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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 11, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> 30 years in jail for the south korean ferry captain. israel is upping its security after two deadly attacks. palestinians mark the 10th anniversary of the death of yasser arafat. nigerian president goodluck jonathan is expected to announce his reelection bid in spite of massive criticism of failure can
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to -- to contain boko haram. we will be looking at what has become the biggest online retail event in the world or come here come single stay -- in the world. here comes single stay. -- singles day. france marks armistice day. ♪ >> first, the captain of the south korean ferry that sank in april killing some 300 people has been sentenced to 36 years in jail. the captain was found guilty of negligence, but not homicide. prosecutors had sought the death
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penalty for homicide and they now say they are going to appeal. many families of the victims were also surprised by the sentences. >> finally, today, those who said they only deserve -- did their best in the situation have finally been sentenced. the captain got 36 years in prison and some of the crew members got five years. >> i spoke to our soul correspondent -- sole correspondent. -- seoul correspondent. >> the focus has spread to many different offices and bureaus and south korea. many say that the government, the coast guard botch the rescue from the very start.
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there have been all sorts of revelations about the ship itself. somehow, it was given the clearance to go on to the waters that day. many south koreans look at the ferry captain as somewhat of a scapegoat that allowed the government to avoid its responsibility. >> now to beijing, where the apec summit is underway. leaders of some of the world's most powerful nations have been gritting their teeth and getting on with some diplomacy. first of all, what more can you tell us about the trade agreements signed today? >> several asia-pacific nations agreed to a free trade zone that is backed by china. it is called the free trade area of the asia-pacific.
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this free trade zone, in some ways, is designed to counter the transpacific partnership that obama is trying to cement during the apec summit. that would be during the united states and other asian nations. many in china believe that this transpacific harder ship by the united states is designed to contain -- partnership by the united states is designed to contain china. >> beijing has been trying to put its best foot forward. it has even tried to put a lid on pollution. >> we have been through a roller coaster in terms of pollution in the last few weeks. it hit sky high levels, extreme levels in the weeks preceding the summit.
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a lot of steel factories were boosting production in anticipation of having to shut down during the summit. the steel factories did shut down, but the pollution has not gone away. pollution is six times what is deemed safe by the world health organization. pollution has fallen to relatively safe levels now. for most of the summit, it has been at extremely high levels. china has censored pollution level reports. >> thank you so much. let's go to israel, where officials are upping security after two new deadly attacks hit on monday. adding to the tension is the 10th anniversary of the iconic palestinian leader yasser arafat . "france 24" has more.
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>> holding posters of yasser arafat, hundreds of palestinians have come to pay respects to their leader. he is still a national hero 10 years after his death. memorials will go ahead in the west bank this tuesday. in gaza, celebrations have been canceled after the interior ministry said it would not provide security for the rally. both political factions reject the blame for canceling the event. >> we warn against possible repercussions on the palestinian internal situation. we hold hamas responsible for any negative impact. >> the decision to cancel the anniversary of the late leader yasser arafat is fata's internal affair. hamas is not involved in it.
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we call on them to stop blaming others. >> the ceremony would have been the first time one was allowed in the strip since hamas took control. it appears as a breach of the unity pact they signed in april in an effort to overcome their deep political rifts. the 10th anniversary of yasser arafat's death comes amid a wave of violence. >> for more, let's bring in our correspondent. tell us more about the commemorations there today. >> we saw thousands of people attending the commemoration and ramallah. we did not see the green hamas flag flying. during his lifetime, yasser arafat was the leader of the whole palestinian people.
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in the 10 years since his death, he has become the fata leader. although there is nominally a unity government, there is such tension between the two main palestinian factions, the more islamist hamas and the more secular fata in the west bank, we are seeing separate ration -- sup a reparation -- such a separation between them that even mahmud abbas mentioned the lack of unity. we are seeing blame on a day when we are meant to be commemorating yasser arafat as a day when we are meant to be commemorating all palestinians. i think that is very telling. >> a soldier and a settler were killed in separate palestinian knife attacks. what is the situation like across the country today? >> we are seeing an increased
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security presence, increased police presence, and an increased military presence in the west bank. we have also seen clashes and very as areas. one near have ron in which -- hebron in which one palestinian writer -- rioter was killed. it is another tense day as there are also two funerals being held for the two israelis who were killed yesterday. >> thank you so much for that. now, nigerian president goodluck jonathan is due to announce his reelection bid in spite of his massive criticism in his failure to contain boko haram.
