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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  February 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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"franceme back to the 24 two newsroom. situationcus on the in ukraine. targeting sanctions against ukrainian leaders by thursday so stop francois hollande says he wants a reaction as quickly as possible. the president view cain -- of ukraine is blaming the opposition on the deadly violence that left 2500 dead. hundreds more have been hurt in fighting between riot police and protesters.
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international reaction to the deadly violence in kiev since tuesday has been pouring in. sweden has pointed the finger at ukrainian president viktor yet ninkovich, saying he has blood on his hands. france is calling for you sanctions over the deaths that have been seen in ukraine over the past few days. that situation is sure to be top of the agenda at a meeting of french president françois homeland and german chancellor angela merkel in paris. here's is more from the french foreign minister. what has happened last night, the killings, the violence, it is clearly a horror that can only lead to indignation. one needs to happen now as quickly as possible is a return to a peaceful situation, but those responsible cannot escape unpunished. today we will talk with our german counterparts about what
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can be done, and no doubt be questions about the sanctions imposed by the european union will be at the top of the agenda. >> the president of the european outission, also spoke wednesday, calling on both sides to put an end to the unrest. condemn in the strongest terms the use of violence as a way to solve political and institutional -- we believe the political leadership of the country has the response ability to ensure the protection of their rights and freedoms. we call on all sides to put an end to violence immediately, and to engage into a serious dialogue. we believe that is the only way to respond to the democratic aspirations of the ukrainian people. >> frederick, how likely is it that the ee you will indeed put forth the sanctions on ukraine? you know, the european
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union has been divided so far on this issue, notably due to reluctance from germany, so far rejecting imposing sanctions on the ukraine. as to the situation, the perspective that sanctions could be involved soon is getting closer and closer. earlier this month, the eu foreign ministers held a meeting in brussels and left room for maneuver is saying they will adjust the eu policy in light of developments in ukraine, including sanctions. the german foreign yesterday evening said that issue of sanctions would certainly be put on the agenda in the coming days. those sanctions, if they are approved, would be targeted only at people in the ukrainian regime who seem to be associated with the bloodshed taking place over recent days. they would not be targeted as ordinary citizens. an emergency meeting could be convened in the coming days to
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debate the issue of sanctions, and the first indication might come today from paris during the franco-german summit being held today. >> thank you, frederick seymour, reporting from brussels. also is our international affairs editor douglas herbert. there has been a real tug-of-war between russia and the west. the protests started three months ago when the ukrainian president turned his back on a key eu trade deal in favor of a bailout from russia. russian out our correspondent elon doric. tell us about that. >> the russians have stuck to their policy of non-intervention in ukraine. we heard a spokesperson or reiterate the position, but again we have heard from the russian foreign ministry saying it is the responsibility of the opposition leaders to stop the
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bloodshed, basically putting the blame on the opposition, saying they should threaten the legally elected government of ukraine with more violence. we know where the russians stand, but there is a crucial part to the equation that we don't know about. that is basically russian money, russian aid. loans, along with the reduction in gas prices. we still don't know where the $2 million of this money should be concentrated. the russian spokesperson would not comment on this. we do not know how long and how far they are willing to support -- y >> could all of this be distracting from the russians' hopes of glory from the olympics? >> the focus was on sochi and the pretty successful games so far. the ukraine already
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affected the games today when the ukrainian team, they're sprinting team, did not show up to the start of this event. we did not know why, but there were some reports in russia that the athletes wanted to brought -- wanted to wear black armbands to show their support to the citizens -- of the citizens of ukraine. this was apparently not possible, so the athletes did not show up to the beginning of one event in sochi. already the games have been marred a little bit by the events in kiev. >> doug herbert in the studio here. we remember the images at the very beginning of the sochi olympics, viktor yanukovych meeting with vladimir putin. no details really emerged from what went on in this private meeting. has anything been discussed? have you heard anything either
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in the russian media or a sense of what they talked about when they met up with each other? >> you are definitely right, douglas. we have not heard any official report about this. we know the russian president and the ukraine counterpart spoke on the phone tonight, but again, we don't know what they agreed upon. there were some intense meetings in sochi before the games in which the ukrainian president was promised some help. but as far as we understand, until a certain point -- we don't know when and where -- but again, an extremely tense meeting in sochi, what happened there. the answer to it at this stage. >> thank you for that, elon goran reporting from moscow. let's go back to ukraine where our experts took a look back at what is happening there this morning. >> the embers were still blowing in independence square wednesday morning after the most violent
