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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 1, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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. protesters storm briefly forcing it off the air. they're trying to get the -- to the prime minister's residence to get him out of the office. >> the ukrainian president has opened -- as president starts talking about stated. -- statehood. violence in a rock left 1400 dead with almost the same number
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hurt. coming up, samsung versus iphone that the biggest gadget show in europe. samsung will try to grab the spotlight ahead of the iphone launch. you will need -- meet kenya's new anti-poaching team. we will start in pakistan where protesters are getting closer to the prime minister's residence. they invaded the state television, the first time they have taken a state building since the protest began two weeks ago.
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protesters want to bring down the prime minister and the protest turned deadly over the weekend. clashes left three dead. the prime minister met with the military chief, the meeting ended not long ago. what have we learned? >> the meeting ended about 15 minutes ago and after that, the prime minister has moved from the location and is now in a meeting with the other parliamentarians. what we are getting information from, whatever was discussed at the meeting and the prime minister, in front of the opposition parties and tomorrow we have -- there has been a
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parliament session called in. local media has reported at the meeting the military chief -- they want the prime minister to resign. these are only rumors. some people are saying that the prime minister might come out strong and might even say something about the military's role in this. there is a lot of rumormongering happening. the houses have denied any kind of resignation or any indication of resignation but -- just came in on top of his container and set in a few hours we would the hearing good news. the situation has reached a culmination point. >> much of the protest movement
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has been fueled by the belief that the election was rigged. >> we saw him except these election results and form a government in the province. he has a government in one of the provinces in elections which he alleged were rigged. all avenues of negotiation have been closed by the government and the government is not listening to them. a lot of political observers feel that this is not about
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election rigging but about -- coming into france, being pushed . the military does not like --. we have seen that in the 1990's. -- came into power and put -- onto trial. this is all about the civil military imbalance. every time -- demands are met they come up with new demands. it is about the imbalance which they want to bring back into the favor of the military. >> thank you.
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russian president vladimir putin is raising the stakes on the conflict in ukraine. he blamed kiev for refusing to enter into direct political talks. for the first time ever he used the word statehood for the region. >> meaningful talks should begin immediately concerning not only technical issues but related to society's political organization. >> much has been made out of the choice of word used to say statehood by vladimir putin. douglas herbert told us more about the nuances in regard to that. >> he meant statehood and
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nationhood. it is a long word in russian. it is variously translated as statehood or nationhood. you put it into a broader context and you are calling for political talks. anyone who speaks russian will not quibble over what the term means. he could have used the term for autonomy or for self-determination. he did not use those terms. he did not use the term for independence. it has connotations when used in a russian context. it is not coming in and innocent context. he made this after he compared ukraine's army offenses to the not see siege of leningrad. he reminded the west that russia is a nuclear power and after pointedly saying to the west, do
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not mess with us. the next question is, if it means statehood, then what? will he sees this area and make it independent? not necessarily. what he is saying as he is sending a very loud and clear message to the west if they are having hesitation about what to do, hands off. hands off this region that we consider the privileged interests. do not even think about it. >> this is not the only term prompting debate. tell us about the other one. >> it is another term where putin is using force or using history to justify the use of force. it has not existed in about 100 years. it was an area in the south of
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modern-day ukraine, it stretched to odessa and parts of luhansk. it was wrestled from the ottoman empire in the 18th century. it remained part of russia and was ruled until the revolution of 1917. it passed into the ukrainian republic. then you have the collapse of communism. it passed into ukraine. historically, food and can lay -- historically, putin can lay claim to a. and again, turkey can, too. the fact is, it has not been part of russia. they reveal the -- the reality is it has gone back to the russian revolution. >> the german chancellor said in
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acting sanctions against russia could hit the germany economy hard. she also added that doing nothing in response to the aggression was "not an option". they're are also focusing on their role in iraq. they are sending in aid to kurdish fighters. providing the assistance is both a humanitarian responsibility and in its security interest as well. >> three tons of humanitarian aid. state fighters had been laying siege to the shiite community for over two months until it was recaptured by security forces. france was joined in dropping
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aid. describing the situation is critical. germany was not acting alone. >> we will coordinate it with our partners. there will be no special german way. we will look to see what the peshmerga are lacking. >> angela merkel will announce her cabinet's decision to send military materials, including weapons and ammunition to peshmerga fighters. fighters and arms can quickly change sides.
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the fight against the islamic state is proving an exceptional case. the equipment, valued at 17 million euros will be sent in three sit -- three shipments. the first will be enough to equipped 4000 peshmerga fighters. >> china says it will pick the candidates in the race for hong kong's new leader. in a rare show of defiance protesters hackle a senior official, forcing him to abandon a speech explaining his decision. >> occupy central is illegal. if we bend down to the radicals and illegal movements triggered by the minorities, it will lead to more illegal movements.
