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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  February 17, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> thanks for joining us. north korea should be held accountable amid evidence of widespread crimes against humanity to -- humanity. that is the verdict of a united nations panel. a report has been compiled over the last year. experts say officials including the north korean leader must face justice over torture, physical oppression, and other offenses. pyongyang has refused to cooperate with this inquiry, and rejects its conclusions. >> forced labor and secret camps. deaths. starvation used as a political tool. all details of testimony from the damning u.n. report into
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human rights abuses in north korea. >> for now, the international community does know. the international community will know. there will be no excusing failure of action because we did not know. >> previous international attention has been focused on but growingprogram, reports of abuses prompted the un's human rights council to launch a commission in 2013. over a year, together evidence from satellite imagery, and .eard often harrowing testimony >> once you get to the prison camp, women go through a blood test to check for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. after a positive pregnancy test, they would force an abortion on you. would get senten to labor camps to carry loads up and down the hills, often cause miscarriages. -- which often caused
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miscarriages. >> in conclusion, the report said perpetrators of crimes against humanity should he referred to the international criminal court in the hague. includepotentially hundreds of government officials and supreme leader kim jong-un. any attempt will likely be blocked by china, a un security council member and staunch ally of pyongyang. reporter is in the south korean capital, seoul. while the findings are shocking, they come as no big surprise. nothing new in this report that people who have been watching north korean human rights abuses for the past 10 or 20 years would not know already. gulags. are sent to the there are firing squads. a very messy form of execution.
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starvation, forced abortions. basically, the whole gamut of conducted bying the guards in the labor camps in north korea. evidence suggests these allegations are very credible. we cannot prove that. we cannot go inside these caps. there is no oversight from third parties. experts from the holocaust museum have interviewed north korean defectors and believe that what they say is very credible, given their experience of other forms of human rights abuses and genocide. >> matteo renzi has been nominated. the mayor of florence has aftered widespread reform ousting enrico letta.
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gave the latest a short while ago. tomorrow, officially, he will meet with a different political party, represented in parliament. mr. renzi said he wants to take all the time that is necessary, but recognizes the urgency of the situation. he knows he needs to move fast. he wants the support of center-right parties, including the new center-right party. he is crucial. he said he wants to listen to what renzi has to propose in terms of a program, and is probably holding out for more in terms of negotiation. when renzi does come to power, he has presented a very ambitious agenda, particularly in terms of timing. he says he wants to lay out the reforms.
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the electoral reform, the labor reform. public administration in april. tax reforms in may. >> he is standing on a platform of change from outside. it is not a shock to see the italian government falling. it happens every few months. >> it still remains to be seen. just today, you had the itch ratings agency -- fitch ratings agency keeping his outlook for italy at negative. i say that with better -- they letta's resignation points to the volatility within italy. it is likely he will have the same problem as his predecessor. lindsay came to power without a popular mandate. they are hoping for the best.
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the way things have been done in the past -- they are frustrated. is 39, energetic, young, endemic. there is hope he is a breath of fresh air. will continue.t he certainly seems to think so. he believes his administration should last until 2018, but we will have to see. going to bring you a quick update on some breaking news in paris. former president jacque chirac in a westernlized suburb of paris. news coming in from government sources, being quoted by that agency. there is no danger to his life. keep you posted. spreadingviolence through the central african republic. this monday, 13 bodies were removed from a mass grave in the capital.
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muslim rebels have been accused of committing atrocities against the christian population. are working to identify the dead and determine what happened to them. two of our reporters are in bongee.- >> a mass grave was discovered recently. african union troops. members of african union forces. bodies were discovered in a communal grave. 13 bodies have been found. this is a former army base which was occupied by rebels. they have no idea who the victims are, how they died, or when the uprising is going to start. an official here said the justice system is on its knees. enough
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he promised an investigation would be underway, and impunity for crimes like this must end now. >> we are cruelly lacking in means because of everything we have been through. the work of the justice system has been slowed down. day by day, as security steps up, the judges will be getting back to work. we must fight the culture of impunity, to stop people taking advantage of it. antisocial acts are impinging on human rights. >> the international justice system is extremely concerned about the lynchings and attacks we have seen. opened ane court has investigation into brutality and serious crimes. in syria, the western backed armed opposition has sacked its leader. byis to be replaced
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brigadier alba share -- al bas heer. i am joined by our international affairs editor. invested inks were the general when he was appointed 14 months ago. what went wrong? military and political reasons for his removal. the supreme commander of the free syrian army held him responsible for a range of errors in combat. failing to ensure that free syrian army units were supplied. failing to fight the breakup of units in combat. the rivalg to counter islamic front, when they seized weapons.
