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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 25, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline," i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. protests are flaring up in cities across the u.s. after a grand jury cleared a white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager. clearing hong kong's streets. authorities have okayed the removal of barricades at a site where protesters remain. and, another plan to get
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radioactive water under control at fukushima daiichi. workers are filling in underground tunnels, after an earlier method failed. riots have been breaking out in cities across the u.s. after a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer for the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. the protests first flared in the state of missouri, where the incident occurred. several hundred people gathered in front of a police station in the city of ferguson, after the ruling some hurled stones at the building. others set fire to police vehicles, shops and restaurants have been looted and set on fire. police forces have responded with tear gas. officials say they have arrested 29 people. there have also been reports of gunfire. 18-year-old michael brown was shot dead in august. on monday a jury of nine white and three black locals decided the officer should not face criminal charges.
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president barack obama issued a statement soon after the decision. >> we are a nation built on the rule of law. and so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make. i join michael's parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully. >> but the riots are continuing. >> let black matter. >> protests have broken out in washington, chicago, and new york. several hundred people marched times square. they decried the grand jury decision as racial discrimination. police officers have been deployed around the square. authorities in hong kong have begun removing barricades from one of the pro-democracy protest sites. the area has been the scene of some of the most violent clashes between demonstrators, and police. the move in the mong kok district is based on a court order issued a bus company.
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drivers said the blockade had been hurting business. they took part in clearing the roads under police supervision. authorities want to start removing barricades on wednesday at another site where a large number of protesters are still camped out. the student-led demonstrations began in september. they're demanding open nominations in the city's 2017 election for chief executive. they were angered by beijing's decision to virtually rule out pro-democracy candidates in the vote. workers at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant have implemented the latest plan to prevent radioactive water from reaching the nearby sea. a major problem at the crippled facility. crews are filling underground tunnels with concrete in an effort to prevent further leaks. experts believe highly radioactive water in the chambers is mixing with ground water and flowing to the sea. authorities with tokyo electric power company have been struggling to come up with a method to tackle the problem. the firm initially planned to freeze water at the ends of the tunnels to stop inflow from
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reactor buildings, but that plan failed. now, workers are filling the tunnels with special cement that can solidify even when submerged in water. company officials say 80 cubic meters of cement were put into the tunnels on tuesday, and did not cause water overflow. tepco officials will judge the effectiveness of the new method in about a month. then they will make a decision on whether to continue with the work, which would take until march. workers implementing the plan are likely exposed to more radiation than they would have been the earlier method that failed. japan's top government spokesperson is challenging a drill carried out by south korean military personnel. yoshihide suga says it took place in japanese claimed territory. crews of warships and fighter jets took part in the exercise. assuming trespassers were landing on the takeshima islands. south korea controls the islands. the japanese government claims them and maintains they are an inherent part of the country's territory. it says south korea is illegally
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occupying them. >> translator: the drill is unacceptable in view of japan's stance on the territorial sovereignty of the islands. it's deplorable. the government has lodged a strong protest. >> suga said he was not given advance notice of the drill. he said officials would deal with the issue after carefully assessing seoul's position. senior diplomats of the two countries are scheduled to meet in south korea on thursday. japanese police have arrested four south korean men on suspicion of stealing an ancient statue of buddha. they say the men took it from a temple in nagasaki prefecture. the head priest of the temple called police after finding the depository's lock broken. he said a bronze statue was missing along with several buddhist scriptures. police arrested the four men as they were about to leave for south korea aboard a ship. they were carrying the statue.
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two of the four have reportedly confe confessed. the ten centimeter tall statue is believed to have been a gift from the ancient sila kingdom on the korean peninsula. it was presented to the temple in the ninth century. and has been designated a cultural asset. two years ago, south korean authorities arrested members of a crime ring that stole two statues of buddha from a temple and shrine on sushima. honda is facing serious issues on their safety record and ron madison is here with more on this story. >> they certainly have been feeling the heat but they have stepped forward and acknowledged some deficiencies. officials at the japanese automaker have admitted failing to report 60% of serious accidents over a decade to u.s. safety regulators. the officials said they were required to report 2,873 accidents to the u.s. national highway transportation safety administration between july 2003 and june this year. but 1,729 of those accidents were not reported.
