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tv   Journal  LINKTV  December 28, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> hello and welcome to the journal here on d.w. these are our top stories this hour. china has decided to ease its one-child policy and the national legislature also announces an end to re-education camp. the outcry against corruption grows loud for the turkey but he heir says he won't step down. muslim brotherhood protests overnment crackdown.
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turkey's prime minister says he won't step down despite a corruption scandal that's forced three of his ministers to resign. he vowed to fight on as thousands of devarieties theek streets demanding his resignation on friday evening. protestors are there and police fired water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse the protestors from the square. in turkey, many are wondering whether he will be able to hold on to his office. the corruption scandal badly damaged his image abroad. a dangerous situation for a country that relies on foreign capital. berlin is home to the largest turkish population outside of turkey and people are following closely of the situation. >> they've come to pray but at friday prayers at the mosque,
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the political power struggle in turkey is on everyone's mind. >> i think he can't do anything about what's going on and the games are being played behind his back. there is definitely a conspiracy somewhere. it happens all the time in turkey if not the whole world. >> turkish conspiracy theories are a topic for german newspapers. the chairman of the turkish community says their strong support is the reason why many thank you, in germany thinks this way. disturb turks in germany thinks this way. >> >> but that's changing. now there's much more of a debate. what's happening now in turkey, yet is it true what people are saying? is it true that things that are happening are not legitimate? >> but at the mosque, supporters still put a positive spin on the situation.
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>> this power struggle has completely split turkey. one -- the broad majority of the turks are still behind the prime minister. >> in march, he faces local elections. it's a critical challenge that will also be watched closely in germany. lebanon state news agency says a 19-year-old man wounded in friday's car bombing in beirut has died raising the death toll in the attacks to seven. investigators are working at the site of the blast which targeted a politician, a senior aide to a prime minister. a 62-year-old who was a critic killed and -- was also in the explosion. iraq troops have arrested a sunni lawmaker on terrorism charges killing his brother and five of his guards in the process after they opened fire on the arresting officers.
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the lawmaker has been prominent among the organizers of sunni protests against iraq's shiite-led government over the past year. more violence in cairo. students loyal the muslim brotherhood battled police at the university and set fire to two buildings. medics say one student died. this comes a day after three people were killed in classes and 265 arrested across egypt and a crack down on the muslim brotherhood which the government recently declared a terrorist organization. >> the campus of the university is a battlefield. armed guards on friday fired tear gas on demonstrators. protestors also threw molotov cocktails. tensions erupted since violent clashes left one student dead. the students are protesting the government's decision to list
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the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. egyptian police arrested more han 250 muslim brotherhood trivias alone. there were few demonstrations for the prayers in support of the brotherhood. these peaceful marches held signs protesting the government's crackdown. under the new law, local supporters of the brotherhood, even members which just participate in rallies risk up to five years in jail. >> it doesn't matter if they imprison us or kill us, whether they put us in jail for five years or 10. it doesn't make a difference at all. they imprisoned and killed us even before they declared the brotherhood of terrorist group. so it doesn't make a difference. we don't recognize this government as legitimate to begin with. >> the muslim brotherhood called for more protests in what it's naming a week of rough.
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saturday, the bombing of two buildings being set on fire. >> the leader of sudan's rebel uprising says that formal negotiations are necessary before he can accept the government's proposed cease-fire. he made the comment in an interview with the bbc after the government said it had agree to an immediate end of the fighting. meanwhile, more united nations troops arrived in south sudan's capital on friday. the security council approved a plan to increase the u.n.'s presence in south sudan by 5,500 peacekeepers early this month. more than 13,000 u.n. troops are tasked with restoring fees the war torn country. a fire on board a night train in southern india claimed the lives of at least 23 people including two children. the express train caught flame in the middle of the night from bangor to another country. a defective air-conditioning unit was the cause of the fire.
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some 40 passengers managed to escape while nine others were injured. to a major story in china now where landmark reforms are underway. the country's top legislative committee adopted a resolution to abolish the re-education labor. state media said all those serving time in labor camps be set free beginning saturday the decision formalizes a november announcement by the ruling chinese communist party. the same committee announced a loosening of the one-child per family policy. here's more. >> this couple has experience the worst thing that can happen to parents. a year actors their only son died of cancer. on top of the pain come fear about the future. we worry, not only financially but also about who will look after us when we are old. even if we don't have illnesses, there will be a lot of problems.
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at least a million couple of china have lost their only child and the number is growing. china's one-child policy has dramatically curved population growth over the past three decades. campaigners says it caused late abortions and forced sterilization. the communist party announced the policy change in november. it means couples may now have two children if either parent is an only child. beijing hopes the reform will tackle the problem of a rapidly aging population. but predictions are of a boom. 100 million births in the next 20 years. china still faces the problem of excessive pop loigs las vegas so we still need to focus on the policy for a long time. whatever policy changes may be decided in the future, this one comes too late for the couple. they're too old have any more children.
