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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  June 20, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the newsroom in paris. sunni top cleric says militants must be expelled from the country before it is too hee as barack obama says will send 300 military advisers to try and help the iraqi army stopped the isis advance. the ukrainian president unveils a peace plan to stop the progression insurgency in the east. new fighting has reportedly left another 300 dead. upping the stakes. sweetenineering giants countryd for the french
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to try and beat out ge. this hour, french football fans are gearing up for the match against switzerland. they are raring to go after winning their first game against honduras. this world refugee day, we will take a closer look at the situation surrounding syria. the country is in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. top shiite cleric says isis must be expelled from the country before it is too late. he had already called for all
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iraqis to join the armed forces without specifying a religion, clearly outline a cross sectarian push. many fear the conflict is heading to a split of iraq along sectarian lines. speaking thursday in washington, president obama challenged the iraqi prime minister to create a more inclusive government or risk sending his country into civil war. mustove all, iraqi leaders rise above their differences and come together around a political plan for iraq's future. iraqisunni, kurds, all must have confidence they can advance their interests and aspirations through the political process rather than through violence. it is not the place for the united states to choose iraq's leaders. it is clear only leaders that can govern with an inclusive agenda are going to be able to truly bring the iraqi people together and help them through the crisis. >> barack obama offered up to
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300 u.s. military advisers to help train iraqi forces. washington has been firm about not sending ground troops into iraq to directly stop isis. the sunni radical group has seized several key cities in iraq and is setting its sights on baghdad. for the moment, isis has halted ay but thes' drive aw capital is fearing the worst. >> calm in baghdad as the city lies in wait, covered in u.s. equipment. iraqi soldiers in the capital have their fingers resting on triggers. around the city, these are everywhere. rumors circulating the jihadist advance feed a nervous atmosphere. people fear of conflict as his authority sneaked into the city and could be waiting to act from within.
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for everyone here, war has been waged. >> we will crush them. recruits are sorted into groups. these men have never held a weapon before. they are about to be taken on accelerated training course. these men are language students, proud to show off the uniforms they have just bought. they brush aside their fears of coming up against hardened fighters. >> it does not where they send me. i will go. >> those who can read and write, this way. >> officials at the scene say these men will not be sent to the front line but will help to hold down recaptured towns. in a sunni neighborhood, the market is a most deserted. some minorities are suspected of complicity with the rebels. >> we fear terrorists getting into baghdad.
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it is not just because of the radical laws. we are scared because they kill people. >> off camera, others said they are waiting for the jihadists to freedom. frozen in fear, baghdad is more divided than ever. in eastern ukraine, fierce fighting is in the second day. 300 pro-russian separatists were killed on thursday. russia has again deployed troops on the border despite the ukrainian president's proposed cease-fire. we have the details. announcedan president a unilateral cease-fire plan and offered separatists a way out of the conflict. the pro-russian fighters have yet to hand over their weapons grade many do not trust the government to keep their word on an honesty -- on amnesty. >> where would we go? they have announced they would put us into concentration camps. >> moscow seems just as
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skeptical. he says he is gravely concerned as military buildup its military presence along the border. >> we call on russia to stop support for pro-russian armed gangs in eastern ukraine. we call on russia to stop destabilizing the situation in eastern ukraine. >> russia is turning the screw. it has suspended guest liveries to ukraine in attempts to to joint pipeline a project. . >> a large portion of the gas russia provides to your goes pipelines.aine's in theory without russia's participation, no one would be interested in ukraine's gas transit system. presidently elected and his cabinet are determined to keep steering the country
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towards europe. then june 27, i will sign e.u. agreement. >> european leaders have called russian president vladimir putin to urge him to bring an end to the standoff. >> for more, let's bring in our moscow correspondent. there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the russian-ukraine border. tell us what is happening on the ukrainian side. >> ukraine said its military forces have restored control of its border with russia. ukraine's defense minister made the announcement early friday. according to him, this means ukrainian forces can prevent military equipment being wrought from russia to ukraine by pro-russian separatists. representatives of the people's republic of china asked -- donetsk denies this. the move to close the border