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honda officials say a failure to date the reports is partly to blame. they also blame incompatibility between the firm's data system and that used by the u.s. safety regulators. eight of the unreported accidents were related to faulty air bags made by japanese auto parts maker takata. honda officials say those reports were sent to u.s. authorities via a different route, and had no impact on decisions to recall the air bags. honda's president said the company deeply regrets the failure. he told reporters the failures stem partly from a difference in point of view with u.s. authorities, but he admitted that incompetence had contributed to the situation. japanese company has, for the first time, been granted approval to start selling auto liability insurance in china. officials say they were given the green light last week. car ownership in china is growing rapidly and with it the number of traffic accidents. the japanese firm plans to sell the insurance next year at five
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locations, including beijing and shanghai. officials with the company say they will target local japanese companies first. and eventually shift focus to local owners of japanese cars. chinese customers usually buy compulsory and voluntary insurance from the same firm. company officials say they expect the approval to give their sales a boost. officials at the tokyo stock exchange have dropped proposals to extend trading hours after securities firms oppose them. the tse says it was unable to unify views on the proposals. trading hours at the tse are shorter than other leading global stock exchanges. the tokyo bourse opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 3:00 in the afternoon. night time trading was among the suggestions considered to attract customers who work during the day. along with an evening market to lure asian investors. but the ceo of the japan exchange group, which runs the tse, said on tuesday the proposals would be dropped. >> translator: we were forced to
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judge that the time was not yet right for such a move. >> the proposals were supported by some internet securities houses but others oppose the move because of fears of the additional costs. to the markets now. investors pretty upbeat about the outlook for the global economy following comments by the president of the european central bank. mario draghi suggested the central bank may broaden its asset buying program to include the purchase of government bonds. that's been giving a boost to european shares. today as you can say all of the major bench marks are up with frankfurt really leading the pack today it's up by about a percent, 9,880. here in asia markets ended mixed. tokyo's nikkei finished higher 0.3%, 17,407. that makes for a third straight day of gains. china's shanghai kols it also gained nearly 1.4% to post a new closing high for the year. but the hang seng index finished lower due to profit taking. here's the picture in currencies right now. we've got the dollar higher
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against the yen. currently at 118.16. analysts say traders are taking more risks, selling the yen, which is seen as a safer asset. they're optimistic about the future of emerging economies, due partly to china's cut in key interest rates. the greenback is also higher against the euro. right now at roughly 1.2438. revised u.s. gdp indicate to which is due out later today will likely be a guide for dollar trading. okay that is going to wrap it up for biz tonight. let's get a recap of the markets.
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the foreign ministers of iran and six world powers have agreed to push back an important deadline again. they're trying to map out terms for tehran's nuclear program that are agreeable to everyone. but they say they'll need another seven months to resolve some big differences. ministers from the u.s., britain, france, china, russia and germany are taking part in the talks. they met with iran's foreign minister mohammed javad zarif. they were trying to reach a broad deal that lets them focus on big issues now and worry about details later. they were hoping to reach it by midnight. but they couldn't find any middle ground on a range of issues, including the scale of uranium enrichment that should be allowed. they agreed to extend their negotiations until march. the ministers reached an interim agreement in november last year. they were trying to turn it into something more lasting.
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they already missed the first deadline to set for themselves earlier this year. >> there are still some significant points of disagreement, and they have to be worked through. >> the major obstacle was that there is a compounded mistrust. mutual. >> a number of republican lawmakers in the u.s. congress are calling for more sanctions to pressure iran. the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee, ed roist, says he doubts iran's supreme leader will see things differently over the next few months. royce says the seven-month extension should be used to tighten the economic vice on tehran. veteran republican john mccain and two fellow senators are also calling for tougher measures. they say they believe the extension should be coupled with increased sanctions. but white house spokesperson josh earnest says sanctions could be counterproductive. he says the administration believes enough progress has
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been made to warrant giving the iranian regime more time to answer the international community's concerns. iran's president is upbeat about the way the talks are going. hassan rouhani said negotiators are making progress and will likely reach a deal sooner or later. rouhani also said iran will defend its rights to develop nuclear energy, and that it will work hard to get western powers to lift economic sanctions. we spoke with an expert on middle eastern affairs about the extension of the talks. koichiro tanaka is managing director of the institute of energy economics japan. he has been following the talks over the years. >> first of all, i'd like to say that there's still a great difference between the two sides. especially between the americans and the iranians. the sticky issue here is the enrichment capability of iran. the second point is the duration of the agreement itself. and the third point is the extent of the removal of the sanctions, and to when it's
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going to happen. so, all these three combined, there are still big -- there's still great gap between the two parties that have been discussing the matters for the past year. so, it's still premature to consider what's going to happen during the next seven months. there have been some indications that possibly the iranians have presented a new idea related to the enrichment capabilities of their own. while it needs to be seen how it's going to proceed from here, the negotiations would still remain to be tough, and i think as long as the parties are sticking to their original position, that the other party is in a weaker position to negotiate. then nothing's going to change dramatically. and above all i would like to say again that iran and both the iran and the united states needs to consider that this may be the last chance that they may have in settling the deal peacefully.
