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tv   Journal  LINKTV  February 15, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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dwcoming to you from the studios in berlin, this is the journal and these are our headlines. the film golden ice win -- the film thin ice wins the golden bear at the film festival. no progress in geneva, and italy is set to nominate the next .rime minister
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the german capital has rolled out the red carpet for the winners in the berlin dome festival this evening. of the movie good world gathered in downtown berlin to see which of the films in competition would earn the coveted golden bear. man on the red carpet is scott roxboro. let's go straight to him. scott, are you surprised by the winning film? bit, but thistle , black hole on thin ice one and not the other chinese movie here, no man's land. my personal film, boyhood, by richard linklater, did not take the top prize, although it did win best director. buddhist hotel by wes anderson did take the grand jury
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prize. it was obvious early on that this was going to be a big night for chinese cinema. blackhole won best film on the golden bear. it also took the best actor tries. the third chinese film in competition, blind massage, one for best cinematography. there were three phenomenal chinese movies here that all deservedly got recognition of some sort. and i think it is fitting that berlin should be the place to really anoint these films beense berlin has always at the center of chinese cinema, if you can believe that. it has always been a platform to introduce chinese cinema to the world. this is a festival where angry won his first major prize with wear redng banquet and sorghum won in 1988. it really introduced at generation of chinese film makers to the world.
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tonight, we are introducing a new generation of chinese filmmakers to the world. >> chinese film makers very strong this year. you have covered many of these film festivals in berlin. what is your overall assessment of this year's offerings? >> every year is a mixed bag. we have 20 films in competition and sorum -- some 400 across all sections, so you are going to get the good and the bad. this year we had a great selection of top films. the german films, including stations of the cross, which won best screenplay, was a superb film, very experimental, but very good. the american films were excellent. boyhood, the linklater film, is one we will be watching for decades to come. couple ofe had a stinkers as well. monuments men, which could have been a great movie but ended up
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being a bit too preachy and a bit too ponderous, and beauty and the beast, a huge lock , ater where the french film least from its budget, and it up being a complete mess. >> at the berlin film festival, thank you very much. efforts to find a political solution in syria have reached a setback. talks broke off saturday with no progress made. another round of talks is expected but no date has been set. a cease-fire in the embattled city of palms runs out today. >> these people were able to escape with their lives. now they are safe in the netherlands. they were among the hundreds evacuated from homs earlier this week. that enablede their departure was the only
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tangible outcome of the forponsored peace talks serious. the meeting broke off saturday and the mediator did not hide his disappointment. >> i apologize to the syrian people. , which were very high that something would happen , the little that has been achieved in homs gave them even more hope that maybe this is the coming out ofhe this horrible crisis. >> negotiators for the syrian toosition have refused discuss a political transition. the talks will now go into a third round. he would consult with the u n secretary-general, ban ki-moon, about finding a way
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forward. outside, opposition supporters demonstrated against the regime. they are desperate for a resolution to this conflict, which is dragged on for almost three years and claimed 140,000 lives. ministers next prime is expected to be announced within the next few hours. the country's president has been holding consultations throughout the day to find a replacement for enrico letta, who was ousted by his own centerleft democratic party. matteo renzi is widely expected to get the top job. he would be italy's youngest prime minister ever. political heaters are meeting with the italian president at the palace. it is part of the process for deciding who will form the new
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government after the democratic party withdrew their support for the ruling coalition. enrico letta is likely to be leader ofy the new the center democratic party. mateja renzi is a popular figure with the italian people. renzi has long called for drastic measures to deal with italy's economic problems. more reforms are needed to combat high unemployment. he said strong action is the only way to shore up public faith in the country's future. >> everything changes but it will all stay the same. there is nothing, no democracy. everything is finished. it is nothing more than a power game. >> this is an emergency. in an emergency, you need to find alternative solutions. option, but ibest don't think we have a choice.