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>> there's no let-up in the violence in thailand. one man was shot dead during a protest in bangkok on friday. rescuers opened fire on demonstrators injuring several others. protests against a prime minister began in october after she proposed an amnesty for her exile brother. new elections have been set for february but the opposition says it will boycott the vote. a u.s. frazzled judge ruled the controversial n.s.a. spying program is legal. w york judge women pauly denied its request that the bulk telephone calls by the national security agency be halted pending further legal review. the ruling is the first legal win for the obama administration on the issue. it contradicts a decision by a judge in washington who ruled that the n.s.a. program is likely unconstitutional.
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a but of sports news for you now in ski jumping. the four hills tournament began on saturday in germany and austria. co-host germany had high hopes for their team and ahead of the tournament, the air was thick with anticipation. >> it was the high point of an emotional evening. the presentation of the german ski jumpers, spearheaded by the fourth ranked. it gives mans fans in the media hope for victory. >> the public's expectations are higher. that's good. it shows we've accomplished something. the tournament is very special for all of us. that's why we're looking forward to competing here. >> but polish fans are just as enthusiastic about their team. the world cup leader is a strong favorite this year. the 26-year-old is in superb form.
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looking forward to the tournament, the polish star said he would try to stay cool and relaxed and focused on jumping but he's not only the champion in contention this year. here is another favorite. >> it's evolved. many countries now have very good athletes at the starting line. this makes the touring incredibly exciting. this year would be the most exciting world cup ever. >> it promises to be an exciting tournament. it gets underway on saturday with qualify,s rounds. >> for the past few years, one yacht has left its mark on the city to hobart. it has won the challenging race off the australian coast for the seventh time equaling the previous record. skipper mark richards and his crew arrived in hobart harbor well ahead of their competitors
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after the yacht struggled with unusual ply moderate winds early in the race. the wild oats winning time of two days, six hours, seven minutes and 27 seconds was well short of the course record it set in breezier weather last year. now to a han who wrote soccer history. as a player, he won the uefa cup and the d.f.b. cut. as a coach, he brought prestige to the cut. now the 53-year-old is one of three nominees of football ambassador, a designation award by d.w. and others. we caught up with him there. >> with his blonde mane, he stands out in germany. the squad was till striking to qualify for the brazil world cup when he first took over.
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they didn't make it despite their improving performance. now, he's working on improving the team known as the reggae boys and the soccer infrastructure. when you see the conditions they have no, lights, a pitch that has stones it in, they were not bothered about that at all. >> the fans have big expectations of the man they simply call the coach. the -- he has reached national sporpts. >> despite the enthusiasm, he is not having an easy time trying to inspire young players to take on the sport seriously >> this country is passionate about athletics. they're individualists and unfortunately, soccer is an opportunity to hide. you win, you've taken part, but you weren't good. but no one notices.
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>> but usain bolt could make jamaican sport more popular. the star sprinter says he wants to play professional soccer when his track career is over. and this coach is prepared to include him in the reggae boys' lineup. >> time for one last bulletin before we go. a chinese icebreaker has failed to reach a ship stranded off antarctica. the vessel has been stuck in ice since christmas eve on tuesday. australian authorities are coordinating the rescue of a 74 passengers and crew stuck on board. the stranded vessel has emergency provisions and people on the ship are safe for now. rescue crew have ordered three other ships with ice breaking capability into the area. well, that does it fors here on "the journal." thanks for being with us and do join us again at the top of the hour for more news and update. [captioned by the national captioning institute
6:15 am] giver me two years and i'll be there, she says. it all started when i was 4.
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we've come to new york to find germans who are living the american dream what drives them, what hurdles that they have to vercome. annika's mother took her to "phantom of the opera" when she was 4 years old and she fell in with the story of a choir girl who became an opera star. she says the story captivated her when she first saw it. the music, the whole production moved her. she wanted to be like christine to be a singer. now she says, she's closer to er goal. annika wants to make it big just like her musical protagonist but she will only be able to stay in new york with a work visa and
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for that, she will need a ontract with a music producer. annika makes ends meet with occasional performances in restaurants. photos of american stars have a special place in many new york bars. can has some experience. she had dozens of gigs in germany after finishing her dancing degree. here, the pressure is really on to look her best. i hope no one looks at my feet, she says. i've got a stain but there's no time for that now. looking good is part of the job and she will never be sure who will be on the audience. there might be someone who can ive her her big break. >> thank you. >> you are really a star. >> a few encouraging star from the pianist and then she gives
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it her all, even if the audience could be bigger. ♪ >> ♪ i dream that i can call my own i've found a dream ♪ >> we will check back with annika in a couple of weeks. in the meantime, we're off to brooklyning right, next to manhattan, it's a sort of big city within a big city. popular with many who can't afford the astronomical rents in manhattan. one of them is entrepreneur ben. he's agreed to show us his company. it's the brainchild and his former university buddies from munich. their product turns normal cell phones into digital house keys. the keys can also be sent by
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phone. he tells me that their product lets people use cell phones to open doors and they can send their keys electronically to everyone who comes to visit. ben hopes his idea will help him take over the american market. that's why he and his co-founders made the move to new york earlier in the year. for now, they're working out of this apartment for a few weeks rent free. the tenant is a friend of ben who is out of town. at the moment, they're living off the $35,000 in prize money that they've won with their business idea in new york. this is a business coach who helps young entrepreneurs designed to help fledging companies cut through red tape. today, he is coaching the -- showing the coach they are making to his app. >> they had a great business
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idea for new york city. they have identified a problem which is accessing buildings which is a big problem for new york city. and they have a great vision for where they want to take the company. >> it may help thousands of new york city. but now, for company is still looking for an affordable office of its own. the next day, 27-year-old ben art is off to an important meeting. he's going to install one of the key systems in a new york office. a local electrician takes care of the technical aspects. ben says this is the first of the devices to be installed in new york and he hopes it will work. but something isn't quite right. the device doesn't seem to work.
