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tv   Journal  LINKTV  June 12, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to the dw studios here in berlin. this is the journal. >> coming up on this program. >> a rack on the edge of splitting apart. -- iraq on the edge of splitting apart. and rescue workers prepare to save the badly injured scientist trapped the kilometer beneath the earth's surface.
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>> the battle of baghdad is taking shape at this hour with iraqi government forces digging in around the capital to hold a lightning offensive by islamists. >> his administration is looking at all option to aid the beleaguered government but has ruled out sending an american ground troops. >> alec he has called on all citizens to arm themselves and to attack the militants that continue to rapidly gain ground. >> made up of syria, iraq, and parts of turkey. >> these people are setting up tents in an open field. there are among hundreds of thousands after it was captured by the sunni militant group. the region is now on the frontline of a spiraling
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conflict. these internet images show fighting. iraqi state tv has shown footage of airstrikes on strongholds. the militants control the whole province including those of the capital. they have continued to advance south taking part in the province. security forces say there are night -- there are 90 kilometers from baghdad. the government is arming volunteers to help fight isis. this is one of the ways the prime minister hopes to hold off the rebels. another strategy to declare a state of emergency failed due to a lack of support. many mps did not turn up to vote. residents are increasingly anxious.
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>> we fear for the safety of our children. we are hearing from the media they are advancing into baghdad. we are living in fear. >> the situation in baghdad has been peaceful but there are fears it could change very quickly. >> one possible option is the u.s. president considering drone strikes on militant targets but in line with his new foreign policy also underscored the pharmacy as a way to end the fighting. here is some of what he had to say. >> in our consultations with the iraqis, there'll be some short-term immediate things that need to be done militarily, and the national security team is looking at all the options, but it should also be a wake-up call for the iraqi government.
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there has to be a political component to this so that the sunni and shia that care about building a functioning state that can bring about security and prosperity to all people come together and work diligently against these extremists. >> what do we know about this fighting force closing in on the capital? >> it looks at the fundamentalist group that apparently owes part of its latest battlefield successes to support from local iraqi tribes and affections within the army. >> battle hardened after years of fighting. >> much of their funding comes from the u.s. allies in saudi arabia. >> 2.5 years after troops pull out of iraq, they are sinking
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deeper into chaos. in the power vacuum left, new forces emerged. the root devices can be traced to al qaeda and iraq. its leader was killed by u.s. bombs in 2006. in 2013, isis was born. now opposed to al qaeda, the group wants to create an islamic state that includes iraq and syria. isis is now in control. many claim the group gets financial backing from qatar and saudi arabia. tactics and use of suicide bombers -- there are three main
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groups that make up the population of iraq. the north of the country is controlled by the kurds that govern the semiautonomous region of kurdistan. in the southeast, mainly shia muslims. the west is home to the sunni muslim minority. the group's recent success in iraq is causing increasing concern. >> let's crossover to a mideast analyst with the jamestown foundation and joins us. is it a radical spinoff? or is this overseeing a popular uprising in iraq.
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>> initially in iraq, and after the crisis, they also headed into syria. it is now one of the biggest activist groups in the region and maybe the world. it is not very popular among the population. but a lot of them -- that is one of the reasons why isis be -- can be so effective. >> thousands of iraqis have been called upon to take up arms and try to look at what is like full-grown invasion. >> they are strongest in the sunni provinces.
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>> if they can completely take over baghdad, i don't think so. >> what impact is this fighting having on turkey? >> the biggest border of turkey, it is now controlled by isis in their are a lot of oil resources. turkey has big influences. they are probably worried about the population, the turkish speaking minority. they're also worried about security because they recently kidnapped certain turkish diplomats. >> please look after yourself. >> i will.
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>> isis is known for its ferocity where fighters remain active, behind some of the fighting that has forced 40,000 civilians to apply for asylum. >> they hinted at plans to accept 10,000 refugees. speaking at the event. here is more. >> this man has lived through the horrors of war? one of the relatively few syrians to make it to europe, he arrived in germany seven months ago. he has escaped the fighting but the conflict continues to torment him.
