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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  June 9, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome back. it is 1:00 in paris. we will be to get it for the next hour. for a look at the latest news and analysis on the date's events from around the world. 27 people have been killed in a battle in pakistan busiest pakistan, including the 10 assailants that attacked the airport latest night. a pakistani taliban say they carried out the attack to avenge the leader -- killing of their leader in a drum strike last year. he wins a third election.
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he will have to deal with the poverty, corruption, and calls for international court to hear about human rights abuses during kosovo's war. police fired tear gas at protesters days ahead of the world cup opening match. the strike crippled brazil's biggest city since thursday. the starters have been warned if they do not turn up for work this morning, they will be sacked. our top headline this afternoon, 20 seven people are believed to have died in an overnight attack on karachi airport. among those killed, the 10 assailants who stormed the airport last night with suicide
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vests, grenades, and rocket launchers. fighting with security forces raged until dawn, the pakistani forces say the airport was cleared earlier this morning of militants. the pakistani taliban have claimed responsibility and without further attacks -- about -- vowed further attacks. >> the airport was formed by gunmen sunday night. the fight lasted several hours until they said the airport had been secured and all militants killed. they displayed their bodies alongside their weapons. a senior intelligence official indicated the attack had been intended to hijack a passenger plane. when they fail to do so, they went on a rampage inside the terminal. >> no airplanes were damaged. the cargo terminal was set on fire by the terrorists. that is where they were killed. >> outside, witnesses heard heavy fire and multiple
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explosions. soldiers joined police to fight the militants, seizing a rocket launcher along with a suicide vest and grenades. authorities say all passengers were safely evacuated. but airport security staff were not so lucky with several killed and others taken to hospital. were brought here, including rangers, police, and airport security staff. we have shifted quarter of them to the operating theater and discharged the rest after first aid. claimedakistani taliban the assault was revenge for the death of its leader in a u.s. drone strike last november. in recent years, the group has carried out several attacks in karachi like this one on the naval base in 2011. the most recent attack comes as months of peace talks with the government fall short of making progress. >> for more on that story, we can speak to our correspondent
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in pakistan who joins us from islamabad. thank you for joining us. pakistanhe reaction in to the events. currently, it is 4:00 p.m. here. beenirst flight has allowed to take off from karachi airport. earlier, there was a cleanup process that went on for at least four to five hours. the military handed over the airport to the civil aviation authorities. they are saying flights will resume regular flights will start coming in.
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they have allowed international flights to come in, which they have diverted since last night to other airports in the country. things are getting back to routine. they have allowed the media to limited damage. they are not all the way in, but have been shown the objects recovered on the militants which backpacks filled with water and food items, which indicates they were planning this would have gone much longer . >> there must be a sense of shock today in pakistan. the country's biggest airport could have been the target of such a brazen attack. is their criticism of the government? this is the group with which
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they were involved in talks. >> change enough, while the attack was ongoing and the military operation was ongoing, some of the government and military personnel handling the thes started saying fighters are the specs -- uzbecs, which is not true. there were is back -- uzbec fighters. they cooperate with the pakistani taliban. the pakistani taliban took responsibility for it. the government and authorities are trying to deflect the issue and blame a foreign hand saying there are outside elements involved, which is what local media is picking up. we are not seeing any criticism .f the government or military
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>> thank you very much. a moscow court has sentenced two man to life in prison of the 2006 murder of the journalist anna politkovskaya. investigative journalist was a fierce kremlin -- critic of the kremlin and its policy to chechnya. she was gunned down. five men were found guilty last month. the other three got sentences ranging from 12 to 20 years. kosovo's former rebel leader has claimed victory and a third term as prime minister from yesterday's poll. from thenout was low last elections. he will face the challenge of dealing with poverty, corruption, and pressure for an
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international court to be set up to hear cases of war crimes allegedly committed during the war by the kosovo liberation army he used to lead. we can speak to our correspondent who joins us. thanks for being with us. made over the course of the selection that should he win, he will immediately come under pressure for the international court to be allowed to hear those cases. what do you foresee happening? is this something he can allow to happen? sources int is all kosovo speak about possible next months about crimes committed during the war and immediately after the war in kosovo. let's recall just before the
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prime minister formed the second government four years ago, the prosecutor accused him of being involved in torturing serb prisoners during and immediately after the war. not only him but also other kla commanders. there will be high-pressure on him to let this tribunal work. this international tribunal is not set yet. the european union have been asking for the creation of this international court for months now. it seems this will be set in the near future. but for the moment, nothing has been done really. as prime minister, he will do everything he can to slow the process. it remains to be seen what will happen. if these arrests take place,
