for residents, there was little seasonal cheer. many were trapped in their homes and power outages mid troubles for those with refrigerators packed for the holidays. it is a christmas the people will not forget. when the holiday councils were not just for decoration. >> russia has dropped charges against 30 greenpeace activist against an amnesty. environmentalism were arrested after trying to board a platform against russia as the ration of arctic waters. 29 of them are free to leave. as soon as exit visas are issued. the cases will be reviewed on
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thursday. they should be home by the end of the year. former nsa contractor edward snowden has called for an end to mass surveillance in a message broadcast in british television. it was recorded in moscow, he warned about the loss of privacy. he said the u.s. intelligence services went beyond anything imagined in the book "1984." he called alternative christmas measure and it the format of the claims address. -- queen's address. >> will take a short break. pope francis popularity. it has been growing. he has been attracting new visitors to his hometown. news about a telecom shakeup. we will explain as soon as we come back.
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>> welcome back. nine months ago that an archbishop was picked to cap -- to take over the papacy. it had huge ramifications for the 1.2 billion catholics. in a less a years time, pope francis set out to change the perception of a church rocked by controversy and scandal. his message of humility has earned him the name of the people's pope. it is no wonder that his global population is rubbing off on his hometown. >> everest is the archbishop, jorge bergoglio became pope francis, buenos aires has been
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basking in the glory. they flock to the city following in his footsteps. there are tour buses to show where he used to live and work. locals here in flores follow what he is doing and the vatican from a distance. this poor district is located in the south of the argentinian capital. priests have been living there for five years. >> poor districts like ours are receptive to what the pope says. the same as what he used to say but he was not so famous event. this is a great source of joy and pride. >> he wants to break an element of solidarity and humanity into an everyday reality where conditions are tough.
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he hopes of violence can be prevented by talking and football can't inter children from turning to drugs. he and other priest are well respected because they practice what they preach as does the pope. >> what is new are his gestures, not to be worse. the simple gestures that are moving of the world so much. they are becoming action. -- what is new are his gestures, not in the words. >> pope francis grew up near flores and work here. he was the first person to send priests into the area. this priest was to make sure his work continues. he spends all of the state giving advice or blessings to locals. max takes place in this small church. he could work at one of the glittery cathedrals but he prefers to stay here. -- mass takes place in this
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small church. he said everybody in that area is a believer. there are not much social services or running water or electricity. half of the population is under 18 and many do not get much more than primary school. they are proud of their pope francis is on the side of the poor. >> and many people are running to the church that was always here. they said they want to do what the pope is doing. they are working with us. officials are more proactive in showing people are getting to the hospital earlier. >> for local priests, it is business as usual. their former archbishop has drawn more attention to poverty and to the work is never ending. >> according to the biblical story of christmas, the three kings are right apparently gives
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for the baby jesus. gold, frankincense and myrrh. frankincense is still big business today. one state produces some of the finest. have a look. >> at the five-star hotel, mohammed is responsible for repelling the bad luck. every morning and evening he places pieces of ferguson's own glowing coals. -- lace of frankincense k on glowing coals. we headed to the south of the country to find out where it comes from. hassan grew up here. his father is around 90. nobody knows his exact age. they used to live a nomadic life hurting the goats as selling the
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resin from the trees. they make cuts in the bark over a. of months. they harvest the resin. it reads the best frankincense. please stand by to germany but most go to korea or japan because he said they have more money. around 7000 tons of freight a sense are collected each year -- frankincense are collected each year. they used to bring that by camel. that's a thing of the past.
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driving off-road vehicle is better than a camel. >> ♪ >> a port city of 50,000. residents make their living from agriculture and crafts and fishing. frankincense plays a lesser role. sellers have time to chat in the afternoon. it does not start getting busy until the evening. they swear by the healing powers offering incense. she tastes all of her creams and powders and perfumes. she said it is offering incense that is kept are looking -- frankincense that has kept her looking so young. [indiscernible] >> ok. that is not true. >> her granddaughter wants to
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play. she has to sort the frankincense by color and size. the green is the most valuable. one kilo can bring as much as 300 euros. she keeps her family recipes top secret. she tells us that frankincense can be chewed to disaffected the mouth and use as a perfume to get a lover. or cure a sore throat. christians believe the baby jesus gold, myrrh and frankincense. for many that story has kept the magic of frankincense alive. >> news of potential merger in the telecommunications sector. >> of these stories. >> u.s. embassy and kabul has
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come under fire. either mortars or rockets were fired at the compound just before dawn. they said they inflicted heavy casualties. the u.s. said nobody was hurt. kiev, hundreds of journalists have taken to the street to oppose the attack of a reporter, tetyana chornovil. police are investigating the attack. russia's supreme court has agreed to review two sets of convictions against berlin critic and oil tycoon khodorovsky. his supporters have said his trials for fraud and tax evasion were politically motivated. it is the latest good news for the former richest man in russia after a release from prison last week. >> this is the news. it seems like nobody wanted to t-mobile. a u.s. subsidiary is the fourth
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largest wireless provider. two companies have their eyes on the telecom. >> dish network has already is sad is considering making a bid but they could end up in a war with sprint. >> outgoing boss has reason to smile. he may be about to finally offload t-mobile usa. selling could garner $14 billion euros. the sale is not a done deal to spread to stop in view of the cell phone market, it doesn't make business sense. alone, sprint and t-mobile are being outpaced by their competitors. verizon and at&t dominate the u.s. cell phone market and each have over 100 million customers to -- customers. there is no guarantee any merger
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would pass a competition probe with flying colors. u.s. regulators might stifle the deal because it would create a third giant. >> in corporate news. american express has been ordered to pay more than a 75 million u.s. dollars in fines and compensation for what regulators called deceptive add- on products. over 300,000 consumers were overbilled or misled between 2000 and 2012 according to the consumer protection authority. they will receive almost $60 million for some american express has agreed to stop the practice. time for a look at the numbers. most of the markets was closed for the christmas holiday stop the euro continue to trade. it is slightly off. -- slightly up.
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in germany, it is not a white christmas. temperatures are mild. in berlin, it is 10 degrees celsius. for some very brave souls taking a chilly death and insulate -- dip in the lake. the tradition goes back to 1980's. usually it is frozen. this year, the water is five degrees. they said this well was quite -- swim was quite refreshing. a bit too much for me. >> i like my water warm. >> that is all. stay tuned. >> thank you for watching. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> thank you very much for joining us this christmas day. he will start with our main story, age of branding the muslim brotherhood a terror group. mom and morsi was the president in july. now being blamed for an attack in the nile delta. is this justifiable, to brand the muslim brotherhood is a terror group? >> in fact, the muslim brotherhood was behind all the acts of violence in


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