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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 15, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> police in turkey fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of protesters angry over that deadly mine explosion. the death toll is now at 282 and time is running out for dozens of miners still underground. say at least 20 people are killed in vietnam as a mob of angry protesters storm a steel mill in the south. that's the first deadly violence in a series of protests against china, prompted by its oil rig set up in disputed asian waters. and the cannes film festival kicks off with boos at the
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press screening of the biopic of "grace of monaco." we will take a look at one short film that beat all the odds to make it. also coming up this hour, today in new york president obama will open a museum commemorating the terrorist attack of september 11, 2001, the culmination of three years of delay, controversy, and financial woes over a memorial to events that changed america. th after islamist group bo boko haram kidnapped 200 schoolgirls in nigeria, the government there has still been unable to free them or even track them down. we will take a closer look at
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-- atr nine nigerian whether the nigerian army is up to the task. more of theding any dozens of miners still trapped underground in turkey are fading fast. the death toll now stands at 282, making it the country's worst mining disaster ever. thousands of protests have turned out around the country, clashing with police in ankara and istanbul. the turkish president has also just gotten to the mine, as has the prime minister. what can you tell us about those visits? at ae president arrived town about 50 kilometers away. when he went to the hospital there, he said through the window of his car to the waiting crowd, "i wish patience, perseverance.
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in dealing with your grief, may you not go through such pain again." and he was well received. this contrasted sharply with the hostile reaction that prime minister recep tayyip erdogan received in a town much closer soma, mind, =-- mine, yesterday. he was heckled and people kicked his car. this is in-line with the president's policy of being a tryingof all turks, of to accommodate everyone, political enemies included, instead of the rather more belligerent stance of prime minister erdogan. later this month, the ruling party has to decide who is going to be its candidate in the presidential elections in august. at the moment, the odds are on a choosing prime minister
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erdogan. >> what about the rescue mission at the mine itself? does anyone you spoke to think that the survivors will make it out? >> the survivors i've been speaking to sitting in the valley by the entrance to the mine below me all told me that they had no hope, that now it is 47 hours since this accident occurred. they now have no hope of anybody coming out alive, but they would remarks by saying, like, we put our faith in god. when you go to soma, the town closest to the mine, almost every shop window has a little notice saying "we pay our condolences to all." you see much more bitter notices written like a funeral motorist -- notice, saying,
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memory of those who gave their lives for a handful of coal." >> the death toll now stands at 282. ukraine where government leaders have vowed to resist pro-russian separatists in the east, saying they won't give in to blackmail. that's what came out of kiev as they gathered for roundtable peace talks. the separatists were not invited to that meeting. we have more on what seems to be a step sideways. >> everyone is there except the people who need to be. ukraine's interim prime minister and president sat alongside former ukrainian leaders and russian mps for unity talks. pro-russian insurgents were not invited. instead of opening a dialogue with them, leaders issued a warning. >> those with guns in their
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hands, trying to dictate there will, and especially the will of a neighboring country, will be treated according to the law. >> the kiev government says it will not deal with gunmen it describes as terrorists. kiev musthat recognize their insert and see. they will meet again in the east. >> it was proposed during the meeting to organize a meeting in donetsk. the authorities don't know yet whether it is possible or not. they are taking some time to look into the proposal. >> these talks come just ahead of presidential elections on the 25th of may. that ukraine is as close to civil war as you can get and accuses kiev of refusing to engage in real dialogue with
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the separatists. afghanistan's presidential election is set to go to a second round vote june 14. that will face off the former foreign minister and a next world bank economist -- and an e x-world bank economist. weeks of delay over the first round results were linked to investigations into voter fraud. were killedpeople in vietnam after a mob of angry protesters stormed a steel mill in the south. that's the first deadly violence in a series of protests against china, prompted by its oil rig set up in the south china sea. these are the burnt remains of the chinese-owned factories in vietnam. mobs have burned and looted followingfinal -- china's installation of an oil
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rig in disputed waters. beijing summoned the vietnamese ambassador and demanded protection for chinese interests and citizens. the bone of contention is the rig's location in the south china sea, near the disputed islands over which the two countries have contesting claims. on monday, chinese and vietnamese ships exchanged water cannon fire. >> it is hard to deny that vietnam is the provoker. we urge vietnam to stop all provocative action, come to their senses, and stop all acts intended to create disturbances. >> tensions have spilled over. local media reported 19,000 workers took part. this taiwanese businessmen said he barely escaped the country -- businessman said he barely escaped the country by disguising himself as a vietnamese worker. >> i never felt so scared in my
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life. i still have lots of friends who could not escape to the airport. they did not dare come out because if they did, they would be beaten. public unrest is rare in the country. some say it could pose a risk to the economy and political stability. threats include other causes like social discontent and workers -- greater workers' rights. >> to pretoria where the judge overseeing the trial of oscar pistorius has ordered the athlete to go -- undergo a month-long psychiatric evaluation. for thatcution asked in valuation after a psychiatrist called by the defense told the court the defendant suffers from an anxiety disorder. the athlete is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend on valentine's day of last year. an important one because it could determine whether or not pistorius was criminally responsible when he
