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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  June 20, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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crisis in iraq, mounting pressure on the prime minister thereto resigned. the countries most senior shiite toric says that iraq needs form an effective government. ukraine's president has announced a weeklong cease-fire. part of the big question, will it convince pro-russian rebels in the east to stick to his peace plan? there are still no agreement at the latest round of talks on iran's nuclear program wrapup. iran will not accept what it calls world powers excessive demands.
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>> thank you very much for joining us. with thearting off world cup and france is heading into the second group game against switzerland in high spirits after a winning start against honduras in their first match. that game is picking off in salvador right about now. stan leavy is in brazil covering the world cup. france is feeling very confident going into this match. this is a very different atmosphere compared to the last world cup. ago toourse, four years the day, france was failing to give up because they were on strike and now of course
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competing with a chance to make it through. the french side taking on the swiss. the swiss are ranked sixth in the world. they feel they have a good chance of making it past. the last-minute goal to win their opening goal. the game underway, couple of changes in the starting lineup. coming in to find it. probably moving up. exchanging positions during the game. a change of midfield as well. coming into the midfield three. the french side has every reason to really go for it today because not only have they secured qualification if they went but a victory also means that they only need only a draw in their second game. still, the top spot of the group.
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faceey are likely to argentina. >> and here indeed. let's look at another match that was played this friday. another surprise result. costa rica against italy. >> another big surprise. it has been an exciting all the way through. a big shock, spain goes out after the two matches. the surprise really, is costa rica going through. it is the first time since 1990 they have done so. they are in a group with uruguay, and england. they have now beaten uruguay and italy. they will now play the england side. veryat would be a surprising results but you never know with this world cup. the matchep a look on
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here. let's get the latest international news for you. the continuing crisis in iraq. in friday prayers, the senior and influential shiite cleric has added pressure on the prime minister to resign. he wrote that iraq needed a new and effective government. the battle against isis militants rages on on several different fronts. >> renewed shelling by iraqi forces, this time in the mountains north of baghdad where isis insurgents are believed to be hiding. fierce battles raging elsewhere across the north and center, the prime minister is under growing pressure to put an end to the insurgents advance. already, some are hinting that he might not be the right man to steer iraq out of the storm. on friday, the country's highest
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cleric stressed that a new government should be set up quickly, now that the recent election results have been ratified. >> it is important that the blocks open dialog to form an effective government, largely excitable to all in order to open new horizons for better future for all iraqis. >> there was more bad news on thursday when washington said it would not carry out immediate airstrikes nor put u.s. boots on the ground. the white house suggests the iraqi leader would do best by standing down among for now at least obama is offering 300 military advisers. on the streets of an intense baghdad, this is divided over the u.s. president petitioned. >> it cannot be solved through military intervention, it has to be solved through diplomatic and political channels. forcess the american duty to protect the american people -- to protect the iraqi
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people. >> the iraqis are far from united. tensions are growing. i friday, 30 shiite militia >>'s were killed in clashes the u.s. is sending in 300 military advisers to help the weakened army. members of the american special operations forces will be assisting the iraqi military in their planning and carrying out the counteroffensive. president obama stop short of accepting a call for the u.s. to carry out airstrikes. let's get more on this. we are joined by a specialist in international security and policy. thank you for being with us. military advisers, would make a difference? is this in any way en masse? >> a don't think it is enough.
