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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 27, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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here are the headlines for you this hour. pro-russian separatist in ukraine say up to 40 of their fighters have been killed in just one day. ukraine's new president elect says he will bring peace but that he will not negotiate with terrorists. strong statements from pope francis. he compares child sex abuse to a syntenic mass. the pontiff adds that while he favors celibacy in the priesthood, it is not dogma and the door is always open to change. the military in nigeria says it has located the more than 200
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girls abducted by boko haram but that it has ruled out any use of force to rescue them. >> also coming up, good nicolas sarkozy his political comeback be under threat? his conservative opposition parties ump seems to be imploding. the party had jean-francois coée has just said he will resign over a scandal link to the financing of sarkozy's failed reelection bid two years ago. sony is hoping to recover from its annual loss of almost a billion euros thanks to its video games after china has allowed consoles to be sold domestically. egypt, a country that
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declared this tuesday a national holiday to try to get more people out to vote. this is the final day of the presidential election that should usher in a time... lcc, the army chief who ousted egypt's first freely elected president, mohamed morsi. but bring in our financial times correspondent who is at a polling station in cairo. turnout yesterday was very poor. how bad does it seem to be today ? >> behind me you see this organization set up by sisi organizers. inside the polling station there are few people casting ballots which is causing alarm among authorities, some have declared today a national holiday, have urged private companies not to have work today and let their workers go home and vote. on tv this morning, some of the
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newscasters were saying some crazy stuff. one said that those who do not vote in these elections should be shot. another threatened to slash his own wrist if people did not get out of their houses and vote. attempt byesperate the authorities to get people to vote in this election and it is interesting to see, no one expected this to be the main story of the selection. >> have there been any irregularities? are eu observers there today to see how the voting is going. >> in terms of the mechanics of the vote, there have been very few a letter -- irregularities. haveis time, egyptians gotten very good at holding elections. in the past three years there have been something like six elections, some of them staggered over several weeks held in egypt. in that respect it has been very good. but there has been some
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criticism, especially by the revolutionaries who would not to terrier square three years ago of the eu, for sending a monitoring team. the april 6 movement and other activists say that this move by the you legitimized as a process that has been repressive and unfair from the beginning. >> thank you for that. now, the airport in eastern ukrainian city of donetsk was storm the monday as the military tried to take it back from pro-russian separatist. reports now say up to 40 per russian fighters were killed in just 24 hours. the battle was the most visible since ukraine's interim government launched military action in the east a month ago. >> ukrainian helicopters, trucks and troops pouring on the roads.
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-- and theand can in ukrainian military ordered airstrikes along the airport -- donetsk. the situation in the airport remains quite tense. our activists continued to disappear from their. kiev security service troops are there and they are taking at our activists. meanwhile, newly elected president poroshenko continue to take a hard line with separatists in the east, comparing them to somali pirates. >> they just abandoned. they are terrorists. in no civilized country of the world, nobody has a negotiation with terrorists. >> he took a decisive 54% of the presidential vote, however, none
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of that count came from the donetsk region, where polling was heavily monitored by separatists. he says his first trip will be to the east. the military in nigeria says it has located the over 200 girls kidnapped by islamic militants six weeks ago. speaking monday, the nigerian defense chief of the military would not go in and kill the girls in the name of getting them out. another day, another demonstration in the nigerian capital, but a surprise revolution by top military officials. the good news is we know where the girls are but we cannot tell you. just leave us alone, we are working. comment suggest negotiations is the sole remaining option. obtain thea deal to
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girls taking my book boko haram was agreed on last week but it was called off by officials at the last minute. the government has come under intense public criticism for its handling of the abduction which enters its seventh week. >> these are the signs of a failed government, a government that has been defeated, a government that has abdicated its responsibilities. several nations, including the u.s., britain, israel, and france have sent experts in the search for the girls. india's new prime minister has announced his new government. he campaigned on a promise to cut bureaucratic red tape and fight corruption. he is also meeting with his cap pakistani counterparts today. onrif was at the signing
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monday. it seems to mark a move toward the warming ties between the two nations. pope francis has said that while he is in favor of celibacy for priests, the rule is not dogma and that the door is always open to change. the pope made similar comments in the past but it was the first time doing so since becoming pontiff. he also gave an impromptu press conference on the plane back from his trip from israel where he talked about the child sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the catholic church. >> taking advantage of the flight back from jerusalem, pope francis held an hour-long press conference aboard the plane and announced his first meeting with victims of sexual abuse and says he would show zero tolerance for priests who abuse children. the significant step forward in the efforts to respond to the far-reaching child abuse scandal. sex crimes are horrible
