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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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' worshipers fed back to their synagogue one day after a deadly assault that left -- head back to their synagogue one day after a deadly assault that left five dead. more from our correspondent, on the way. >>a second french citizen is reportedly identified as a perpetrator in the latest beheading video from the islamic state group. speaking on his trip to australia, president along says there is a strong suspicion the suspect is french -- president hollande says there is a strong suspicion the suspect is french.
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the u.n. calls for unofficial -- for an official investigation by the international criminal court. the thorny issue of sunday trading in france. the government wants more shocks to be allowed open but does the public agree? -- more shocps to be allowed open, but does the public agree? a probe over a massive transfer of players. first, french president francois hollande says a second french citizen has been identified as assessed in a video showing the beheading of an american aid worker and the death of 18
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syrian soldiers. the main -- the men are seen in a brutal clicp released by the islamic state group. earlier today, our international affairs editor told us more about this second, reportedly french suspect. >> the prosecutor's office says there are strong suspicions that there is a second french jihadist in the video, which shows the beheading of syrian soldiers. now, the first french jihadist was officially identified as 22-year-old -- the second suspect is also 22 years old, also a convert to islam. neither of these young men are eric -- arabs, nor were they born into muslim families. they don't conform to the stereotype of the french jihadist.
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there is a much talked about report that just came out written by a french center for the prevention of radicalization, and it talks about 80% of young people who have been indoctrinated by the likes of the islamic state group have come from homes where religion played no role. so, that's an interesting sort of potential shift in the kind of profiles of would-be jihadists. you have to keep that figure that i just mentioned in perspective, because the authors of the report spoke to 160 families who were ordered their children -- who reported their children for worrying, abnormal behavior, but you have to assume a lot of other families are not reporting their children. it is hard to build up a complete picture or say what kind of profile, if any, is the dominant one. is one where people have converted to islam? is it one where islam was already in the family? you can't really get an overall
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picture. >> a suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosives blew himself up in the capital of iraq's kurdistan region. at least for the lord hill -- at least five people were killed. the police told "france 24" another booby-trapped car was deactivated before it could go off. islamic state militants attribute of a threatened to launch attacks against kurdistan, but the region has so far largely managed to stay safe. now, to jerusalem, where church -- where jewish worshipers went back to the synagogue that was attacked or in morning praise -- attacked during morning prayers a day ago. two palestinian cousins moved into the synagogue in the attack, with knives, axes, and pistols. they were shot to death by police. for more on the situation there today, let's bring in gallagher fenwick in jerusalem.
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tuesday past attack -- tuesday 's attack was one of the bloodiest ever. >> border guards were brought out to east jerusalem, to some of the flashpoint neighborhoods that had seen daily and nightly clashes between palestinian protesters and israeli security forces. they have boosted their presence out there. when demolitions are being discussed by the israeli government -- home demolitions are being discussed by the israeli government. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said the homes of those who attacked the jewish temple should be demolished. he saw one demolition being conducted in the early hours the home of the assailant who drove his vehicle into a crowd of body standards -- of bystanders at a jerusalem light rail stop last month.
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the other measures that are being considered were put in place are arrests being conducted in east jerusalem and again, troops trying to bring tension down and control this situation, which is very volatile at this point. >> accusations over who is behind this latest attack has 20 israeli prime minister at odds with his own secret service -- has put the israeli prime minister at odds with his own secret service. >> the head of the secret -- israeli internal security -- rather, intelligence agency, who claims that mahmoud abbas, the president of palestine, is not responsible for the latest wave of attacks despite accusations repeatedly made by the israeli prime minister saying that abbas has been inciting against
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israelis and is therefore responsible for the attacks. benjamin netanyahu's chief intelligence officer is saying that, in fact, the two factors responsible for the latest wave of attacks are by members of the right wing -- the outbox a compound is a very sensitive ashley al-aqsa -- the al-aqsa compound is a very sensitive site. there was also the murder of a palestinian youth. there's quite a bit of dissent between the intelligence chief and the israeli prime minister who commented later and said that mahmoud abbas is not directly responsible, but there is incitement inside the palestinian authority, according
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to israeli premier benjamin netanyahu, who added that there is no gap between him and his chief intelligence officer. >> thank you so much for that gallagher fenwick -- for that, gallagher fenwick. in spain, parliament has overwhelmingly improved -- approved to recognize a palestinian state. the nonbinding resolution follows the move of other european nations. it is meant to up international pressure for ending the conflict. the country swears in a transitional president, now steered with -- now tasked with steering the nation to elections within a year. the likely ruler is zida.
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more details. >> in burkina faso's new president has long been considered a very serious man and that's exactly how kafando appeared during his swearing in ceremony. he agreed to organize elections within a year, elections in which he will not be allowed to run. sitting in the front row was lieutenant colonel isaac zida, the military leader who took power after ousted president blaise compaore left the country. he is widely expected to be appointed prime minister by the interim president. kafando is expecting his government to do a lot coming year -- a lot in the coming year. >> if we managed to set foundations which will help solve the problems of the younger generation and if we begin national reconciliation, i think we will leave some good basis for the following government.