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>> i feel like a failure. my future has been stolen from me. a free and beautiful city like berlin. >> 35,000 more refugees have arrived at their own accord. it is a small number. >> i would like to see germany except a lot more refugees, especially children. they haven't been to school for two years and are traumatized by the war. >> mps agree that germany should be doing more. >> what we are experiencing is a humanitarian catastrophe. the greatest humanitarian
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catastrophe, the largest exodus imaginable. it has a population of 4 million and has taken in one million refugees. that is an incredible contribution and the think the european community should be taking a much more active role. >> this man is glad to be in a place of safety but is critical of the drawnout application process. many of his friends had to wait for six months to find out if germany would let them in. >> the crisis in the middle east, especially iraq is pushing up the price of oil. this has investors worried, so let's take a quick look at thursday's market numbers.
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at 3284 in new york, the dow jones industrial is currently very deep in negative territory. the euro trading for one u.s. dollar, 3564. >> to afghanistan when a country has seen its efforts to foster democracy suffer a real blow after a top contender in the presidential elections narrowly surviving an assassination attempt unharmed. >> speaking with uw two days ahead of the presidential runoff vote. he told us what he believes the election winner will need to bring stability to the country in the coming months and years. >> the afghan presidential hopeful was not unnerved by last week's assassination attempt. he remained on the election trail until campaigning formally ended.
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a veteran of afghan politics, he has a reputation as a fighter and resisted the soviet occupation of the 1980's and helped overthrow the taliban. the group no longer rules the country. >> having just peace, is that the state or the leadership that will have to pursue that? >> building long-lasting peace will be a difficult challenge as us-led combat troops withdraw. that he sees significant potential in afghanistan. >> there are lot of riches in this country, human resources and natural resources.
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prioritizing the needs of economic development, creating an environment for investment and fighting this corruption. >> final preparations are underway for the ballot. he is widely regarded as the front-runner but there is a chance that his rival, and academic and former world bank economist all managed to pull off a surprise victory. >> the ukraine is accusing russia of sending tanks across the border and a phone call to president vladimir putin. the president says the situation is unacceptable. they deny sending troops or equipment into eastern ukraine. >> the osce secretary-general visited the eastern ukraine refugees that have fled into neighboring russia. thousands escape the fighting in the eastern region and are now living in refugee camps near the border town.
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calling for an immediate cease-fire. after a short break, the fee for soccer world cup is about to kick off. >> welcome back. less than an hour away from the start of the 2014 soccer world cup in the opening match between brazil and croatia. instead, it has been more street protests that plague the buildup. >> five people were injured. when police clashed with demonstrators were the opening match is being held, they fired tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets as protesters tried to block one of the roads. many are angry at the runaway cost of the tournament and they say the money should have been spent better. you see it is
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earlier in the day but as a time to kick off countdown, the excitement has been building for the world's biggest sporting event. >> thousands of been arriving. a win on home turf would be a soccer fairytale for brazil which celebrates the beautiful game like few others do. result a has five world titles. the biggest soccer match in croatia's history. >> brazil are one of the favorites of course and are under enormous pressure.
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we asked if they can get the campaign moving against croatia. >> i think they will have to get it off to a flying start. a huge amount of pressure on their backs. this is a whole different kettle of fish. the old nation is really very focused on this match, hoping it's going to go well. the politicians and police are hoping it will go well. this is the best croatian team since 1998. they are run by a very inexperienced and well-known tanager in germany. he is bringing new ideas to the team. they have a fantastic midfield. they will play their part tonight. result has been booed in their most recent friendly's. they could play into croatia's hands. any nerves at all visible from the home side, it will not be a walkover.