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a suicide bomber was disguised in a school uniform with his explosives hidden in a backpack. he blew himself up during a school assembly. boko haram violence has claimed more than 10,000 lives and five years. >> goodluck jonathan running for four more years. his bid for reelection comes as no surprise to nigerians. history is about to be mitigated as a new chapter's opening. for the opposition, the first term has been far from a success. 219 schoolgirls remain missing after a mass abduction by boko haram in april.
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a cease-fire with the group announced this month turned to be another disaster. the group said there has been no talks. the president has failed criticism for failure to tackle corruption and poor government accountability. nigeria goes to the polls on the 14th of february. a wave of defections last year have been seen as a boost to the opposition. boko haram violence is expected to continue in the northeast. >> the european union made a ruling that could have long-term repercussions. germany was within its rights to refuse unemployment benefits to an immigrant from romania who made no effort to seek work. the romanian woman had sued a german job center.
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the ruling comes amid concern over perceived abuse of workers freedom of movement and welfare system by migrants. next, an american doctor who became the first ebola patient in new york is due to be released from hospital. now that that emergency room doctor craig spencer has beat the virus, there are no ebola patients currently under treatment in the u.s. the situation is very different in west africa, where some 5000 people have been killed by the disease with thousands more infected. the u.n. has put out a desperate call for more money to fight the disease. bob geldof is answering the call. he is the man behind the charities single "do they know it's christmas?
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bob geldof is going to reissue that single with pop stars including one direction and coldplay's chris martin in aid of ebola relief. here is sir bob geldof on what inspired him to pick up the band-aid baton 30 years later. >> this is a particularly pernicious illness. because it renders humans untouchable. that is sickening. mothers cannot comfort their children in their dying hours. lovers cannot cradle each other. wives cannot hold their husband's hands. people are chased down streets. >> today, november 11, also marks armistice day, the end of world war i. that is being commemorated here in france.
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you can see president francois hollande where he went to pay tribute to the tomb of the unknown soldier. that of course is that the arc de triomphe. also today, he is due to open a memorial to those who lost their lives on the battlefield of northern france. in the u.k., the last poppy was planted in the giant moat surrounding the tower of london. there are now eight hundred 88,246 ceramic flowers planted since august, one for each british and commonwealth fatality during the first world war. they were first unveiled to mark the centenary into -- of britain's entry into world war i. two minutes of silence were observed at the site to mark this armistice day. this is "france 24."
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36 years in jail for the captain of the south korean fairy that sank earlier this year. he has been found guilty of negligence in the disaster that left 300 dead. israel is upping its security after two new deadly attacks on monday. this, as palestinians get ready to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of yasser arafat. nigerian president goodluck jonathan is due to announce his reelection bid despite facing massive criticism to contain boko haram. it is time to take a look at what has been grabbing headlines. welcome back. let's start with this political scandal involving a former french -- french prime minister. >> after an initial period of
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shellshocked, papers are investigating the repercussions of this serious political scandal. you can see a photo of the two men. what this involves is a lunch they had in june when they allegedly discussed judicial investigations into former president nicolas sarkozy and they disagreed what happened at the lunch. it is having serious repercussions for both of them. one says that the scandalous weakening the opposition party in dallas. it is damaging for the two men -- and the powerlalace.
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it is damaging for the two men. they are talking about alchemists. they say he is a competent man he is warm, but he is also a goofball who has a tendency to make gaffes and that he is a backwards alchemist. he turns gold into lead. this scandal was a golden opportunity for the socialist party to humiliate the right but it is blowing up in their face. >> it is putting the opposition prime minister in an awkward position as well. >> can he bounce back from this scandal? there have been calls for him to set down -- step down. a lot of papers say that this might be compromised.
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the paper also says he could have played an important role after nicolas sarkozy lost israel election campaign in 2014 -- his reelection campaign in 2014. what is ironic about this whole scandal is that nicolas or cozy is kind of getting away without a scratch. -- sarkozy is kind of getting away without a scratch. he finally reacted yesterday. he said that he would not stoop so low as to get involved, but he said we need to turn the page on the sickening soap operas are people try to take down a rival or competitor by dirtying their name. >> interesting. let's move on to the aoecpec meeting. the symbolic meeting between the chinese president and the japanese prime minister. >> it is the first meeting in over two years.