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>> protesters say beijing is breaking its promise to let hong kong decide who will lead it. let's come back to france. seven people have been killed in the explosion of an apartment building outside paris. workers are looking for one man still missing in the wreckage. the building was cut in half. the blast looks to be linked to an accidental gas leak. also making headlines the parents of a four-year-old baby who they said was kidnapped have admitted to killing the baby themselves. they buried the baby near a pond. they confessed during an interrogation about the alleged kidnapping. >> the ebola outbreak has
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reached sweden. authorities say a suspected case of the virus has been discovered in the capital. over 1500 people have been killed by the disease so far. most of them in western africa. you are watching "france taught before." -- you are watching france 24. protesters are trying to get to the prime minister's residents to force them out of office. ukrainian president says russia has launched a direct and open aggression in ukraine. vladimir putin starts talking about stated in the southeast. violence in iraq left over 1400 dead last month, with almost as many hurt.
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it it's going to investigate the islamic state for its role in the alleged crimes. it is time to see what headlines have been saying around the world. lots of focus on the crisis in ukraine. >> let's go to the front page of the independents in the u.k. the headline about food and pushing the boundaries. that is news about vladimir putin wanting to discuss the statehood of eastern ukraine. america and europe are saying we're going to push for further sanctions. he is setting the pace. >> you found another article. >> based in the states. he has written a piece for time magazine, which is really striking. you can see the headline. it says the vocabulary of
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cowardice from berlin and washington is as disgraceful as food and's black and white propaganda. when it -- of putin's black and white propaganda. if nato refuses to send lethal aid to ukraine now, it would be another green light for vladimir putin. there will be a summit. i turn to the english edition of that paper. it is hammering away at nato. you can see the piece there. it is saying nato is looking for a new lamb for the slaughter. it is saying that nato is illegal, a supranational organization and ukraine has become its raison de etre.
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there could be russian troops, but only as volunteers fight the fascists. >> the moscow times had a broader analysis. >> i enjoyed reading the piece in the moscow times. this applies within ukraine. we have a society looking towards western europe. a population of looks to moscow. it says what we have are some people saying we're going to have a new independence day.
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that piece is saying you have an integrity issue about ukraine is one country, but on the other hand, you have a question about the rights of a certain people to determine its own identity and stated. a fascinating piece and one worth reading. >> the political agenda is topping the political headlines. >> on the front pages of the papers, i had to break out -- i love this section. the prime minister is a socialist. this is a big contrast to what we saw last week. he told them i love business. france needs its business.
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he is on a charm offensive. what is going on as he is trying to square the circle. he is trying to push pro-business reform onto hard-core socialist. let's look at the other paper. the right-wing paper. it is taking that usual opportunity to leap onto the ruling socialists. he is saying -- he is standing up to the rebels and a tribute should be paid to him in the editorial of the paper. they say he is doing the right thing and francois hollande should follow his example and become a valls-style reporter. >> it is a continuing soap opera. thank you for that.
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thank you for watching france 24. time for sports. >> the quests for a grand slam title is on track. the battle at the french was won by gael monfils. bautista also qualified. i often slip up at this stage of a grand slam competition. although i had difficult draws each time, i one today. i am happy. caroline wozniacki survive days -- survived a fight back from maria sharapova. she will play sorry iran he --
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s. errani. >> it has been a great summer for me. to play here -- the first two sets were tricky. i feel like we got the rhythm in the third set. i started playing better. making less mistakes. i am happy to be through. >> -- has cranked into the gear. a hat trick as they crushed --. monaco were held. >> i see you control the game all the time. score some goals. we want to get three points every game. today was a great day.
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>> we took a big slap tonight. losing 5-0 is rough. it is just a match. we will lose other. that is just the way it is. >> three games on sunday. liverpool gets the 3-0 win. let's get a reaction from liverpool's brendan rodgers. >> he is an excellent coach. given a wee bit of time to get that in place, he will do well here. a great win for us, two out of three now. i think we showed that we are a good -- we played well.
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it was a great moment to see. hopefully people enjoyed watching it. >> at the basketball world cup in spain, france got their first win. brazil beat iran. wins for croatia, senegal, and greece. usa one the 2010 final by beating turkey. this is historically a great basketball unit. we struggled. we started the second half better and put more intensity and defensive pressure into our gate. that allowed us to come back. >> -- by a healthy 45 seconds.
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italy pulled away to make up the podium. -- posted a three second lead at the top. let's get the reaction. he said the gap could be bigger, but we hope the few seconds we have on the others will help deal with the time trial. i will probably lose a few seconds and the stage. japan and france took home the gold medals in the team competition of the judo world championships. in the women's event, they were denied --.
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japan and germany went home with bronze medals. germany sealed the gold medal in the three-day event following an excellent performance, this time in the rain. the pair were in fine form in the jumping event. teammates kept them on their toes. william fox ran a course for gold. -- settled for bronze. britain took the team's silver. the netherlands aúpwqcxv1d1utg
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