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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 4, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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leaders are in wales for what could be the most important nato summit since the alliance was created. nato leaders want to show a united front against rush over the conflict in ukraine. -- russia over the conflict in ukraine. france suspends the delivery of a warship to moscow. they did not stop it entirely. stephen sotloff's family speaks
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out after his death. he was working to give a voice to those who had none. coming up this hour, fall and france is not just back to school and back to work, it is back to the vineyards. more on the annual grape harvest is coming up on the way. also, the photo show in southern france is shining the spotlight on the work of photographers who followed the map of humanitarian -- the massive humanitarian crisis in the central african republic. the nato secretary general has stepped up his rhetoric on ukraine. rasmussen has come out saying that russia is attacking ukraine.
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pro-russian separatists have been fighting in eastern ukraine for months. beth meese and said that what is important -- russ mason -- rasm ussen said that what is important is what is happening on the ground. >> we welcome all efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in ukraine. having said that, i also have to say that what comes is -- counts is what is actually happening on the ground and we are still witnessing unfortunately russian involvement in thes de-stabilizing the situation in eastern ukraine. >> nato has mustered a special force for ukraine. it says it is ready to protect its member states. it is widely ignored to be a
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move of determinants rather than a plan to intervene in non-nato member ukraine. >> with the creation of a rapid response force nato has been sounding a battle cry on the crisis in ukraine. the secretary-general is using from her language and insists nato cannot afford to be naïve. one of the top commanders also said nato is on hiler and ready to protect -- high alert and ready to protect its member states. >> we must deter the attack on anyone of the members. this is a fundamental principle. i think today they do it right. there should be no doubt in the minds of anyone about what the kind of mission is. >> nato has three members in the baltic nations that have borders with russia and russian speaking
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minorities. ukraine is not a member of the military alliance. nato has no plans to intervene in ukraine itself, it insists. >> nato has deployed planes to the baltic countries and poland to avoid intervention and give support. the countries of central europe have been heavily affected by the ex soviet power, now russian power. they must be reassured. they are members of nato. ukraine is not. >> moscow made moves towards a cease-fire agreement ahead of the wales summit. the ukrainian president will be greeting his nato allies on the proposals on thursdays. >> france has stepped up pressure on russia. it is suspending for delivery of the first of two helicopter warships to russia. it is putting the brakes on the over one billion euro deal.
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it was a tough call for the french president who is trying to get the french economy back on track. for many world leaders, the suspension comes a bit late in the game. >> that is one ship that has not sailed. france suspended delivery of the worship to russia. president hollande said there were serious security concerns about moscow's actions in neighboring ukraine. >> the president of root -- the republic declared that
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in october. since the beginning of september, russian sailors have been training on it. nicolas sarkozy signed a 1.2 billion euro deal to provide to warships. a statement made no mention of the second ship. as the ukrainian conflict continues, in recent months, the sale has drawn international criticism, including from u.s. president barack obama. >> it would have been preferable to press the pause button. >> there was economic pressure in france to keep the deal alive. the country is suffering from record high unemployment in france did not want to damage its credibility as a weapons exporter. if the sale is canceled, the move would threaten jobs in france and france would have to return more than one billion euros to russia. >> we will go back now to wales, where the nato summit is getting underway. that is with our international affairs editor. just before all of these world leaders get down to business. there is going to be a lot of soul-searching going on at this conference. tell us what that is going to be. >> well, there are going to be a lot of questions about what nato means in 2014. it faces a much more complex set of challenges than two years ago during its summit in chicago. then, as now, it faces the threat of international terrorism that is being undermined by isis in iraq. it still faces the dilemma of afghanistan. what to do in 2014. there is a new major challenge for the alliance this time around. that is russia. last time, russia was a partner in chicago. that is no longer the case. it is not clear what nato's responses going to be. there seems to be some consensus that the eastern flank needs to be bolstered. how and to what degree, the answer depends on whether you believe that russia should be still somehow -- that you should
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still try to find some kind of compromise with russia or whether you should take a much more tougher line against russia. >> thank you for that. reporting from wales at the nato summit. earlier today, the nato chief spoke about iraq. he said nato allies would consider any request from the iraqi government of assistance over the growing threat of the islamic state organization. they are the group behind the beheading of two u.s. journalists. the family of steven sotloff has now spoken publicly for the first time since his death. in a moving tribute to reporters , a family spokesperson said he was not a war junkie, he was just someone who wanted to give a voice to those who had none. >> here and for a tranquil life or he could enjoy miami golf and games on sunday. and an office job on monday that would provide him a middle-class
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existence. but the arab world pulled him. he was no war junkie. he did not want to be a modern-day lawrence of arabia. he merely wanted to give voice to those who had none. >> india is putting several provinces on high alert after al qaeda said it was forming a new branch there. there have been no al qaeda presence in india up until now. in a video posted online, the al qaeda minister renewed a long-standing vow of loyalty to the taliban. that seems to be a snub to the islamic state. international health experts are meeting in geneva over the ebola crisis. they are trying to coordinate the search for a vaccine or cure. 1900 people have been killed by ebola. the first human trials have been given the green light, but patients in fact to do not have
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time to wait for those trials. the world health organization decided last month that the seriousness of the crisis justify treating ebola patients with medicines that have not yet been tested on humans. >> with the ebola death toll soaring, desperate measures are called for. the world health organization says it is ethical to use untested treatments on patients even if the effectiveness or side effects are unknown. health workers have been treated with these experimental drug zmat and have recovered from the illness. until full crew -- clinical trials are conducted, doctors are reserving judgment. >> i cannot say yet. there is yet to be scientific proof of what it did. i think it was a plus to get the medicine. >> research is accelerating.