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>> renzi could be elected on set -- renzi could be appointed on saturday. he would be italy's third unelected leader in a row. >> the president has been meeting political leaders all day. what has come out of those talks so far? >> it is pretty clear that renzi will get the nod to form the next government, but it may take a little bit longer than people were expect them. the coalition that will back him will be the same as the one the back to his predecessor, enrico letta. there are a lot of negotiations going on about who should take ,hich position in government and that made take a day -- may take a day or two longer to work out. >> what can we expect from a government led by him? matteo renzi is often
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described as a man in a hurry. he has pulled down the government of enrico letta, saying he was failing to deliver, that his government was to thew in reacting country's economic problems. expect newinitely faces in the government, a new look. but above all, swift delivery on his promise will be the real challenge. >> thank you very much for bringing us up-to-date. after a 10 month political deadlock, lebanon has formed a national unity government. salonminister, on believes the new 24 minister the prime minister believes the new 24 minister cabinet is divided equally. consideredroup is
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neutral. he said he hoped the new government would hold presidential elections by may. turkey's parliament has passed a controversial new law that could reduce the independence of the judiciary. during the debate, fistfights broke out between the government and opposition lawmakers. the prime minister more influence in the appointment of judges and prosecutors. opponents say the is meant to stop investigations into government corruption. new law is meant to stop investigations into government corruption. was passed by parliament in january. but authorities say charges against the detained protesters will not be dropped unless demonstrators and their occupations of public squares and government buildings stop. in response, government --
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protest leaders said they are willing to end their occupation of city hall but they will continue to demand the resignation of the president. sports now, and we started the atter olympics where we are the halfway stage in competition. another successful day for german athletes. here is a rundown of the day's action. took silver in the women's super g. it was her second medal in sochi. she has also won gold in the super combined. it was an austrian who claimed gold in the super g and her teammate won bronze. the german women's team finished third in the four by five kilometer cross-country relays. after the final exchange, she fell behind rivals from sweden and finland.
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track, russia won the thousand meter goal. the netherlands took the bronze. in the women's 1500 meter short track, china successfully defended her gold medal ahead of south korea. bronze went to italy. >> to soccer now, here are the results of round 21 right now. no big surprises with powerhouse munich doing short work of clybourn in front of the home crowd of 70,000. won 4-0. dortmund try to keep up the pace when they wiped out frankfurt. they turn the tables on hamburg. then they drew. oppenheimer shook off their
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erratic form by deflating struggling stuttgart. on friday, mines boosted their hopes for a place in the europa league. they won 2-0. coach after for the a slow start. his side could -- took control in the second half. stifled. chances were slacked time, some defending allowed them to make it 2-0. challengen course to for the europa league. hanover remains the team with the worst record in their league. in ast a few minutes left much-anticipated match. we will have a report on that in later shows. two games on sunday to look forward to.
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let's take a look at the standings now. as we shall see, they look set to be early champions this season with an almost insurmountable 16 point lead ahead of their nearest rival. in third are the hopefuls and the resurgent. in the lower half of the table, still rock bottom, but a couple more wins and that could all change. hamburg are in total freefall. just one day after rejecting an offer to coach a struggling team hamburg, first-division soccer team felix has taken a position with the club. he will be coaching the bottom team in the english premier league. he has won three titles as a coach. he says he rejected hamburg's offer because he did not have the clubs full packing. it for the journal.
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do stay with us. we will be bringing you an update on everything happening at the berlin film festival. do stay with us. >> in this mexican city, unimaginable crimes have been committed. everyone who lives there knows about them, but no one is doing anything to stop them, except for desperate families who hang flyers on the street lights. they are searching for their daughters who have been kidnapped by human traffickers.
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this victim was 14 years old. her body was found buried in the desert underneath a pile of rocks and rubbish. for sylvia and maria, it is a day of both hope and despair. it could be one of their children who has been discovered , or her body might be nearby. but this time, it is somebody else's child who has been found dead. their search continues. a lawyer working pro bono on these cases is santiago gonzalez. he knows the situation well. we are talking about more than 100 kidnapped girls in choir is in the last year alone, he tells me. juarez in the last year alone, he tells me. most of them are forced into
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prostitution. the police have not solved one single case. around juarez has become a graveyard for countless young women and girls. beyondtels have moved the drug trade. now they trade people, too. and it is lucrative. in this region, there are plenty of customers. mothers of missing girls go to where bodies have been found, searching for clues that could lead them to their own children. maria was 18 when she was kidnapped. paolo was 16. tells me they can't give up the search for their children, even in terrible places like this. perhaps we will find our daughter, she says, or one of the many others who have gone missing. paolo's mother tells me she hopes this will stop one day.
