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tv   Journal  LINKTV  May 31, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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>> hello, and a warm welcome ."deed to "the journal please are the top stories at this hour. american defense secretary chuck hagel accuses china of destabilizing the south china sea and says the u.s. will not look the other way. military of thailand's afternoon announces elections might be more than a year away, and in formula one, simmering tensions, even though they are both driving for the same team.
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of words has erupted between the united states and china. first, u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel accuse china of, as he put it, destabilizing the south china sea and china responded by describing the comments as full of incitement, threats, and intimidation. the dispute looks to heighten further tensions in east asia, where china has recently been involved in disputes with the number of neighbors, above all, japan and vietnam. >> the senkaku islands are at the center of a long-running dispute. although officially controlled by japan, china also lays claim to the uninhabited territory. the real issue is not the terrain rising from the sea, but the oil, gas, and fish, deep below the surface.
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see -- speaking at a conference in singapore, the u.s. defense secretary had some tough words for beijing. >> china has called the south of peace,a sea friendship, and cooperation, and that is what it should be, but in recent months, china has undertaken destabilizing unilateral action's asserting its claims in the south china sea. >> the islands are not the only bone of contention. beijing has laid claim to parts of the south china sea, and caused anger by putting up an oil rig in vietnam's waters. tokyo has indicated that it will provide vietnam with patrol boats, but japanese prime minister shinzo abe is calling for dialogue with china. not welcome dangerous maritime encounters between fighter planes and ships. what should be exchanged are
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words. let's sit at a table, first exchange smiles, and then have a discussion. response from china has not yet been forthcoming. earlier, the japanese coast guard reported two chinese ships and -- entered territorial waters. >> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel has been commenting on the situation in thailand, saying the country's military leaders that took over power in a coup earlier this month should come as he put it, move immediately to hold elections, after the for that the timetable return to democracy, hinting that polls could be more than one year away. >> the announcement by general prayuth chan-ocha has mixed reactions. the capital city has been in crisis for months and some are frustrated elections have been pushed back until next year at the earliest. >> it is too slow.
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i wanted sooner. the delay has gone on too long, for several months now. >> the military says it needs time to reconcile the warring political factions and it must implement political reforms before voting occurs. >> we respect people's views, however we are asking for understanding. we must put the country first. the seizure of power was intended to solve the country's problems. >> thailand's economy is in tatters after months of bloody confrontation and society is on edge the tensions between rival political camps running high. even friends have different ideas. >> we do not talk politics otherwise we talk and fight. >> security forces have deployed to prevent anti-coup demonstrations. the army chief says resistance to the takeover will only slow the process of bringing thailand back to democracy. turkey, where
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activists are planning to defy a government and on protests in istanbul. last year, a small campaign to save a city center park resulted in huge antigovernment protests and the brutal police response prompted an international outcry. at least seven people lost their lives. security has been boosted for the one-year anniversary. over 25,000 officers have been deployed in istanbul. almost two weeks after elections were held, the southeastern has an state of malawi new state. opposition candidate, peter mutharika, has been sworn in after being declared the winner of the disputed poll on friday. peter mutharika secure just over one-third of the votes, but his opponents have complained of irregularities at the ballard es.ks -- ballot box
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at least two people have been reported dead and a further eight wounded following fresh outbreaks of fighting in eastern ukraine as russia appears to be working toward easing tension in the region. moscow is pulling back to-thirds of the troops they are near the ukrainian border. the latest clashes were concentrated in the eastern said off- eastern city of slowly -- slowly omsk --sievierodonetsk . has vowed to press ahead with this offense of the conceptus until peace and order has been restored. >> the military units have removed separatists from the southern and western parts of region as well as northern parts of the region around luhansk. security's top
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watchdog, the osce says pro-russian militants abducted a second group north of luhansk and contact with the four observers has been lost. the fate of the first group of monitors kidnapped last monday remains unclear. the separatists claim they have set them free, but the osce has not confirmed. the u.s. blames russia for inciting violence in the region. >> there is evidence of russians crossing over, personnel in chechnya trained in russia that have come across to stir things up, engage in fighting. >> there is no response to john kerry's accusations from moscow. the russian prime minister has called for an end to the crisis, comparing the situation to africa and the middle east, urging both sides to come to the negotiating table without preconditions.