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day of clashes so far. kiev, standingf firm at the stronghold. with hundreds of serious injuries and hundred -- and dozens of fatalities, a police presence has been bolstered and state security forces have once accused of attacking opposition forces. >> there is no justice here. today a government that is protecting itself using police force west serve its people, not the oligarchs. >> with many main thoroughfares cut off and much public transport suspended temporarily, the injured protesters are being treated at a nearby cathedral. in inple are coming massive numbers with gunshot wounds. probably more than 400 people are injured. yanukovytch has
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branded opposition leaders criminals. the interim prime minister is pointing the finger at radical elements who he says have brought shame on the country. unfortunately, yesterday radicals provoked unrest in the city center. it is not credible to talk about european values and the desire for a new quality of life while at the same time sacrificing human lives, destroying citizens' property, burning and trashing their cars and property. >> many protesters say there is no turning back. despite government claims that vytchd he wish, yanuko could mobilize his troops to bring a definitive end to the conflict. >> our correspondent oliver cragg is standing by. is that what you're hearing as well? that there is no going back and the protesters are
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still there? >> a lot of protesters are afraid they would be sent to it. if they abandoned it is as simple as that. a lot of people, i think there are a lot more people than the ones we are seeing on the square who feel extreme the concerned about the future of ukraine if yanukovytch is allowed to remain level of given the brutality his regime has shown in the three years since he was 2010.d in they are really afraid that , under mr.clearly yanukovytch, russia is a country that ukrainians looked to as it -- as a place where human rights are not
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respected in a way that they would like to be. up until very recently. >> gulliver, earlier you were telling us there were not quite as many protesters as there had been in the square. why is that. have you been talking to some people, and are they afraid of what has happened over the past 24 hours? >> fear has to be a part of this. it probably another part of is among some ukrainians and unwillingness to be seen, to be supporting what really is a violent protest. there is no denying that the protesters are throwing stones at the police and the soldiers, and they are also throwing molotov cocktails. some ukrainians feel ambivalent about that. a lot of ukrainians i have spoken to have said to me i am a peaceful person and have always been a peaceful person up until i hope people show
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up with guns. some kind ofe ambivalence, some kind of fear. and the third factor is the practical impediments to reaching the center of kiev. the metro is not running, cars are being prevented from entering the city, and trains also coming from outside key of are also being stopped -- iv are being stopped on the way. certainly the kind of measures that we associate with the state of emergency in terms of preventing traffic and transportation are being put in place. >> gulliver, it is done here. is it fair to say at this hour that the prospect of dialogue between the opposition leaders and the government, expected -- especially viktor yanukovych, are not on the agenda now he acts out that they are broken off?
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>> for a longtime time opposition leaders have talked with him and discussed it and nothing was achieved and there but theset to it, discussions do generally go on for several hours. in what ms. b -- in what must be intense talks, and there must be results from that. the president, from his side, seems to be inviting them to these talks and they do not seem to have any results. it is a rather odd situation because although both sides come out of the talks saying they don't know, they both seem to be willing to keep meeting. at least they are willing to keep meeting, even though they say they don't have much faith in each other. the new thing that president yanukovych came out this morning, which had not really been saying clearly before, was that he holds the opposition responsible for the violence, and there is also information
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now on the website of the security service of ukraine that an investigation, a criminal investigation is being mounted against several opposition leaders. i don't know whether that means but rathere is over, i expect they will meet again. but whether they will achieve anything in these talks, given that they have not so far, is another matter. >> things for that, gulliver. gulliver cragg reporting from kiev. the president has threatened many things, among them taking to court those who violently protested in the streets. he is calling on opposition leaders to be responsible or face the consequences. one opposition leader has called independence square an island of freedom, and bound to defend it. after a night of violent clashes, both sides refused to back down and the ukrainian
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president issued a strong statement. the opposition has gone too far, according to viktor yanukovych. the leaders of the opposition have disregarded the principle of democracy, according to which we obtained power through elections and not on the street. they have crossed the line by calling for people to take up arms. violation of the law. those who broke the law must stand trial, and a court will determine their level of guilt. john also urged opposition figures to distance themselves -- you ninkovich -- yeah new code which has also on opposition leaders to distance themselves. the round of talks failed to produce any results. -- it isnhappy because
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very important to make a break, no fighting anymore. tensions were running high on the street and in scuffles with the opposition. leaders of the opposition are trying to reduce residential towers. the political deadlock is set to continue when demands are not met. >> doug herbert still here with us. on what your thoughts was going through victor gannett co. which's mind when he set out 'sder -- on viktor yanukovych mind when he set out the order gecko >> this is not a textbook case of good crisis management, especially from vladimir putin's perspective. rush's, even if it is that at a low public profile on the entire crisis, has tried not to exert itself publicly and visibly.