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we cannot do everything in 12 months. >> although the president has just been sworn in, the population is already expecting concrete results. their main hope -- seeing the economy improve. >> we want social condition to improve. they have deteriorated. we want drastic change. >> i want him to pay attention to young. they suffer a lot -- two young people. they suffer a lot. >> after seeing protesters oust place -- blaise compaore after 27 years in charge, the country's new leaders know they will have to give the people more. >> a landmark resolution urging the un security council to refer north korea's human rights situation to the international criminal court. two permanent security council members, china and russia, as well as other nations like iran and syria, oppose the move.
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north korea has responded strongly by threatening to carry out further new year tests. -- further nuclear tests. >> indignant north korean officials watched as the u n human rights committee endorsed -- as the u.n. human rights committee endorsed a -- 111 countries voted in favor while 19, including russia and china, voted against, and 55 abstained. rival south korea was among the first to welcome the move. >> the adoption of the resolution reflects the international community's concern and willingness that their recommendations should be third mentally -- should be thoroughly implemented. >> the resolution was inspired by a groundbreaking report by the un's commission of inquiry -- the u.n. commission of
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inquiry, which documented mass abuses including gyration, forced labor -- starvation, forced labor, and labor, and executions. although the vote is nonbinding -- [no audio] trying to open up a little. in recent weeks they have seized two american prisoners and made a flurry of diplomatic trips. north korean officials had warned that such a move could draw unpredictable and serious consequences and threatened to carry out more nuclear tests. >> let's head to the united states where winter has really hit the country hard. there was a ferocious storm in buffalo, new york. a dump tons of snow, -- it dumped tons of snow, trapping
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residents in their homes or in their cars. overtures in all 50 u.s. states have fallen to freeze and or -- to freezing or below, even in warmer states like florida and hawaii. in france, a series of scandals have broken out in french football. the president of the top-ranked marseilles club is being held for questioning over a massive probe into the transfer of players. two other clubs both could be expelled if the match fixing allegations against them are proven to be true. we have more on that story. >> it has been a dark tuesday for french football with dozens of arrests and raids over possible corruption and max fixing -- and match fixing. they are suspected of fixing a game last season allowing a team to avoid relegation. the presidents of the club's work among those taken into custody -- of the clubs were among those taken into custody.
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they could be expelled from the league, should the allegations be proven. >> if these suspicions are confirmed, this will be an extremely serious case for french football. for the professional league which organizes the championships, and for myself. correction, or even the mere suspicion of corruption or max fixing -- corruption, or even the mere suspicion of corruption or max fixing -- or match fixing -- >> there was a scandal involving the southern club of marseilles -- marseille. dassier was taken into custody and grilled by police. at the heart of this, their star striker. investigators are trying to determine whether his transfer
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came with illicit commissions. >> jewish worshipers had back -- head back to their synagogue one day after the deadly assault that left five dead. two palestinian assailants were immediately shot following the bloodiest attack in jerusalem in years. a second french citizen identified in the latest beheading video from an islamic state group. speaking on his trip to australia, president hollande says the roles of the two men have yet to be determined precisely. a landmark resolution condemning human rights abuses in north korea. u.n. is calling for an official investigation by the international criminal court. and we have -- lots of focus in the papers on the deadly attack in the synagogue in jerusalem. >> it's on the front page of a lot of papers. the front page of the
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"independent." you can see the mourners of the four rabbis who were killed in the attack. two palestinians killed those four rabbis before being shot dead and then a policeman later died of his wounds. "the independent" says "nothing is sacred." that same photo is on the front page of "the guardian to go -- "the guardian." it says the murder of those rabbis -- the murder of those rabbis is pushing jerusalem to the brink. another editorial says that, once again pessimists are right when it comes to the middle east. the idea of any peace deal between israelis and palestinians seems more and more like a maras. -- mirage. "l'opinion" points out that
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the dispute has taken on a new dimension, now religious as well. it says that religious leaders need to prevent any kind of clash situation. there is a palestinian paper. there is not much hope in their editorial today. they wonder will we ever get out of this vicious cycle. for now, it doesn't seem likely. israel continues to close all doors to peace. that's the opinion of this palestinian paper that says the palestinians, it seems, are going to have to continue their eternal weight for a peace deal -- eterenal nal wait for a peace deal. there is an israeli paper that wonders how to prevent the next attack. it says that israel must act to contain the threat by all means available to its defense establishment. it must use a combination of offensive operations, more
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checkpoints, more preventive detentions of agitators and vigorous defense of action -- vigorous defensive action. they call for building more concrete barriers. >> back to france. a lot of attention here on this series of scandals for french football. >> they talk about french football is in turmoil. the faces you see are the worried faces of foot all officials -- of football officials in france. the scandal is also on the front page of "le parisien.' -- "le parisien." police took four marseille officials, a major football club in france, four officials from the club were taken into custody amid a probe into the club's
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transfer dealings and allegations of illicit commissions during those dealings. that is one scandal. the other is a separate investigation. police arrested nine club presidents over suspicions of match fixing during a game involving the team of nimes during second division last year. >> and you found a cartoon that, in your opinion, sums up the situation quite well. >> this cartoon sums things up. peter people watching football. -- of people watching football. "when they don't have enough money to buy players, they just buy the match." it doesn't mean the sport has to be dirty. they are talking about "clean hands" in the editorial, calling on officials to take the steps to clean up the game, because
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the risk is that fans will become disappointed and turned their backs on the sport. >> let's take this out on a high note, pardon the pun. >> when you think about bob gnarly, you would be forgiven for thinking about pot as well. fans of bob marley and pot can rejoice because official bob marley marijuana is coming. bob marley is going to become the face of the world's first international marijuana plants. his family have teamed up with a new york-based private equity firm that specialized in marijuana products to launch the brand. the brand is going to become -- be called marley natural. we can take a look at some of their promo in time magazine. this brand will offer heirloom jamaican cannabis that bob marley reportedly really enjoyed himself. this article actually quotes his daughter.