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crimes. i make a comparison. it is like a satanic mass. june, thereys of to eight mass with six , ande who have been abused after that, they will have a meeting with me. >> the question of priestly celibacy was also brought up. says he believes priests should be celibate but the tradition which dates back 1000 years is not considered an unchangeable pete's of church teaching. -- piece of church teaching. not a dogma but a rule of life that i appreciate very much. but since it is not a dogma, the door is always open. pope francis had already made
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similar comments when he was archbishop of buenos aires. he even admitted: in love with a woman when he was a seminarian but chose the religious path. european union leaders are meeting in brussels today to try and decide what to do about the strong showing of eurosceptic parties in the recent parliament to. here in france, the far right party, the national front, amy first place. one in four french voters went france party in the election. >> francois hollande address the people monday night after his party this report -- disappointing results in the european elections. he says he will not change his mind about france but it is time to perform europe. theurope in the past to
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viewer years has managed to overcome the eurozone crisis, -- there are austerity merit austerity measures that discourage citizens. i will reaffirm our priority of growth, jobs, and investment. merkel also wants to change europe but in a different way. for the german chancellor, austerity measures have nothing to do with the rising popularity to the far right. up to us to gain back the trust of voters. here in germany and in france. the best way to do that is to focus on europe's competitiveness, growth, and the creation of jobs. across the channel, the party won 27% of the vote. they want britain to leave europe. faced with such skepticism, david cameron also promised change. for mychallenges now party to demonstrate that we have the plan to deliver that
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change, to renegotiate written's place in europe, to get a better deal for britain, chained britain, and then to put the choice to the british people in a referendum before the end of 2017. showing for eurosceptics will be discussed tuesday evening at the informal council meeting. also on the agenda is the election of the commission's next president. some countries such as germany and the u.k. could push for someone else. of the french conservative opposition has said he will resign. jean-francois copé says he will step down june 15 over is candlelit to campaign financing for the former french president nicolas sarkozy. that comes after an official from the ump party admitted to cook the books to pay for failed reelection bid two years ago.
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a consultancy firm said it was pressured into falsifying invoices so that election expenses could be paid with party money instead of from sarkozy's campaign funds. >> france's anticorruption brigade raided the headquarters of the opposition ump party. at the same time, police searched the offices of the communications firm they work closely with. the investigation comes after allegations that the company was pressured into providing falsified invoices to the ump when the 2012 residential campaign overran on expenses. >> we are talking about false invoices, and they add up to more than 10 million euros. campaignrganized meetings and often lavish events for nicholas sarkozy's unsuccessful reelection bid. in total, they earned 18 million euros from the ump. its founders are said to be close to party founder jean-francois copé.
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on monday, he denied knowledge of falsified invoices. all that there is to be done during a campaign, i did not think it was my job to look over the shoulders of absolutely everyone. manager during the campaign later admitted on live television to wrongdoing. there was misconduct in regard to the number of events organized in the campaign. i never discuss the topic with nicholas sarkozy or jean-francois copé. how do i see the future? i would like to be able to sleep soundly. campaigns treasurer said he was dismayed by the confession and denied any false invoices were issued. our french politics editor is here for more on the story. we just saw jean-francois copé
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denying knowledge of the scandal and yet today he announced that he would resign over the scandal. forced to resign. there was a meeting this morning after the ump, the conservative party, jean-francois copé read a text that said that he was intending to stay at the helm of the party. is aer, what he faces firing squad. atre was no way you can stay the helm of the party, they said. we do notbelieve you, trust you, we need to rebuild the party. let's not forget jean-francois copé became the head of the party after a very controversial election where there were accusations that he cheated at the end of 2012, not even a year and half ago. there was already an issue of legitimacy and now this scandal to which he claims he had no knowledge of, was clearly too
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much for him and he could not resist the pressure from all the heavyweights in the party, so they forced him to resign. this will be effective june 15. also there will be a congress of the party that will be convened this fall. it was supposed to take place in the fall of next year, however, this will allow the election of a new leader, hopefully, one that will not be tainted by claims that he cheated or claims that he did not really pay close attention to the financial wrongdoings of his underlings. inside thekeup conservative opposition, the ump party, is indicative of the general malaise in the french party following the elections a few days ago. barely two years after what can be described as an earthquake in french politics with the national front. for the first time winning a national election, clearly winning 25% of the vote.
