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tv   Journal  LINKTV  February 17, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> hi, from the dw studios in berlin, this is "the journal." >> good to have you with us. here is what is coming up. >> he is set to become italy's new prime minister. can he reversed the financial decline? >> the leaders of the ukrainian opposition head to germany to take a leading role in the crisis in kiev. >> rolling out the red carpet for hollywood royalty at the british film awards.
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>> 1 -- can one man reverse of country wii's financial decline? >> he has stepped up to the plate and says he is the man to tackle the economic woes plaguing his country. >> he is poised to become italy's third consecutive unelected prime minister. >> the 39-year-old mayor of florence has his work cut out for him. rising unemployment and a government mired in bureaucracy. >> until recently few people outside italy would have recognized matteo renzi. now he is on course to become the next prime minister and to put an end high-level corruption. >> in this difficult situation,
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i will employ all of my energy to reform italy. >> previously the mayor of florence, renzi became the leader of the centerleft democratic party in december. at the time, he ruled out unseating the prime minister, but on thursday he did just that when he put forward the motion for new government. critics say the 39-year-old does not have enough experience and will soon run out of steam. his ambitious plans include influencing electoral reforms by the end of the month and overhauling the jobs market. >> we hope that renzi will keep the promises he has made. what he has said so far seems good, very constructive. he is young and very active, so now we need to see concrete action from him. >> they are making us die of
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hunger. i'm retired and my pension is 570 euros a month. >> renzi is enjoying the limelight, but italians do not have a say in the matter. he is set to become their third unelected prime minister in a row. talks with potential coalition partners began on tuesday. >> let's get background now. for that, we are joined by philipp from the italian capital with the latest. welcome to the --"the journal." should we be concerned about this newcomer at the top of italian politics? >> i think both reactions are justified actually. mr. renzi is charismatic, dynamic, supremely self-confident, but he is also completely untested. he has no experience with national politics, no experience of international politics. he is very much an unknown
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quantity. a lot of people are hoping he will do well because italy certainly needs it. >> does he have the support of the political elites? >> i think he does. i think a lot of people are hoping that he can pull this off. he is opposed ideological --a post-ideological leader who has good relationships with business leaders and italy fell cultural elites. a number of very prestigious names have been mentioned as possible members of his new cabinet. although it has to be said that none of them so far have confirmed they will accept his invitation. >> do you think that renzi will stop the revolving door for the office of prime minister? some thought i think everyone is hoping that. he said that -- >> i think everyone is hoping that.
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he said he intends to govern this parliament until 2018. he has a radical program of reforms he wants to drive through. if he succeeds, i think he could really change the place of italian politics. if he fails, it will be very discouraging, not just for this ambitious young man, but for the country. >> we will have to wait and see. philip william reporting from rome, italy. thank you for your. -- perspectives. >> nearly three months since antigovernment protests began in ukraine and with both sides digging in their heels, no resolution in sight. >> today ukrainian opposition figures vitali klitschko and arseni yatsenyuk met with angela merkel.
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>> as the opposition leaders arrived in berlin see me with the german chancellor, tensions remain high back home in ukraine. the government did release protesters on monday as a sign of compromise after protesters ended the occupation of city hall. but protesters remain on force. before arriving in berlin, vitali klitschko said that germany should take a leading role in mediating between the two sides. klitschko and arseni yatsenyuk, seen here, want angela markel to provide financial assistance to ukraine. they called for berlin to abdicate -- advocate travel bans against members of the ukrainian government.