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the u.s. national institutes of health in cooperation with a pharmaceutical giant is beginning speeded up human trials on a vaccine. >> we are not cutting corners in the actual development of vaccines and therapies. we are fast tracking them by just working overtime. >> scientists are also starting human trials on a different canadian developed a vaccine. china has given the go-ahead of its first -- on the manufacture of its first anti-ebola drug. after manufacturing and getting enough doses to the affected areas will be a major logistical undertaking. canadian health authorities have promised to send 1000 doses of the experimental vaccine to the affected areas, but delivery has been delayed for weeks. officials need to work out how to safely transport the vaccine
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so that it does not deteriorate on the way to its destination. >> there have been more complications for malaysia airlines. the company has been forced to rename a promotional contest asking people what destinations they dream of visiting. the controversy came up over the name of the contest. it was called my ultimate bucket list campaign. bucket list is a term used for things you want to do before you die. many people thought it was in bad taste in the wave of the two plane disasters this year that left over 500 people dead. when bloody sectarian violence thrust the central african republic into the spotlight at the end of last year him and there were relatively few journalists on the ground covering what was to become a massive humanitarian crisis. among the handful of reporters were two photojournalists covering the story. their photos are now on show at
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a festival in southern france. we caught up with the photographers in the south of france. >> a black hole at the heart of the african continent, that is how the central african republic is described by one of the photographers. >> there is no more army. there are no more services. there is no justice. people are trying to survive. >> the photojournalist arrived in the country in september 2013 as tensions between rebels and other forces were about to plunge the population into a cycle of violence. he documented this descent into chaos, a conflict characterized by sectarian clashes between christians and muslims. >> in this photograph, you can see that the woman is smiling. she is smiling after two hours
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of destroying the mosques of the muslims who were the inhabitants of the area. >> this man was also in the central african republic. due to the spiraling humanitarian situation on the ground, tens of thousands of people have been displaced by fighting creating an improvised city of refugees around the airport. >> the situation in the airport deteriorated very quickly. in 10 days, the number of refugees rose from 20,000 to 100,000. people were really frightened. they were gathered there in the pouring rain. there was mud everywhere. it was total chaos. you can see it in this photo. it looks like a whole town. >> he was witness to the interreligious nature of many of the attacks. this one shows a muslim
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shopkeeper pursuing a group of christians who were looting his property. >> they had machetes. if they had kalashnikovs, they would have sprayed bullets at everyone. >> he admits he had a lot of escape -- lucky escape to rid not all of his colleagues have been so lucky. one of his colleagues went missing in may of this year. her body was found days later. a murder condemned by the french president and mourned as a great loss to the profession, her colleague paid homage to her at the festival and to her body of work which remains unfinished. >> world leaders are in wales for what could be the most important nato summit since the alliance was created. they want to show a united front against russia over the conflict in ukraine. the meeting comes after france
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suspends delivery of a warship to moscow without stopping it entirely. the kremlin fights back saying that will not keep russia from modernizing its army. steven sotloff's family speaks out on his death. a city u.s. journalist the second to be beheaded by the islamic state, was working to give a voice to those who had none. we will not take a look on what has been making headlines in the weekly news magazines. let's start with courier international. focusing on the thousands of young people go into syria and iraq to fight a holy war. >> let's take a look at the front page. it talks about destination jihad. it sounds like an adventure story. for many people from london and new delhi, washington and paris that is exactly what this is. it is an adventure. there is that special adventure backpack with a map, sunglasses
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and a kalashnikov. more and more young people, especially from europe, are taking this trip to join the jihad in syria and iraq. this is a global phenomenon which is a very serious concern for many western governments. it has been split -- put in the spotlight ever since the videos came out of the killings of the two american journalists, james foley and steven sotloff. the reason that really brought this to the forefront is because the alleged killer has a london accent. what does that mean? who are these fighters? there is a portrait of these young jihadist, who are not always very devoted to islam. it is more of an adolescent crisis, more of an adventure story for them. it is a real issue for lots of governments and they are trying to figure out a way to stop them from coming back, and wreaking havoc there. >> magazines are continuing to