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it is getting a lot of coverage in the regional press. papers are describing this as a chilly handshake that could start a potential thaw in relations. a lot of papers have said the tensions are high and perhaps the two countries could go to war. people can heave a sigh of relief, but don't get your hopes up too high, says the china daily. they say there is still more work to do and they are calling for concrete action. here you see all these world leaders on the front page of "china daily." a lot of these countries are not the best of friends. they are all wearing the same clothes. there has been a lot of focus on their attire. this is a tradition at apec
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meetings. they are supposed to work clothes that represent the culture of the host country. the washington post is pulled together a gallery, a best of gallery of different apec meetings through the years. here you can see a photo from this meeting where you can see barack obama and others in the photo on the right was taken last year and you can see they were wearing different shirts. >> speaking of vladimir putin, he is in the spotlight for a chivalrous gesture. >> it is getting attention in other papers as well. there is a photo a screen grab perhaps you can see in the bottom right-hand corner, vladimir putin putting a coat or a blanket over the shoulders of the chinese president's wife. a nice gesture, but as you can
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see, not according to chinese censors, who saw this as a flirtatious move from vladimir putin. chinese censors completely erased the video from social media sites because they thought that the russian president might have been hitting on the chinese president's wife. that is quite an interesting tidbit. >> oh my. thank you so much. next up, business. we have stephen with us. it is a happy day for single people and retailers. >> it is an event that was started to celebrate being unattached. much of the sales are handled by the chinese e-commerce giant ali baba. as of just about an hour ago sales had reached $7.5 billion after just under four hours of
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trading. it will top $8 billion in sales today. >> it started as a joke to university students, but singles day has become the world's biggest online shopping bonanza and this year, it is bigger than ever. e-commerce giant ali baba says it has sold $1 billion worth of goods in just the opening 20 minutes alone. here at their headquarters giant screens keep track of the spending spree. halfway through the day, the company had already broken global records for the biggest day in online sales ever. the event far surpasses the traditional black friday and cyber money splurges in the united states. >> in the run-up, i will wait because single stay is coming. if i spot anything else i like on single stay and the price is good, i will buy it immediately. >> millions of other shoppers
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have the same idea, making it the busiest day of the year for delivery drivers. >> usually, we deliver about 70-80 packages every day, maybe 90. >> how many on single stay? >> probably around 300. >> november 11 was chosen as set -- as china's single stay thanks to the four ones in its name. this year, it has gone global reaching shoppers and more than 200 countries. >> let's go to the u.s. and that announcement by barack obama about net neutrality. >> this is an idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally and that websites should not have to pay for priority access in so-called online fast lanes.
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barack obama wants the fcc to regulate broadband. president obama says open axis to the internet should be seen as a basic right. -- access to the internet should be seen as a basic right. >> i am laying out a plan to keep the internet free and open and i am urging the federal communications commission to do everything they can to protect the net neutrality for everyone >>. let's take a look at what is happening on the markets. company results is the big market mover. not by much, though. one german consumer goods group is doing well, henkel. a jump in vodafone share prices helping the whole telecom sector.
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let's take a look at the vodafone story in a little bit more detail. the company saw pretax profits fall from 73% of prices and invested more in infrastructure. they still report or new set of $644 million. investors were cheered by slower than expected fall in revenue. facebook says it has more than doubled the number of users of its messenger app in april despite the initial uproar over splitting the messenger service. it has no gone on to more than 500 million users. the discount supermarket chain will create more jobs in britain over the next years. they are investing more than 750 million euros in the u.k. they employ 24,000 in the country. >> a battle of her mayonnaise is
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due to take place in the u.s. >> the consumer good group uni lever is suing a san francisco startup over false advertising and unfair competition. the company has a mixed range of products. it uses plants instead of eggs and its recipe and unilever says that if it doesn't have eggs, it is not mayonnaise and they say that is hurting their sales and brand. they are surprised by the legal action and they had taken legal advice before calling their product just mayo. eggs are very
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