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>> our chief correspondent joins us from berlin. melinda, good to see you. sanctions, travel restrictions. evidently the two opposition leaders want to see germany gets up on the retaining government. what can germany promised them? >> definitely germany did not promise them either sanctions or travel restrictions during this meeting. they did not get what they wanted in a direct sense him up perhaps. indirectly, i think that they did see germany claim a very active role that vitali klitschko has said he wants to see germany play. bear in mind, this is his second visit to germany in a little over two weeks. he showed up at the munich security conference, making a lot of waves. here he is back in berlin. we heard german leaders saying that they believe this country does need to take a more
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assertive foreign-policy stance. so that should at least be good news to the ears of vitali klitschko. >> melinda, do you think this could be a test case in germany's more assertive foreign-policy stance? >> it is looking that way. it looks very much like germany defines that stance with regard to ukraine as playing a mediating role both with the ukrainian government, but also with russia, which he know has been a strong supporter of the ukrainian government. and in fact ties to russia very much at the heart of the controversy in ukraine. the foreign minister has very good relations with russia. he is beauty as a friend of russia. he has -- he is viewed as a friend of russia. however, he made a visit to moscow where mr. putin kept him waiting for a number of hours, did not promise to meet with him
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at all initially. it may be difficult to get that new and bolts going with regard to russia. >> melinda crane reporting for us. thank you so much. staying in germany, a scandal involving claims of leaked information and child pornography in the cabinet. >> prime minister resigned for allegedly tipping off other top all editions about a criminal investigation involving child and a member of parliament. >> it has seriously damaged relations between chancellor merkel and their coalition partners. >> it was a somber day when he appeared before the press. he said he was aware of the gravity of the allegations against his fellow social
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democrat. >> the spd was hard five and stunned about these allegations and his behavior. his resignation from the bundestag was more than justified. >> in october 2013, the then interior minister on speed or friedrich informed about the allegations. he himself resigned from his new post as agricultural minister on friday. gabrielle said he understood the anger of frederick's allies. >> many people are saying why when a social democrat is accused of possessing indefensible material should a csu minister resigned? that's not fair, and the truth is it really isn't fair. >> the conservatives' main criticism is being aimed at another senior democrat, and
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they say, he, too, should resign. chancellor merkel has only released a statement through her spokesman. >> the chancellor's guiding principle is that she as well as everyone in her government is required to observe the law of the land. >> markel -- merkel has appointed a successor. he will move to take over the development portfolio. >> carmakers toyota, honda, and suzuki have suspended manufacturers due to the worst snowstorm in a year. the storm has also affected share markets. we have this from the preferred stock exchange. >> the snowstorm in japan may have a negative impact on the economy, which is already subdued, much weaker than
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expected. troubling markets. the prospect of a new government in italy was on the other side air relief. the future prime minister got a warm welcome at the italian market where there were very high yields. it fell to the lowest level in eight years, which is good for italy's debt situation. but ambitious words are not enough. he has to deliver. the dax barely moved at the beginning of the new trading week. >> that is all for us from frankfurt. here's a look at the numbers. germany's dax ended the day more or less flat. same picture for the eurozone. it finished at 3011 hundred 80. president's day and the u.s., so no trading on wall street, but the euro is still trading, currently at one dollar -- $1.37 u.s.
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>> now to calls that north korea for leadership and possibly kim jong-un himself should face charges comparable to not see era atrocities -- nazi-era atrocities. >> this came out of a year long of testimony from defectors at hearings in south korea, japan, britain, and the united states. >> the report details those responsible for the worst crimes. north korea categorically denies the allegations. >> the report says that the north korean leadership has committed unspeakable atrocities against its own people. the report, released on monday, details for camps around the country where they say prisoners suffered in human treatment at the hands of its regime. michael kirby told reporters in
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geneva that the extent of the evidence was overwhelming. >> look at the paragraph in the reports. it indicates the types of people and the types of human rights abuses are so many and the institutions have so many officers that the potential would be running into hundreds, i would think. >> there are only satellite images of the prisoner camps, such as this one, about 100 kilometers from pyongyang. former ministers speak of systematic mistreatment, starvation, and torture. kim yong-sun, once a former dancer, spent time at such a camp. >> you report for work at 4:30 a.m. and work until dark. >> in its report, the
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international community is call to action, saying those as possible were the atrocities must face justice. >> there will be no excusing a failure of action because we didn't know. didn't know. >> welcome back. a spectacular tale of attempting to get residency in a foreign country. an ethiopian man hijacked a plane on monday to get asylum in switzerland. >> he was the copilot and waited for his superior to go to the bathroom before taking control of the flight. >> it was planned to land in italy. he had other plans. thankfully no one was hurt. >> it was on the runway at geneva airport that the flight finally touched down. passengers and crewmembers kicked around the aircraft which was high that -- hijacked by the
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copilot. >> the copilot role scaled down the road. thrown out of the cockpit window and gave himself up to the police. at explained he was the hijacker and had waited for the pilot to go to the bathroom so he could lock himself in the cockpit. some folks the -- >> the rome-bound plane took off from addison at above. the copilot contacted the airport, saying he needed to land to refuel. the ethiopian national in his 30's imediately requested asylum in switzerland. >> in a minute, we will look at libya marking the anniversary of the toppling of its longtime dictator, more market duffy. >> first a look from news around the world. >> demonstrators and the
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venezuelan capital clashed as antigovernment protests continued. they have expelled three u.s. diplomats. opposition leader lopez has called for mass demonstration on tuesday. >> the italian authorities and more than 1000 refugees have been rescued off the land of lampedusa. such rescues are commonplace in the waters around the mediterranean islands. the rescued included women and children who had been traveled -- traveling on overloaded vessels. >> in south africa, at least 12 illegal workers trapped in an abandoned mineshaft in johannesburg have been rescued. other gold prospectors are believed to still be in the mine. they refused to come out for fear of arrest. those who were rescued on sunday
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face charges of illegal mining which carries fines and sometimes jail sentence. it is the third anniversary of the uprising that toppled libya's long time to cater, gaddafi. >> a day to celebrate for some, but his toppling has left a powerback hume killed by rebel brigades. >> those problems are hurting the economy. and postwar reconstruction has been slow. >> this week, work will begin on drying up the new constitution finally. >> there was jubilation in libya when gaddafi was toppled three years ago, but the civil war brought much bloodshed and death. the alliance of his opponents quickly dissolved and there was little national unity the elections of 2012. that is reflected in the fragmented makeup of libya's parliament. the liberal parties are unable to gain a majority. there is a strong islamic
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brotherhood faction and many other independent factions that represent tribal interests. modern libya still has three distinct regions. the east let the uprising. the parliament is dominated by politicians from tripoli in the northwest, were more than half of libyans live. for the last 18 months, the prime minister has led an unstable government. he has been without a majority since january when the muslim brotherhood withdrew their ministers. but they do not have the numbers to bring down the government. on top of political instability comes the precarious security situation. many militias who brought down gaddafi held onto their weapons. there are frequent gun battles, attacks, and assassinations.
