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tv   NHK World NEWSLINE  LINKTV  September 15, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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welcome to nhk world "newsline" on this national holiday. british prime minister dav cameron has condemned the killing of british aid worker david haines by islamic state militants. he said britain and the rest of the world must destroy the group. in a tv speech on sunday, cameron expressed strong determination to hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice. >> step by step, we must drive back, dismantle and ultimately destroy isil and what it stands for.
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>> cameron also made clear that britain will continue to support u.s. military operations. a brother of the slain aid worker, michael haines, spoke on behalf of the family. >> my family and i agree with the government that we nee identify those fightin and on the return to the u.k., face the consequences of their actions. >> the militant group released the footage online on saturday. the british government says the video appears to be authentic. it shows a masked man beheading a man in an orange jumpsuit. the militant warns britain against cooperating with the u.s. military. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has stressed the need to degrade and defeat the islamic extremist group. he says some countries are ready to join the united states. >> there are some that are clearly prepared to take action in the air alongside the united
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states, and do air strikes, if that's what they're called on to do. >> kerry spoke on a cbs tv program that aired he also said some nations have offered to commit their troops to the effort. >> we're not looking to put troops on the ground. there are some who have offered to do so. but we are not looking for that at this moment, an >> kerry rejected any possibility of coord strikes with the syria government. but said syrian oppositi forces will play a role in the fight against the islamic state. kerry has been traveling throughout the middle east to build a coalition to fight the militants. foreign ministers from the u.s. and britain will meet in paris on monday to discuss how to deal with the group. the cease-fire between israel and hamas has given gaza residents a chance to return their lives to normal. that includes children who went back to school on sunday. the conflict lasted nearly two months and left many schools seriously damaged. work to repair and recover the buildings delayed the start of
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the school year by three weeks. about 500 gi school in eastern gaza. some of its buildings and grounds were damaged. students were happy to meet their teachers and friends who survived the conflict, but a 12-year-old girl was seen crying after she learned her be friend had died. >> translator: it's really sad to know my friend has died. i was looking forward to this day to begin school, which was supposed to be a happy day. >> school officials say many students will receive consoling efore regular studies some school building 20 schools in gaza are serving as shelters for 66,000 people. german chancellor, angela
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merkel, condemned abuse against jews in europe. it is widely believed israel's military operations in gaza have sparked the attacks. >> translator: in the name of german government, i condemn every kind of anti-semitism in germany and in europe. >> merkel spoke in front of thousands of people in a rally organized by a german jewish group. over 100,000 jews live in germany. she described the growing number of incidents of anti-cementic speeches and violence as hideous. merkel said fighting such acts is a national and civic duty of the german people. germa germany's wartime leaders instigated the holocaust and today, the country has laws that take a hard line on discrimination against jews. organizers in scotland have staged heated campaigns four days before a refere decide whether the country should go to its own way.