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shot reeva steenkamp dead. a month after islamist group haram-- group boko kidnapped 200 girls, the government has been unable to free them. on monday, chibok was attacked again. the questions are increasing on whether or not the nigerian army is up to the task. >> oil-rich nigeria is now africa's biggest power. 20,000 men are deployed in the country's northern states where boko haram's islamist rebels are based, get the army appears to be unable to take action against the insurgents who repeatedly attacked the population. >> first, nigeria has a big army, which is not adapted for an asymmetrical battle. second, it is corrupt. and a corrupt army is more
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durable in these asymmetric wars, because -- is vulnerable in these asymmetric wars, because boko haram can recruit sympathizers in the troops. army was awaree that boko haram was planning to attack the high school, but they sent no reinforcements to the town where only 17 soldiers were based. poorly equipped, nigerian soldiers often don't try to confront the islamists. sometimes they even abuse local populations. residents feel authorities have abandoned them. >> the region the government has abandoned -- the regions the government has abandoned are the ones that have high mortality rates. there is extreme poverty. that is where boko haram prospers. >> analysts say that if authorities don't start redistributing wealth more evenly and reform their army,
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they are not likely to defeat boko haram. to new york, where president barack obama is set to officially open the national september 11 museum built on the site of the world trade center. that museum houses thousands of items, including wrecked emergency vehicles and twisted metal from the collapsed twin towers. some of the most poignant exhibits are the personal items that belonged to the victims. >> the flag raised by firefighters over ground zero. the cross of steel beams that became a powerful symbol of the rescue effort. moving exhibits at the 911 museum in new york, now open after years of development on the site of the world trade center. >> the museum is a place where you can come to understand 9/11, the lives of those who were killed, and the lives of those who rushed here to help.
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it will help ensure that all future generations know what happened on that day and why it happened. >> the exhibits are poignant, sometimes harrowing. tissue dispensers are dotted throughout the museum for those overcome with emotion. visitors can listen to telephone messages left by victims after the attack and to cockpit recordings from the hijacked planes. improvised, now permanent memorials set up after the tragedy. the remains of still unidentified bodies have been placed behind a wall at the museum, a decision that some are unhappy with, saying that victims should not be laid to rest at a tourist site. efforts to that identify the remains have not ended. >> it is not a cemetery. this is a repository so the medical examiner can continue to
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work on the remains while allowing the families like me who got no remains back whatsoever to go in there and sit and pray and think and reflect, whatever it is they want to do. >> for the first few weeks, the museum will be only open to survivors, rescuers, family members of the victims, then to the public. the worstyears after ever attack on american soil, the remnants of a tragedy have been turned into attribute. >> to get the latest on the opening of that museum or on any of the other stories we are covering for you throughout the day on "france 24," check out there as well you will find lots of culture news. let's go now to the cannes film festival, where movie stars from all over the world filled the red carpet at last night's kickoff. nicole kidman was there to promote her biopic, "race of monaco -- "grace of monaco."
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has gotten scathing reviews. it has courted a lot of controversy. the royal children of the real princess grace publicly distanced themselves from the movie. budgetis not just big blockbusters like that one. it is the biggest film showcase .n the world here is a closer look at one independent short film that overcame all obstacles. >> the romantic comedy hopes to show there is more to life than the usual stereotype. estate" is part of the characters, the way they talk. the story we are telling, we wrote some of it with them. we don't have to film the estate as well. >> it is the story of a young
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man from the state in the east of france. he wants to woo a girl. they won't be able to say anything. we haven't made it up. we haven't lied. they won't be able to lie either . >> being selected for the film festival is an incredible achievement for a group that was only created in 2010 to help build more social cohesion in the neighborhood. >> it means that for this group of young people, this risk has paid off and been recognized. for us it is an incredible opportunity. we are very lucky. >> this could be just the beginning for some of these young actors. with international interest growing in the film that was shot in only 12 days with a .udget of 30,000 euros >> you are watching "france 24." let's take a look at the headlines. police in turkey have fired tear gas and gas fired tear gas and
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water cannons at thousands of protesters angry over the deadly mine explosion. the death toll is at 282 and time is running out for the dozens of miners still trapped underground. doctors say at least 20 people are killed in vietnam as a mob of angry protesters stormed a steel mill in the south. it is the first deadly violence in a series of protests against china, prompted by its oil rig set up in disputed asian waters. afghanistan's presidential election is set to go to a second round vote in june. this will face off former -- the former foreign minister and former world bank economist -- and a former world bank economist. is time to take a look at what weekly news magazines have been saying around the world. lots of focus this week on the
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global outcry against the islamic militant group, boko haram, and the over 200 schoolgirls who have been held for over a month. >> the front page talks about road -- bloodthirsty boko haram and has a photo of one of the mothers of those schoolgirls. they say the world is united against this sect that is terrifying nigeria. we talked about the social media campaign, #bringbackourgirls, going viral. they take a closer look at what is being called hashtag diplomacy. does it work? african papers paint a critical picture of nigeria, saying, sure, it is a booming economy, but it is deeply corrupt and ultra violent. the roots of evil are deep and shaking a fist at it isn't going to make it go away.