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there will be higher pressure from the albanian community on to serb minority in kosovo be held response before this. >> thank you. have firedão paulo tear gas at protesters who gathered to support a subway workers strike. that strike began five days ago and has crippled brazil's biggest city ahead of thursday's world cup opening match between brazil and croatia. most metro stations have been closed since. the workers have vowed to remain on site indefinitely. their demands have been refused. they have been told they will be sacked if they don't turn up for work today. >> there is a huge backlog of traffic continuing to clog up the roads. striking subway staff stood their ground with the union vote to remain firmly on strike despite a labor court ruling
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demanding a fine for each day off the job. >> is to residents who are suffering because the subway serves almost 4.8 million passengers a day. without the workers getting anything -- >> staff have brought down their first demand for a 16% pay raise to 12%. they are offering only 8%. >> this offer gives no room for resolution. the strike will continue. >> the strike is in its fifth day. the city of 20 million people has already been struggling with massive traffic jams. on thursday, clashes broke out in a subway station with riot police throwing tear gas at striking workers. authorities have managed to provide a limited subway service, concerns are growing as to how the city will manage to welcome more than 60,000 fans for the world cup opening match
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on thursday if the protests continues, it could cut many fans off from the stadium 20 kilometers east of the city center. >> some french political news. credited withn detoxifying her party brand and managing to win 25% of the vote in the last european elections. the current national front reader had not counted on her , sher, the party founder distanceblicly herself after he was found making anti-semitic remarks on video. >> fighting inside the national front. told by his own daughter and members of the party he founded that he had committed a political fault, he shot back on a monday morning radio show. think the political fault
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lies with those who have aligned themselves with a single ideology because they want to be similar to other political parties. that is the wish of a few dinosaurs at the national front. they succeeded. but it is my belief they made a political error, not me. >> the controversy began with the pen posted his weekly online video. musicianssaid including a jury singer who criticized the far right party should be put in an oven. >> i am not surprised. we should make a full batch next time. >> the remark forced his daughter to distance herself saying his comments had a negative effect on the national front. having taken over the party from her father in 2011, she has been trying to reshape the national front's image as a mainstream contender rather than a fascist french party -- fringe party. it has been working.
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they received 25% of the vote in the may european elections. critics say his latest comments reveal the true nature of the national front. >> we have had enough of this strategy where he slips up while his party and its president insist it is independent, that they will be led by what her father says. thank you that they will not -- that they will not be led by what her father says. >> he has been condemned six times for racial hatred and denying the holocaust. >> can speak to jim shields, professor of french politics and had a french studies at aston university. thank you for being with us. this latest row will do nothing to help her in her attempts to form a parliamentary group in europe. >> no. while it was an outsider party with no pretensions to government, this sort of thing
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worked to bring publicity and reassure the more radical supporters the leaders still had the right instincts and prejudices. but times have changed. she wants to detoxify it to extend its appeal and make it a party of government. right now, she is trying to .uild an alliance of anti-e.u parties to join her. one has refused to work with a party he says has anti-semitism in its dna. this will hardly make an likely to change his mind. what about her pretensions of one day becoming the first party in france? this reminds case us of the fact that deep down french people know precisely what the national front stood for historically and within its he is the anti-semitism
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found so repelling? is partle pen has done of a provocative strategy he has been using for many years, saying something that seems racist, anti-semitic, were unacceptable and then claiming he is being willfully misinterpreted. it is about playing on ambiguity. he is just been in the headlines ebolas remarks about the virus solving the problems of immigration. is at it again. olaknow he said this about eb before the european elections and it did not seem to dent 4 ofr performance taking 1/ the votes and seats in the european parliament. it did not damage at the last time around. will it this time? we will have to see. parisminutes past 1:00 in paid the headlines this afternoon.
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27 people are thought to have been killed in a nightlong battle at pakistan's busiest airport. the 10 assailants are among the dead. pakistani taliban have claimed responsibility for the attacks saying they were seeking to avenge the killing of their leader in a drone strike last year. ovo'sn -- coso vote -- kos formal rebel leader has won the election and will have to deal with the problems of poverty and corruption but also with calls for an international court to hear allegations of human rights abuses during the civil -- kosovo's war. they're preparing to meet for the first bilateral talks in decades to find a route towards individual with thing of sanctions against toronto -- t ehran. we are going to have a look at the papers. will is here. hello.
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we will begin with the swearing in of egypt's president yesterday. >> the former military chief took the reins. "the wall street journal" is skeptical. it says his inauguration harked back to the rule of hosni mubarak. some people who led the revolutions of the past three years were not seen ceremonies at all. "the new york times" says it is back to rule by a strongman. it quotes an expert who says his victory was as certain as russia ratifying the takeover of ukraine's crimean peninsula. >> also making headlines in the international press, the d-day commemoration's we have been covering here the last few days. a lot of ink has been devoted to vladimir putin. headliner don't think france or the west will appreciate is "putin retakes normandie."