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many people in china are finding that they need some extra assistance as they get older. the number of people in the country over the age of 60 is expected to top 300 million over the next 16 years. and now some japanese companies are stepping in to help train nurses who are eager to help those looking for care. more from nhk world. >> reporter: this nursing industry fair held in october in beijing attracted a record 300 businesses from around the world. japanese companies made a strong showing. this wheelchair maker promote the safety and ease of use of its products. chinese sales have grown by 10% annually for several years now. >> translator: japanese products are very well finished.
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they're also made with a lot of care. >> reporter: a company offers know-how in running nursing homes in japanese style. it comanages this facility in shanghai. the home opened last december, and like many facilities in china, this one can also accommodate the residents with such conditions as dementia. the company uses the same menu in china as it does in japan. it claims to provide the highest level of care. the cost of accommodation is at least $500 a month. that's two to five times the price of an average chinese nursing home. but the japanese-style care, with its focus, has proved popular. >> translator: this place is very comfortable.
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it makes me feel like i'm at home. >> reporter: about 50 local people are employed here. juna yu is one of the nurses. she moved to shanghai from a town 300 kilometers away in order to earn money for her son's university tuition. >> translator: i'd like it if the home could keep attracting more elderly residents. it would be great if i could carry on working here for a long time. >> reporter: many of the caregivers are women, aged around 50. facilities such as this are increasingly important employers. the management is preparing for even more growth. it plans to double its staff to 100. >> translator: in china the
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retirement age for women is 50. so places like ours are a popular option for retired women who want to build a second career. >> reporter: rea also offers a consultancy service to help design care facilities and train nursing specialists. the range of services attracted chinese businesses at the fair. >> translator: we aim to improve the quality of our services by bringing in the advanced technology and management of japanese care providers. >> translator: the more companies provide high quality care, the more the market will expand in china. >> reporter: in this growing market, japanese care giving companies, which are already experienced with japan's own aging society, are in good position to profit.
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>> translator: the reason we're expecting an expansion of the nursing care industry is that most of the working generation in metropolitan areas are from the one-child policy era. and they don't have enough energy to take care of their parents. >> reporter: the chinese government has indicated it plans to shift its economic focus from real estate and exports to the service sector, including nursing. many people will be interested to see how japan and china cooperate in this important field. takashi imyour ra, nhk world, beijing. the november grand sumo tournament finished its 15-day competition on sunday. our sumo expert hiro morita has given us a complete sumup.
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>> entering the final day in fukuoka only two men had a chance to win the championship. yokozuna grand champions hack hue and kuk your yew and they fought each other for all the meshes. hakuho would clinch his fifth championship for the year and 32nd overall. meanwhile runner-up kukryu had one more loss than hakuho so he had to beat him to force a playoff. hakuho gets a firm grip on kakuryu and quickly marches him out of the ring. hakuho is the november tourney champion.