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>> now, germany's intelligence agency plans to step up its monitoring of social media. according to german media reports, the agency wants to improve its ability to conduct widescale surveillance of facebook and twitter in real-time. they are due to vote on funding for the program in the coming weeks. the program is likely to encounter resistance after existing regulation -- revelations about u.s. internet spying caused a public outcry in germany. portugal's constitutional court has rejected austerity measures that are part of the country's budget for this year to do with after lisbon exited its bailout from international creditors. the budget provisions include a wage cut for public employees as well as taxes on unemployment and health benefits. despite cutting its deficit in half, portugal's economy still contracted in the first quarter of 2014 and public debt continues to rise.
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is less than two weeks until the football world cup kicks off in brazil, but protests continue in rio de janeiro, and authorities say they have called in the armed forces to help. the additional 20,000 police and soldiers have deployed throughout real. security has been tightened at the other 11 match venues. over the last year, brazil has been rocked by a wave of protests against the high cost of staging the world cup and critics say the money can be better spent on social services. turning to the on-field action, and among the top favorites to win the world cup, of course, argentina, with a great squad, no denying it, and most observers believed teams from latin america have an advantage in brazil because of their familiarity with the climate on the continent, but critics point out that despite all of the big
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thes, argentina last won world cup in 1986. >> argentinians take their soccer seriously. it is a passion that seems to know no bounds, but the passion translates into higher expectation for the national team. after decades without a world cup win, the country is hungry for a trophy, and that means pressure for the players and the coach. >> what we have to do is reach the finals. we will be in the top four teams, and it has been a while since argentina reached that level. centero maradona was the of attention when the team last won the world cup in 1986. he enjoys godlike status among his countrymen. since then, the team has had its share of great players, but something has always gone wrong in the championship. the team has not made it past
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the semi since the world cup win. essi is the current idol, and he says it is not just down to him. >> the most important thing is to have a strong group, which i think we have, and sometimes it comes down to having a little good luck. >>mesi is far from the only star player. the attack is full of big names. there is even more pressure on the squads since the games are taking place in result. take place inames brazil, argentina's archrival. >> we are geographically closer, so you would think we feel like locals, but it is the other way around, we really feel that visitors. >> the team has pope francis' blessing. if they bring back the trophy, they can expect a raucous
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meeting in buenos aires, where people know how to party. >> the australian team has been training on site in the host nation another squads have played friendly matches the defending champions spain who beat bolivia 2-1. switzerland played jamaica, but struggle to hold their own. they miss this chance to score, but ultimately came through to secure a 1-0 victory just before the final whistle. motorcycle racing fans are a gathering for the -- are gathering for the italian grand prix. a young spaniard stole the show, already leading the pack in the first five races, and he is hoping to continue his winning iseak, but valentino rossi expected to prove tough competition for marquez. and, formula one motor racing now, where the big story this season so far is the total dominance of the two mercedes
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drivers. the mercedes team, though, has refused to allow itself to be pinned down and say which of the table below you always the official number one, and the result, the rivalry between the drivers is threatening to spill over into open conflict. the tensions were visible at the grand prix in monaco where ross and took pole position leapfrog to the top of the standings. laugh about,nty to but his rivalry with teammate lewis hamilton is growing tense. friends since they race to go carts together as kids, the pair are going through a rough patch. on the winner's podium last week, hamilton did not hide his annoyance. >> at the moment, we are having a bit of a difficult phase within the team. it happens. it is totally normal. it has happened in the past, and it will happen again. >> some pundits believe the next
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rest could be the scene of a stop. successful as be a team. we cannot go it alone. it is an important issue. i am putting in a lot of effort because teamwork and the movement in the team are very important to me. the deal -- dual is the most exciting aspect of the formula one season so far and it is good of silly for the german racing team, and as long as they -- publicity for the german racing team, and as long as they maintain the lead, the team is likely to let them battle it out. >> all flights had darling international airport were canceled because of an eruption. ash was sent into the air. it is one of many active
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volcanoes in indonesia. meteorologists say the ash is moving southeast and the darwin area is regularly badly affected -- particularly badly affected. more news in more sports at the top of the hour. bye-bye. ♪ calledband here is roman. their practice space has been improvised. east timor lies about 500 kilometers of australia, surrounded by some of the islands belonging to indonesia. for centuries it was a portuguese colony, and then it was occupied by indonesia. it became an independent country
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in 2002, and despite its traumatic past, its people are looking forward with hope. ofembodies the sense optimism. at just 30 years of age, he is the president's right-hand man. i ask about the situation in east timor today. good morning. more or less, the story has been a remarkable story, and it is both a history and a story of struggle, suffering, and also a back to hope -- looking where we have come from the last 12 years, i think we can all say
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that we have achieved a remarkable process, however, as the president has been saying, there are many more things to be done. timor is one of the poorest countries in asia but they have grand plans. >> we have an ambition of becoming an upper middle income country by 2030, however we still face problems in terms of giving,g, granting, or good call quality services to the population. >> east timor has a population of about 1.2 million. i want to know how those people live. i travel east to the country's second-biggest city, and check out the main market plucks -- plex.