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seems to be part of the peace plan that will be made public later on friday. some details have emerged already. one of the proposals is to build a buffer zone on the russian-ukrainian border. many analysts are skeptical ukraine has enough resources to effectively control the border with russia. >> on thursday, nato accused russia of building up its troops on its side of the border again, something russia has tonight. >> that is right. russia ofccused building thousands of troops on its border with ukraine. the secretary-general of nato called it a regrettable step backwards. on friday, moscow denied this. spokesman said the troops are there to control the border with ukraine. apparently, this was part of vladimir putin's order made two
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weeks ago to tighten control of the border to prevent illegal crossings of separatists from russia to ukraine. at the same time, vladimir putin and poroshenko have held conversations this week. they were discussing the of ukraine and also his peace plan. vladimir putin approached him to talk. moscow is sending signals to ukraine with troops on the border. >> thank you. a suicide bomber has blown himself up at a checkpoint in lebanon. the assailant was stopped at the checkpoint to be searched when he set off his explosives leaving two dead. our reporter joins us from beirut. tell us more about the attack. itit wasn't a checkpoint --
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was at a checkpoint. 37 people died in the explosion. about 15 to 20 kilograms of explosives used. most people are traveling on a bus to the valley, but also soldiers. one soldier died and six have been wounded. there was another checkpoint further down that belongs to the army. washead of general security at the checkpoint minutes ago fueling speculation perhaps it was a targeted assassination. that is not the only thing happening today. there was also a raid on a hotel in beirut in an attempt to blow up the speaker of the house. that has been linked to isis, the same group operating in iraq. a very tumultuous day for lebanon today from stream us from isis and things we do not know yet. it is clear the bomb came from beirut. the bombs used to come from syria, so a new group acting on
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the ground here. >> this is the first suicide attack since march. is there anything to be read into the timing of this attack? >> the timing is just before the holy month of ramadan, which is always a month that draws a lot of tourists to lebanon. tourism has suffered recently because of the security situation, but things are improving. the king of saudi arabia lifted the travel ban. it is hoping tourists will return, big spenders. two attacks before the season starts seems to be planned so tourists will not come and lebanon continues in instability. >> thank you. railway workers are continuing their strike for a 10th day. there is some good news for weary travelers. train traffic is closer to normal. many train drivers have voted to get that to work. the overall number of strikers
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has been on a downward spiral since last week. rail workers have been protesting a series of new reforms on the service. the fight for french company -- the french company is heating up as siemens, mitsubishi, and general electric each bump up their bids to win over the government. >> upping the stakes in the stretch. general electric is improving its offer for the energy branch of the french group. ge is ready to create two point -- joint ventures in the parable -- power sector and a noble injured --renewable energy. the american giant is also signaling interests. boss insists it is a tantalizing offer. france andes jobs in
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ensures the name wonder. -- will endure. >> these moves are to appeal jobs -- concerns over jobs and the sensitive nuclear industry. the chief executives of both companies are set to meet the french president friday afternoon. ahead of the meeting, the prime minister triumphed the government contributions. >> if it were not for the companynt actions, the today would be unconditionally in the hands of general electric. theave strengthened independent capacities of our country through this to create -- decree i signed with economy minister. from thees a rival bid german-japanese partnership that upped its bid on friday.
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the ge bid is said to be its final. will take its peak between the two on monday. >> let's take a look at the headlines. iraq top shiite cleric says isis must be expelled from the country before it is too late. barack obama says he will send 300 military advisers to try to help the iraqi army stop the isis events. -- advance. the ukrainian president unveiled a piece plan. new fighting has reportedly left another 300 dead. upping the stakes. mitsubishi have sweetened their bid for the french company, increasing their offer by more than one billion euros to be out ge -- beat out ge.