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it seems as though it has two primary functions, one is to advise the army, which after all the american armed forces were supposed to have trained back before they left. the second much more important task, to assess the situation on the ground and the relationship between the sunni provinces, particularly the sunni tribes on the one hand and these radical jihad is on the other hand. if that relationship appears to be going south, then the americans believe that those sort of operations they pulled off in 2007 which was called the andy barr awakening of using the sunni tribes to actually chase out al qaeda. that sort of operation may be possible again. explain the ground to see what sorts of rules might be possible. having said that, i think it is clear that obama does not want to intervene and this is under tremendous pressure from
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republican elements not to be appearing week. this is the one thing that he is terribly afraid of electoral he even though on the ground it seems like they have been imposing that there is very very little support for any significant intervention. >> washington is becoming ever more critical of the iraqi prime minister. do you think the obama administration is actively pushing for him to resign? well, he has not yet been reappointed after the elections. go.ybody wants maliki to ink in the last elections 2010, nobody really expected him to prevail because he did it when the elections. the winner should have taken the prime minister ship. consummatehe
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political operator. to be able to manipulate and hang on. the results of the last elections earlier this year were really negative for everybody. it is not at all clear, people are talking very gaily about a unity government. thes all clear that either kurds or the sunnis or indeed different factions among the shia in the government would really want to do that. of margin to maneuver. i think the more serious problem call from the grand ayatollah suggested that he should go. >> we will leave it there. thank you very much for joining us. >> the ukraine new president has announced a unilateral weeklong cease-fire starting from this friday running until june the
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27th. there has been continued violence in eastern ukraine with pro-russian rebels fighting ukrainian forces. the new president hopes the cease-fire will allow him to launch a cease-fire for the region. said thatn official friday has redeployed significant military forces near its border with the ukraine and they have stockpiled extra tanks and artillery. the white house spokesman says the u.s. will not accept the use of any russian military forces interesting ukraine. onthe clashes continued friday as president announced a weeklong cease-fire. he said it was a grace. for russian separatists to lay down their weapons but warned that the forces was still returned fire if they come under attack. the seven-day cease-fire is the first death 14 point peace plan. this calls for the immediate disarmament of rebels and promises to decentralize power or constitutional reform.
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this drops any criminal charges against separatist fighters who created no serious crimes. hidden away for mercenaries to exit the conflict zone. this calls on local government audits to resume their operation. addressed to have some of the russians concerns. it guarantees protecting the russian language and eastern regions. they consult local leaders on who should be appointed governor. the plan follows two phone calls . the kremlin says it supports efforts to de-escalate tension, it says the cease-fire was not a peace offer but rather an ultimatum to the pro-russian rebels who have yet to clarify whether they will abide by the terms and lay down their arms. >> the deadline to strike a major deal on iran posner the program is looming. it's coming up on july 20. it seems that talks on putting
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that together are not moving fast. the latest round of negotiations has just wrapped up with iran saying there is no agreement between it and the six world powers. the talks are said to get going again on july the second. let's get more on this with the research director at the national in reigning american council. i asked him whether that deadline can indeed be met. >> i think on this issue, both parties deserve a lot of credit because they have repeatedly stated their belief that it can get done by the soft deadline of july 20. also acknowledging that they need to go for a couple of weeks are a couple of months beyond that deadline. it would not be the end of the world and it could potentially happen. both sides are serious. they have their eyes on the prize and that is all you can really ask for. they are in the 11th hour where
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the difficult decisions have to be made. >> nuclear enrichment. iran is insisting that it has the right to do that. will the government move on this issue? >> fortunately, what has allowed these to move into the 11th hour to this unprecedented level they have reached is that both sides have agreed that in any final deal there would be enrichment on iranian soil. the question isn't about whether or not there would be enrichment, the disagreement stems over what levels of enrichment would be allowed. the u.s. is pushing for an extremely minimal amount. iran is pushing for a large amount. now, the real question is about the two sides to absorb and self copper mines on this issue so that nobody gets everything that they want but they compromise enough so that they get a better deal than they would if no deal was had. >> time for a reminder of our news headlines. iraq, therisis in
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pressure mounting on the prime minister to resign. the country's most senior shiite cleric says that iraq now needs to form an effective government. ukraine's present has announced the unilateral cease-fire. at the question, will it convince pro-russian rebels in the east to stick to the peace plan? there still no agreement on the latest round of iran posner nuclear program. iran says it will not accept what it calls world powers excessive demands. now for a look at the very latest business news. markus karlsson is here with us. first, the government is taking sides isn't it in the race for the french engineering. >> hello. yes, indeed, the french government has thrown its weight behind the american firm general
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electric. there are some strings attached. ge is now in the pole position ahead of the arrival from germany's siemens and mitsubishi heavy industries. the economy minister says that the government is in favor of a 50-50 partnership. this is in line with the revised the chief executive. as part of the deal, the french government would get a veto in the new business of this partnership and a surprise move, the government wants to buy a 20% stake. the minister would like to preserve france's national interest and says that that stake is a key condition in number two back ge. a 50-50 alliance in energy. between general electric and the
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french government. it is an alliance where the state is today, where the state will be the guarantor that often continues to exist. >> meeting to discuss the backing of general electric. effectively up to the board to decide which job to go for. with governmental backing, ge is going to be in france. we will stay in france. the real strike started last week and it appears to be petering out. more and more workers are going back to the jobs. this comes after the bill which should write smart -- strike in thethe first place has been amended. the strike is becoming clearer. >> as the strike stretches on,
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the union action cost it dear. >> in the 10th day of the strike, the total cost is more than 160 million euros. that presents 15 new trains that we cannot purchase. of 160 millionl euros, this is split at least three ways. it includes tickets that weren't sold. refunds to passengers and the cost of replacement bus services. this who was suspended and he has yet to be calculated. the strike action is also hurting businesses that rely on rail. this cement works has its own rail lines to receive deliveries from around france. rather than the usual delivery, only two trains have arrived. backompany has had to fall on deliveries by lori. >> it costs twice as much as by train.