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focus on the new government here , especially on the new economy minister. >> here he is on the front page. he is the man of the week in france. his nomination is likened to a bomb effect. who is he? what is his plan? he is relatively unknown. he is 36 years old. he made a fortune in investment banking and he was the economic investor -- advisor to the president. what is his real plan? he is ruffling a lot of feathers on the left. he is a staunch defender of social, liberal economics and a lot of people on the left are really upset about that. will he be able to show that he is more than a banker and a real socialist minister? that is what the magazine wonders. is he the man for the job? you can see a photo of him there looking at little but more serious. >> he is part of these divisions
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that are tearing the left apart. some magazines are taking a look at that. >> that's right. they take a look at these divisions over the economic policy. how can the socialist government get france out of the crisis? it is an age-old debate. can france boost growth? according to the magazine, along -- hollande wants to extend austerity measures and that is upsetting the left wing of the left. they are saying that he and his government are not socialist enough. this begs the question is the left be trying the left? a historian says that a leftist government is made to disappoint people. if you look at opinion polls, it seems like they are doing a great job at that. >> francois hollande is having a bit of a rough time lately. he now has his ex-wife, the x first lady, who is releasing a
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surprise tell-all book that comes out today. >> she could not have picked a worse time or maybe it was perfect timing in her views for a revenge book. the book is called "thank you for the moment." you can read extracts here in this magazine. it is convenient for her to have these extracts in her own mind is in. it is called "my life with françois." she spills the beans about the good, the bad, the ugly parts of her relationship with francois hollande and paints a critical picture of the president. a lot of media here in france are calling this a torpedo, a ticking time bomb, something explosive for the french president, especially one passage that claims that he was mocking poor people, calling them the toothless. that is getting a lot of attention in the french press. i'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about this book. let's end on a happier note. a couple got married.
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you can see the photos of that winning. brad pitt and angelina. they tied the knot in august in a secret ceremony, private ceremony in the south of france. you can see them there with their children. impressive photos. i'm sure they paid an arm and a leg for them. according to the magazine him with a live happily ever after -- at least for now. >> i'm sure a lot of people will be fighting you for that magazine in the newsroom. keep watching. we will go now to new york for the latest in the u.s. open in sports. >> kei nishikori is into the semi finals of a major for the first time after he beat stan wawrinka. it was a five set thriller at crushing meadows -- flushing meadows. stan wawrinka helping a bit. unforced errors from the swiss.
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>> i'm very disappointed right now. even if i have to admit that nishikori played very well today. he was able to step up his level of gimmicky moments. i had the feeling i wasted some of my opportunities. i had too many ups and downs during the match. i like consistency. i know i have not played my best tennis tonight. in the end, i lost a match that i had plenty of chances to win. the women's defending champion serena williams is through to the semi finals after a straightforward win over flavia pennetta. victoria azarenka is gone. she was beaten by the russian and katerina makarov a. >> flavia pennetta started very well tonight. she led 3-0, playing some extremely good tennis.
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>> her coast told me she had not played such good tennis since indian wells. >> serena williams succeeded in stepping up her level of game. she hit a lot of winning shots. serena is back on court tonight at her best. life after as they begin euro 2016. they play a friendly against spain later this evening. french reached -- france reached the last eight in brazil, where there were comfortably beaten by germany. this was a minor tryout. >> we made it to the quarterfinals of the world cup. obviously, some teams have fared better than us. on a global and european level
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i can say we are competitive once again. >> they are likely to use the friendly to test out some of the fringe players. spain had a disastrous world cup, knocked out after just two matches. garcia says that counts for nothing now. >> the world cup is already in the past. we know it did not go as we wanted. although we have done in the national team. >> spain's first game will be against the yugoslav republic of macedonia. algeria will travel to ethiopia for a group b qualifying much -- match. he takes over from the captain
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who led the desert foxes. >> i am an optimist when it comes to the team possibility to understand my game plan, even if it is not exactly perfect. as i have said, this team has a continuity of spirit after the world cup. there is no reason to change everything all at once. >> the impressive showing in brazil has seen them as early favorites to take the next continental crown. >> they will see us as if we are already the next champions of africa. before that, there are the qualifiers that will be difficult. matches in africa are already -- always tough. we have the ability to qualify for the next stage. >> he is one of three additions to the squad. stage 11 of the wealth -- vuelta
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espania. contador hold onto the leader's red jersey. uran hold onto third place.
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