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she says the perpetrators don't really fear the justice system, but maybe a higher justice will stop them. that at least is her hope. as they are about to leave the hillside, the searchers discover bloodstained underwear beneath the rock. it could mean that there are more courts is nearby. santiago gonzalez informs the police, but initially they do nothing. juarez is rife with kidnapping, forced prostitution and murder, but the crime extends all the way to the tourist areas and to mexico city. rates are often televised, but they bring few results. are often televised, but they bring few results. many believe the police are involved in the criminal
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underworld. caused a huge outcry in mexico. a mother found out who had murdered her daughter, ruby. the man was jailed, but later a judge released him. she protested outside the government building and in full view of the security cameras. of the in full view security cameras, he shot and killed her, and then escaped. the know how dangerous criminals can be. but that has not stopped them from trying to find their daughter, as morel do. they have printed her face on fake bank -- her daughter as. keey printed her face on fa banknotes to try to get attention. she was 14 years old. one day she did not come home from school. her father says she was young and pretty. he says someone must've seen something. he is determined not to give up his search. he says they have gotten little
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help from the authorities, so they decided to search themselves, as most other parents do. he says they put up pictures of their daughter in public places like this square. is hard to make progress. there are hundreds of victims, and fear stops many people from talking about anything they have seen. there are no surveillance cameras here, says this man, not one. the police protect the gangs and rake in money them selves. everyone knows it and nobody says anything. you noticed yourselves and your research. the police put up obstacles in your way to find you from stopping -- to stop you from finding out the truth. once a policeman starter when missing. rich man's-- once a daughter went missing. the police brought her home the very night she disappeared. but girls from poor areas stay missing.
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aree who are less educated easier prey. many of the victims are sold into slavery in mexico's dehors the united states. -- in mexico city or the united states. himells me a man once rang saying he was in mexico city sitting opposite the girl on the banknote. he said she needed help. josé heard screams and the sound of someone being beaten. he drove straight away and searched everywhere but did not find her. in the vast heart of the capital, countless women and girls are held as slaves and kept as long as they bring in money through forced prostitution. few have the nerve to flee. her kidnappers threatened to kill her family if she left. that she escaped from captivity with the help of the stranger and was then sheltered by an aid organization.
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when i drive along here, i see girls are used to stand next to, she says. police often drive by and leer at the product, as they like to call them. they don't care that lots of the girls are underage. i find that so sad. there are only four shelters in the whole country for escaped victims. for boys andommon girls to be sold at age six and used as sex slaves until they become unhealthy or fall into addiction and cannot bring in money anymore. the unlucky ones end up in the desert. but even those who managed to escape face serious problems. i need psychological help and education. the children are traumatized. parents are overwhelmed, not
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knowing how to deal with the sexual trauma their children have been through. rosie a rose go is the president of the mexican commission trafficking women. she says it is important not to make the mistake of calling the women prostitutes because they do not sell their bodies willingly. criminals force them into prostitution and they are raped 30 or 40 times a day. maria survived her ordeal. now she lives with a friend who has been through the same experience. she is studying law and wants to use her skills to fight the theappers -- fight traffickers. her kidnappers were jailed for 20 years but she had to sit for two days before the public prosecutor's office before anyone would listen to her story. it has to may -- be made clear to men that women are not
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product, she says. there is not a for sale or for lease sign on us. i don't know when we lost our ownes, when it became ok to us or treat us as if we belonged to them. back in juarez, a group of parents are protesting about the authority's failure to act. eight organizations estimate there are three new cases of missing women per day. sylvia and maria refuse to give up. they pay regular visits to the state prosecutor. nevers day, they have brought a child back, says maria. all those they find her dead, all of them. that weot given up hope will get our daughter back
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alive, but in three years, i don't even have the smallest hint about what happened to my child. usually, the mothers leave angrier than when they arrived. officials say their track record of finding girls is good. but they focus on cases of domestic abuse where women who run away from home are taken back by police. of theef prosecutor state of chihuahua seems helpless in the face of reality. in cities with millions of inhabitants, he says, crimes like these take place in the shadows, in the dark. even if one looks, it is hard to get hold of those responsible. but if we ever do happen to find them, they will, of course, face
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justice. as we filmed, the mothers ask what had been done about the bloody underwear found in the desert. nothing so far. but the next day, we are invited to film a police action. they want us to film them taking decisive action. even the chief prosecutor is there. it is no wonder parents take matters into their own hands and look for children themselves. even though they are risking their own lives. hose ak steel holding places like this red light district, but he comes here often. he believes it is his best chance of finding esmeralda. i will keep looking, he says, because i have a feeling my daughter is here in the city.
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he tells me that at the very beginning of his search, a policeman told him that the more he looked the quicker his daughter would turn up dead. ññ
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