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they published an article by a paper in johannesburg that is very critical of the president, goodluck jonathan, and his repressive response to boko haram, which, according to that paper, has pushed au courant around to carry out these terrible attacks -- has pushed boko haram to carry out these terrible attacks. >> this magazine is focusing on mali and its president, better known by his initials i.b.k. >> he is on the front page, an exclusive interview, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. andas elected last august he says he wants to set the record straight about some controversial topics, in security in the north, for instance. let's go from one president to another. francois hollande is on the
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cover of a french magazine, and he is being seen from the perspective of his former ministers. look too happy on the front page this week. these are former ministers that were kicked out during the last cabinet reshuffle. you can understand they might want to lash out at the president. they described him as a loner, impatient, tactician. he will cut you down to size. they are not too bitter, but maybe not comments you would like to receive. manuel valls is on the front page of -- "le point." cut out he has his work for him. lots of people are out to get him. a lot of people in the socialist party think he is a little too right-wing for their liking. who are his real enemies? that's what "le point" tkakes a
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closer look at. shirac has had poor health since he suffered from -- chirac has had poor health since he suffered from a stroke in 2005. says his wife is facing her husband's illness with courage and staying by his side. >> a lot of changes at the top of two major newspapers. >> within hours of each other, "the new york times" made big changes at the top. jill abramson and the chief of "le monde" are both leaving their posts. they took -- they were both the first women to take the top editorial posts at their papers. it is a little mysterious why abramson decided to leave.
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to quote the article, it says several weeks ago she discovered her pay and pension benefits as executive editor and managing editor were considerably less than the pay and pensions of the man she replaced for both of those jobs. that perhaps has something to do with her departure. >> a word about the secret life of young people. >> it might make some people uncomfortable, but it is sex. what young people are hiding from us. it is everything you wanted to know about sex but never dared to ask about the internet generation. sex is still a major taboo with young people, especially when they talk about it with their parents. says they are very public about their sex lives online. it is an awkward read. >> it should be mandatory reading for parents of teenagers. now sports news starting with football. saville supporters are
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celebrating as their club -- sevilla supporters are celebrating as their club won kevin scored the decisive kick. the portuguese champions have lost eight european finals in a row. >> this means an awful lot to us. twice. already won it now we have one it again. the city must be celebrating this victory. we've shown our passion for this competition and we have won it. and, of course, we are really happy. >> in the second half, we gave confirmation of our power. we had many chances, but we just
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could not find a way to score. then during extra time, the team who tried to score was us and not send via -- not sevilla. i will finish to tell you that it was not the best team who won this match. benfica players deserve congratulations. and now we will have to think about our next final on sunday, the portuguese cup. >> a coach is set to face a criminal investigation for tax evasion according to reports in portugal. he coached the national team eight. 2003 and 2000 and
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the portuguese attorney general's office confirmed a criminal investigation had been opened but gave no further details. the investigation focuses on payments of 7.4 million euros. he denies he avoided paying taxes. excitement is building to a dramatic end at the season in pain -- spain. a winner takes all title in the liga. they are preparing for the game on saturday with their catalan hosts. they must win to usurp the leaders from the capital. >> if we win, it isn't to shut anyone up. we have to win and enjoyed with thefamilies, our fans, technical staff. we all deserve this. after a year that has been very difficult for many reasons, even non-sporting ones. we deserve this title, but we have to prove this on saturday.
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this isn't to shut any mouse. it isn't -- any mouths. it is impossible to shut them anyway. >> they have been dealing with the death of the coach and the leadership of the new coach. leadershipciate the of our coach. he has good ideas and works well. with a winning mentality, he knows how to get close to transmit what he wants. it hasn't been an easy year for many reasons within the club and also because of other reasons outside of sports, human reasons. we value his work much more than it is valued outside the club. barcelona is chasing a sixth liga crown. federer toardy upset
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reach the third round of the atp event in rome. federer was playing for the first time since his -- the bi rth of his twins. simon lost narrowly to world number one rafa nadal. diego won stage five of the ride. he edged out evans. still leadstriot overall. stage four of the tour of california was a 165 .1-kilometer ride. he hoped to extend his lead in the mountain classifications. with the final climb some 40 kilometers from the finish, you
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would have expected the sprinters to finish strongly. instead, the initial six man breakaway ran a perfect race. wigginséñ?
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