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of coalitiongroup forces, the syrian national coalition, has called the appointment of his successor a relief. this is where the political dimension comes in for us. was seen to have ,otten too close to the qataris didthe saudi's -- saudis not like that. are now seen as the dominant force. obviously,or has to above all, tighten the links between this umbrella of opposition forces and the fsa on the ground. idriss something general
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was accused of failing to do. if he manages to do that, the west might see the opposition as a whole as something they should back more actively. has been making noises recently about doing more to support the free syrian army, which it sees as a more moderate member of the opposition. how does this affect washington's ranking. -- washington's thinking? that thingsa sign will start to change, based on barack obama's state of the union address in late january. it made us think, reading between the lines, that the u.s. is seriously considering some lethal assistance to the free syrian army. to try to get a bit more details on how that can work, let us listen to a middle east analyst whom i interviewed a while earlier.
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>> we might have some changes on the sidelines. we might see some lethal weapons being supplied to more moderate rebel forces. al qaeda, some of the more radical groups, are weaker than they are up north. on the sidelines, to bring added pressure -- the strategy does not change, which is try to get to a negotiated political settlement. >> a few tactical changes on the sidelines. there are already signs of things going in that direction. backing, for now, only financially, a new free syrian army offensive that was trying to start between the rounds of the geneva ii convention, to put pressure on assad. the u.s. utilizing a base it set up in jordan to help the fsa
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rebels. of course, whether the s -- the fsa can turn this around -- there is a performance by the new military commander. and the extent to which the saudis will allow the fsa to be more successful. they back the islamic front, which will be a hot topic when barack obama goes to saudi arabia . >> -- saudi arabia next month. hugo chavez is accusing washington of plotting with antigovernment protesters. it came on the same day that leopoldo lopez reappeared. newly two weeks of antigovernment demonstrations. a big challenge to the rulers. before this, we can talk to edward a rios, who is a
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venezuela specialist. how are these protests? >> they are a threat to the government in the sense that they can lead to something larger. what they are now is a social corruption. but she has not yet shown her face. the other thing is, finally something is happening. the entire economic situation. >> this called for the mass lopez.- leopoldo ,> he first went into politics and then he created his own political party, an important party in venezuela. , he wont point on
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several local elections. he has differentiated himself in strategy. shouldegy the opposition take. he says the opposition should elections and build itself up. he sees this on the street, as he calls it, a more viable solution. >> thank you for joining us. a reminder of the headlines. the human panel demands north korea be held accountable for violence against its own people. the man said to become the ee you toss youngest-- the eu's
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afterst president hijacked -- after ousting enrico letta. a hijacker facing arrest says he faces persecution. time for a look at the latest business news. >> let us begin with the so-called [indiscernible] a discussion of how to make the country more business friendly. air france suffered a 77% drop in direct investment while germany saw its numbers double. but blame has been placed on a corporate tax hit -- set to hit 38% next year, the highest rate in europe. recruitd to professionals from abroad and offer startups aid.
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>> rolling out the red carpet for foreign executives. the french president met with ceo's from some french foreign companies, hoping to win over some foreign investment to france. >> we are not afraid of shareholders. we are not looking to protect ourselves. >> it currently takes several weeks for foreign businesses to obtain a french visa. the delay will now be cut to 48 hours. hollande promised simpler and more stable tax policies. foreign investors have been angered by unexpected changes to tax procedures in the past. >> from now on, french and foreign companies can confirm what rules apply to them for the duration of their investment with tax authorities. this transparency is essential.