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>> hakuho has now tied the legendary yokozuna taiho's record of 32 top division titles. it's a record that stood for 44 years. in the next tournament in january, hakuho will try to eclipse taiho by winning his 33rd title. the top division's eldest man has once again added a new chapter to sumo history. 40-year-old kyokutenho finished with a double digit winning record and for that he was awarded a special prize. on day nine the amazing 40-year-old became the oldest rikishi to score more wins than losses in the top division. then on sunday he was awarded the fighting spirit prize. that makes him the oldest rikishi to win the special prize. you know what? this man still has got a lot of juice, so no retirement yet. now another man i'd like to
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praise for his marvelous comeback. toshinoji from georgia. he had suffered a severe knee injury last year. this forced him to sit out all tournaments but he rose from the ashes and fought his way back to the top division in fukuoka. he scored 11 wins and was awarded the fighting spirit prize for his never say die attitude in coming back stronger than ever. so they both shared the fighting spirit prize. also with a special honor the outstanding performance award for being the only guy to beat hakuho. and that's the sumup from the final competition of this year. i'll be back in january with more exciting sumo updates. so see you then. wet weather is causing
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difficulties for workers in nagano prefecture after an earthquake hit the area this weekend. our meteorologist jonathan oh is here with the details. jonathan? >> hello, gene. yes. all across japan we're dealing with some of the rain, as we're coming in from the west. because of a low pressure system down toward the south. and so, toward the center portion of japan, into nagano prefecture where the earthquake took place this weekend workers are trying to rebuild and try to get the area back to normal. as the rain continues, continues to make it very difficult for progress to be made. it looks like at least as we go through wednesday, that's when we're going to see the rain continue, and then the rain should start to taper off. again that low pressure system down to the south. the instability coming in from that warm air, even though, because of the cloud cover, the surface temperatures are cool. the warm air overriding it is creating these wet conditions. now, once the low pushes off toward the east, high pressure from the west will start to move in. hopefully that will create some drier conditions, as we progress
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through this week. now down toward the south there's a low pressure system near the philippines. it is going to bring a lot of rainfall, as we go through the next couple of days. look out for the possibility of dealing with some very wet weather. temperatures are going to be up to 33 in manila coming up on wednesday. 24 in taipei. up into shanghai, sunnier skies, high of 17. tokyo you'll be dealing with some rain and for a good portion of japan, high of 11 in the capital. now, as we take a look at the forecast for europe, we are seeing some wet weather here, as well. we have a low pressure system down toward the iberian peninsula picking up moisture from the mediterranean sea moving it into france and so a lot of wet weather expected going throughout tuesday. up toward the north of the scandinavian peninsula, another low that's bringing in some moisture. the cold air interacting with it may bring some dusting of snow for the far northern reaches of the scandinavian peninsula. sunny skies down toward the south. stockholm at 5 degrees. wet from france into spain with
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temperatures in the teens. and toward the east, we do have dry conditions from moscow into kiev. but temperatures are going to be quite chilly, below freezing, as we go throughout the day. now, we do have a little bit of a mess taking place over in north america. the reason why we have three areas of potential problems as we go throughout the thanksgiving holiday week. first of all back over toward the west a low pressure system that moved out of the british columbia and the pacific northwest area. over the northern rockies, creating a little bit of a snow problem, and so that's going to be an issue. as this pushes toward the east, another departing system from the midwest will bring some snow showers so travel will be an issue, travelling through chicago, o'hare, a major transportation hub, that's going to be a bit of an issue going throughout the week. and a developing system along the southeastern seaboard will be lifting toward the north, interacting with the cold air. once again, dealing with the possibility of some nasty weather as we go later on this week. temperatures will be in the teens along the eastern
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seaboard. again some snowy weather into winnipeg, also into chicago and wet weather into vancouver and seattle. mention thanksgiving. let me show you the forecast now, all these locations called turkey. expecting, though, snowy conditions for the day before thanksgiving into kentucky, ohio, and west virginia. so notice, the central and northeastern portion of the united states as far south as kentucky we're dealing with snow problems into thanksgiving day, as well. now, not nearly as cold as what we're going to be talk about here. let's go to antarctica where we're looking at temperatures that are, whoo, really cold. for those of you who are not huge marathon runners, i don't know, this is going to be really cold here. tenth annual antarctic ice marathon held this weekend. average temperature, negligent live 15 degrees. the winner a resident meteorologist in that area. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. h
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the area surrounding ferguson, moser has been dropped by the worst night of civil unrest since august. close to 30 people were arrested as protesters smashed windows and set fire to buildings across the suburb. this came after a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer over the fatal


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