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>> i am scottish, and, therefore, not british. the decisions for scotland are best taken by the people who live and work in scotland. >> i'm voting no because it's important that scotland remains part of the uk for financial economic stability. >> the scottish national party is calling the united kingdom. deputy leader nikola said in glasgow that scots should be able to decide their own future. >> it is no longer good enough for this country to be bystanders in the big decisions that shape our future. we need to put ourselves in the driving seats of those decisions. >> former british finance minister, alistair darling, is leading the movement to remain in the u.k. he told the bbc that independence would trigger economic upheaval. >> we can have the change that we want within the framework of the united kingdom, a stronger
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scottish parliament, and safeguarding our pensions, our health service, as well as jobs. >> with less than a week to go, opinion polls show differing results, although by very narrow margins. one suggests a majority of scots wants independence. another survey shows opponents outnumbering supporters. precedences of crimea cast their first votes after russia annexed the territory six months ago but ukraine's foreign ministry said the elections have no ministry. local elections were held across russia on sunday. 75 seats in the crimean regional assembly are up for grabs through proportional representation and single-seat constituencies. a local news agency's exit poll suggests the ruling united russia party has garnered about 70% of the vote in the proportional representation segment. the election could trigger an even stronger backlash from european countries and the united states, which have
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imposed further sanctions against russia over the crisis in the ukraine. thousands of people took to the streets of hong kong on sunday. they were protesting beijing's refusal to allow fully democratic -- fully democratic election for the city's next chief executive. the demonstrators criticized the national people's congress standing committee last month. while introducing a direct vote, the city decided all candidates must first be approved by a probe beijing nominating panel. this virtually rules out participation by pro-democracy candidates critical of a chinese political system. about 2,000 people carried 50-meter-long banners bearing the slogan, beijing has breached our trust. >> translator: we want to show our resolve to call for a true
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democracy. >> demonstration organizers said beijing's decision is unacceptable. they plan to continue protesting over the next several weeks and are calling on more residents to join them. pro-democracy activists are trying to mobilize more than 10,000 people to occupy the territory's financial district who demand that beijing reserve its decision. the public opinion in hong kong is divided. many residents say the decision to introduce a direct vote is at least a step forward. taiwan's president has called for unity in his ruling nationalist party. he is trying to set the stage for local elections in november. the outcome is being considered as a prelude to the presidential election in 2016. about 1600 delegates and party officials attended a convention in a southern city on monday. he pointed to stronger economic and trade ties with china as an
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example of his administration's achievements. >> translator: let us prove that the nationalist party is the best choice for the taiwanese people through the upcoming local elections. in november, voters will choose a new taipei mayor, other municipal leaders and local assembly members, but his approval rating among voters may become a serious obstacle for victory for his party's candidates. it was below 20% in a recent tv. network survey. workers in south korea are taking on one of the world's largest electronics companies. former employees of samsung claimed chemicals they used at their factory jobs have made them sick and now, suing for compensation. >> reporter: samsung electronics
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turns out a range of products from high-quality tvs to world-dominating smartphones and semiconductors. and now, its company heads are reeling from a lawsuit. in august, seoul high court gave a decision related to sam sung electronics. it recognized health problems of workers in the company's factory. this is what samsung electronics have bee denying. the seoul high court ruled that a former employee developed leukemia, which led to her death because of her working environment. this man is representing his daughter, yumi. she died of leukemia seven years ago. she was 22. >> translator: my daughter told me that her job was to dip
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semiconductor parts in liquid containing chemicals and then to take them out. >> reporter: the court recognized the claims. it said yumi was possibly exposed to benzene, a chemical known to cause leukemia. the court did not specify the cause of her illness, but it did say it is rational to conclude that some chemicals in the factory were to blame. >> it was a fair ruling for why -- yumi, but more workers deserve compensation. >> reporter: the court recognized the cases of two plaintiffs as work related, but not for the other three. >> reporter: rejected workers and their families rallied in
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front of samsung headquarters. they demanded more information from the company. among them was kim un yong. she worked on a memory chip production line in the '90s. she developed leukemia ten years after the quitting the job and she is now receiving chemotherapy and volunteering in the church. she says she was exposed to multiple chemicals, but the court says there's no evidence to support her claim. kim laments the lack of information samsung disclosed as what prevented her from making a strong case. >> translator: i didn't know what i was using was chemical
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substances. there was no explanation of chemicals in the factory at that time. >> reporter: samsung electronics provided a response to nhk about our story. >> we are deeply saddened by the loss of former members of the samsung family and are working with concerned parties to understand how we can best help these members of our family. samsung closely abides by regulation on the use of chemicals and materials for industrial purposes. >> reporter: this doctor is helping workers fight occupational injury claims. she says the case is a tip of the iceberg. >> those peoples are now more than 200. i hope samsung can change their altitude to understand better, to communicate better.