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many parts of libya are essentially in the grip of anarchy. even the prime minister is not immune to be violence. last october, he was held captive for six hours after gunmen seized him from his hotel. foreigners have also been targeted. in sentence or -- in september 2012, rebels stormed the compound in benghazi and killed the u.s. ambassador and others. at the end of last year, oil production dropped to civil war levels. unemployment is on the rise. a third ofib it's under such conditions that voters, who will choose a 60 member assembly to draft a new constitution. it is unclear the boat will be representative and there is little hope a new constitution alone will bring an end to the current chaos. >> so three years on and after the revolution, what do ordinary
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libyans think? is the country a better place than it was under gaddafi? we put those questions to michael meyer-resende, the head of the ngo democracy reporting international. >> i think libyans are happy that the era of gaddafi is over. i think they are upset that the entry has been hijacked by the militia and there is growing anarchy. they really wish for the state to be built and democracy to be built and stability to come to the country as well as economic development. >> the tensions and divisions in the north african country are increasing. what can be done to halt that? >> the challenges are enormous. the country is becoming more fragmented. we should look at the process. the election to the constitutional is simply this thursday. they should come up with a long-term vision for the country
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to enshrine in the constitution. at the same time the political class has to talk together about the short-term problems and challenges and develop a short-term vision to get libya out of this situation. at the moment it is everybody fighting for themselves and it is a real lose-lose proposition in my view. >> the west played a pivotal role in the revolution. what is the role of the west now? >> the problem for the west, the security situation makes it very difficult to work there. you hear of indices closing and so forth. yet, the west and europe should remain very involved. it does remain in need of support. we work in the democracy field and we find that many libyans are actually happy to work with us and discuss the challenges of building a democracy. we need to discuss this to bring the country forward. >> how do libyans regard the west now?
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>> is very ambiguous. there are many people, especially in the east, who are very pro-west because of the intervention. others believe the intervention has not led to any civility. there is the religious tension. i feel if you do good faith work and offers some comparative information and so on, that is generally well received. >> all right, libyan experts and head of democracy reporting international, michael meyer-resende. thank you for speaking with us. >> thank you. >> some sports sent to russia now where organizers of the winter olympics were forced to reschedule major events. >> that's right. thick fog shrouded sochi, and that meant the men's snowboard race had to be put back by a day. conditions did improve by the afternoon, allowing other events to go ahead. men's ski jumping was one of the events that got the green light. and it was victory for team
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germany. germany beat out the defendant champions austria to grab the gold. >> and another winning performance by belarus's bafta. she took her third gold in these olympics. ---- >> in the meantime, the russians got the gold in the bob said. >> the germans clopped their worst olympic performance in decades. the world champion pilot could only manage a. in a day of competition, germany has three golds, two silvers,
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and a bronze. russia is in second place with five golds. >> are the u.s., the netherlands , also with five gold medals each. now just time for a bit of culture. 12 years a slave is the horrible tale of a man sold into slavery. it has been making waves. >> these steve mclean -- the steve mcqueen picture got up huge pre-oscar boost. >> the bafta is awarded to "12 years a slave." >> another coup for brad pitt and director steve mcqueen. the drama tells the true 19th-century story of a free african-american man in new york
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who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the deep south. the lead actor got the best actor bafta for his lead role. >> i will give myself time until freedom is opportune. >> the highest number of awards went to another american film. >> gravity. >> gravity. >> gravity. >> the science-fiction thriller won six awards, including best director and best special effects. >> i have to go watch gravity. >> i haven't seen any of these films. i'm so out of it. that's all from us for now. >> thanks for being with us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> thanks for joining us. north korea should be held accountable amid evidence of widespread crimes against humanity to -- humanity. that is the verdict of a united nations panel. a report has been compiled over the last year. experts say officials including the north korean leader must face justice over torture, physical oppression, and other offenses. pyongyang has refused to cooperate with this inquiry, and rejects its conclusions. >> forced labor and secret camps. deaths. starvation used as a political tool. all details of


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