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she says "my dad would be so happy to see people understanding the healing power of the earth -- the herb." this brand should be available by the end of next year where marijuana is legal. >> thank you so much for that look at today's news in the papers. time now for business. we have stephen carol with us on the set. let's start with the new estimate on the economic impact of the ebola outbreak in west africa. >> the world bank says that the it to sub-saharan african economy is between $3 billion and $4 billion, well below the worst-case scenario figure of $32 billion given by the bank previously. its chief economist says the bank was able to revise down its estimates because the virus has been successfully contained in some countries.
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>> a new beer company has been causing some waves on the market as well. >> shares have fallen by some 15% -- a nuclear company has been causing some waves on the market as well. >> shares have fallen by some 15%. the firm was forced to suspend its earnings forecast for the next sheet of years. areva is almost 90% owned by the french state -- the next two years. areva is almost 90% owned by the french state. a mixed day in europe. the london ftse 100 tipping into the red slightly. mining stocks have been hit by a falling iron ore price. the swiss market index out of zürich hit its highest level since 2007 in trading earlier, generally outperforming all of the european markets, up 10% since january. >> the government is preparing
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changes to the law about working on sundays. >> a very controversial issue. most shops in france are not allowed to open on sundays or only under special conditions. the economy minister is preparing a new law that could ease those restrictions. the study -- people sleep on average an hour more on sundays than on other days of the week. not surprising that many unions and small businesses are opposed to changing the law. >> sundays in france have been legally enshrined as a day of rest for more than a century but a draft bill form -- from the french economy minister would change modern habits and open working habits up to reform. contrary to existing ideas, french people already work on sundays. i say that everyone should calm down a bit. almost 30% of all people work on sunday, some occasionally, some every week. >> emmanuel macron would see
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businesses increase from five days to 12. larger stores have demanded a measure for years. they want to compete with the united kingdom's weeklong shopping experience. >> it means more profit, because there are tourist sometimes french people who come in mass -- en mass. >> smaller businesses would have to pay their staff double. parts of the bill are under discussion next month. they could see smaller companies with fewer than 20 staff exempted. the nation at large seems to approve. a sizable majority of the french were in favor of working on sunday. >> let's take a quick look now at some of today's companies news -- today's company news. there is suspected insider
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trading at bnp paribas. the trade inquiry is focusing on whether senior figures knew of the risk from u.s. litigation when they sold shares last year. bnp paribas was fined $8.9 billion by american regulators for breaching sanctions in june. one of australia's biggest banks has suspended seven traders over and in query into race rating -- rigging. they are investigating alleged attempt to fix a key interlink -- interbank lending -- shares in britain's world mail have fallen by almost 8% after the company warned it was facing stiff competition from amazon and other rivals. the online retail giant could dent its business by up to 2%. >> visitors to new york's time
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square might find themselves dazzled by a new addition to that landmark. >> the biggest and most expensive digital billboard in times square. it was lit up on tuesday night it is eight stories tall and nearly as long as a football field. averaging space -- advertising space costs $2.5 million per week on this billboard. it will be seen by an estimated 300,000 people a day, the number of people that pass through the square. google is going to be the first tenant when they take it over next week. as one advertising executive put it, size matters.
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hanistan's youth finds a unique escape from tension and violence. see some new solutions to old problems ideas that cost tradition out the window. >> it is about people making real progress and tackling the world's toughest issues. can a story change the world? see for yourself in viewchange outside the box. >> groups and governments have tools in their belts when it comes to problem solving's in developing countries, and a lot


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