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today, we estimate the cost to company at around 100,000 euros since the start of the strike. >> that is far from a minnesota case. freight uses association estimate the cost at one million euros a day. small businesses are suffering. workers and clients struggling to cope with the consequences of the strike. >> because of the road traffic and we have not been able to work on our smaller sites. 300-400 euros a day. >> lysis of this type not covered by insurance. days, the strike might be running out of steam. the passengers and freight services are only barely returning to normal. >> we have about 40 minutes or so left of trading over on wall street. we are seeing the indices on track to extend gains from earlier this week.
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the dow jones industrial average is almost up 2/10 of one percent. the nasdaq is lagging behind the two other main indices. still, above the flat line. the markets are struck enough concerns over the turmoil in europe, the indices were more mixed. we saw the dax in frankfurt, below the flat line. the london ftse 100 was up about a quarter of one percent. it was boosted by another round of mna action in the health sector. if we take a closer look at why we saw the ftse trade higher, shire pharmaceuticals has projected to take over a bid worth $46 billion. the committee says the offer from its american rival undervalues the firm. the stock markets appear to be betting that the story doesn't end there. the share price in 17% higher on the session as investors
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any other actor may sweeten and come out the new offer. the swiss bank ubs is facing pressure controversy. the head in belgian has been charged with money laundering. allegations that he advise wealthy clients to stash their cash in offshore accounts to evade taxes. the -- it'sto make gateway to europe. tour of a three-day another european country. china is interested to buy us take in the port authority.
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that is the business news. it is back to you. >> thanks very much. now, it is time to find out what has been generating hits online. >> welcome to the web news. show, up on today's iraqis are saying no to isis. a crowd funding campaign to and the ocean plastic bruce lee of bartending. fighters from the islamic state of iraq and greater syria continue their advance in northern baghdad, a growing are slammingqis
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the jihadist attack. thousands have joined the social media campaign going for an end .o the violence in iraq many have taken to twitter to announce -- to announce the atrocities committed by the militants. the online movement has given rise to a campaign. here are some of the pictures doing the rounds. opposition leaders are voicing opposition, rejecting
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sectarianism. they are sharing their hopes, fears, and concerns for the country and that they will pray for iraq. canyon web users have been that they gonding into molly in pursuit of al-shabaab militants. this comes after fresh terrorist acts in kenya. this is trending on social networks, some are voicing a different sentiment. they're looking to continue their mission to put an end to al-shabaab activity once and for all. a 19-year-old dutch student wants to rid the oceans of the tons of plastic. his project is looking to develop a funneling system using
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the current stochastic debris which would then be recycled. the technology would produce ocean pollution in record time. social networks have been won over by the idea. he said if a crowd funding campaign to get the technology properly up and running. pledges total over $620,000 in just two weeks. but, the ocean cleanup project has drawn some criticism. in a piece on -- to my cj wilson says no scientist or colleges believe it is a viable way of cleaning up the ocean. he explains the ocean is too fast for this type of technology to work and that the plastic harvested cannot be recycled. he also says that sea life would be harmed.
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they have addressed the arguments. he concludes by saying that there is always criticism for new projects, things that have ever been done before and there will no doubt be more fault finders along the way. this info graphic put together shows how many of the d.c. and marvel characters come with pretty healthy bank balances. has over 100 billion dollars. batman is not doing too bad either. he has vast amounts of assets, a huge mansion, as well as all manner of costly vehicles. showsily overview website captivating images of earth from the great wall of china, the
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venetian lagoon. they want to change the way web users see the world and it gives them the opportunity to look down and view the earth as a whole. also showed the human impact on the environment. gg99ññwççñmw
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>> from pacifica, this is democracy now! my whole neighborhood looked at me strange. you get the how are you doing but you also have the bull's-eye on your back. the city of new york has reportedly reached a $40 million settlement with the central park five, the five black and latino men arrested


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