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it points the finger at president hollande for breaking ranks by inviting him. it says we don't recall the red army took part in d-day, but mr. hollande has missile cruisers to sell to moscow. this says the event is an honor putin does not deserve to attend. it says just three months ago, commentators were comparing the russian president to hitler and he should have never been allowed to attend the festivities where he could be treated like a george miller -- like a legitimate world leader. leader fromical russia has been speaking out against vladimir putin. >> there are billboards in downtown moscow say he's a national traitor. socialistself-styled who has often infuriated his fellow legislators. he's been the sole vote against
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the ban on international adoption and anti-gay legislation. "the post" says sadly he is one of the last opposition voices that can still be heard in moscow. >> and have also been dissenting opinions. >> one editorial says to prepare for war and not be sprayed it says a new cold war will be long and nasty and that threats of sanctions only belie europe's reluctance to start a trade war with russia. another piece says russia is on track to become another iran. has returned putin as president, he has managed politics in iran's style and set up a supreme leader whose authority cannot be challenged. and says the west worries iran is a nuclear state that -- rogue state that could go nuclear while russia is a nuclear state that could go rogue.
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>> what about the ukrainian crisis? >> this was written by former u.s. intelligence officer to the leader of the national front party in france. she sided with clinton on several issues of ukraine -- pu tin on several issues of ukraine. putin'sbehind deceptive style is a predator with contempt for france and europe. >> that is perhaps the least of the criticism she is hearing after her father and the founder of the party she has tried to rebrand made offensive comments. >> both are in hot water today to say the least. father," the says his remarks damage the party's mainstream appeal. she has been trying to invoke damage control saying the comments were a political error.
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polishy your efforts to the image took a blow but so did her attempt to organize an alliance to disrupt the european parliament. >> we have time for one more about a new fungus sweeping through coffee plantations worldwide. it could change what we jake in the morning. >> this is very serious, we should say. the british empire was the largest producer of coffee beans in the world. it was this fungus known as coffee rust that halted production in the late 1800s. since then, brits have been drinking tea, up to 1000 cups a year. the way it changed british drinking habits a century ago, it could change global habits today. this parasite has wreaked more than a billion dollars worth of damage throughout latin america and the caribbean. it speculates in the next
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billion years, coffee might not exist the way we know it. it speculates in the next 50 years, coffee might not exist the way we know it. >> we are going to have a look at the neatest sports headlines. italy laid down a marker at of the world cup opener against england with a 5-3 win over brazil. won over trinidad and to tobago before leaving for brazil. >> it is good for everybody. scoring eight goals is not easy, him if some say -- even if some say it was only jamaica. we also have to see what they've done before facing us. they did not suffer a thrashing. they never conceded more than two goals. they only beat them by scoring a goal in the 85th minute.
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it is to our credit and the credit of the players regarding what they have done. it is a good night to fill ourselves with confidence without going to brazil being overconfident. it is a good last warm-up game that ends three weeks of preparation. england scored a touchdown in brazil. they will be based in rio throughout the tournament and will train on a secure military base. they traveled from miami after their final warm-up game saturday evening. the 66-year-old coach content with his side's preparation. >> the week in miami has been superb. the temperatures and humidity have given us some idea of what we will find in brazil. now it is all about the real thing, getting on with the tournament. preparation is done. we feel we are in a good place.
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we will try to prove it on the field. >> he will now shift his attention to the first match of the tournament against italy on june 14. one i first game is the suppose is the main focus. once you play it again, you're into the tournament. the second and third games will become more mundane for you. certainly, the first game will allhe one that will occupy of our waking and probably sleeping moments for the next several days. >> with the italians first up, england will hope to get out of a tough group where they will face uruguay and costa rica. rafa nadal came from behind to win a record ninth french open title on sunday. he becomes the first man to win the roland garros trophy five years in a row.
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before he took center stage in the men's final in paris, maria sharapova to the chance to soak up her claim. epe russian beat simona hoal to win the second ever longest women's final ever. it was time to three hours and two minutes on court. she lifts the famous trophy for the second time in her career. murray has appointed ame mauresmo as his new coach. she will start working with him immediately. he has been without a coach since the departure of yvonne in march. ivan llendl the countdown to the tour de france has started in earnest. it was last year's winner who took the honors in the
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opening trial. putting aside the 2012 controversy, clocking an impressive 30 minutes and 13 seconds. >> it is fantastic to be back. expect that from today, such a short prologue. we are going to have to put our heads together tonight to work out how to tackle the next few days. we have all the big contenders here we expected. it is going to be a tough week, i think. >> plenty of other contenders at the criteria. the two-time winner.
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