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the electrician can't find the problem. a setback with a very first customer. if they fail here, the crew's american dream might end before it even begin. the device didn't work as they has hoped. now, they'll have to come back next week and install another relay. it's up to the young inventor to do damage control. he tries to explain the glitch to the customer. >> i think it didn't accept it or it couldn't read the password or whatever. >> i will pay him another visit in a couple of weeks to see if he has his products up and running. first, let's check in to see how our singer, annika is getting along. she's played giggs and practiced her networking skills, but still
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no contract. to keep her spirits up, annika takes long walks through her dream city. she loves the excitement that new yorkers brought into her life the road to her broadway dream is long, she says. so she's ready to make some compromises. she says until then, she will definitely stay in america and do something in the arts. it could be acting or singing in a nightclub, a cabaret or on broadway. as long as she's on stage, acting, singing or both. of course, she miss her friends and family in germany. i ask her why she's so determined to stay. she tells me it's the people and their passion for music. she says she's not ready to give that up. on her walks through new york, she meets people who have seen their dreams fade away. almost 50 million people in the u.s. are dependent on food stamps.
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♪ annika doesn't want to think about what will happen if she doesn't realize her dreams of becoming a broadway star. she's determined to make a name for herself in new york. for her auditions, she needs a head shot. this man is here to help her with that. she's a new york-based star photographer and a friend of her mother. he's worked with the likes of heidi klum and kate moss. i asked if she enjoyed the shoot. of course, she says. it's especially fun working with someone who's so great at what they do and who gives you good feedbacks. also when you knows that the person that you're working with is having fun too. the photographer's glad to help out young people, even at the beginning of their careers. >> it's always good to help, of course. if you can, and if you can help
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somebody doing something good and fulfill their dreams, that's a good thing because it becomes part of their dreams. >> rudolph's words give annika encouragement to pursuer her dream of broadway fame. ben is also confident when i met him again. he has his first customer after getting all the bugs workeds out. i asked him about his plans. i want to stay here, he says. if i make it here, then i can make it in germany. that doesn't apply the other way around. new york in ben's eyes is the hardest market in the world. but he's not ready to close the door on germany. he might be able to bring the company back home once it is firmly established. a couple of days later, i meet annika in an upscale restaurant. she's nervous.
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today, she's signing on with her new manager. >> hi! big day today. you get to sign the contract. are you excited? >> i am. >> his name is robert bloom. she met him through a friend. he's sure she's got a real chance. already, she's started her next performances. finally, annika signs the dotted line. >> ok. >> you feel different? >> yes. >> not quite like a marriage contract. >> annika is relieved to have found a manager like robert bloom. he's already helped a lot of new come kerse -- newcomers get their start. >> now that we're signed their first thing i have to do is we have to get her a work visa. i know one visa that will allow her to officially work and get paid. >> first, annika will have to return to germany for a few months to apply for her work permit. as soon as it's issued, she'll be back in new york chasing her american dream. >> i like this place.
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beautiful place. >> very nice. >> i meet ben again at a new york trade fair. he and his team are introducing the app to visitors. he says business is running smoothly. we have 20 customers in manhattan and brooklyn, he tells me. it's great. we're earning real money. but we need to expand in manhattan and really, all of new york in the coming months to eep the business afloat. for ben, stereotypes mean good business. he benefits from the fact that americans consider germans very trustworthy when it comes to security matters. by next year, he expects to be in the black. he says that following his dream and moving to new york was worth it. of course, it was risky but everything worked out and now he and his crew are a success. it's everything they could have hoped for.
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the u.s. remains a place that fascinates ben and many or germans. making their american dream a reality takes strong will, hard reality takes strong will, hard work and a bit of luck.??ñ?ño?
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what are we doing today? today we are looking for roger ridley. he's a street musician that plays down here in santa monica. i was walking by the promenade the other day and i heard him singing the song "stand by me". such an amazing version, such an amazing voice, you know. and a couple days before that i had heard the john lennon version. so i approached roger and i said, "hey man, if we come back down here with some recording equipment and some cameras, we'd love to record you and film you playing "stand by me". why roger? well the thing about music is that sometimes the best music in the world is just in the moment. its not always famous musicians or things you hear on the radio or


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