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what they should do now is listen what the victims want. >> reporter: now, about 40 fo former workers at samsung electronics are planning to go to court to seek work-related compensation. they are calling on samsung for full discloche sure of information. nhk world, seoul. japanese managers are having a tough time filming some positions. there are simply not enough workers for the available johns. the ratio of job offers to job seekers has hit 1.1, a 22-year high. that means for every 100 people
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looking for a job, there are 110 positions. some company managers are trying to tap into overlooked areas of the workforce. nhk world's chia tanaka has more. >> reporter: gwen is a student from vietnam. she works part time at this convenience store in tokyo while studying economics at university. she has been working here for about a month. >> translator: i enjoy serving customers. >> reporter: manufacturing owners are struggling to secure workers so the company executives go to a staffing agency to recruit foreign students and refer them to the stores. >> translator: gwen is a brilliant person. she's been a terrific help here. >> reporter: the agency helps prepare foreign students for service work. it has written a manual in vietnamese and three other
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languages. each trainee goes through a 30-hour instruction course, learning japanese customers and other skills. >> translator: it's very impolite to hand things to customers with one hand. please, use both. >> reporter: many foreign students are eager to learn japanese management skims. the thinking behind a training program is that one day the students may become part of the business. >> translator: if we can map out strategies to open new stores or make inroads into foreign markets with them, the value of the company will surely rise. and more foreigners will feel they want to work for lawson. >> reporter: other company managers are turning to non-regular workers closer to home. at a major transport firm, truck drivers deliver packages door to
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door. as online shopping grows more popular in japan, deliveries to residential areas are rising, but the industry faces a shortage of drivers. so this firm has introduced an innovative new system. he hands a package over to a woman who delivers in the neighborhood. this woman is a mother of two. the company transfers the final leg of the distribution chain to people like her. she's assigned to an area within two kilometers of her house. she delivers about 30 packages a day before noon while her kids are in school. the work suits her just fine. >> translator: i'm always close
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to home while i am working, so i can rush to my house or school if my kids get hurt or something. >> reporter: in june, the company decided to expand its system nationwide. in two years' time, there will be 10,000 couriers. >> translator: we feel that we have to quickly put into place infrastructure to satisfy our customers' needs. i believe this new system will be a huge help. >> reporter: many other industries in japan are facing a shortage of workers. if they are to survive, they, too, will have to come up with creative solutions. nhk world, tokyo. during the crisis at the fukushima nuclear plant, authorities set up no-entry zone
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he is in the areas where high levels of radiation were detected. the move disrupted the lives of thousands of resident and it's also seriously inconvenienced motorists who had to detour around the barriers. however, authorities have provided some relief by lifting a restriction on a stretch of road near the fukushima daiichi plant. residents hope the move will mark a step toward the region's recovery. the authorities lifted the restrirks r on midnight sunday after doing recontamination and repair work. 194-kilometer stretch cuts through the zone and connects two towns. before, only vehicles with special permission were allowed through. now, it's open to all cars and trucks. one resident who works at a temporary shopping area is happy to see more traffic.