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>> hollande is looking to wipe away the negative effects of a 77% taxi brought in for those earning more than a million euros. he is looking to return the economy to former glory. >> i trust the climate will improve. it should. france is successful and wants to remain successful. problem, buta there has been a major commitment to make the regime friendly. companiesforeign currently employ 2 million people on french soil. this figure see increased by 40% over the next three years. look ats take a quick the markets. wall street is closed for presidents' day. the ftse outperformed its counterparts, face to a rally in mining stocks. the dax edged down.
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the u.k. front agency has charged three former employees at barclays for the alleged manipulation of libor interest rates. that affected many car loans and mortgages. already paidlays $454 million to settle allegations by regulators that it manipulated libor. for the first time in more than two decades, and add from a large tobacco company will run on british television. they launched a campaign for e cigarettes. they have grown to a 2 billion euro industry. health campaigners argue they glamorize smoking and will lead to tobacco being re-normalized. a new report says women in spain earned 23% less than men, and inequality is even higher in the case of university graduates.
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while the average man earns 26,000 euros, his female colleague mates roughly 20,000. women also draw less unemployment benefits and lower pensions. we have time for one final story, and it looks like fewer and fewer people are going to the movies. the european audiovisual observatory estimated cinema attendance dropped 4.1% last year in the european union. more than 2/3 of the eu market saw a decline. it was the second lowest figure since 2000. the drop was driven by a decline in four of the five largest cinema markets -- france, germany, spain, and the u.k. italy withstood the trend. admissions managed to grow 6.6%, to 106 million tickets sold. william hildebrand with business, thanks so much. we will take a short break. i beg your pardon.
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we are not taking a short break right yet. it is web news. after which, there will be a short break. >> welcome to today's web news, where we will be taking a look at some of the news making online headlines. petition fornew edward snowden launched in the u.s. pharell williams gets the world dancing. and snowboarding around the streets of new york city. former member of the house of representatives ron paul has started a petition drive, calling on his fellow citizens to pressure the u.s. authority to famouslemency whistleblower edward snowden, currently in russia, where he sought asylum, so he can go back to the u.s. without a fear of persecution or prison. the petition is available on paul's website, and comes with a
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video in which the ex-president of candidate praises edward snowden for what he described as his courageous action in exposing the extent of the nsa's mass surveillance program. he said it is time to bring snowden out of exile and back home. to come home without the pair of persecution or imprisonment. >> there are similar online initiatives already underway in the u.s. another appeal has been launched on petitioning platform "we, the people," demanding charges be dropped. it has 153,000 signatures. but snowden supporters do not seem to be under any illusions. they hope other countries will grant him asylum. 1,111,000 people signed this online document calling on brazil to take him and once his amnesty in russia expires on
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july 31. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ clap along if you feel happiness is the truth if you know what happiness is ♪ a this video was made by group of parisians and is one of countless remixes for the "happy" willilams hit that have been flooding the web. web users around the world have been copying the clip, strutting their stuff around their local streets. they want to show as many people as possible just cap happy they are. was inspired by the 24-hour interactive music clip, which features hundreds of experts dancing -- extras dancing around los angeles. two french producers came up
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with the concept, and it has sparked an avalanche of copycat videos. from" waswe are happy set up at the end of january as the craze group. it catalogs all the videos produced across the globe, and reports that 236 clips have been made so far. is it has even spread to kiev, in ukraine, in the midst of a crisis. protesters in independence square have made their own "happy" video, showing their hopes for the country's future. renauld has been trending after breaking the world polevault
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weapon -- record. been congratulations, praise for his exceptional performance and fantastic achievements. he himself has taken to twitter, saying he still cannot quite believe it. a filmmaker from new york whose project features kids let loose in the playground, to re-create play time as children experience it. stresses themes such as friendship, competition, and curiosity, and is seeking funding on kickstarter. a teaser for the film is already available. as the dogs in pubs tumbler -- tumblr suggests, taking your dog to the pub is something of a
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british tradition. they might just settle for sitting quietly in the corner. some lean on the bar. ñagg99ññwçça7guc
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02/17/14 02/17/14 >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> a florida jury convicts michael dunn of three counts of attempted murder for opening fire on a car of black


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