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you can buy almost anything here. the fertile land is perfect for growing food and vegetables, but there are problems, too, like the rice that is grown here. is quality is high, but it too expensive for the locals. rice producers are guaranteed a price of 75 euros cents per kilo by law. many people here just cannot afford that. imported from countries like vietnam is sometimes available for as little as half of the price of the local produce. poverty rates are high as well. almost half of the population lives below the poverty line.
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i meet with emilio morena, who is shopping for bananas, or maintains, to be more precise. she prepares them to make a local delicacy. she discovered she can make money from this particular dish a couple of years ago. she makes banana chips in the yard in front of her house. it is a real family business. her mother-in-law makes sure there is enough heat. daughter helps slice pains ---- the plant plantains. her family has to be largely self-sufficient. be packed upill and sold soon.
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she has a special recipe. they are not just deep-fried. they are also seasoned with garlic water. amelia gets about $.18 for every bag of banana chips. they are sold on later for twice that price. amelia's population of hometown is unknown. it is thought to be less than 20,000. many houses are hidden between palm and... trees. forests here grown and along the coast. this was the second city established by the portuguese. rice is grown further east. conditions in the field are ideal. the rice is kept in old-fashioned storage houses built in the traditional way.
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hey and his father are rice farmers. guaranteedent's rates mean they have a secure income and do not have to worry about whether the rice can be sold. julio says at this time of year the main task is to check where the tasks are eating away at arer produce -- pesks eating away at their produce. he is using his spare time to get some training at the capital. he does not want to be totally with -- relying on agriculture for the rest of his life. --julio wants to be con julio wants to become the captain of a ship that sails
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under the flag of east timor. he is being trained in his jews andfuture -- in his shoes -- in his chosen future profession here. few people are trained as captains. julio has already passed most of , but hessary tests still has to complete the first eight -- the first aid course. countries like germany help support education in east timor by sending equipment, as well as specialists. he used to sell german research vessels. now he helps to train new captains.
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the students here dream of being in charge of a ship themselves, and replacing the indonesian sailors, who often work in east timor. poor.ip sits in the -- port. it is also part of the german ad project that supplies district that is elsewhere on the island of four and surrounded by indonesian territory. customs formalities and visa requirements make traveling in and out by land almost impossible. 30 ships make their way there each month with -- and with veteran to structure, that number could be a lot higher. -- with better infrastructure, that number could be a lot higher. outside, passengers wait to port
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. the faerie is fully booked. many have relatives they want to visit. on the loading ramp, the banana chips are making their way onto the ship. board.ll be sold on deliveries like this are made every week. is keen tocharge test the quality himself. then, the passengers pile on. along with a few cars. there is plenty of room below. once the passengers have boarded, livestock is brought on.
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goats, sheep, and chickens are packed in. there are some wristers, too, and they will be used for cockfighting, which is popular here. the port urgently needs to be developed. it is the only place where day-to-day goods can be imported, but at the moment, east timor does not even have shipping authorities. the berlin sets off. rain is forecast for the fierce -- first few hours of the journey, but it is expected to clear later on. is traveling with the ship as part of his training. passengers set in quickly. the voyage will last 12 hours unless the weather causes a
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delay. in that case, it could take a few hours longer. julio is on the bridge where he will gain the most from the experience. julio says he is not totally clear how the steering operators work. he asks the captain what happens if the joystick stops working and the captain is patient with his protége, telling him there is a backup steering system. east timor badly needs infrastructure. things, he needs better roads, both in the capital, and in the countryside, but, things are improving here .
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in the evening, i meet up again with the band. they are rehearsing for a show in a restaurant. they are improvising as they7 n
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provided by the u.s. department of education [exotic flute music] ♪ >> bokara: today we're going to do a show about nature as the sacred path. and no spiritual discipline epitomizes this more than taoism, the religion of ancient china. in taoism, the universal life


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