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it is time to take a look at what weekly magazines have been saying. lots of focus on the continuing crisis in iraq. >> things are moving very quickly. this says the jihadist offensive in iraq is destabilizing the whole region. it talks about an implosion in the middle east. it looks at how various media is covering the violence in iraq. an article from the "new york focuses on the big winner of the situation, iran. it says as the u.s. hesitates as to how it should react, iran is stepping in to fill the void. the malikid to back government and has already sent elite forces into iraq to help the iraqi army. the rest ofrticle,
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the international community is criticized for the fact it is not reacting to this violence, not doing enough to stop the violence in iraq but syria as well. you can see some western leaders their eyes,ls in blinding them, that being the world cup. you can see the below with big smiles on their faces saying this is awesome, we have four weeks without referees. basically they can wage war. the syrianfocus on state of isis. >> it focuses on how things have changed since 2003. you can see the statue of saddam hussein being will down. in 2014, you see a statue of an isis fighter being pulled up. they are trying to understand who or what isis is an focuses leader, thesterious
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new osama bin laden according to them. of iraqcontrol of 1/3 and plans on making it a real state. he wants to put in place an islamic caliphate. >> much has been made of how internet savvy isis is. it often uses the internet to get fighters from abroad to come in its struggle. that is a technique being used by more jihadist groups. >> this is worrying european authorities because a lot of european citizens are going to wage jihad in syria and iraq. this focuses on the case of one man, a franco algerian. he spent 15 months reportedly in syria where he joined the ranks of the front and was arrested upon his return to france. the french authorities suspect him of being part of a terrorist
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ring plotting attacks in france. the fact he went from france to syria represents the worst nightmare of european authorities. >> let's move on to something different. this magazine is focusing on the political situation in morocco. >> morocco seems to have avoided a lot of the post arab spring turmoil other countries have experienced. morocco isers how really doing. you can see a photo of the king. according to this, morocco faces a lot of challenges, even though some argue it has missed the arab spring altogether. it takes a look at what the challenges are. basically, shoring up the diversifyingances, the economy, and reducing inequalities. it says morocco is at a crossroads. >> let's go to the united states
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where the cover has drawn criticism. >> that is right. let's take a look at the cover. this is "new york" magazine. it talks about the pervert case of terry richardson. he is a famous fashion who has been accused multiple times of inappropriate sexual behavior, especially with models he worked with. richardson has always argued the women involved in these cases of sexual abuse new what they were getting into. let's tak they look at what comes next. ofis an essay or profile terry richardson. the magazine wonders if he is an artist or a predator. why has this drawn a lot of criticism or controversy? critics say the whole article glosses over his shady past and
5:50 am -- absolves it basically claims he's a tortured artist. there has been a lot of reaction. i pulled out one from the feminist blog. it says the magazine wonders whether he is an artist or a predator. the answer is he is both. several models that have accused him of sexual abuse have come out to say this piece in the magazine poorly represents their side of the story. if you're interested, there is a lot of reaction online. >> let's end on a happier note. >> who is on the cover again? it is prince george. he is taking his first steps. you can see him and his mom's -- in his mom's arms. they have his first steps. if you need some this case is they havee escapism,
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a special issue on paris this week. secret treasures, sights to see, places to visit. it is good if you plan on visiting paris. it is also great if you live here. >> maybe i will take that magazine. thank you. time for sports. you guessed it, the world cup. >> action in brazil tonight when they take on switzerland in their second game. both sides won their openers which means this match could decide who wins the group. concerns in the french camp over the groin strain dismissed by the coach. as far as he is concerned, he's fully fit. there are no concerns over him. he did a full session of training today. yesterday was just a precaution. he did very well. there are no problems. we are on a schedule where we have a game every five days. we have all worked hard to be ready.
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the players know each other well. all 23 of them are ready to go. the french were impressive during their dismantling of honduras in the opening match. they are wary of the swiss, ranked sixth in the world. >> this is going to be a very difficult match. it is going to be tough and challenging. when you look at what happened in the other groups, there are no minor teams. there are no minor matches. you have to take everyone seriously. you have to give your best and do your utmost to win every time. won five years ago. they beat ecuador. that has given them real believe they can reach the last 16. win againstood ecuador, we have been discussing that victory peewee really
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believe in ourselves. we believe in our mission. i think after the opening match, the team is more relaxed. a little bit cooler. france is going to be the next highlight, perhaps almost like a final. we want to deliver a top performance. win in sides no know a this match will take them to the next round. they want to avoid the possibility of meeting argentina in the round of 16. columbia have secured their place in the last 16 after a win in group c. greece held on for a draw with japan. any of the other three could still make it through.
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england are on the verge of elimination after giving uruguay a win. the liverpool striker opened the scoring six months before halftime. england leveled in the 75th minute thanks to his first ever goal at a world cup. they consigned the english to their second defeat. uruguayan about the football history. they always do well in defense. the football education regarding defense is very good. this couple is amazing. the synchronism is great. they know each other very well. it is a very good team. they were fourth in south africa. they were one of the top
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favorites for the world cup for me. first match will look for italy to build on their win over england when they take on costa rica. it will be tough on both teams. the italian coach has reason to be wary of costa rica after they stunned uruguay. the main thing about our opponents is they probably know us very well. they will have studied our performances closely. rds ofave three forwa great quality. >> mario has been linked with a possible move after the world cup. he got a winner against england. he says he is not thinking about his image. >> i hope this is italy's world cup and not mario's. i play for italy.
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it does not interest me to play the role of a great star because it is the entire team that wins. is the whole team in the world cup. goalkeeper who missed the gg99ññwççñmw
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>> hello. i am dr. and kendra. >> welcome. >> well there it is bozo bites, or surgery, we will keep you up- to-date. >> -- bugs or bites


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