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>> and that was our world cup correspondent from rio de janeiro in brazil. >> 32 countries are taking part in the world cup. every country will be the one taking home the coveted -- the coveted trophy. >> and we go to brazil for this year's games. >> the heart of this year's fee for world cup is where you can meet soccer stars at the beach. it's also the place where the tournament will be decided. right here at the americana stadium. but who will take the cup home this time? those with special links agree for a change. >> brazil will win the final. brazil will lifted the trophy.
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>> brazilians believe that two. >> the brazilian squad has many stars. the expectations are high. >> germany also wants to win. the squad has a lot of experience playing in the world cup. >> there are a lot of injuries and royces out. -- royce is out. i don't think germany will make
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it. spain will win again. >> gorging on a major title in recent years, but there is always room for another world cup. there are many other favorites for the big win. >> columbia. argentina. >> and in one month on july 13, we will know for sure who has won the world cup this time. >> not just players and fans are warming up, retailers and business owners are trying to get a slice of the tournaments revenue pie. >> flat screen tvs, gear, they are on the up and up. if the impact has even been felt in local supermarkets. >> a sea of flags.
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over two and a half thousand -- they notice their customers are more spontaneous than usual during the tournament. >> the great thing about the world cup is it really is international. using the occasion to promote understanding. during the tournament, we have a promotion called the world champion invites you for a meal. people can organize a breakfast or evening with their friends. >> giveaways are very popular during the tournament. collectible stickers of the players. many companies want to get involved in the world's biggest soccer tournament. the milk and yogurt to potato salad, there are ads for sweepstakes and images of soccer balls.
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the even associate dishwashing detergent with the big event but advertising executives have doubts. >> the brands connection with the world cup and the message conveyed by the brand should have some credibility. it is clear people eat snacks in front of the tv and they are going to drink beer or cola. but the connection to detergent you really have to think about that one for a while. >> we ask customers what they think about the hype. >> it doesn't appeal to me at all? >> i look to see what it is so i think it is good advertising. >> the supermarket staff joined in the fun by donning supermarket t-shirts and staff.
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>> for us, it's like a second skin. >> shoppers should get the feeling that they are at the stadium and perhaps even winning something. >> we are moving on this in different news now to india where police are investigating a wave of horrific gang grapes and murders in the north of the country. >> a body of a woman has been found when touched. >> for local police officers themselves accused of raping a different case. >> the woman says she was gang rate by four officers at a police station. she was forced to pay a bribe to secure the release of her husband. >> they fouled a complaint.
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i have ordered an investigation into the matter. >> the latest in the series of crimes. met you -- many were found hanging from a tree. two more women have been found dead in similar circumstances. protesters and opposition politicians have called on the state government to resign. the chief minister has promised measures to improve policing. violence against women permeates society. they touched on wednesday making the issue a priority. >> in germany, doctors have reached an explorer trapped about 1000 meters underground in the country's deepest alpine caves.
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>> the scientist was caught in a rockslide on sunday. getting him out is expected to take days. >> this is our rescuers bring him back to the surface if everything goes to plan. his rescue will be much tougher than this rescue service training exercise. because he is trapped in a hole that is much deeper than this one. >> rescuing someone so deep underground is extremely challenging. rescuers have no idea how far they will make it or if they will make it at all. >> setting up by you backs -- bayou vacs. they want to reach one of the stations every day but it only works if the patient condition
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doesn't deteriorate. >> how can he make it up on his own? you have to pass through narrow passages. of course, he won't climb the rope on his own. he will be stretched out. >> it will be a tough mission for the rescuers. he is trapped in one of the deepest and most convoluted caves. >> we wish the rescuers all the best. >> about half an hour to go to kick off time. if you minutes to make it to the refrigerator and we will see you again at the top of the hour. >> thanks for watching.
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new in the first word story, and almost be kickoff in são paulo, shaping up to be the among -- among the most watched in history. people worldwide are thought to be tuning into the opening ceremony which will be followed by the opening match between brazil and croatia. s dan leavy is in são paulo. hello to you.


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