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>> translator: i'm seeing more cars coming from other prefectures already. i'm hoping the opening will help the area recover. >> motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are still barred from traveling on the section of road. motorists are also not allowed to get out of their vehicles. massive floods and mudslides in southwest china have left at least ten dead about a week after heavy downpours hit the region. more than 100 millimeters of rain pounded areas in 24 hours on saturday. floodwaters inundated many house and swept others away. c. ctv and other media say some 160,000 residents have been forced to evacuate to higher
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ground. >> translator: i have never seen such wild water. we have no way to get out. we are thankful to the soldiers for saving us. >> reporter: the rain in southwestern china is likely to continue for a while. local weather officials are urging residents to be careful as more floods and mudslides are likely. a strong typhoon is plaguing the northern philippines while setting its sights on southern china. our meteorologist, jonathan oh is here with the details. jonathan? >> yes, we are definitely keeping an eye on the typhoon as it continues to move toward the southern coast of china. it is departing from the philippines, leaving behind up to 330 millimeters of rainfall in some spots. and as it continues to move toward the north and west, it is setting its sights on hainan island and also into the southern portions of the guangdong province. here is a look at visible satellite imagery. i want to show this to you. this gives you an idea how intense the storm is. it is a strong typhoon. it does not have a nearly clear
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eye to be seen in this one, but it is certainly spinning and moving toward the north and west. the track of this system will take it closer toward hainan island. as we go into tuesday, that's when we are going to be dealing with the strong winds and the heavy rainfall. some areas may see up to 350 millimeters of rainfall in some spots and that's going to continue to cause problems for this area because southern china has too much rainfall and now even more rain and strong winds will be coming into the area and affecting portions of vietnam and the eastern side of the indochina peninsula going through the next few days. now, elsewhere in asia, we are talking about high pressure that's bringing in some colder air aloft into japan while low pressure is feeding in some moisture, so, because of that, unstable weather is possible. we are looking at the possibility of some scattered showers for tokyo on tuesday with a high of 29. 27 in seoul. again, maybe some scattered showers. looking out for some rain again, hong kong and manila, and then the southwest monsoon brings
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scattered showers into bangkok and heavier rainfalls into chongqing. now, there's also a hurricane to talk about in baja, california. this system has already moved onshore and it's going to be a big problemmaker. i want to show you this particular imagery because you can see the clearly defined eye. it was a category four storm on sunday, transitioning into monday, making landfall that resist tense is weakening the system, but winds at 185 kilometers per hour and this storm will slowly move toward the north and west. and that's going to be a problem, because it's dumping a lot of rain in the process. some areas might see anywhere from 300 to 400 millimeters of rain possible at times, with general amounts anywhere from 150 to 200 mill meters. and we are talking about some very strong winds in the process. meanwhile, very chilly temperatures with high pressure located in the upper midwest. that's driving down lows into the low freezing areas. some a areas may barely even get to the freezing mark for daytime
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highs because of the cold air pulling in. meanwhile, we do have a stationary front that will dissolve and just become an area of clouds and some showers for the deep south going throughout monday. so here's a look at the forecast. partly cloudy skies for los angeles with rain and storms from denver into oklahoma city and houston through the deep south. 27 for the high in atlanta, 31 in miami. meanwhile, below average temperatures for the northeast, new york at 23, 24 in d.c. wrapping things up with a look at europe, we are watching out for the low pressure system down toward the balkan peninsula, it is causing some problems, talking about waterspout being reported in greece and also 100 millimeters of rainfall in romania on sunday and you this cutoff low will continue to bring more rainfall coming up for monday and into tuesday. look at this. rain in athens with a high of 29. some showers into vienna. meanwhile, other areas of europe staying relatively dry. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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soured relations between the governments of japan and south korea couldn't put a damper on a cultural exchange in seoul. 50,000 people took part in the annual festival and that set a positive tone for a later meeting between souk's foreign minister and japan's ambassador foreign minister and japan's ambassador the festival was first held in 2005 to celebrate diplomatic ties between the two countries. again this year, traditional and modern art performances were staged and unique local products were showcased. more than 800 south korean volunteers helped organize the event. afterwards, south koreaen foreign man officer and japan's
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ambassador held talks. it was their first meeting since south korean president, park geun-hye took office in february last year. such exchanges will improve bilateral relation and says the governments are discussing a number of issues, include you can so the called comfort women in world war ii. >> translator: i want next year's 50th anniversary of the normalization of our diplomatic relakes to be a new start for both countries. >> translator: i think it's good we have reached an agreement to making next year's anniversary an occasion we can look forward to. >> diplomats are trying to pave the way for president park and japanese prime minister shinzo abe to hold their first-ever summit meeting to discuss bilateral issues. and that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. w@??óoó
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but the international conference in paris vows to support iraqi i by any meansaq necessary. the french president says there is no time to lose in the fight against the islamic state organization. third beheading of a british citizen. david cameron is making a last trip to scotland to try to drum up support for the no vote. the vote on independence is just three days away. >> and air france kicks off its worst strike in 16 years.


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