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vladimir putin would have wanted this to be handled earlier. russia would have probably favored a crackdown of some sort. but viktor yanukovych panicked in the sense that he waited a while, trying to bite some time, which looked at first as if they were looking at some sort of peaceful resolution of the crisis. amnesty, talk of a concert -- constitutional revision that restricts the president of some of his powers in favor of a stronger parliament. it all seemed to be going ok. the the protesters sacked party headquarters. you also had the march on the parliament itself on the day they were to be debating. the debate never really happened. the revisions to the constitution i just talked about, there was a sense that we have to do something. co. -- yeah new code which -- there was a sense
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of a lot of pressure on this man, and from russia's perspective, this is really a nightmare right now for vladimir putin. this is the last thing he wanted to see happening in the midst of his sochi showcase. >> thank you so much. we will be talking about ukraine much more throughout the day. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in paris for a dinner meeting with palestinian leader mark amodei abbas. his main focus has been to hammer out a framework to guide the negotiations in the him in weeks. john kerry did persuade the two sides back to the negotiation table in july after a three-year hiatus. the three sides of her to keep talking -- agreed to keep talking for nine months. that is the subject of today's inside look. thank you so much for joining us. there has been so much secrecy
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surrounding these negotiations. where do we stand at the moment on peace talks? >> it is all about the negotiations because nothing came out of the context, from the contact between the americans, the palestinians, the israelis, and the israelis and the americans. we are still trying to find a mechanism of implementation. unfortunately it is coming from our neighbors, that they are adding every day a new condition to the paramour's the solutions. so the paramedics -- the parameters between the state of the palestinians and the state of israel, we have to find out implementation of the parameters. >> what are these parameters you're talking about? >> the two-state solution,
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finding a solution to the palestinian refugees, to find a solution for the water resources in palestine, the borders, the security issue for palestine. so the opposition is clear concerning these parameters, and we are doing the best effort and 1988ve compromised since up until now to reach a fair and just solution for the question of palestine and israel. even the secretary of state, john kerry, declares that the state of palestine is a key for the solution of stability in all the middle east. ao he is trying to find solution for this conflict -- this complex equation of the
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palestine-israel question. >> and yet there is going to have to be more compromise needed on behalf of the palestinians for these talks to go anywhere. where are the palestinians willing to go? what will a compromise? >> you know, we have no other compromises to make. do.ave done all what we can otherwise, you know, we are losing our own identity. that unfortunately the israelis were trying to push forward since more than 60 years. and now there is a consensus about the palestinian identity. world, including the americans and the israelis themselves. so we have to push to find the mechanism of implication -- of implementation and not look for new compromises and new parameters. >> it's back to the -- let's get
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back to the framework of the peace process. >> he takes nine months to find a solution and now start implementing the solution. now we are talking about a parameters tot extend the negotiations. >> precisely. >> nobody knows about the new ideas or the new approaches of secretary of state kerry. we know he has a strong to go forward. we know the american administration is really willing in solving this issue, this ashtion -- palestine-israel because otherwise the middle east will never have the forility which is needed the international community. it is a part of their national security, not an external issue for europe. that is why we are holding the meeting here in paris. and the president is going to
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--e resident hollande president hollande later. implicatedositively in the issue of peace in the middle east. >> to finish up, his deadline is looming in april. are you at all optimistic? >> it is very difficult to be either optimistic or pessimistic. we are realistic. we will do our best effort to make real substantial progress on the issue of peace in the middle east. this is the strategy of palestine. this is the strategy of resident abbas. >> thank you so much for coming in to talk with us. all right, sports is up next. a champions league victory. paris has already put themselves in to the last -- this put them one up.
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but conversion, and then three minutes. that reduce them to 10. , and it is finished. >> it is a good game. we started well. after three minutes it was 1-0, and i think we controlled the game. 2, it was >> we played really well, scored goals. we did not concede. all in all it has been a great evening. too, sod four goals, that is a very good qualification. now we have to stay focused and do our best in the second match back in paris. play the second one the same likely played today , and we have a big advantage
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absolutely. let's see what happens in the second game. sources from an armitage in a teammate that he has given his marching orders, but he conversed with a spot kick. he said he could not take the chance to pass it. the boys from brazil were intent on the final minute. two-nil, they finished. >> yes, very happy, but this is not finished yet. there are still 90 minutes to play and we will have to work really hard if we want to go through. it is not easy to come to england and win against a team at manchester city. i think we played really well, but we cannot be completely happy because we still have to think there are still 90 minutes to playgg99ññwçça7guc
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>> next up, two slums a world apart offer a creative refuge for the children living there. and the lights turn on for the first time in one school in mali. see what music, acrobatics, or a simple lightbulb can do for communities cornered by poverty. >> "viewchange" is about people making real progress in tackling the world's toughest issues. can a story change the world? see for yourself in "viewchange: shelter from the storm." >> in the slums of nairobi, kenya, escape from poverty is a rare feat. the city plays host to one of the most infamous slumsth


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