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came in secondp with 25% and the ruling socialist are not even getting 14%. on the left, the socialists in government are in disarray, they have lost those european elections, lost recent municipal elections, and on the other side, the conservative party is imploding before our eyes, as we saw this morning. really, this benefits the national front and we hear more and more talk of the three parties, the three centers of power in french politics replacing the traditional left, right, monopoly on power with the national front clearly aiming not only at competing in elections but at winning. it is clear that they are helping them with the way they are behaving. >> thank you.
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pro-russian separatist in ukraine say up to 40 of their fighters have been killed in just one day. ukraine's new president-elect says he will bring peace but that he will not negotiate with terrorists. the pope.tements from he compares child sex abuse in the church to a satanic mass. the pontiff as that while he favors celibacy in the priesthood, it is not dogma and that the door is always open to change. it military in nigeria says has finally located the more than 200 girls abducted by boko haram but that it has ruled out any use of force to rescue them. let's take a look at what has been grabbing headlines today. obviously, this scandal with the right-leaning party, the ump, is
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a grabbing headline. >> this does not have to do with the european election but with their finances. front pages,on the major revelations in what is which ended scandal with a police search of ump headquarters yesterday. headline, basically, big revelations. what is going on? apparently it is like a cluster bomb within the opposition party. a senior member of the ump, right-hand man of jean-francois and, yesterday spoke on tv admitted there were anomalies in the accounts of nicholas sarkozy's 2012 presidential campaign. it was a surprise television confession, if you will. earlier, it was revealed that 20 had made this company
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million euros to organize campaign events. and some of these events never even took place. basically, they said the ump was trying to cook the books and it seemed like someone in the ump looked like they were. >> lots of criticism for the way he has handled the scandal. >> he said he did not know any of this was going on. according to this article, a lot of people within the ump actually doubt this and it quotes someone who worked on the presidential campaign who said were notrkozy and copé aware it was going on, which is proof of their incompetence, or they were aware, and were breaking the law. >> this comes hot on the heels of that defeat for the ump. >> and the ump is holding a
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crisis meeting today talking about their future, what will happen to the party. radical change is needed. year zero. the party needs to start over. everything needs to go back to the drawing board, whether it is the parties organization, its project, the alliances it has, and maybe even the party name. >> many papers are focusing on this lurch to the right that was made with many far right parties coming out in the election. >> you can see the leader of the far right party in the u.k.. he is celebrating the uk's party drunk showing -- strong showing. europe is sending a message here. in the editorial, the wall street journal says this is a wake-up call for centrist politicians in europe. unsurprisingly, they lash out against technocrats in brussels saying their current regulatory policy is a recipe for political
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extremism, and the article says they should spend less time fretting about the site leanness of fruit that europeans eat and the carbon they pump into the atmosphere and more time getting out of the way of frustrated european entrepreneurs and job creators. >> there was also that presidential election in the ukraine. guardian, they draw interesting parallels between these two elections. about the european parliamentary elections it says a vote against europe. but the editorial talking about ukraine talks about a vote for europe. thatsay the only people voted with wholehearted enthusiasm for europe were ukrainians. a lot of papers are also focusing on the president-elect, poroshenko. they wonder, did peace just break out in ukraine? the standoff with vladimir putin may have ended. why is that? they say poroshenko seems to be
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the right man for the time. essentially, a manufacturer that wants an alliance with the eu but also have commercial in its -- also has commercial relations in russia. he is pragmatic and recognizes over -- ukraine must be partially obedient to russia but must also mean westward. >> and also news about a third election in egypt. they call it the largest democratic election in the arab world. very interesting, it does not mention the muslim brotherhood by name. remember, the brotherhood did win the elections in 2012. it talks about boycotters because the muslim brotherhood is about to boycott the election. shouldy that boycotters know that the democratic process is the only way for political change but interesting it does not mention the party by name. >> thank you for that.
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time now for sports. we start at the very latest from the french open at roland garros. the big casualties in monday's first-round action was this year's australian open no problem for the world's top two. novak djokovic and rafael nadal advance. also through to round two are and mannarino. in the women's tournament, kvitova, cheryl popa, and cibulkova all reached the second round in paris. vinci did7 seated
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fall at the first hurdle, losing parmontier. said to be building him calmly ahead of the world cup. they have a match tonight against norway. the goalkeeper is expected to go straight into the lineup along with skipper sakho. >> of course we are ready. we have been doing some good work with the coaching staff since monday. we have even done double training sometimes. we also had a training game against the under 19 team which allowed us to get back to our game pace. so we find ourselves physically fit. lloris tosual skipper
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-- rested, he will hand the captain's armband to defend their sakho.
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